With 2 school-aged children in our household, we are always looking for ways to make back to school easier!

Prepare your kids for an enjoyable school year with yummy lunch box recipes and all the best back to school essentials for kids.

Help your child to have a positive experience with their school years and simplify your before school routine with a few simple changes to suit busy families!

47 Simple Book Week Costume Ideas For 2020

Easy Book Week costume ideas are always a winner. And usually, it is cheaper to make something at home than purchase a costume. If you have the time! These simple DIY Book Week costumes are perfect for this year’s parade!

Best kids picture books about starting school

23 Best Picture Books About Starting School

The first day of school is a mix of excitement and nerves for children. Children’s books about starting school are a fun way to prepare kids for what to expect. Especially if they have no older siblings to share their experiences. Help ease your child’s first-day jitters and build their excitement as you read these adorable picture books together.

How to get started with temporary home schooling

Preparing For Temporary Home Schooling + Printable Schedule

Temporary home schooling does not need to be overwhelming. With these simple tips and ideas, you can set up a thriving home school schedule for your child and get them back to learning with minimal disruption. With a free homeschooling schedule and activity guide printable.

Essential school supplies for kids

No-Stress Guide For Back To School Essentials

Preparing for a new school year can be daunting for parents, especially if you are a first-time school parent. There are so many different things kids need to kick off their year of education and it can be easy to overlook something until the last minute.

Delicious back to school recipes for lunch boxes

30+ Delicious Back to School Recipes For Lunch Boxes

Preparing for back to school means another term of school lunches and coming up with as many creative ideas as you can to keep the recipes for lunch boxes interesting and delicious for your kids. But this can be harder than it seems, always coming up with fresh new ideas and things to tempt fussy eaters, so here are loads of delicious back to school recipes for lunch boxes that your kids will love!