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30 Festive Fun Christmas Party Games For All Ages

Make your next Christmas party extra memorable with these hilarious Christmas party games for all ages! From silly games that will have all your guests laughing until their face hurts to simple Christmas games to play at home with your kids.

There are games for all ages and something to suit everyone. These fun Christmas party ideas are sure to be a hit!

Fun christmas party games

Choosing Games For Your Christmas Party

When it comes to planning Christmas party games, the type of games you choose will depend on the crowd you are entertaining and the type of party!

If it’s a kids’ Christmas party, you want to make sure the party games are suitable for the average age of the children.

Anything too difficult might soon lose its fun, just as games that are too easy might not appeal to the big kids!

If your party crowd is a mix of adults and kids, minute to win it party games can be a lot of fun without disadvantaging any age group.

Choose games based on the space you have available too and consider the weather. Indoor games work well if you have the space, otherwise, you may need to consider having an outdoor space set up to suit the weather conditions.

Know your crowd and choose games that you think will suit the majority of your guests to increase the chances of them all having a great time.

Make sure your party games are suitable to your crowd size too. The holiday games you play with a large group will differ from those you play with small groups.

There will always be a couple of people who may cringe at the very thought of joining a Christmas party game or may decide not to play at all, but if you choose a game that most of your guests will love, you’re sure to have a holiday party to remember!

You might also like to adapt some of these birthday party games for kids and balloon party games with a festive twist!

The aim of the game is fun! Loads of it…

Don’t forget your festive treats! Try these Christmas desserts from around the world or keep it simple with everyone’s favourite rum balls! These no-bake peppermint balls and white chocolate Christmas trees are also a lot of fun for the treat table!

Preparing For Your Christmas Party Games

You also need to make sure you have everything you need to play the chosen games before the big day.

The last thing you want is to realise you forgot to get an essential party game item and end up with no games.

While many games can be played with minimal or no props, most will require a few essential materials and party props.

Many of these can be purchased for cheap at your local discount variety store, department store or online.

If the game requires guests to bring a gift, make sure this is communicated before the party with a reminder a day or two beforehand. And always have a couple of backup gifts, just in case someone forgets!

Here are a few tried-and-true favourites for the Christmas party crowd. Included are Christmas party games for adults and children, printable Christmas activities and games for office Christmas parties too:

Christmas Games For All Ages

These fun Christmas games for all ages are perfect to play at home at a family Christmas party over the holiday season or on Christmas day.

Or play them at a Christmas party with friends or coworkers.

They can be played at kid’s parties or with a mix of ages to suit both adults and children.

Saran Wrap Ball Game

Saran wrap ball game with extra prizes and cling wrap roll.

The Saran Wrap game is the best holiday gift game ever and perfect for all ages!

Wrap gifts and coal cards in Saran Wrap, roll the dice and then unwrap. The person unwrapping depends on what is rolled on the dice. The ball and the dice are constantly moving around the circle.

For those of us outside of the United States, Saran Wrap is a brand of cling wrap or plastic wrap. Any will do. The fun is in the fact that it can be so tricky to unwrap!

If you get a gift, you get to keep it.

If you get a Saran wrap coal card challenge, you have to complete the challenge on the slip of paper before you can keep unwrapping! 

Learn how to play:

There’s nothing more fun than unwrapping saran wrap game prizes as you hope that no one else rolls doubles and you get to unwrap the entire thing!

The Left-Right Christmas Game

Printable christmas left right game

Each guest brings a small gift with a nominated budget. Have everyone sit in a circle with chairs or on the floor, or stand in a circle, holding their own gift.

This game can also be played with a single gift or a couple of gifts so not everyone wins a prize.

The game organiser then reads the Left-Right Christmas poem and guests pass their gifts left or right, whenever one of these words is mentioned in the poem.

By the end of the poem, the gifts will hopefully have ended up with a new recipient. If they have landed back where they started, have an extra line of your Left-Right Christmas game just in case!

You can also get my printable left right game in my store.

Freezer Bum

Freezer bum game

From the silly name to the silly way you play, Freezer Bum is a hilarious take on the classic Junk in the Trunk game.

Load up an empty tissue box with ping pong balls. Tie them around the waist and shake your booty.

With no hands allowed, participants must move around as much as they can to get the ping pong balls out of their tissue box.

The first with an empty box or the least balls remaining when the timer stops is the winner of the round.

For a holiday twist, add small plastic Christmas baubles instead.

Minute To Win It

Minute To Win It games are the perfect fun for family and friend Christmas parties. They typically need minimal props and result in hilarious fun for all ages.

They are also quick to set up and many can be done using items you already have at home or affordable materials from the discount store.

Find loads of fun Minute To Win It party games for Christmas:

Grinch Games

Grinch christmas party game

Tis the season with hilarious Grinch games! These fun activities are great for the whole family to enjoy playing together!

There are 3 different Grinch walk games, to suit different difficulty levels. All you need is poster board, sticky tape and some ball pit balls to set up these simple Christmas party games for all ages.

Oven Mitt Game

Oven mitt game

If you want to add some family Christmas games to your Christmas morning festivities, this is a hilarious game to play with at family gatherings.

Have you ever tried opening a Christmas gift with oven mitts on? You’re about to!

This oven mitt game is best played with a smaller group, making it perfect for a family Christmas game. But if you wanted to play with a large group, you could simply set it up with a few different gifts to open.

This is similar to Saran Wrap with using a dice to determine who gets to upwrap the next layer.

The person who unwraps the final layer of wrapping paper gets the gift!

Kids Christmas Party Games

There is no end to the number of kid’s party games you can turn into a Christmas themed activity, but in case you need a few new ideas, these ones are sure to delight the youngsters are your Christmas party!

Rudolph Race Off

Rudolph race off minute to win it game

This simple Minute To Win It style game, Rudolph Race Off, for kids is an easy one to do with minimum props. And there’s no reason the adults can’t join in too!

All you need is pom poms, some Vasoline and 3 bowls per participant, plus your timer.

The aim of the game is to transfer as many Rudolph noses (red pom poms) into the bowl, using Vasoline on your nose… and nothing but your nose!

This is the perfect simple game for younger kids to enjoy but just as funny for older kids and adults to have a go.

Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt

Elf on the shelf candy cane scavenger hunt printable

Have a jolly good time with this fun candy cane scavenger hunt! Find all of the candy canes before Santa comes! 

This is a great activity for kids and a perfect game for a kid’s Christmas party. Just like an Easter egg hunt, you can hide candy canes around your yard or inside the house, and let them go on a hunt.

Add clues around your home or keep it really simple and let the kids go exploring!

Scavenger hunts can be done with any type of Christmas candy or trinkets, or simply make it clue-based so the first person to solve the final clue gets a bigger prize.

Adult Party Games For Christmas

Christmas party games aren’t just for kids or families! They are just as fun for adults too and these awesome holiday games are perfect for grown-up parties!

Add a little extra fun to your annual friends catch up with plenty of laughs to be had and perhaps a few unexpected gifts too!

White Elephant Gift Exchange (Steal-A-Present) Game

Office christmas party gift exchange

Steal-A-Present is a fun twist on Secret Santa gift exchange, without having to think hard about what to get a nominated person within a set budget!

It also incorporates the best bits of the White Elephant gift game, where guests bring a silly or novelty gift, with the purpose of being able to swap with other guests.

Have each guest bring a wrapped, unisex gift within a preselected price range.

Cut paper into small strips and put a number on each one – the numbers should equal the numbers of guests at the party. Fold up these strips and place them into a bag, box, or hat.

Each attendee selects a strip of paper, and the person who draws the number one begins the game.

Number One selects any of the wrapped gifts and opens it. Number Two then has the choice of selecting an unwrapped gift from the pile or taking away the gift selected by Number One.

If he or she “steals” the gift from Number One, Number One gets to select another unwrapped gift and open it. The game proceeds in this manner until all players have an unwrapped gift.

If desired, the organizer can add a rule that once a gift has been “stolen” a certain number of times (usually a maximum of 2 or 3 times) that it can no longer be stolen.

You’ll find that this simple game can really bring a lot of fun and laughter to your Christmas party, plus everyone goes home with a gift!

Siamese Gift Wrap Game

Pair your guests up for a gift wrapping competition to see who can wrap their gift the fastest. But wait… there’s a catch! Each person in the pair can only use one hand to wrap the gift.

This funny Christmas party game will have guests quickly learning how to work together and coordinate their Siamese gift wrapping skills!

Ornament Guess

Christmas tree with red ornaments

Before you place your ornaments on the tree, make sure to count them. As each guest arrives, have them take a moment to guess the total number of ornaments on the tree.

The person whose guess is closes to the correct number without going over wins a prize!

You can do the same thing with candy canes in a jar or any other scenario where it is challenging to count how many items easily.

Printable Christmas Party Games For All Ages

If you want to keep things really simple, printable Christmas party games are always an easy option and there are so many fun games you can print off and play straight away.

The best thing about printable Christmas games is that they usually require minimal other props, if any, making them perfect for last-minute party game fun!

Printable Christmas games are also great for playing in the classroom or with groups of children if you need a fun activity to keep them occupied for a little while.

They are just as fun played at home with family and friends!

Printable Christmas Game & Activity Bundle

Christmas game bundle sale image.

My printable game bundle has 15 different games and activities including gift exchange games, dice roll games, left right games, scavenger hunts, bingo, charades and more!

Printable Christmas Dice Games

Dice games are a lot of fun for parties – kids’ parties and adults’ Christmas parties, but they can be equally fun for Christmas class parties or family get-togethers.

There are quite a few different variations including gift exchange games with a dice or candy dice games, or more creative options that are great for kids or class parties to write a story or build a tree.

Here are some Christmas dice games from my store:

Printable Christmas Bingo Game

Christmas bingo

Christmas Bingo is one of those ice breaker and entertaining games that everyone enjoys playing, including kids and grownups.

It’s perfect for a class party or just to keep kids occupied while you’re prepping for the holiday season.

This printable Christmas bingo game has 25 unique bingo boards making it perfect for playing at Christmas parties with large groups, with the family or as a Halloween game to play in class.

Or for a Christmas movie twist, try this Christmas movie bingo printable game instead, to play along with as you watch your favourite Christmas classics. These free printables are great if you need a game in a hurry.

Printable Christmas Pictionary

This printable Christmas Pictionary game is a super fun holiday activity for the whole family to enjoy. Plus, learn 2 additional ways to play that turn it into an all-night riot fest!

Printable Snowman Party Game

Printable snowman game

Instead of pinning a tail on a donkey, players have fun trying to pin all the bits and pieces on a snowman! Kids can have fun cutting out the printable pieces, too, which helps keep them busy even longer, while you get on with your Christmas prep!

Enjoyable Office Christmas Party Games

Adding a little extra fun to the work Christmas party is a great way to get everyone involved and have a good time, simply by adding some fun Christmas games.

There is nothing worse than those awkward work parties where everyone stands around in small groups making small talk.

This is a great way to break the ice at the annual office parties and make it a memorable event with some funny work Christmas party games.

Christmas Employee Trivia Game

A week or so before the office party, send an email to each employee asking them for a bit of trivia that involves themselves and Christmas.

This should be something of which no other employee will likely already know.

Some examples of the type of questions you can ask are:

  • Favourite holiday movie
  • Favourite present ever received
  • The most interesting destination they’ve spent Christmas
  • Favourite Christmas food

Type up a Holiday Trivia Quiz, which lists all the trivia items in one column, with space to write an answer beside it. And another column with all the employees who submitted answers to the quiz.

Present each employee with a copy of the quiz and have each person write the name of the coworker in the box next to the trivia answers that they believe match. The person who matches the most trivia items with the correct employee wins a prize!

The best part of about this work Christmas game is that you can play it virtually, making it a great bit of holiday fun in the lead up to Christmas to boost morale around the office.

You don’t need everyone to be together at once to play.

Alternatively, you can make holiday trivia games that relate to Christmas trivia so there is no pre-planning needed if you’re finding it hard to collect everyone’s answers.

Free printable birthday party checklist

Holiday Employee Guessing Game

The organiser of the employee Christmas party should secretly ‘borrow’ one unique item from each employee’s desk. Choose something interesting that is sure to start a conversation, yet nothing too obvious or embarrassing!

Before the party, put each item on a display table, with a sticky note in front of each one with a number.

Employees need to write down on a piece of paper which item numbers they think came from which person’s desk. The person who has the most correct answers wins a prize!

These games can be real conversation starters to begin any office party and it’s a great test of how observant everyone is!

More Fun Christmas Party Game Ideas

Snowman slam

If you are looking for even more game ideas to play with a crowd, here are a few more popular games for Christmas parties to try:

  • Snowman Slam – Decorate plastic cups with snoman faces and stack them in a triangle. Players take turns attempting to knock down the stack using giant pom poms (snowballs). This is an easy game for kids.
  • Ugly Christmas sweater game – Everyone can vote for the ugliest.
  • Secret Santa – Each guest brings a gift for under the tree for a specific person, taking turns opening their gift and guessing who their secret Santa is. Grab these free Secret Santa gift tags for your gifts.
  • Pin the nose on Rudolph – Get a large picture of Rudolph and take in turns sticking red noses on while blindfolded.
  • Jingle Bells Toss – Clue some disposable cups to a board and take in turns tossing bells into the cups to see who can get the most in during their Jingle Bell toss.
  • Christmas drinking games – You can turn most games into an adult-only drinking game for the holidays.
  • Christmas Movie Trivia – Create your own Christmas movie trivia questions or find some online and test your guests knowledge.
  • Christmas Song Trivia – Play a Christmas carol and see who can guess the song title the quickest.
  • Christmas Words Scramble – Mix up the letters in a bunch of Christmas words and see which person or team members can unscramble them the fastest.
  • Christmas Charades – Act out the title of a well known Christmas movie and the winning team is the one who guesses the most correctly.

Board Games To Play At Christmas

If you are having a small Christmas celebration just with family or a few close friends, there are always board games to play at Christmas as well.

Or get a Christmas activity kit with fun props you can use to play together at home. These can be used again every Christmas so you always have some festive fun ready for family game night!

Here are some fun holiday board games and outdoor Christmas games to play together:

Christmas Party Game Prizes

If you are wanting to have some prizes on hand to give out to party game-winners, there are plenty of simple Christmas themed options you can grab for cheap.

Candy and ornaments or little toys work well for kids, but if you are hosting an all-ages holiday party or a work Christmas party, here are a few small prize ideas:

  • Gift cards
  • Chocolates
  • Novelty Christmas socks/hat/keyring etc
  • Hamper
  • Bottle of adult beverages
  • Pamper vouchers
  • Experience vouchers
  • Christmas stockings filled with little gifts

With party game ideas for every age and group, these fun Christmas party games are sure to bring some hilarious new memories to your holiday events! Whether playing with just your family members or turning your work Christmas party bore into a laugh a minute, there is no better way to do so than with a fun party game!

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