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Awesome Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Kids & Adults (Free Printable Clues)

Easter egg hunts are a fun tradition that kids love. There are so many fun Easter egg hunt ideas for kids and adults to make this tradition even more exciting! If you are looking for some new Easter hunt ideas to try this year, read on!

From toddler Easter scavenger hunts to teen-friendly digital egg hunt ideas, these Easter egg seeking ideas have something for all ages to enjoy.

Kids with baskets of easter eggs during an easter egg hunt

Before you kick off with your Easter egg hunt fun, make sure you have plenty of ideas for Easter egg fillers if you want some options aside from chocolate eggs and candy!

Find more than 100 Easter egg filler ideas to get you organised!

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The Basic Easter Egg Hunt

Kids on an easter egg hunt

If you want to keep your Easer egg finding really easy, there is no need to have anything fancy planned.

Simply pick your prizes – chocolate eggs or filled plastic hunting eggs and hide them around your house, yard or wherever your search is taking place. There are 125 ideas on where to hide Easter eggs if you need inspiration.

Make sure each participant has an Easter basket or a bag to collect their surprises and they each get to enjoy whatever they find.

Be sure to do a scout to all of the locations you’ve hidden things after everyone is done, to make sure none have been forgotten.

There is nothing worse than a leftover chocolate egg melting in a tree!

This is usually one of the best Easter egg hunt ideas for large groups or community Easter egg hunts.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Kids getting ready for an easter egg hunt in the backyard

An Easter scavenger hunt can be a lot of fun but it does take a little extra planning.

Typically an Easter scavenger hunt is done with pre-prepared clues or markers that will lead the kids to the eggs.

This can be a simple and short scavenger hunt with 3 or 4 clues on Easter morning to lead your child to their Easter eggs and gifts, as something extra fun from the Easter Bunny.

Or you can make an extensive scavenger hunt that leads your children to various places, with multiple clues that need to be solved along the way.

If you have more than one child, you can colour code their eggs so they know which is theirs at each spot.

Hide all the brightly coloured eggs around the yard or house and have them seek out just the ones in their own colour. This limits how many eggs each child gets so that it is fair – no tears or arguments at the end.

Otherwise, if you are feeling especially motivated, create a different set of clues for each of your kids so they each have their own scavenger hunt to follow. This is a great way to add extra excitement to Easter day.

Printable Easter Hunt Clues

Free easter scavenger hunt clues printable

If you are planning to do your own Easter Scavenger hunt, coming up with clues can be tricky.

The best plan is to keep them relatively simple, for your benefit and the seekers!

But even easier is having printable Easter hunt clues you can have ready to go on the day!

These indoor Easter egg hunt clues can be printed out and used as a guide to hide your eggs and have your kids (or grown up family members) find them.

Easter scavenger hunt clues printable


Colour Coded Easter Hunt

This is a great option if you have children of different ages and you want to ensure they get Easter egg gifts that are age appropriate, especially if you are doing the non-candy Easter egg fillers.

Nominate a different colour for each person who is joining the hunt.

Once the hunt starts, each person can only collect the eggs in their nominated colour. If they spot other coloured eggs, they have to leave them behind. It’s up to them if they want to give a hint to the other players!

This type of Easter egg hunt is a great one if you have a mix of very young children and older kids, because it means the younger ones do not miss out because they are slower to find the eggs.

It also adds a little extra challenge to the egg hunting game!

TIP: If you have more people than you do colours, find a way to make them identifiable from others of the same colour, adding stickers or washi tape.

Puzzle or Play Set Easter Egg Hunt Challenge

Give the kids, or the whole family, a special challenge with their Easter egg hunt this year by adding pieces of a play set or puzzle into the eggs.

Once they find them all, the next part of the challenge is to build it into the final creation.

If you are doing this with a puzzle, you can add a few puzzle pieces to each egg, making sure each person participating does not drop any pieces along the way.

You can do a similar Easter egg hunt challenge using a LEGO set or a different type of model or play set that requires building at the end.

For any extra large pieces, you could do a scavenger hunt with clues that lead to the final pieces at the end. Or to the box and instructions to help them assemble their challenge.

Redeem A Prize Easter Hunt

Easter prize basket

If you are running an Easter egg hunt for a variety of age groups, such as one for kids and adults or teens all together and want something a little different to the usual chocolate egg hunt, this idea is for you!

Instead of using chocolate eggs, fill plastic Easter hunt eggs with tickets.

Once all the eggs have been found, each person can redeem their tickets for prizes, in a similar way to when you visit the game arcade and are ready to redeem tickets.

Have a variety of prizes, from tiny treats and toys for single ticket redemptions, to bigger prizes and gifts that can be redeemed for a larger prize.

This means you can have prizes suited to kids, tweens, teens and adults who can each choose what they want to win with their Easter egg hunt tickets!

You might even want to add a little Willy Wonka style twist by adding a golden ticket to one or more of the eggs that is worth more or redeemable for a special prize.

Raffle Ticket Easter Hunt

The raffle ticket hunt is similar to the redeem a prize Easter egg hunt idea, with one key difference – the prizes are drawn like a raffle at the end!

Add one or several raffle tickets to each egg. Once they have all been found, it is time to draw your raffle.

Have a basket full of prizes ready to go. These can be anything from chocolate eggs and candy, to toys, gadgets, novelty items and other fun gifts.

Draw out a raffle ticket for each of the prizes in your basket and the participant with the raffle ticket gets that prize.

This is a fun way to randomise the prizes and extend the fun beyond the actual hunt.

TIP: Add a few ‘golden’ tickets and anyone who gets one of these can choose a prize for themselves, rather than waiting for it to be drawn out.

Bunny Tracks Toddler Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt ideas for toddlers

If you are planning a creative Easter egg hunt for toddlers, it is essential to keep it really easy.

Written clues can be read to them, however, they are too little to solve them so you’re best skipping them at this age.

Instead, print out bunny feet or use a stencil to create bunny prints with flour on the ground and have your toddler follow the tracks to their eggs.

You can do any similar markers that are easy to spot. Even hand-drawn arrows on paper will do the trick!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Adults

If you have grown-up or teenage kids in the household and no younger kids, there’s no reason you shouldn’t still enjoy the fun Easter tradition of an egg hunt!

Or if you do have kids, why not follow it with an Easter egg scavenger hunt for adults, now that the kids are happy with their chocolate and toy haul? This is perfect for an Easter party with friends and family.

The results can be hilarious and there’s something awesome about reliving your youth with fun games and traditions!

Here are some fun ideas that are perfect for adult Easter hunts:

Mum and daughter with bunny ears

Activity Egg Hunt

Create an Easter egg hunt in a relatively small area (although not too small or it’s too easy). Just near enough so that you can keep an eye on what everyone else is doing.

Indoors works well for this.

Fill all or half of the eggs with hilarious activities and have participants open their egg as they find them.

If they get an activity, they have to stop and complete the activity before they can move on.

Some funny ideas for activities are:

  • Quack like a duck
  • Sing the chorus of your favourite song
  • Name 3 Easter movies
  • Give your best impression of a yodeller
  • Do 10 star jumps
  • Tell everyone a joke

This can be a great Easter hunt game to get those moping teenagers involved too, even if they may be mortified by some of their parents silly actions!

Hunting In The Dark

Night time easter egg hunt with torches

For a twist on the morning egg hunt, try a torchlit Easter hunt instead.

This can be indoors or outdoors, depending on the space you have and how safe it is to move around with just your torch.

You don’t want to be tripping over furniture or breaking ornaments. Just as you don’t want to trip over fallen branches.

Make sure you pick an area that is relatively clear of trip hazards during daylight. And ideally, hide the eggs while there is still daylight too.

Then everyone can get out their torch (or use their phone) and go egg hunting!

Digital Scavenger Hunt Ideas

If you want to create a fun Easter hunt for teens (or adults) that incorporates technology, there are a few ways you can do this.

Instead of standard paper scavenger hunt clues, make them digital.

You can do this by sending them a text message with each clue. Do them in sequence as your teen finds the next surprise, or scatter them throughout the day at random as a way to extend the fun longer.

Or get tech-savvy and use QR codes for each clue that you can print and leave in each location.

The participants will have to scan the code with their phone to read the next clue and solve it before they can move on to find the next code.

With so many cool ideas for your next Easter egg hunt, you are sure to have a blast! Whether you are planning an egg hunt with just your kids or with a bigger group, there are ideas for every occasion!

I hope you love these unique Easter scavenger hunt ideas!

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