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250 Unique Party Themes For Adults For 2024

This list of party themes for adults will help you plan the most epic celebration ever! It can sometimes be difficult to plan a party as an adult. There are many factors to consider, from the location to the time of day, to the theme. This list of adult party theme ideas will help you find a memorable way to celebrate. Plus, don’t forget to grab my free printable party checklist to help you plan!

Creative And Fun Adult Party Themes

I love themed parties. In fact, I never plan a party without a theme!

You may think themed parties are mostly for kids or that a theme party means fancy dress and elaborate decorations but that doesn’t have to be the case at all.

Choosing a theme for a birthday party or celebration can be as simple as having a colour scheme or a type of food as the central focus.

A theme party doesn’t need to mean a costume party. It can be a fancy dinner party or a unique experience.

The best thing about adult theme parties is that they make your party planning so much easier. From invitations to decorations, entertainment, food and party games – choosing all of these things is easier with a theme!

A theme party is also a great way of adding some of your unique personality to your celebration, such as focusing it around a favourite genre of music or film, or a particular decade of fashion and style.

It’s a great way of planning a memorable event that is sure to get guests thinking about how they can make the theme work for them.

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The Ultimate List Of Party Themes For Adults

To help you plan the perfect party for your birthday party or event, I have put together the most extensive, mammoth list of fun party ideas!

This is the ultimate list of party themes for adults, with 250 different ideas for you to consider for your celebration. They include dress up parties, food-themed parties and simple birthday themes for adults around colours, music, style and entertainment.

  1. Black and white
  2. Red, blue and white
  3. Harry Potter
  4. Lord of the Rings
  5. Game of Thrones
  6. Marvel – I had a Marvel-themed dress-up party for my 40th birthday party celebration and it was the best fun ever! Epic costumes, themed food and pretty much the party of my dreams!
  7. Superheroes
  8. Football
  9. Basketball / NBA party
  10. 1920s
  11. 1930s
  12. 1940s
  13. 1950s
  14. 1960s
  15. 1970s
  16. 1980s
  17. 1990s
  18. 2000s
  19. Dress for the decade you were born
  20. Medieval
  21. Ballgowns and black tie
  22. Day spa pamper party – Invite all of your friends over for an evening pampering session. Start off by getting everyone a drink and set out some snacks. Set up pamper stations around your home for different things, such as pedicures, foot spas and manicures or hire a professional team to give mini massages and facials to your guests.
  23. Makeover
  24. Rockstar
  25. Punk
  26. Goth
  27. Neon
  28. Pimps and hoes – We did this theme for my hubby turning 30. It was hilarious and a great one if you’ve got friends with a good sense of humour.
  29. Horror theme or Halloween
  30. Video games
  31. Things starting with a certain letter
  32. Mexican fiesta – A great theme for warmer days when your group is looking to have a little fun outside with their favourite Mexican food and drinks! Don’t forget the sombreros and Tequila.
  33. Masquerade ball
  34. Spring
  35. Summer
  36. Winter
  37. Autumn/fall
  38. Pyjama party – Dress in your pyjamas for this event and don’t forget your slippers and dressing gown during winter.
  39. Slumber party
  40. Onesie
  41. Taco bar
  42. Beach party
  43. Pool party
  44. Red carpet
  45. Hollywood
  46. Las Vegas
  47. Dress as your favourite celebrity
  48. Memory lane – Set up photo displays of the guest of honour and possibly even have a slideshow running during the party. Hire or create your own DIY photo booth to create new memories.
  49. Pirate party
  50. Disney
  51. Fairytale
  52. Cowboy
  53. Murder mystery
  54. Escape room party
  55. Great Gatsby
  56. Rainbow party
  57. White party -Everyone wears nothing but white from head to toe. Clothing and accessories, with simple white decor for a classy and classic party theme that suits most occassions.
  58. Black party
  59. Pink party
  60. James Bond
  61. Mardi Gras
  62. Crossdressing/drag party
  63. Wild west
  64. Super Bowl
  65. Geeks
  66. Casino night – There are many different things you can do at this type of party from having a blackjack table to poker games. There are party hire businesses that will come to you and set up a casino night at your venue. Don’t forget to dress the part of a high roller!
  67. Boardgame night – Invite your family or friends over to play some old classics like Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit! You can also host a themed night with the newest, hottest board games.
  68. Poker party
  69. Adult prom
  70. Scavenger hunt
  71. Travel themed
  72. Stars on screen
  73. Country music
  74. Rap/hip-hop
  75. Heavy metal
  76. Popstar – Channel your inner popstar vibes with each guest dressing as a specific or generic pop star. The playlist is nothing but pop and plenty of bright colours to decorate the venue.
  77. Movie marathon
  78. Camping party
  79. Pyrotechnic show
  80. Live concert/DJs
  81. Athleisure wear
  82. Stay-cation
  83. Death to my youth party – A funeral-style party celebrating the end of your youth years, with DIY tombstones, a RIP cake and other novelty decorations to poke fun at your milestone age. Popular for 30th birthday parties, but why not push it out to 40 or 50? My sister put together an epic funeral for my 30s party for my niece!
  84. Pizza
  85. International food
  86. Armchair travel
  87. Disco
  88. Speakeasy
  89. Speed dating/matchmaking party
  90. Truth or dare games (adult)
  91. Summer camp
  92. Wine tasting party – You can purchase a variety of wines and do a DIY wine tasting at home or in your backyard! Add some string lights to your outdoor area and have complimentary nibblies such as cheese platters and fresh fruits.
  93. Craft beer
  94. Backyard BBQ
  95. Beers and barbeque
  96. Cocktail party – This theme is perfect for a night of cocktails, appetisers, light fare, and mingling with friends. Dress code: cocktail attire. To add a special touch, pick a signature cocktail for the event.
  97. Mocktail party
  98. Milkshake bar
  99. Candy theme
  100. Pastel colours
  101. Holographic
  102. Glitter and sparkles
  103. Unicorn
  104. Mermaid
  105. Underwater/ocean theme
  106. Wear your team colours
  107. James Bond
  108. Carnivale
  109. Dia De Muertos/Day of the Dead
  110. Dessert bar
  111. Mad Hatters Tea party
  112. Alice in Wonderland (or make it a dark Alice In Wonderland adult party theme)
  113. Ice cream bar
  114. Hawaiian Luau – Hawai’ian theme party with a tropical twist, and decorating the house like an island paradise with palm trees and fresh fruit platters. The food can be served picnic-style on the ground or in coconuts rather than bowls. Include tiki torches for decorations and cocktails as part of your menu.
  115. Circus
  116. Toga party
  117. Trashy/tacky dress-up party
  118. Book theme
  119. Around the world – Prepare dishes from around the world and decorate different areas of your party venue with flags, memorabilia or decorations from different parts of the world.
  120. Milkshake bar – Set up a milkshake bar where people can create their own custom milkshakes using a variety of flavours, ice cream, toppings, and syrups. Guests will love this idea since it’s both delicious and customizable!
  121. Gameshow
  122. Race day
  123. Cinco de Mayo
  124. Patriotic party
  125. French theme
  126. Christmas in July
  127. Literary characters
  128. Chinese New Year – Chinese zodiac animal themes, e.g., dragon, horse, decorations and food to create the vibe of having your own Chinese New Year celebration at home.
  129. Red, white, and pink
  130. Ugly sweater
  131. Naughty Santa
  132. Black, gold, silver theme – like the rich holiday colours of New Year’s Eve in glamorous cities around the world.
  133. Karaoke party
  134. Rock-n-roll themed party
  135. Dinner party – Break out your favourite recipes and your best dinner set for this dinner theme to enjoy a delicious meal in good company!
  136. Brunch party
  137. Pot luck party
  138. Sushi train – Make your sushi night as elegant or creative as you would like! You can go all out and have everything from wasabi with soy sauce on hand, fresh raw fish, nori seaweed sheets, and hire or DIY a sushi train for the centre of your table. Or hire a chef to give your guests a sushi-making class.
  139. Geisha
  140. Anime
  141. Pop culture
  142. Comic books
  143. Famous couples
  144. Studio 54 party
  145. Star Wars – Get your Jedi gear and lightsaber ready for an intergalactic theme that Star Wars superfans are sure to love.
  146. Star Trek
  147. Oscars party
  148. Grammys party
  149. Gangster
  150. Garden party
  151. Olympics
  152. Salsa – Play salsa music and decorate with Spanish flair. You could even get everyone together for a salsa lesson!
  153. Tropical
  154. Boho
  155. Bon voyage
  156. Backyard picnic
  157. Costumes and Cocktails
  158. Favourite things party
  159. Surprise party
  160. Girls night in
  161. Craft party
  162. Painting party – Set up individual canvases and paint supplies for a creative fun event at home or at a studio. There are many venues that offer private painting parties with wine and food included as well.
  163. Nightmare Before Christmas
  164. Plant and sip gardening party
  165. Jungle Safari
  166. Gypsy
  167. High tea
  168. Minute To Win It
  169. Glamour
  170. The Amazing Race
  171. Rave
  172. Redneck/Hillbilly party
  173. Dance party – Hire a dance floor and have the best dance tunes playing for an energetic and fun way of celebrating with close friends and family. You can request each guest tells you their favourite dance song when you send out the invites so you can put together a playlist that you know will get them all dancing!
  174. Glamping
  175. Downton Abbey
  176. Cook-off or bake-off theme
  177. Backward party
  178. Wine and cheese
  179. Royal
  180. Nautical
  181. Outer space
  182. Magic show
  183. Glow in the dark – Blackout your party zone and add some neon lighting, dance music and have a heap of glow sticks to hand to your guests when they arrive.
  184. Baseball
  185. Chocolate party
  186. Rocky Horror Picture Show
  187. Pop art
  188. Coachella
  189. Seven deadly sins
  190. Paint the town red
  191. Shakespeare
  192. Dress up as your favourite character from a TV show or film!
  193. Viva Italia
  194. Hippies/Woodstock
  195. Race day – Race day attire with fancy hats or fascinators for the women and suits for the them. You can host this party around an actual racing event or theme your menu around race day terms. Don’t forget the fashion parade!
  196. St. Patricks Day
  197. Oktoberfest
  198. Barbie
  199. Roller skating
  200. Gaming party
  201. Project Runway
  202. Beach picnic – Pack a picnic basket with all the essentials: sandwiches, salads, dips, fruit salad or pita chips & hummus and assorted drinks and head to the beach with your umbrellas and picnic blankets for a day of delicious food, great company and sunshine.
  203. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  204. Arabian Nights
  205. Vintage garden party
  206. Kid’s party games – Relive your youth by having a throwback to your favourite kid’s party games with a twist. Everything from musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey and pass the parcel will get the adults laughing and having a blast!
  207. Backyard bonfire
  208. Bollywood
  209. Grill and chill
  210. Fondue
  211. Line dancing
  212. Crazy hair
  213. Create your own costume – Guests are provided with DIY supplies such as streamers, balloons, paper, tape, fabric and anything else you can think of and must put together their own fabulous party costume once they arrive. This theme is even more fun if you do a costume contest for all the crazy creations your guests have come up with!
  214. Love & romance
  215. Dance battle
  216. When I grow up dress-up party – Ask guests to dress up as the occupation or thing that they wanted to be when they were kids.
  217. Rockabilly
  218. Burlesque
  219. Reggae
  220. Science fiction
  221. Social media
  222. Dress as the thing you most fear
  223. Ugly bridesmaid theme – This great party theme for women (or men) is perfect for bridal showers, hens nights and girls night out parties, having each guest find the ugliest second-hand bridesmaid dress they can find to wear for the night. Think lots of tulle and puffy sleeves. Finding the perfect ugly dress is the best part!
  224. Historical figures
  225. Zoo theme
  226. Art Deco: A glamorous and elegant theme inspired by the Art Deco era, with plenty of gold and geometric shapes.
  227. Mythical Creatures
  228. Circus Freakshow
  229. Space Cowboys: Combine elements of the Wild West and outer space for a unique and imaginative theme.
  230. Classic Hollywood Monsters
  231. A Night At The Museum: Transform your party space into a museum and have guests dress up as famous works of art or historical figures.
  232. Cyberpunk: A futuristic, dystopian theme with neon lights, high-tech gadgets, and punk-inspired fashion.
  233. Vintage Carnival
  234. Steampunk
  235. Music Festival
  236. Film Noir: Recreate the moody and mysterious atmosphere of classic film noir with guests dressing in trench coats and fedoras.
  237. Fairy Tales Gone Bad
  238. Back To School
  239. Haunted Mansion
  240. A Night In Paris
  241. Colour Explosion
  242. Retro Video Games: Celebrate the golden age of video gaming by having guests dress as characters from classic video games like Pac-Man, Mario, or Zelda.
  243. Enchanted Forest
  244. Blacklight Party
  245. Utopian vs. Dystopian: Guests can dress as characters representing either a utopian or dystopian future, creating an intriguing contrast.
  246. The Office
  247. Cartoon Characters
  248. Retro Future: A fusion of past and future, where guests dress in retro clothing but with futuristic elements, creating a unique blend of styles.
  249. High Fantasy Feast: Create a medieval fantasy world complete with knights, wizards, and mythical creatures, with a grand feast as the centrepiece. This is a perfect bookish theme for those of you who love world building and fantasy novels.
  250. Film Awards Night

Planning Your Themed Party

The best adult party themes

Once you have an idea of what type of themed party to throw, it’s time to plan!

Decide on a date, approximately how many guests will be invited, your venue, and when the invitations should go out.

Make sure your invites go out at least 3 weeks before your party to give all your guests time to prepare.

If you have an elaborate costume theme, you may even want to give them 4-6 weeks of planning time.

Ensure you have enough space at your party venue to suit the number of guests, especially if hosting at home. If your home or backyard area is small, you may need to consider local venue hire options instead.

Then it’s all your food and entertainment – whether you’re cooking at home or hiring a caterer.

The type of entertainment, such as a bartender, a DJ, a band or setting up your own speaker system at home connected to your phone.

All of this should be in progress even before the invites go out, so you can have a stress-free party celebration when the day arrives!

Free printable birthday party checklist on clipboard with decorations


If you’re looking for a way to spice up your next party, we hope this list of adult party themes and ideas will help. From fancy dress party themes for adults to glamourous DIY events and food fiestas that are sure to make the night memorable, there are tons of ways to turn an ordinary gathering into something truly special. Have fun planning!

Have you been to a really cool themed party before? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Angel Locksmith

Thursday 23rd of February 2023

Ohh my gosh! So many ideas to choose from. And I think I already know on what to do on my next birthday party. Thank you much!


Monday 27th of March 2023

@Angel Locksmith, What theme? Can't wait to hear.

Angel Dejee

Monday 12th of September 2022

backyard bonfire theme party is such a great idea. I love bonfires and its cozy and just chat with friends and all.


Saturday 30th of July 2022

I love parties. We had a Hawaiian party today as it was summer. I made some pineapple sticks, we then did the limbo dance and had a great time as well. There even was a barbecue with burgers, and hot food too. Later on there was several platters of tasty cookies, chopped up fresh fruit and mini sandwiches. We also had entertaining live music in addition. It was a lot of fun. Someone prepared a few different mock tails and there was also a whole tray of appealing colourful sweets, cake and biscuits to eat. I loved it all. Next time we will try out a couple of your ideas and see what happens.


Sunday 31st of July 2022

That sounds like such a fun party! I love adding themes to parties. It just makes everything a little more exciting.