DIY projects and craft ideas that are easy to make at home including kids craft projects.

Diy christmas crackers

How To Make Christmas Crackers: DIY Tutorial

Learn how to make Christmas crackers at home so you can add a little extra DIY to your festive celebrations this year! Homemade Christmas crackers give a personal touch to any festive table. Plus the prizes inside can be so much better than store-bought Christmas bon bons too!

Easy diy class gift ideas for students

30 Easy DIY Class Gift Ideas For Students

Class Christmas gifts are a special memento in the place of a traditional Christmas card, plus kids love getting gifts! Who am I kidding! We all love getting gifts! With so much time spent together over the school year, it can be fun to make a little something special for those who shared their experience over the school year, with an easy handmade end of year class gifts for students.

Copy of untitled design 2

49 Simple Book Week Costume Ideas For 2020

Easy Book Week costume ideas are always a winner. And usually, it is cheaper to make something at home than purchase a costume. If you have the time! These simple DIY Book Week costumes are perfect for this year’s parade!

Homemade playdough recipes

22 Homemade Playdough Recipes and Play Ideas

Playdough is a favourite sensory activity for many children and you can easily make your own homemade playdough recipes with a few simple ingredients! Making playdough at home is a great activity to do with kids and one that will provide them with hours of creative fun!

Easy homemade slime recipes for kids

32 Homemade Slime Recipes For Kids & Play Ideas

Kids love slime! It’s one of those super gross activities that can keep them entertained for hours! Learn how to make your own slime at home with loads of seriously cool homemade slime recipes for kids. Plus some fun play ideas to keep them entertained… beyond making fart noises!

Printable mindfulness colouring pages 1

70+ Printable Mindfulness Colouring Pages For Adults & Kids

Take time for yourself as a creative activity to enjoy with your children with beautiful free printable mindfulness colouring pages for adults and kids. These free colouring pages are perfect for being in the moment and disconnecting from your busy day for a while.

How to make a diy suncatcher

DIY Suncatchers Paper Plate Craft

If you are looking for a simple kid’s craft project that you can make at home, a DIY suncatcher is a perfect way to have some creative fun with your children. Inspired by nature, and in the true Aussie Spirit of May Gibbs and the Gumnut Babies, create paper plate suncatchers you can display around your home!