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50 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations for Indoors & Outdoors

There are so many ways you can get creative with handmade Halloween decor this October, with easy DIY Halloween decorations for indoors and outdoors. These thrifty decorations you can make yourself are the perfect way to add a spooky touch to your home or Halloween party this year without blowing out your budget!

You’ve got your Halloween costume planned, there are spooky snacks on the menu and creepy Halloween mocktails too, so now it’s time to complete the scene with your Halloween decorations and easy Halloween craft ideas!

Easy diy halloween decorations for indoors and outdoors

Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

When it comes to decorating for Halloween, it can get expensive really fast!

With store decorations, while they may be the quickest option, like every popular holiday throughout the year, they can cost a bundle to meet the demand.

Unless you’re picking up next years decorations at the after-Halloween sales, you’re stuck either paying full price now or turning to some creative ideas with do it yourself decorations instead.

Below you will find ideas for both indoor and outdoor DIY Halloween decorations so you can go big or add a few small touches of spooky decor to your home, workplace or classroom this Halloween!

Grab your mod podge and paint and get creative!

Get into the Halloween spirit and find your creative outlet with these cheap Halloween decorations you can make yourself!

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

When planning your DIY Halloween yard decorations, it’s easy to go all out and make your yard the talk of the town.

This is great for when you’re hosting a Halloween party or want to create something special for trick-or-treaters coming to your door.

Even if you just want something more low-key this year there are easy ways to get creative with outdoor DIY Halloween decorations.

These easy do it yourself Halloween decorating ideas will inspire you:

Halloween Front Door Decoration

Boarded up halloween door

Decorate your house with a spooky Halloween Door that says “Keep Out”, warning all who approach that they don’t know what lies beyond!

This is a lot of fun for any trick or treaters who come knocking or to set the atmosphere for your Halloween party as the party guests arrive.

Scrap Wood Ghosts

Wooden ghosts

Turn that scrap wood into spooky decor for outdoors! These simple wooden ghosts are perfect for recycling any spare wood you have at home or can be made with some cheap pieces of wood from your local hardware store instead.

Wooden Boo Halloween Sign

Wooden boo sign

This bright coloured BOO Halloween sign is a fun decoration for your front porch or for inside your home with lots of colour and some cute embellishments to make it stand out. This is a simple Halloween craft project that the kids would be able to help with too.

This is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of Halloween to your home or doorstep, while not taking up a lot of storage space for the rest of the year!

DIY Sugar Skull Halloween Luminaries

Sugar skull luminary

Learn how to make DIY Halloween luminaries for your front porch or walkway this fall.

Crafted using laundry pod buckets, these upcycled Halloween luminaries are an affordable and fun way to decorate your home for Halloween on a budget. You could try similar with milk jugs too.

Haunted Cubby House

Haunted cubby house

Want to turn your kid’s playhouse into a not-too-spooky haunted house for Halloween. This is a perfect outdoor decoration for a kid’s Halloween party, with a subtle and playful touch of Halloween decor. Make it cute and stylish or add some creepy crawlies and fake cobwebs for the holiday season.

It’s All About The Candy Sign

It's all about the candy sign

This super cute It’s All About The Candy sign is what we’re all thinking when it comes to Halloween, right?! And best of all, it’s a simple DIY decor that can be made with a Cricut cutting machine and styrofoam.

You could recreate a similar look using a wooden sign instead for something more durable. Hang this sign above your Halloween candy tub or food table.

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Head

Mickey mouse pumpkin

This cute Mickey Pumpkin is a craft you will love to display each year. Best of all, it’s a really easy DIY Halloween decoration that works indoors or outdoors! This is a great idea for anyone looking for non-spooky Halloween decoration ideas.

You can paint pumpkins with the kids for a fun activity for the entire family too!

Wood Slice Jack-O-Lanterns

Wood slice decorations

Log slices make beautiful fall decor! For Halloween, simply paint one side to create a fun jack-o-lantern face. You’ll love this rustic touch to your seasonal decor and it will look great for a doorstep decoration over Halloween. Best of all, you can reuse them each year too, unlike actual carved pumpkins!

This is a great Halloween decoration if you want to keep things simple and chic.

DIY Giant Spider Decoration

Diy giant spider

Uplevel the scare factor of your next Halloween party or front yard decorations with a giant spider! This spider is made from PVC piping, making it easy to dismantle for use in future years too. For great DIY projects for the backyard, this huge spider will make an impact!

DIY Spooky Sign Post

Homemade halloween sign post

This homemade signpost is a great way to add some spooky detail to your garden, with a few spider webs added for extra effect.

Wooden Black Cat

Wooden black cats

These wooden black cats are a simple, non-scary handmade Halloween decoration made from wooden offcuts. They look great scattered through the garden. You could even add some stick-on googly eyes if you wanted, creating easy to store garden decorations with little effort.

Lighted Pumpkin Topiary

Pumpkin topiary

If you’re looking for an easy decoration that will be sure to impress this Halloween, try making your own pumpkin topiary! All it takes is faux pumpkins and dowel, along with a few other affordable items to put this together.

It’s easier than it looks (and pretty cheap). You can put it on the front porch or inside – wherever you like! These dark pumpkins look seriously awesome!

No-Carve Spiderweb Pumpkin

No carve spiderweb pumpkin

This spiderweb pumpkin makes the perfect Halloween craft for kids! Plus, it’s not only a fun kid’s activity but it doubles as fun Halloween decor too!

Scrap Wood Spiders

Scrap wood spiders

Using up some scrap 1×2 wood pieces and old bouncy balls, you can easily make these scrap wood spiders. Add some paint and stick-on eyes and you’ve got the cutest fun DIY Halloween decorations for your garden.

Spooky Skull Ghosts

Skull ghosts

It’s incredible what you can create with some plastic skulls from a discount store and some cheesecloth. These hanging skull ghosts are sure to give your guests a fright (or a giggle) as they wander through your garden. If you can’t find cheap plastic skulls, try doing similar with balloons or foam balls with scary faces drawn on instead.

If you are hosting a kid’s Halloween party, turn them into friendly ghosts with smiley faces on balloons or balls.

DIY Cauldron Stand

Cauldron stand for hallowen

This DIY cauldron stand with Halloween signage is a great front doorstep decoration that doubles as a candy holder for trick or trickers coming by.

Simple Front Porch Decor

Halloween porch decor

While this porch decor uses mostly store-purchased Halloween decorations, it’s great inspiration for what you could do with your own DIY decorations as well, such as stairs lined with mini hand-carved pumpkins or DIY luminaries, your own DIY sheet ghosts hanging and a few more touches to complete the look.

Many of the other decorations featured in this post are perfect for completing your outdoor decoration look.

Jack Skellington Door Decorations

Jack skellington door decorations

There is so much fun to be had in dressing up your home and being a little bit silly for Halloween! This Jack Skellington Door made with black paper or cardstock is a perfectly simple way to do that for fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas film.

Decorated Monster Coolers

Halloween cooler

Duct tape transforms coolers into fun candy buckets for your front porch. Kids will love getting their candy treats out of these! This is also a fun way to chill drinks at your Halloween party. You could also do a similar duct tape look using a cardboard box to put candy or snacks for a party.

Glow Stick Lanterns

Glow stick halloween luminaries

All you need are glow sticks and glass jars with spooky faces to create the easiest DIY Halloween lanterns ever! Thrifty and simple to make, they will look great lining your front doorstep or pathways.

Horror Dolls

Horror dolls

Turn your kids old and unwanted dolls into scary DIY yard decorations for Halloween. Give them a horrifying makeover with some paint and shredded clothing and prop them up for a spooky surprise. If you don’t have any old dolls to use, head to the thrift shop and find some pre-loved dolls there instead.

More DIY Yard Decorations For Halloween

  • Cardboard tombstones – Cut out tombstone shapes from cardboard, paint them grey or black and write spooky messages or names on them to create your own pretend spooky graveyard.
  • Wicked witch legs – Get some extra long stripey socks, stuff them with scrunched up newspaper or pillow stuffing and have them jutting out from under your house like the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz.
  • Mummy door – Use toilet paper or bandages strung across a door frame with a pair of googly eyes peeping through to create a mummy door.
  • Halloween tree – Get your Christmas tree out early this year and decorate it with spooky decorations to create a Hallloween tree instead.

DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

If you are looking for DIY Halloween wreaths, there are so many easy homemade Halloween decorations you can make with a few simple supplies.

No matter what your style is, one of these handmade Halloween wreaths or embroidery hoop ideas will fit the theme!

A seasonal wreath is one of the best DIY Halloween decorations even if you don’t want to go all out.

From elaborate holiday wreaths to simple door hangings to add a touch of Halloween season theming to your home, a wreath is a fun way to decorate during October.

Trick r’ Treat Buffalo Plaid Halloween Wreath

Diy halloween wreath

This Trick ‘r Treat buffalo plaid wreath is based on the movie of the same name, which goes through the traditions of Halloween and is a must-see for horror movie fans. You can learn how to make this simple yet effective Halloween wreath to hang on your front door or in your house.

Burlap Halloween Wreath

Burlap wreath

This DIY beautiful fall burlap wreath is perfect for your front door or mantle. It’s easy to make this rustic wreath, and it will be a lovely addition!

Floral Skull Halloween Wreath

Pretty halloween wreath

Every Halloween, it’s tradition to decorate your home with a macabre element like ghosts and skeletons. But what if you’re looking for something less spooky? Why not try this Dollar Tree DIY wreath on the outside of your door! It incorporates fun-coloured flowers that are perfect for bringing in some different colours into an otherwise dark theme while.

Spider Web Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Spider web embroidery hoop

This spider web Halloween wreath is easy to make from an embroidery hoop and dollar store spider webs and plastic spiders. Simple and you can put it together in a matter of minutes.

Treat Halloween Wreath

Treat wreath

This Halloween Wreath will thrill Trick-or-Treaters! It looks like a cute decoration but is really a treat. Kids come back every year hoping I made it again! The wreath is made with fabric wrapped lollipops so they can choose their own treat.

Spooky Web Embroidery Hoop

Cricut spider web hoop decoration

Bring on the spooky with this DIY spider web art using an embroidery hoop and a spider web design in iron-on vinyl with this free SVG cutting file. This is a cute indoor decor item or hanging from your front door instead.

Ceiling Medallion Halloween Wreath

Ceiling medallion halloween wreath

A quick trip to the hardware store for a ceiling medallion and spray paint complete this spooky Halloween wreath.

Indoor DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Decorating indoors for Halloween is great for when you’re hosting a Halloween party or want to add a few spooky touches to your home for October 31st. These indoor Halloween decorations are sure to inspire you to start creating:

DIY Halloween Candles

Diy halloween candles

These DIY Halloween candle decorations were made by my niece for her Halloween engagement party a couple of years back. They are made from battery operated tealight candles so they are completely safe.

No open flames! She cut toilet paper rolls to different heights, placed the candles in and secured them in the top using a hot glue gun.

Then she covered the flames with tape and spray painted them with black paint. They lined the hall for the party and looked great!

DIY Halloween Pine Cone Bouquet

Pine cone vase

Make a black, white and orange bouquet of pinecone flowers as part of your Halloween decor. Stretch a little spider web from the discount store and you’ve got a creepy and easy indoor decor item for your celebrations.

Pumpkin Diorama

Halloween diorama

This easy-to-make Pumpkin Diorama is a fun twist on your typical Halloween decorating! Set up a few different scenes around your home or along the pathway as an exciting discovery for visitors.

DIY Halloween Terrarium

Halloween terrarium

This DIY Halloween terrarium is easy to make in just a few minutes and adds a subtle touch of spookiness to your indoor Halloween decorations. For more Halloween terrarium ideas, check out this spooky glass jar version too.

Decorative Halloween Mason Jars

Halloween mason jars

Mason jars are an essential craft for any Halloween party. They can make your house extra spooky and they’re easy to create with these helpful steps! Check out how you can make your own ghost, mummy and Frankenstein mason jar, which you can use as decorations for your party or for treats and snacks on your party table.

Trick Or Treat Stacked Pumpkins

Pumpkin stack

Use your Cricut to transform dollar store pumpkins into an adorable Halloween decoration for your home with this easy DIY project. This is a cute and simple stacked pumpkin decoration that will add a pop of colour.

Mantel Decor – Cut Out Bats

Mantel decor

Download and print these fun bats and sprinkle them around your home for some easy Halloween decor! Check out the full post for more fun and easy ideas.

Hand-Drawn Sharpie Pumpkins

Decorated pumpkins

Forget carving, use a Sharpie to create patterned pumpkins that you can use year after year! Check out this easy tutorial for simple and modern Halloween pumpkin decor. This is a wonderful idea if you’re looking for some more classy decor ideas rather than scary!

Printable Halloween Bunting

Printable banner

Creating your own Halloween bunting couldn’t be easier! You can cut up triangles of fabric or cardstock to hang from a string or shape them like scary creatures instead. Or if you want to keep it really simple, print off this cute Boo Yall bunting to save you even more time.

Check out this Halloween paper bunting printable too to turn your white paper or cardstock into something much more fun.

Balloon Ghosts

Balloon ghosts

There are so many different and creative ways to use these cute little balloon ghosts. Use as party favours for your Halloween bash, or put them on the table at a spooky dinner table decoration with battery-operated tea light candles underneath! They are a little messy to make but look great!

Crochet Halloween Bunting

Crotchet bunting for halloween

This colourful crochet Halloween bunting will look great above the window or door, on the fireplace, or in the kid’s room. A great handmade decoration to put your crochet skills to use!

Toilet Tube Spiders

Toilet roll spider craft

This fun Halloween spider craft is a great recycled toilet tube idea which the little ones will love. These are perfect DIY crafts for the kids can do that doubles as non-scary Halloween decorations for parties or trick or treating.

Mummy Candles

Mummy candle

These mummy candles could not be easier to make! Add a tealight candle to a glass jar or drinking glass (battery-operated tea lights are a safer option than actual flame candles), stick on some eyes and wrap loosely with bandages. These will look great indoors or outdoors.

DIY Spooky Skull Display

Skull in a vase

Give your vases and glass display decor a spooky makeover for Halloween by adding some creepy decorations and decorative stone granules or coloured sand. If you have apothecary jars, even better!

This is a great way to turn your existing home decor into Halloween decorations indoors.

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Conclusion: Easy Halloween Decorations

These thrifty handmade Halloween decorating ideas will help you create an unforgettable atmosphere in any space without spending too much money! Halloween is a time for spooky decorations and fun. One of the best things about this time of year is that you can make some really creative, easy DIY projects to decorate your home or outdoor space with! What will be your favourite decoration this year? 

Happy Halloween!!


Easy diy halloween decorations outdoors indoors