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47 DIY Halloween Costumes For Adults & Couples [Updated 2023]

Halloween is fun for all ages. Although it can be an expensive event if you are buying a new costume every year! These DIY Halloween costumes for adults, couples & groups are sure to reduce the costs while still having an attention-grabbing costume!

Find adult Halloween costumes for men, women, couples and families, with simple tutorials to help you create your own masterpiece.

Diy family halloween costumes


Deciding on the perfect Halloween costume can be a challenge. There are so many creative ideas limited only to your imagination. But time and budget aren’t always in your favour. In those cases, easy DIY Halloween costumes are the best way to keep your spend down and still dress to impress!

It’s impressive what you can create with some cardboard, duct tape, fabric, hot glue gun and spray paint at home.

These fun adult Halloween costume ideas are sure to give you a burst of inspiration and hopefully get you sorted for your Halloween party fun! From last-minute Halloween costume ideas to costumes for women and scary DIY costumes for men! Cute DIY Halloween costume ideas for couples and clever ideas for best friends… it’s all here!

In case you need costume supplies check out:

DIY Halloween Costumes For Women

Finding an easy Halloween costume for women is usually not too big of a challenge. We are lucky enough that we can get creative with makeup and keep it really simple. Yet it’s fun to do something a bit more extravagant too! These DIY women’s Halloween costumes are fantastic!

DIY Birthday Cake Costume

Diy birthday cake costume

This DIY birthday cake costume is seriously awesome and includes a tutorial to make your own giant cake slice so you can be the birthday candle. The end result is super cute!

Shower Pouf Costume

Diy shower pouf adults halloween costume

This is such a fun idea and one that doesn’t use a lot of materials to create. Show up ready to party in your DIY shower pouf outfit and bubbles.

DIY Flamingo Costume

Diy flamingo costume for halloween

Be feathered and fancy in your Flamingo Halloween costume, made from feather boas and a few other simple supplies.

Crazy Cat Lady Costume

Crazy cat lady costume for halloween

This Crazy Cat Lady Costume has to be one of the most hilarious costumes for Halloween and such an easy one to put together too, even if you’re time-poor!

DIY Disney Maleficent Costume

Diy halloween costume for women - maleficent costume

Disney costumes for Halloween are always a great choice and this Maleficient costume will ensure you make a big entrance. You can make your own or buy a set of Maleficent horns.

Taxidermy Deer Costume

Diy taxidermy deer costume

If you are leaving things until the last minute, this simple DIY costume idea is one you could pull off very quickly. Be a taxidermy wall-mounted deer or choose another animal for a bold statement. And much kinder than the real thing!

DIY Chesire Cat Costume

Chesire cat make up tutorial

It can’t get much more simple than this easy Halloween make up Chesire Cat Costume. It’s all in the make-up. This is a great option if you want minimal props!

Hot Chocolate Costume

Hot chocolate costume

This super cute DIY Hot Chocolate costume would be super fun paired with a related costume to create a fun couple costume combo! It’s amazing what you can create with construction paper or cardboard boxes!

DIY Cookie Monster Costume

Cookie monster halloween costume idea

Get your felt and tulle ready, and grab a feather boa. That’s about all you need to create this easy & cute Cookie Monster costume.

DIY Jessie From Toy Story Costume

Toy story jessie costume diy

We had a blast creating our own Toy Story family costumes. You can see the rest when you scroll down. This Jessie costume consisted of a few alterations to existing clothing and a couple of cheap accessories.

DIY Cereal Bowl Costume

Paper mache cereal bowl costume

This fun DIY cereal bowl costume looks amazing and includes a detailed tutorial for creating the paper mache bowl. The rainbow-coloured Fruit Loops have been created by cutting up pool noodles. So clever!

Ursula Cosplay Costume

Diy ursula costume cosplay

This stunning Ursula costume is the ultimate cosplay or DIY Halloween costume for women. This is the perfect option for plus sized costumes for women since you can fully embrace your curves in this sea witch costume. You will need plenty of purple body paint for this one!

DIY Unicorn Frappuccino Costume

Diy unicorn frappuccino starbucks costume for halloween

If you love your Starbucks, this costume is for you! A DIY Unicorn Frappuccino so you can dress like a favourite beverage!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy the vampire slayer costume

You can’t get any easier than this Buffy The Vampire Slayer costume! Grab your favourite black leather jacket, jeans or leather pants and rock your 90s style, ready to slay!

DIY Living Dead Costume

Scary halloween costumes for adults - living dead

If you are planning for a scary Halloween costume for adults, this Living Dead costume would work for men or women.

Elliot & E.T Costume

Diy et costume

If you’re looking for a fun costume for a pregnant woman, this E.T. costume is downright epic! So clever and you can just as easily pull this one off without a baby bump!

Gum Ball Machine

Gum ball costume for women

This gumball machine is a cute Halloween costume for women that incorporates pom poms and a red skirt. Get your glue gun ready!

DIY Pokemon Poke Ball Costume

Diy pokemon costume poke ball

If you love the Pokemon GO app or are a big fan of all things Pokemon, this Poke Ball Tutu Costume is a really fun and creative idea. Gotta catch them all.

Starbucks Costume

Starbucks frappachino costume

Another take on the Starbucks costume, this one is super easy to make and looks adorable! You just need a beige slip dress and some handmade accessories.

Last-Minute Scarecrow Costume

Scarecrow costume

Grab your denim overalls and straw hat for this easy and quick scarecrow costume. You could give it a Wizard of Oz twist or just go with a generic scarecrow for your Halloween dress-ups! Cute crow-dog is optional!

DIY Siracha Costume

Diy siracha costume

This costume could not get much easier! There is a free Silhouette sriracha design file to make the t-shirt and then you just need to create your simple head accessory for a fun and easy costume anyone can wear! I’m pretty sure my husband needs to wear this one day since he puts Siracha on EVERYTHING!

Red Riding Hood

Red riding hood diy pattern

Red Riding Hood costumes are easy to DIY, as you can pick up a red cape or make your own with this fantastic Red Hiding Hood pattern tutorial. This is another great option for plus size womens costumes too since the cape can be flattering for every shape!

DIY Jellyfish Costume

Diy jellyfish costume for adults

This homemade Jellyfish costume would work for men, women or children. Plus you can make it with a few simple items from home if you’re in a rush!

Pregnant Zombie Baby Costume

Pregnancy halloween costume - zombie baby

If you are looking for a Halloween costume for pregnant women, or even if you’re not, this horrifying zombie baby costume is always one to turn heads. This is an inexpensive option if you already have a baby doll at home too.

DIY Halloween Costumes For Men

While some men love the chance to dress up for Halloween, others dread it. These DIY Halloween costumes for men are easy options to help inspire something creative and fun.

DIY Pennywise Clown Costume

Diy pennywise clown costume

For a scary Halloween costume for men (or women), Pennywise clown is certainly a horrifying, yet simple choice you can create at home.

Miguel From Disney’s Coco

Miguel from disney coco costume

An emotional and heartwarming Disney film, Miguel from Coco is a fantastic Disney costume for men that requires minimal props.

Freddie Mercury Costume

Diy freddie mercury costume

This fantastically easy DIY Freddie Mercury costume is actually worn by a woman, but it would of course be a wonderful choice for a men’s Halloween costume or fancy dress. It is featured as part of a music icons Halloween group costume.

DIY Wolverine Costume

Diy wolverine xmen costume

With a wig and some serious sideburns, there is little else you need to create your own DIY Wolverine costume. Make your own claws, or buy some online.

DIY Slash Costume From Guns N Roses

Diy slash guns and roses costume

If you love Guns N Roses, this Slash costume is the perfect DIY costume idea to make you feel like a total rockstar! It is part of a group musical icon costume that includes Axl Rose too.

Stranger Things Demogorgon Mask

Diy stranger things demogorgon costume

This DIY Stranger Things Demogorgon costume is so creative, designed so the mask opens up to give other party guests a fantastic fright! This is a costume that even teenage boys might enjoy wearing! You can also shop for Stranger Things costumes online.

DIY Pope Costume

Diy pope costume

Upcycle an old sheet or grab one on sale and turn it into a DIY Pope Costume. This certainly fits with easy to make Halloween costumes for adults.

Gingerbread Man Boxtume

Gingerbread man

Turn those cardboard boxes into your next costume with this simple DIY Gingerbread man costume idea.

DIY Halloween Costumes For Couples

Themed costumes are loads of fun and these DIY Halloween couples costume ideas are perfect if you want to match with your partner or bestie. Whether you want spooky, quirky or funny, there’s a couples’ Halloween costume to suit.

Joker & Harley Quinn

Suicide squad joker and harley quinn couple costumes

This anti-hero couple, Joker and Harley Quinn are a fun pair to dress up as. This is great if you are looking for sexy couple Halloween costume ideas. You can completely DIY this look, or grab a few token pre-made items too, such as a blonde wig dipped in blue and red or try some coloured hair spray.

Romeo + Juliet

Diy romeo and juliet costume for couples

If you were a 90s teen like I was, you were likely obsessed with Baz Luhrman’s version of Romeo & Juliet. They make for really cheap adult Halloween costumes! White dress, homemade or store-brought angel wings, a Hawaiian shirt. Not much to it!

Magician & White Rabbit

Magician and rabbit couples costume for halloween

For a unique take on his and hers Halloween costumes, you could easily pull most of this magician & white rabbit costume from your wardrobe and DIY or thrift shop the rest!

DIY Pizza Delivery Couples Costume

Diy pizza delivery costume

Who doesn’t love pizza? This creative couple’s costume from Studio DIY features a pizza and a delivery boy in the perfect combo costume!

Stranger Things Costume – Eleven & Mike

Stranger things costume

This Stranger Things couples costume works just as well individually as characters Eleven and Mike. The full costume can come straight out of your wardrobe if you have the right gear or head to the thrift shop for some vintage finds.

Couple Lion King Costumes With Dog Costumes

Lion king family costume dog costumes

If you love Disney’s The Lion King and you have pets, this couples costume becomes the perfect fur family costume with dog Halloween costume ideas too. These homemade costume ideas feature Zazu and Rafiki and are easy to make. This is a lot of fun when looking for couple and pet Halloween costumes.

DIY French Chef & Croquembouche

Diy croquembouche and chef costume

If you want something a little unique for a French-themed costume party, this French chef and croquembouche couples costume is a truly unique DIY costume option!

Jurassic Park Costume For Couples

Diy jurassic park costume

This DIY Jurassic Park costume for couples can also double as a family costume if you dress up your kids as little dinosaurs… or Dr Malcolm, Owen or the many other main characters. Check out their cute photos with their baby as a dinosaur to pair with Dr Ellie Stattler and Dr Alan Grant!

The Grand Budapest Hotel Couples Costume

The grand budapest hotel couple costume

Fans of The Grand Budapest Hotel films will enjoy their chance to bring a little DIY fun to this movie-themed couples costume.

DIY Disney Robin Hood & Maid Marion

Robin hood animated costumes for couple

If you are headed to a Disney theme party, these Robin Hood & Maid Marion costumes would be easy to create at home.

Struck By Lightning Couple Fancy Dress

Struck by lightning couple costume

This funny couple costume is good for last minute. Shred up some old clothes and accessories, mess up your hair and add some smokey makeup for your struck by lightning look. Then repurpose a cardboard box or sheet into a lightning bolt and stick cotton wool to an old hat for a budget Halloween costume.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Costumes DIY

Diy star lord costume

These DIY Star Lord and Gamora costumes are relatively simple to put together and look fantastic for Halloween or for attending your nearest Comic Con or Marvel fan event. So cool!

Couples Star Wars Costume

Diy star wars darth vadar and jedi costumes

Pair up as your favourite Star Wars costumes for a DIY Darth Vadar and Jedi or other combination of favourite characters from the classic or more recent films and tv series.

DIY Couples Shirt Costumes

Our get along shirt couples costume

For couples who don’t really love to dress up, or don’t have the time to come up with something fancy, these DIY t-shirt ideas have you sorted.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards against humanity

Everyone’s favourite crude card game makes a cheap, last-minute costume idea. Go as a couple or create a whole group Cards Against Humanity costume with actual cards from the game.

Hopefully, these creative and funny adult Halloween costumes and family costumes help you come up with the perfect DIY outfit for your next fancy dress event! These DIY Halloween costumes for men, Halloween costumes for women and fun couples costume ideas have something for everyone!

Tips for easy Halloween Costume Ideas:

  • Makeup can be a great cheap tool for cheap costumes
  • Consider a costume you can reuse in future
  • Make sure you will be comfortable – you want to enjoy the celebrations
  • Let your kids help you come up with ideas – those young creative minds are brilliant
  • Borrow costumes or props from friends to cut costs
  • Do a costume swap with friends to mix it up
  • Be careful buying online – things aren’t always as they say and the fit is not always great
  • Discount stores are great for cheap costumes and props
  • Themed family costumes can be a fun idea

If you are time-poor and not keen to spend a dime, there are plenty of easy DIY Halloween costume ideas in your own wardrobe and home. Many of these family Halloween costumes have items that can come together from what you already have too!

Here are some costume ideas from your wardrobe:

  • Uniforms (Sport, work, hobbies)
  • Seasonal gear (snowsuit, swimmers)
  • Colour specific (Wiggles skivvy, Minion)
  • Formal wear (Hollywood celebrity)
  • Partner’s clothes (gender swap)

It can be pretty easy to pull something simple from your general wardrobe. Right now I could rock an orange belt karate kid from my late teen hobby, or a black dress teamed with dark make-up to be a witch.

And if you’re still stuck for inspiration, be sure to check out our other Halloween costume ideas, party food and easy DIY Halloween decorations to plan your ultimate spooky celebration!

Find more DIY costume ideas for all ages and don’t forget to check out these DIY group costume ideas, DIY kids & toddler costumes for Halloween and Book Week costume ideas.