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30 Easy Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Boys & Girls

Are you looking for some fun and easy ideas for crazy hair day? Well, look no further! From crazy colours to gravity-defying hairstyles, these crazy hair day ideas for boys and girls have something for everyone. So get ready to let your kids’ imaginations run wild!

Collage easy crazy hair day ideas for whacky hair day.

Fun Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Kids

Crazy Hair Day is one of those fun school events that kids love and parents dread!

Unless you love an excuse to let your creativity flow, you might be a little overwhelmed at the idea of coming up with a crazy hairstyle for your child.

Thankfully there are plenty of easy crazy hair ideas that you can do in a few minutes or simple ideas that take a little longer if you have the patience and accessories.

These cool ideas are sure to get you inspired!

What Is Crazy Hair Day?

Crazy hair day, also known as whacky hair day, is a fun way for kids to express themselves through their wacky hairstyles.

This fun school event has grown over the years with a lot of schools incorporating it with a fundraiser.

Here in Australia, Crazy Hair Day is typically held as a fundraiser for cystic fibrosis however it can be for any other reason too or just for fun.

Crazy Hair Day Essentials

Before you can create some fun crazy hair styles like the ones below, you need a few essentials in your crazy hair day kit which you can get online or from your local craft store or discount store!

Here are some of the must-haves for many of the simple crazy hair day ideas below:

Easy Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls & Long Hair

Having longer hair can make it much easier to come up with some crazy hairstyles for kids so these crazy hair day ideas are perfect for girls or anyone with longer hair (boys included) and can be created with your own unique twist.

1. Spider Bun

Spooky spider hairstyle with a bun and pipe cleaner legs.

This spider hairstyle is one of the easiest crazy hair day ideas for long hair. All you need is a bun (you can use a doughnut bun roll if you want it to sit perfectly) and some bobby pins.

Thread through some black pipe cleaners for spider legs, add a pom pom for the body and add some eyes. You could recreate these spider buns with a spider of any colour or make it a rainbow coloured spider.

2. Lalaloopsy Hairdo

Crazy hair day lalaloopsy hairstyle with pipe cleaners in rainbow colours.

This Lalaloopsy hairstyle is a fun idea for anyone who loves Lalaloopsy dolls and wants to have a hairdo just like their favourite character. Although you can create this hairstyle even without being a fan of Lalaloopsy, using any colour pipe cleaners.

3. Spider Braids

Halloween hair style with coloured hair chalk and spiders in braids.

You can’t get much easier than these spider braids. A little coloured hairspray and some plastic spiders are all you need. Or recreate this style with different accessories such as fairies, favourite characters, bling or flowers.

4. Star Wars Hairstyle For Girls

Girls star wars lei hairstyle

If you have a little girl who loves Star Wars, this Rei hairstyle was really quick and an easy hairstyle to do.

It’s not perfect but she loved it since we had just finished watching all the Star Wars films not long before Crazy Hair Day.

Separate the hair into 3 layers, starting at the top and creating a loop, then add the extra length into the second loop and do the same for the 3rd loop so there are no loose sections hanging.

We finished my daughter’s hair with a little coloured hair chalk for fun.

5. Unicorn Hair

Unicorn horn hairstyle with rainbow coloured hair chalk.

Little girls who love unicorns will love having their very own unicorn horn with this crazy hair unicorn style, turning the front sections of the hair into a horn using a cardboard or foam cone. The coloured hairspray adds extra fun to the hairstyle and helps keep it in place for a day of play and learning at school.

6. The Little Mermaid Hair

The little mermaid hairstyle with an ariel barbie doll and green hairspray.

This little mermaid hairstyle is perfect for girls with long hair who want to have a quick and easy crazy hair day style. This simple wacky style is simply using an Ariel doll inserted into a regular french braid or fishtail braid and a load of green hair spray. Don’t forget to separate the pieces at the end for the mermaid tail.

7. Cupcake Hairdo

Cupcake buns using cupcake liners with polkadots.

This creative hairstyle using a cupcake liner is a super fun way to create cupcake buns, adding messy buns to create the cupcakes on your child’s head. You could also use silicone cupcake liners from the dollar store for this wacky look.

8. Snowman Hairstyle

Snowman buns with three stacked buns on top of the head and snowman decorations.

This cute snowman hairstyle is great for Christmas or Crazy Hair Day with stacked buns and snowman accessories to complete the look. The step by step tutorial video will help you recreate this look.

9. Cherry Hair

Cherry hair style with pipe cleaner stems.

Who doesn’t love cherries? You can easily turn your child’s long hair into cherries with two messy buns, green pipe cleaner, a paper leaf and some red hairspray.

10. Cone Style Wacky Hair

Tall hair in 3 cones sprayed red with colourd hairspray and bows at the ends.

This tall cone hairstyle looks fantastic with long hair, using styrofoam cones inside the high pony tail to give it the height and finished with coloured hairspray and bows. These might get a little annoying by the end of the school day so it might be best for older kids but it is so much fun!

11. Octopus Hair

Octopus hair style with fish flaoting around, coloured purple.

This crazy octopus hairstyle found on Pinterest is perfect for kids who love sea creatures and is a really easy way to add some fun to their hairstyle. You just need coloured hair spray, some wire, googly eyes and some sea creature accessories. This style was found on Pinterest and the original source is unknown.

12. Donut Crazy Hair

Donut hairstyle on a paper plate with chocolate icing.

This donut hair style is so simple to do, by cutting a hole into a paper plate and pulling the ponytail through then using a doughnut bun roll and lots of bobby pins to create the ‘donut’. Then create your icing and pin in place on top of your child’s head for a super cute crazy hair look.

13. Rainbow Hair Extensions

Rainbow hair extensions on a little girl with glasses.

Add some clip-in rainbow hairpieces, a wig or get creative with some coloured hair spray and chalks for a rainbow hairstyle that kids will be proud to show off.

14. Popcorn Crazy Hair

Popcorn hat for crazy hair day.

This fun popcorn crazy hairstyle is so much fun for long hair since you need something to keep the popcorn tub in place! All you need are a small popcorn box, hot glue gun, cotton balls, a highlighter (or yellow paint) and bobby pins.

15. Dinosaur Hairstyle

Dinosaur hair

This easy and colourful dinosaur hairstyle is perfect for kids who love dinosaurs, using creating the look using cardstock cones underneath the gel soaked hair then finishing off with a rainbow of coloured hairspray.

16. Helium Balloons

Helium balloon hair with balloons holding up braids.

For a cute idea that you can create in around 5 minutes, all you need is some helium balloons. Braid your child’s hair and tie bunches of helium balloons to each braid or tie a single bunch to a high ponytail for a fun look. Original source unknown.

17. Birds Nest Hair

Birdsnest hairstyle with pinecone, bird, berries and foliage on a woman.

This fun and easy birds nest hairstyle is perfect for crazy hair day or spirit week. It’s a fun option for teachers to try too! Create a messy bun for the nest and add some decorations, such as birds, flowers and bird eggs, with some greenery to finish the look. This style was found on Pinterest.

18. Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair style with cotton ball clouds.

Turn your child’s braids into a rainbow on top of their head with cotton ball clouds and rainbow colours. This style requires a lot of hairspray, bobby pins and perhaps some wire through the braids to keep them in shape. Coloured hair chalks would be a perfect option for adding rainbow colours. Source unknown.

19. Pumpkin Bun

Jack o lantern bun

This Halloween inspired jack o lantern pumpkin bun is super cute and simple to create and perfect for really long hair. This is a good style for keeping hair tidy while still enjoying the fun celebration.

20. Double Pumpkin Buns

Double pumpkin buns for a halloween hairstyle or crazy hair day.

These double pumpkin buns are super cute as a Halloween hairstyle or a spooky hairdo that is perfect for Autumn.

21. Toasting Marshmallows Campfire Hairstyle

Toasting marshmallows campfire crazy hair day idea.

I love this idea of a campfire hairstyle for silly hair day with toasted marshmallows and sticks. So clever!

22. Easter Egg Crazy Hair Style

Little girl with long hair wearing plastic easter eggs inside her ponytail.

If you’ve got a load of plastic easter eggs leftover from Easter or you’re looking fun Easter hairstyle, this is a great way to use the plastic eggs to create a fun hairdo. It’s a little more intricate with the ‘egg holders’ but simple enough.

23. Ramen Noodles Hair Style

Little girl with ramen noodles crazy hair style.

This is another funny yet simple idea! Turn your hair into ramen noodles with a wrapped ‘noodle box’ and some chopsticks.

24. Creepy Eyeball Halloween Hairstyle

Silly eyeball hairstyle with a bun and pipe cleaners.

This is the perfect Halloween hairstyle with a creepy eyeball made with a bun and pipe cleaners.

Easy Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Boys & Short Hair

Short hair may pose a few extra challenges with coming up with fun ideas but these crazy hairstyles for short hair are perfect to try!

25. Spooky Spiderweb Hair

Spiderweb hair

This spooky hairstyle is also great for Halloween dress-ups or any child who loves Spider-man. Best of all, you can create this spiderweb hairstyle as a short hairstyle or for long hair too! This can be a great last minute crazy hair day style, raiding the Halloween decorations.

26. Crazy Bug Hair

Creepy crawly hairstyle

This crazy bug hairstyle is perfect for boys or girls and can be created in minutes with some coloured hairspray and plastic creepy crawlers.

27. Surfs Up Hairstyle

Surfs up hairstyle wacky hair day

This Surfs Up hairstyle is perfect for boys who love the beach and surfing. All you need is some hair gel or hair wax to style the hair into waves, then spray paint your child’s hair with blue hair spray and add a surfer accessory to finish the look.

28. Star Wars Death Star Hairstyle

Death star hairstyle

This Star Wars Death Star wacky hair day style is perfect for boys hair who love the dark side and is really easy to do with coloured hairspray and some Star Wars accessories or LEGO minifigures.

29. Stikbots Crazy Hair Style

Stikbot crazy hair day

This Stikbots crazy hairstyle is perfect for kids who love the little toys and is relatively easy to do, with loads of hair gel, coloured spray. The rocks and Stikbots figurines stay in the hair using bobby pins which have the accessories glued on with a hot glue gun.

30. Mohawk Style

Mohawk hairstyle

This Mohawk style is the perfect spiky hair look for boys or girls who want to show their wild side on Crazy Hair Day! All you need is coloured hair spray and some gel to create a spiked mohawk style. This can work with long hair too although you need something really heavy duty like clear gelatine to get long hair to stay upright.

Other Easy Ideas For Crazy Hair Day

Clown wig crazy hair day ideas

If you forgot all about crazy hair day or you simply don’t have the time to pull together something elaborate, these fuss-free easy and quick crazy hairstyles are still enough to send the kids to school with a smile:

  • Paint their hair with bright temporary hair colour.
  • Add some fun accessories, like flowers, cat ears or feathers
  • Wear a huge, bold headband, like these DIY floral headbands
  • Create a crazy hairstyle with lots of curls and twists, bows and ribbons.
  • Put on a wig for crazy hair that requires no effort
  • Glitter hairspray for sparkles
  • Stick on googly eyes at the back of their head
  • Create your own Trolls headband for fake crazy hair
  • Make it crazy hat day instead

I hope these wacky hair day ideas help you plan something fun (and not so stressful) for this year’s silly hair day!

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Easy crazy hair day ideas for boys and girls