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45 DIY Halloween Costumes For Adults, Couples & Groups (Updated 2022)

Halloween is fun for all ages. Although it can be an expensive event if you are buying a new costume every year! These DIY Halloween costumes for adults, couples & groups are sure to reduce the costs while still having an attention-grabbing costume!

Find adult Halloween costumes for men, women, couples and families, with simple tutorials to help you create your own masterpiece.

diy family halloween costumes


Deciding on the perfect Halloween costume can be a challenge. There are so many creative ideas limited only to your imagination. But time and budget aren’t always in your favour. In those cases, easy DIY Halloween costumes are the best way to keep your spend down and still dress to impress!

It’s impressive what you can create with some cardboard, duct tape, fabric, hot glue gun and spray paint at home.

These fun adult Halloween costume ideas are sure to give you a burst of inspiration and hopefully get you sorted for your Halloween party fun! From last-minute Halloween costume ideas to costumes for your entire family or friend groups! Cute DIY Halloween costume ideas for couples and clever ideas for best friends… it’s all here!


DIY Halloween Costumes For Women

Finding an easy Halloween costume for women is usually not too big of a challenge. We are lucky enough that we can get creative with makeup and keep it really simple. Yet it’s fun to do something a bit more extravagant too! These DIY women’s Halloween costumes are fantastic!

Shower Pouf Costume

DIY Shower Pouf adults halloween costume

This is such a fun idea and one that doesn’t use a lot of materials to create. Show up ready to party in your DIY shower pouf outfit and bubbles.

DIY Flamingo Costume

DIY flamingo costume for Halloween

Be feathered and fancy in your Flamingo Halloween costume, made from feather boas and a few other simple supplies.

Crazy Cat Lady Costume

Crazy cat lady costume for Halloween

This Crazy Cat Lady Costume has to be one of the most hilarious costumes for Halloween and such an easy one to put together too, even if you’re time-poor!

DIY Disney Maleficent Costume

DIY halloween costume for women - Maleficent costume

Disney costumes for Halloween are always a great choice and this Maleficient costume will ensure you make a big entrance.

DIY Chesire Cat Costume

Chesire cat make up tutorial

It can’t get much more simple than this easy Halloween make up Chesire Cat Costume. It’s all in the make-up. This is a great option if you want minimal props!

Hot Chocolate Costume

This super cute DIY Hot Chocolate costume would be super fun paired with a related costume to create a fun couple costume combo! It’s amazing what you can create with construction paper or cardboard boxes!

DIY Cookie Monster Costume

Get your felt and tulle ready, and grab a feather boa. That’s about all you need to create this easy & cute Cookie Monster costume.

DIY Jessie From Toy Story Costume

We had a blast creating our own Toy Story family costumes. You can see the rest when you scroll down. This Jessie costume consisted of a few alterations to existing clothing and a couple of cheap accessories.

DIY Unicorn Frappuccino Costume

DIY unicorn frappuccino Starbucks costume for Halloween

If you love your Starbucks, this costume is for you! A DIY Unicorn Frappuccino so you can dress like a favourite beverage!

DIY Living Dead Costume

Scary halloween costumes for adults - living dead

If you are planning for a scary Halloween costume for adults, this Living Dead costume would work for men or women.

Gum Ball Machine

This gumball machine is a cute Halloween costume for women that incorporates pom poms and a red skirt. Get your glue gun ready!

DIY Pokemon Poke Ball Costume

DIY pokemon costume poke ball

If you love the Pokemon GO app or are a big fan of all things Pokemon, this Poke Ball Tutu Costume is a really fun and creative idea. Gotta catch them all.

Starbucks Costume

Another take on the Starbucks costume, this one is super easy to make and looks adorable! You just need a beige slip dress and some handmade accessories.

Last-Minute Scarecrow Costume

scarecrow costume

Grab your denim overalls and straw hat for this easy and quick scarecrow costume. You could give it a Wizard of Oz twist or just go with a generic scarecrow for your Halloween dress-ups! Cute crow-dog is optional!

DIY Jellyfish Costume

This homemade Jellyfish costume would work for men, women or children. Plus you can make it with a few simple items from home if you’re in a rush!

Pregnant Zombie Baby Costume

pregnancy halloween costume - zombie baby

If you are looking for a Halloween costume for pregnant women, or even if you’re not, this horrifying zombie baby costume is always one to turn heads. This is an inexpensive option if you already have a baby doll at home too.

DIY Halloween Costumes For Men

While some men love the chance to dress up for Halloween, others dread it. These DIY Halloween costumes for men are easy options to help inspire something creative and fun.

DIY Pennywise Clown Costume

For a scary Halloween costume for men (or women), Pennywise clown is certainly a horrifying, yet simple choice you can create at home.

Miguel From Disney’s Coco

Miguel from Disney Coco costume

An emotional and heartwarming Disney film, Miguel from Coco is a fantastic Disney costume for men that requires minimal props.

DIY Wolverine Costume

With a wig and some serious sideburns, there is little else you need to create your own DIY Wolverine costume. Make your own claws, or buy some online.

DIY Pope Costume

Upcycle an old sheet or grab one on sale and turn it into a DIY Pope Costume. This certainly fits with easy to make Halloween costumes for adults.

DIY Halloween Costumes For Couples

Themed costumes are loads of fun and these DIY Halloween couples costume ideas are perfect if you want to match with your partner or bestie. Whether you want spooky, quirky or funny, there’s a couples Halloween costume to suit.

Joker & Harley Quinn

Suicide squad joker and harley quinn couple costumes

This anti-hero couple, Joker and Harley Quinn are a fun pair to dress up as. You can completely DIY this look, or grab a few token pre-made items too, such as a blonde wig dipped in blue and red or try some coloured hair spray.

Romeo + Juliet

If you were a 90s teen like I was, you were likely obsessed with Baz Luhrman’s version of Romeo & Juliet. They make for really cheap adult Halloween costumes! White dress, homemade or store brought wings, a Hawaiian shirt. Not much to it!

Magician & White Rabbit

For a unique take on his and hers Halloween costumes, you could easily pull most of this magician & white rabbit costume from your wardrobe and DIY or thrift shop the rest!

Stranger Things Costume – Eleven & Mike

stranger things costume

This Stranger Things couples costume works just as well individually as characters Eleven and Mike. The full costume can come straight out of your wardrobe if you have the right gear or head to the thrift shop for some vintage finds.

Couple Lion King Costumes With Dog Costumes

lion king family costume dog costumes

If you love Disney’s The Lion King and you have pets, this couples costume becomes the perfect fur family costume with dog Halloween costume ideas too. These homemade costume ideas feature Zazu and Rafiki and are easy to make.

DIY Disney Robin Hood & Maid Marion

If you are headed to a Disney theme party, these Robin Hood & Maid Marion costumes would be easy to create at home.

Struck By Lightning Couple Fancy Dress

Struck by lightning couple costume

This funny couple costume is good for last minute. Shred up some old clothes and accessories, mess up your hair and add some smokey makeup for your struck by lightning look. Then repurpose a cardboard box or sheet into a lightning bolt and stick cotton wool to an old hat for a budget Halloween costume.

DIY Couples Shirt Costumes

For couples who don’t really love to dress up, or don’t have the time to come up with something fancy, these DIY t-shirt ideas have you sorted.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards against humanity

Everyone’s favourite crude card game makes a cheap, last-minute costume idea. Go as a couple or create a whole group Cards Against Humanity costume with actual cards from the game.

DIY Halloween Costumes For Groups

Group costumes are a lot of fun and while they need a little extra coordination, they can definitely be done on the cheap. These DIY group costume ideas provide some perfect inspiration!

Beatlemania Group Costume

As a massive Beatles fan myself, I love this and my high school bestie and I would have definitely tried this look had we thought of it! Minimal props needed making this one of the easiest DIY Halloween costumes for adults.

School Lunch Ladies

Bring fab style to the tuckshop lady look, these creative Halloween costumes for women are perfect for dressing up with your girl squad!

Snapchat Filter Costume

You can’t get much easier than these! Dress up as your favourite Snapchat filter with these cute DIY costumes for women. You could include any of your favourite filters, which would work for men too! This is pretty much the ultimate last-minute costume, perfect for anyone who doesn’t really like dressing up too!

80s Rockstars & Groupies Costume

An 80s style costume is usually pretty easy to throw together, or just go straight for the rockstar look of any generation! I miss that pink fake leather jacket!

DIY Halloween Costumes For Families

Family Halloween costumes are loads of fun and can easily be converted to suit a group of friends instead. These DIY family costumes are sure to win some votes at your next fancy dress celebration!

DIY Toy Story Family Costume

DIY Toy Story Family costume

We had so much fun doing this Toy Story family costume. Mine and the girls’ costumes were completely DIY. I’m not sure hubby trusted me to DIY his Woody costume, so we got this one instead. Our youngest was Bo Peep from Toy Story 4, our eldest as Barbie and me as Jessie the cowgirl!

The Greatest Showman Family Costume

greatest showman family costume

This Greatest Showman inspired family costume is easily one of the best Halloween costume ideas for a group. It would work just as well for a group Halloween costume for a friend group as it does with a family.

DIY Circus Costumes For Family

There are loads of character options when doing a family circus costume. This is a great last-minute Halloween costume idea.

DIY Wayne’s World Costumes

Wayne’s World is another classic from my youth and I love this DIY family Halloween costume with a toddler! You could just as easily recreate this with your adult friends instead though! Bonus points if you already own a guitar!

Pixar Up! Family Costume

pixar up costume

This Pixar Up costume is completely and utterly adorable! The simple costume with Russel, Carl and Ellie is a great option for a thrift store homemade costume combined with a few wardrobe staples you already have. Or put your sewing skills to practice and create your own scout sash for badges.

Where’s Waldo Family Costume

where's wally family costume

If you love the classic Where’s Wally puzzle books, this is the perfect costume for your family! All you really need is a white and red shirt with stripes each and a beanie to match, then add a pair of your own jeans and glasses for a simple and affordable costume idea for the whole family or for a group of Waldos!

Baby Shark Family Costume

baby shark family costume

This baby shark family costume couldn’t be easier! Get yourselves a grey hooded jumper and track pants each, add on a few simple embellishments and you’ve got yourself a shark family costume! The funniest part will be the fact that everywhere you go, that song will get stuck in everyone’s head! You know it’s true…

In-N-Out Family Burger Joint Costume

In-N-Out Fast Food Family costume

In-N-Out is a popular burger chain in the USA but this burger joint inspired family costume can easily be adapted to any takeaway place you love. My favourite part of this costume is definitely the adorable chip packet! So fun!

DIY LEGO Family Costumes

Lego costumes are always on trend and these DIY Lego costumes are a perfect option for the whole family!

DIY Star Wars Costumes

diy star wars costumes

If you’re looking for a classic costume, you can’t go past Star Wars characters and with so many options to choose from across the franchise, a family Star Wars costume is always a fun idea!

We’ve done this although we ordered our costumes online and only did a homemade version for our daughter who was 3 months at the time, with a Princess Leia beanie wig. This family costume is really easy to put together with a lot of everyday clothing items instead! And how cute is toddler R2D2!

Owl Family Costumes

With a few colour coordinated items of clothing from your wardrobe, and some DIY wings and masks, these owl costumes are inexpensive DIY Halloween costumes for adults and kids.

Paw Patrol Family Costumes

DIY paw patrol costumes for family

If you are a boy mum, you will earn some serious credit with this cute DIY family costume of Paw Patrol. The best part, there are enough characters to suit a bigger family too.

Hopefully, these creative and funny adult Halloween costumes and family costumes help you come up with the perfect DIY outfit for your next fancy dress event!

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