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200 Exciting Birthday Party Themes For Kids

Throwing a party for your child can be a lot of fun, but it can also be challenging to come up with great party ideas that everyone will enjoy. If you are looking for kids’ birthday party themes for boys or girls, you have come to the right place!

An epic list of favourite party themes for kids. Whether you are looking for a theme that is simple and easy or one with all the bells and whistles, you will find something your child will love!

Space party theme with three kids around a cake

Creative And Fun Children’s Party Ideas

Kids’ birthday parties can be so much fun to plan and even more fun on the day and while themes aren’t essential for birthday celebrations, they can make it easier to plan your event.

Even small parties with close family and friends can be extra memorable when you choose the right theme and decorations and there are plenty of birthday themes to choose from that will suit boys and girls.

Planning Your Themed Children’s Birthday Party

Kids unicorn party theme with unicorn cake and decorations

Children’s birthday parties can either be one of your favourite events to plan or they could bring a feeling of complete and utter overwhelm…

But you don’t have to be a professional event planner to plan epic kids’ birthday parties!

While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, there are a few important things to consider when planning a themed birthday party for kids.

Firstly, pick your theme. Nothing else will fall into place so easily until you know your birthday party theme! Once you know your theme, the rest gets easier!

  • Set your budget and stick to it!
  • Research ideas – Pinterest is a wonderful resource for kids’ party planning!
  • Give your child a guest limit and have them create their guest list
  • Plan the activities & party entertainment – do this before you invite guests so you know you have enough time to fit your activities into the party timeframe
  • Send out invitations
  • Organise the decor – either purchase or DIY (or a mix of both) making sure to stick to your budget
  • Decide what food and drinks you will serve – again, keeping within your budget

Don’t forget the party favours! These non-treat party favour alternatives are a great option if you want to give out something other than candy to party guests!

So before you get planning, let’s get that party theme sorted!

Choosing Kids’ Party Themes

Kids party food on a dessert table

When choosing birthday party themes for girls and boys, there are a few things you should take into account.

The age of your child is a good starting point – some party themes are more suited to toddlers than primary school children in the same way that what a younger child loves may not suit a tween.

Your child’s interests will also help narrow down the party theme options – if they love animals, for example, a zoo party might be a perfect choice, or for kids who love dinosaurs a Jurassic party could be a roaring success!

School-aged kids usually have a few unique ideas of their own that will save you from coming up with a theme yourself.

Location is another thing to think about – if you’re limited on space, you need a theme that will work within your space constraints.

If you are hosting the party at a local park, you also want a theme that is easy to transport so you aren’t having to make multiple trips to the park with all your decor, food and activities.

For parties with professional entertainers, such as clowns, petting zoos, magicians or class-based parties, make sure you book the kids’ party entertainment early so you don’t end up disappointed due to them any longer being available on your dates!

The Ultimate List Of Party Themes For Kids

Themed kids birthday party with bunny cake and decorations

This is the ultimate list of child’s birthday party themes for boys and girls with loads of different ideas for you to consider for your child’s special celebration.

These themes include dress-up parties, a food-themed party and simple themes around colours, music, style and entertainment.

  1. Animals – This is a great party theme for both boys and girls. You can have it themed around a specific animal such as a koala party or a group of related animals such as wild animals or farm animals
  2. Scavenger hunt – Check out these nature scavenger hunt ideas that you could adapt for a birthday party
  3. Carnival
  4. Outer space
  5. Beach party – This party theme is perfect for summer birthday celebrations and is great for both boys and girls. You can have a beach party indoors or outdoors with decorations, food and games themed around the beach.
  6. Circus party – This party theme is perfect for kids who love to be entertained. You can have a circus party with sideshow style party games, circus-themed food and decorations as well as party favours for your guests. Or get a local kids circus troop to perform or do circus workshops with the kids.
  7. Pool party
  8. Marvel Avengers party – This party theme is perfect for boys and girls who love superheroes. You can have a party with games, food and decorations themed around their favourite Marvel superheroes.
  9. Disney party – This party theme is perfect for both boys and girls who love all things Disney. You can have a party with games, food and decorations themed around their favourite Disney movies or characters, such as Mickey Mouse or the Disney Princesses.
  10. Princess party
  11. Fairy party – A simple fairy dress-up party is fun for little girls or make it a fairy garden making party with each child taking home their own little fairy garden to keep.
  12. Dance party
  13. Karaoke party
  14. Rockstar party – Have everyone dress as rock stars, play kid-friendly rock music and have themed decorations such as inflatable guitars hanging from the walls
  15. Dress in a certain colour – Choose a party theme around a certain colour and have all the party decorations, food and games in that colour scheme. Ask party guests to come wearing that colour too.
  16. Toy Story party – For kids who love the Toy Story films, you can have a party with games, food and decorations themed around the movie with party favours for your guests, such as a make your own Forky kit. You could even dress up as Toy Story characters as we did for Halloween one year.
  17. Tea party – This party theme is perfect for little girls who love all things girly. You can have a tea party with fancy ch
  18. Construction party – This party theme is perfect for boys (or girls) who love anything to do with construction vehicles, tools or buildings. You can have a ‘dirt’ chocolate birthday cake, have a sandpit with diggers, buckets and shovels and little plastic hard hats for kids to wear.
  19. Jungle party
  20. Petting zoo
  21. Paint party – Have a creative party with small canvases, paints, brushes and aprons for kids to wear or ask that kids come wearing old clothes. Each child will have their own artwork to take home.
  22. Tea party
  23. Alice In Wonderland – This classic theme for special occasions works well as a Mad Hatter’s tea party or garden party with mismatched china, teapots and cups, party hats and lots of beautiful flowers in little vases.
  24. Star Wars – Pool noodle lightsaber battles anyone?
  25. Lord of the Rings
  26. Harry Potter – Everyone’s favourite wizard, there are so many cool ideas for food, games and decorations that you can utilise for a Harry Potter theme party
  27. Pamper party
  28. Hair braiding party – Hire a hairdresser or specialty braid hair stylist, or get your own coloured hair extensions online and braid all the girls’ hair in rainbow colours.
  29. Magic show – Hire a children’s entertainer to come to perform a magic show at home and teach the kids some simple tricks as a great way to keep the kids entertained at your party
  30. Puppet show
  31. Olympics – Find fun ideas for ‘Olympic events’ the kids can do in the backyard, such as frisbee throwing, ring toss, long jump and lawn bowling for a fun games day that both younger children and older children will love.
  32. Roald Dahl
  33. Farm party
  34. Awards show
  35. LEGO – Who doesn’t love LEGO? You can have building stations or LEGO building challenges, jelly cubes and there are so many easy DIY LEGO decorations you could put together
  36. Famous people – Have kids dress up as their favourite celebrity and have games such as celebrity heads to keep them entertained
  37. 1980s
  38. 1990s
  39. 2000s
  40. Photobooth – Hire a photo booth or set up your own with a camera on a tripod and lots of fun photo props for the kids to use to make some great memories together
  41. Hollywood glam – Kids can dress in their most glamorous outfits and walk red carpets as they enter the party zone.
  42. Bluey party – Everyone’s favourite Aussie Blue Heeler and her sister Bingo have become popular party themes for kids around the world, not just in Australia!
  43. Soccer party
  44. AFL/NRL/Football party
  45. Basketball
  46. Sports party – Any other sport that your child loves such as tennis, martial arts, swimming etc can make a fun theme where you can involve the sport in your party entertainment
  47. Baking party
  48. High tea
  49. Teepee Slumber party – The ultimate glamping experience at home. We did our own DIY version and the kids loved it!
  50. LOL Dolls
  51. Barbie
  52. Paw Patrol
  53. Pokemon – Make your own Pokemon treasure hunt using clear fillable baubles painted as poke balls with little Pokemon figurines and treats inside
  54. Under The Sea – This theme is a fun idea on its own or incorporated into a Little Mermaid princess theme. You can easily make your own under the sea decorations with blue streamers hanging down and sea creatures made from paper and other craft materials
  55. Minute To Win It
  56. Craft party – Theme your party around a craft project you can make with the kids so your party favour is also sorted with some fun make and take projects. Or have different craft stations to make a few smaller crafts in between party food and games.
  57. Floor Is Lava
  58. Gameshow
  59. Face painting
  60. Safari Party
  61. Paris theme – Use cardstock to create your own Paris-inspired decorations such as an Eiffel Tower silhouette for a photo backdrop, with French pastries to eat.
  62. Ninja Warrior
  63. Jumping castle – Hire a bouncy castle for the backyard and let kids go wild by bouncing between party games and snacks. Many local party supplies companies allow hiring for a few hours or some for the entire weekend so you will be able to enjoy the fun even before and after the party
  64. Balloon animals
  65. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  66. Video games
  67. Pirate party
  68. Very Hungry Caterpillar
  69. Pixar Cars party
  70. Tutti Frutti – Mocktails, summer vibes and lots of bright colours is the perfect way to celebrate with this fabulous party theme
  71. Encanto party
  72. Day of the Dead – This Mexican party theme can be inspired by the movie Coco for a more Disney spin. You can have traditional Mexican food such as tacos and enchiladas, make sugar skulls cookies and have a piñata, and use brightly coloured streamers and decorations throughout your party space. Kids can have their faces painted for the occasion.
  73. Clown
  74. Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse
  75. Gymnastics
  76. Neon/Glow in the dark
  77. Backyard cinema – Set up an outdoor projector and inflatable projector screen in the backyard with picnic blankets, beanbags, pillows and sleeping bags to snuggle up in and watch movies under the stars
  78. A night at the movies – A movie night slumber party with popcorn and a couple of favourite movies
  79. Mary Poppins
  80. Frozen party
  81. Jurassic Park
  82. Cupcake party – Kids will love decorating their own cupcakes with all sorts of different decorations and toppings. You can even have a contest to see who can make the best birthday creation
  83. Backyard splash – Set up the sprinkler or a slip and slide and have the kids enjoy cooling down on a hot summer day
  84. Water fight – Water balloons, water pistols and loads of fun as the kids take on each other in a backyard water fight
  85. Laser tag
  86. Minecraft
  87. Fort party – Let your kid’s imaginations run wild as they create their own forts with cushions, chairs and blankets. Play games inside the forts or have a treasure hunt to find hidden objects around the house
  88. Roblox
  89. My Little Pony
  90. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate factory
  91. Favourite Book Characters – Have party guests dress as their favourite book character for this theme
  92. Peppa Pig
  93. The Wiggles
  94. Letter of the alphabet theme – Have guests dress up as something beginning with the nominated letter and make all the food and activities suit the themed letter too
  95. Mermaid
  96. Trolls partyThose bright-haired Trolls are a perfect theme for music-loving kids. Play the Trolls soundtracks in the background and keep the decorations neon bright as you celebrate friendship and kindness. You could even make Troll hair headbands for each guest
  97. Unicorns
  98. Llamas
  99. Colour Run
  100. Around The World – Serve main dishes and desserts from around the world
  101. Garden party – Get outdoors with this party theme that celebrates everything green and growing. Have a picnic lunch, play some games in the garden and pot seeds in little pots for kids to take home. Don’t forget the gummy worms on the food table!
  102. Rainbow party – This is a party theme that can be used for any age group. With so many rainbow decorations and accessories available, it’s easy to set up and will be loved by kids and adults alike. Try rainbow-themed party food such as fresh fruits, drinks and candies.
  103. Sonic party – If your child is a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, then this is the party theme for them! With Sonic decorations, games and food, they’ll feel like they’re right in the middle of the action.
  104. Pyjama party – For a party that’s all about relaxing and having fun, have a PJ party. Kids can come in their comfiest clothes, watch movies, play games and eat snacks. It’s the perfect party for a cold winter day or slumber party theme.
  105. Dinosaur party
  106. Tie-dye party – This party theme is perfect for summer. With bright colours and patterns, kids will love getting creative with tie-dyeing shirts they can take home and wear after the party ends. This is one of our favourites!
  107. Cocomelon
  108. Spooky / Halloween – Check out these Halloween party games, DIY decorations, mocktails, party food and costume ideas for planning your spooky event
  109. Comic books
  110. Mario Bros
  111. When I grow up dress-up – Have guests dress up as the thing they want to be when they grow up
  112. Crazy hair party – These crazy hair ideas will give you plenty of inspiration!
  113. Project Runway
  114. Hippies
  115. Coachella
  116. Camping
  117. My Favourite Things – Have all the food, games and activities themed around your child’s favourite things
  118. Anime
  119. Ice cream bar
  120. Hawaiian Luau – Inflatable palm trees, delicious food cooked outdoors, summer vibes and sweet drinks flowing, this party theme is great for older kids
  121. Dessert bar
  122. Milkshake bar
  123. Popstar
  124. Game night – Play the birthday boy or girl’s favourite board games, card games or digital games as a game night themed party celebration with a few of their closest friends
  125. Cowboy/cowgirl
  126. Fairytale
  127. Taco bar
  128. Masquerade party – Add a touch of glam to your child’s special day with a masquerade party. Kids can wear their finest outfits and arrive with a mask to suit the theme or have a mask-making activity at the start so each child can create their own fancy mask to wear.
  129. Batman party
  130. Justice League
  131. Wonder Woman
  132. Black and white
  133. Woodland animals
  134. Science party – Hire a mobile science party service to come to your home or research a few really simple science projects you can do at home yourself safely with kids, such as baking soda volcanos or making slime.
  135. STEM party
  136. Jumanji
  137. Monster
  138. Aliens
  139. Nerf gun party – For fun activities for older kids’ birthday parties, you can’t go past a Nerf war! Buy or borrow a heap of Nerf guns, stock up on Nerf darts and set up some targets around the yard and obstacles to hide behind.
  140. Racecar – Create a race track with black tape on your driveway or indoor tiles for the kids to race their toy cars as just one of the creative ideas to incorporate this theme into your party.
  141. Minions
  142. Captain America – Get some Captain America party ideas for decorations, food and games, such as using a frisbee for the Captain America shield throw
  143. Guardians of the Galaxy
  144. Dog theme
  145. Cat theme
  146. Emoji
  147. Peter Rabbit – This is a beautiful child’s birthday party theme for younger kids and a classic party theme that works even for baby showers and a first birthday party.
  148. Gumnut babies
  149. How to train your dragon
  150. Archaeologist – Set your little archaeologists to work by freezing some small toys and treasures inside blocks of ice and giving them spoons to chisel away at them. Bury other treasures in the sandpit or in the dirt and have them dig away as part of the fun activities of the day.
  151. Detective
  152. Talent show
  153. Trampoline party
  154. Fancy dress
  155. Build-a-bear
  156. Teddy bear’s picnic – Create a backyard picnic with cute finger food and pretty little serving trays and have all the guests bring their favourite teddy bear or stuffed toy.
  157. Enchanted garden
  158. Disney Princess
  159. Thomas the Tank Engine
  160. Bowling
  161. Robots party
  162. Coding party
  163. Dr Seuss party – Serve up green eggs and ham… or perhaps a more kid-friendly menu with decorations and party games that relate to the beloved children’s books
  164. Baseball
  165. Peter Pan
  166. Where The Wild Things Are
  167. Angry Birds
  168. Army/camo
  169. Arabian nights – This theme could also be an Aladdin themed party with lots of sheer fabric dropped around for decorations and cushions on the ground to sit on.
  170. Creepy crawlies
  171. Medieval
  172. Winter wonderland – Snowcones, DIY snowflakes hanging from the roof, maybe even a snow machine if you want to go all out for your winter wonderland backyard extravaganza
  173. Spiderman
  174. Superman
  175. Cheerleading
  176. Skateboarding / skating
  177. Sesame Street
  178. Wizard of Oz
  179. Horses – Have all the decorations for your child’s special day be horse and pony themed. If it is in your budget, hire a local petting farm to do pony rides in your backyard for the children.
  180. Owl party
  181. Ladybug party
  182. Karate party – Rather than have the kids randomly karate chopping each other, have this party run at your local karate dojo or other martial arts centre with qualified instructors running games and teaching basic skills.
  183. Kite flying party
  184. Scrapbooking – Create a scrapbooking station with papers in bright colours, embellishments, glue and pens and have the kids bring some favourite photos to scrapbook. Or if you have an instant camera or a home printer, snap a few pics of the party group together at the start of the party and print them off for a special party day keepsake the kids can make.
  185. Filmmaker
  186. Playdough party
  187. Slime party
  188. Manicure/pedicure party
  189. Mexican fiesta
  190. Obstacle course
  191. Tough Mudder – Create your own messy, muddy obstacle course in the backyard to challenge older kids
  192. Cops and robbers
  193. The Simpsons
  194. X-men party
  195. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  196. Captain Underpants
  197. Finding Nemo
  198. High School Musical
  199. Superheros and villains – Why limit kids to just their favourite superhero when your little boy or little girl might have a favourite villain instead!
  200. Transformers
Free printable birthday party checklist

These kids’ birthday party ideas are perfect for children of all ages! With themes for parties to suit toddlers to tweens, you are sure to find the perfect themed birthday party idea for your child as a fun way of making their special day more memorable in a celebration of their favourite things!

Which of these kids party themes is your favourite? So many to choose from!

Need adult party theme ideas? Find 225 theme party ideas for your next grown-up celebration! And check out my ultimate guide on how to plan a birthday party for adults!

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