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25 Fun Halloween Party Games For All Ages

Halloween party games are the perfect way to turn your spooky event into a truly memorable occasion. If you plan on hosting a family-friendly Halloween themed party this year, you will definitely want to brainstorm a few fun Halloween party game ideas for entertainment.

Hosting a Halloween party is more than just finding the perfect costume! It’s the food, the drinks, the decorations and the party games too!

Fun halloween party ideas for all ages

Need a costume? Check out these DIY Halloween costumes for adults, couples and families or find the perfect homemade kid’s Halloween costume for your celebration.

Fun Halloween Party Games For Kids And Adults

Halloween games bring everyone at the party together and they are an exciting way to keep the party alive. No matter what the age range is for those attending, there are always some fun Halloween party games that are sure to be a hit. 

Some of these games are suited to younger guests or kid’s Halloween parties, while most can be played with guests of all ages for plenty of spooky laughs!

Here are a few easy party games that can be played at your next Halloween party:

Halloween Bingo 

Bingo is always a popular game for both kids and adults. Luckily, there are plenty of free Halloween bingo cards that you can print right at home and use them for a last-minute party idea.

Halloween bingo - halloween party games

Here are a few Halloween bingo printables that you can grab for the party:

Guess the Gross Food Game

A fun game to play, especially with kids, guess the gross food game will be a fun party game at Halloween. 

In the game, all of the players are blindfolded and are served some type of food. You can use various foods that can be included as Halloween themed.

For instance, worms can be cold spaghetti noodles or pumpkin teeth can be candy corn.  

You can get as creative as you would like to make it interesting. As each player tests the food, they can guess what they are eating. 

Find more fun ideas for kid’s party entertainment and theme ideas.

Touch And Feel Halloween Game

If you want to play a fun mystery game but aren’t keen to serve up mystery food for eating, the touch and feel game is a great alternative for all ages.

Have bags or lidded bowls with mystery items inside and have your party guests guess what they are touching while blindfolded.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always a fun game to play at any party. You can make a Halloween scavenger hunt for both kids and adults, depending on what type of party you are having. 

Scavenger hunt games are a great way to get everyone moving around. You can make the scavenger hunt focus on items around the neighbourhood, your backyard, or even inside the home.

Halloween scavenger hunt game

These are a few great examples of Halloween scavenger hunts you may enjoy:

Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss

Another easy game that can be set up, pumpkin bean bag toss is set up by placing two carved out pumpkins on top of each other, side by side, or in a pattern. 

In each pumpkin, carve out the eyes and a large hole for the mouth, make sure that the mouth hole is big enough for a bean bag to go through. You can make each pumpkin have the same face or you can make it a little more challenging and have the faces different.

Just like bean bag toss, guests will try to toss the bean bag into the mouth of the pumpkin. The person with the most points or number of bags in the mouth will win a prize.

Truth Or Scare

This Halloween twist on party favourite Truth or Dare can be created to suit any age group – a family-friendly version, such as the ideas included in the post below, or an adult’s only version with extra scary ‘Scares’.

Easy to make your own cards such as these fun Halloween themed ones, or keep it super simple on plain white pieces of paper or cardstock.

Halloween Bowling

Kick your upcycling skills into gear and create your own DIY Halloween bowling sets. This is a fun and budget game idea for kid’s Halloween parties, for them to battle it out in the bowling lane.

Halloween tin can bowling game

And these DIY bowling ideas for Halloween are too cute:


Charades can be a hilarious game to play with party guests of all ages and perfect for smaller gatherings. Team up and see which team can guess the most correct answers.

Go with Halloween themed charades topics and characters, or add a mix of general themes as well for a more diverse game.

Halloween party games charades

Get free printable Halloween charades cards here:

Halloween Games For Little Kids

These Halloween games are perfect for entertaining toddlers and younger children at your Halloween party. They work just as fun for a quiet Halloween fun session at home too!

Plus, these games are a great way of teaching younger children basic counting and memory skills too!

Halloween tic tac toe game

Here are some free printable Halloween games for younger kids:

Pumpkin Golf

Turn one of your carved Halloween pumpkins into a mini-golf challenge with this cute kid’s Halloween game. Carve up several different pumpkins and create a full 9 or 18 hole mini-golf course around your backyard and house for the kids to find and conquer.

Pumpkin golf

More Halloween Party Games For All Ages

If you want even more fun ideas to plan the ultimate Halloween party at home, here are plenty more games you can play with guests of all ages:

  • Apple bobbing
  • Halloween movie trivia
  • Dancing contest
  • Mummy wrap
  • Murder mystery party
  • Best costume competition
  • Mystery heads
  • Witches hat ring toss

These are just a few fun Halloween party games that you can set up and play at your Halloween party. Parties are all about fun and having some fun games to play with friends and family along with delicious and creepy foods or snacks is a great way to spend Halloween.

If you’re planning a Christmas party soon, be sure to check out these fun Christmas party game ideas too!

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