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125 Best Places to Hide Easter Eggs (Indoors & Outdoors)

Are you looking for the best places to hide Easter eggs? Whether you are planning the most epic Easter egg hunt or you’re the Easter bunny looking for new inspiration for where to hide Easter baskets, you’re sure to get plenty of great ideas!

These Easter egg hiding places include the best spots indoors and outdoors, with easy hiding spots and trickier egg-hiding ideas to challenge the big kids too! After all, does the joy of going on an egg hunt ever really go away?

When you’ve planned the best Easter egg hunt ideas and the perfect Easter egg fillers, where to hide them is the final piece of the puzzle!

Two kids wearing bunny ears peering over a kitchen counter at easter eggs

But first, where did this tradition even come from?

Why Do We Hide Easter Eggs?

The tradition of hiding eggs for Easter has been around for centuries, with eggs having association with the season of Spring and new life. For early Christians, this was adapted to also make the empty eggshell a metaphor for Jesus’ tomb.

Hunting for eggs at Easter time is thought to have come from Germany, back in the 16th century, as a German Lutheran tradition when men would hide eggs for the women and children to find.

The egg hunt is also linked to the Easter bunny, known back then as the Easter Hare, who would bring baskets of Easter eggs for children who had been well-behaved and hide them around the house and garden for the kids to find.

While the exact origins are unclear, these days it has become somewhat of a fun sentiment for kids of all ages to enjoy.

The Best Places To Hide Easter Eggs Indoors

The best thing about hiding Easter eggs indoors is that you don’t have to worry about the weather or any of those other potential risk factors – ants, melting eggs or a muddy backyard! This makes indoor Easter hunts a great option if you are only wanting to keep your hiding places in the indoor area.

Here are some indoor hiding places for Easter eggs:

  • Under cushions
  • Fruit basket
  • Inside a shoe
  • In a basket of laundry
  • On a bookshelf
  • Inside the washing machine
  • Shoe rack
  • In a pot plant
  • Under the bed
  • Under pillows
  • Inside the sheets
  • In clothing drawers
  • Kitchen bowls
  • Between stuffed toys
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • In the lampshade
  • Window sill
  • Underneath furniture, like chairs and sofas
  • In the kitchen cupboards
  • Behind the curtains
  • In a flower bulb
  • In plain sight (sometimes the most obvious places are overlooked)
  • In a hat
  • The pantry
  • Dining chair
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer
  • Inside slippers
  • Bread box
  • Dollhouse
  • Inside built Lego sets
  • Fridge egg carton
  • Under a rug
  • Behind decorative items
  • Cutlery drawer
  • Bathroom sink
  • Inside the bath
  • Inside the shower
  • Candlesticks
  • On a game console
  • Gaming controllers
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Soapdish
  • Coffee table
  • Held by Barbies or other figurines
  • On top of the vacuum cleaner
  • In the toilet roll holder (if you have a little room in your hanging toilet roll, this is a great hiding spot for an egg or two)

Looking for a challenging hiding spot indoors? The hardest places to hide Easter eggs are usually those that hide an egg inside somewhere out of sight. Here are some expert-level egg hiding places for older kids and adults:

Easter eggs hiding on a photo frame
  • Inside a cereal box
  • Taped under the dining table
  • Behind a picture frame
  • In hanging clothing pockets
  • Inside a toilet roll
  • The junk drawer
  • Buried under LEGO
  • Inside the rice container
  • Microwave
  • Kettle (make sure it’s empty and not recently used)
  • On top of wall clocks
  • Inside mugs in the cupboard
  • In a pen holder
  • Amongst craft supplies
  • On top of the shower
  • On top of the television
  • Inside an empty water bottle
  • Inside a tissue box
  • Glasses case
  • On top of an air conditioner
  • School bags or lunch boxes
  • Inside suitcases
  • In a handbag or gym bag

Where To Hide Easter Eggs Outdoors

Outdoor Easter egg hunts are a great way to start the day with some fresh air, get the kids outside and be creative when it comes to hiding spots. Depending on the weather, outdoor egg hunts can take place in the backyard or even at a local park.

When looking for where to hide Easter eggs, an outdoor Easter egg hunt is a great option if you have a big group involved as it can reduce the risk of items getting broken indoors from over-excited kids.

But it’s also fun to have an Easter egg hunt that takes them both indoors and outdoors to find the best hiding spots and treats!

Here are some places to hide Easter eggs outdoors:

  • Letterbox
  • Garden bed
  • In a potted plant
  • On top of a car tyre
  • Underneath steps
  • Under a doormat
  • Within the coils of the garden hose
  • Exterior windowsills
  • Inside a cubby house
  • On play equipment
  • Birdbath
  • Front doorstep
  • Tree branches
  • Behind garden ornaments
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Between garden rocks
  • In hedges
  • Inside gumboots
  • Inside skates
  • Scattered on the lawn
  • Inside outdoor shoes
  • Windchimes or hanging ornaments
  • Around the swimming pool
  • Underneath the barbecue
  • Within outdoor furniture, such as a patio chair or table
  • On the trampoline
  • Swing set
  • Sitting in a door wreath
  • Peg basket
  • Along the fence panels
  • In a hammock
  • On top of solar lights
  • On the barbeque grill plate

If you are hiding Easter eggs for older kids, teens or adults and want some extra hard egg-hiding spots, here are some great hiding places to try:

Finding easter eggs up a ladder
Grandad added some challenging hiding spots to last year’s Easter hunt
  • Under the BBQ cover
  • Buried in the sandpit (best to use plastic hunting eggs for this type of hiding place)
  • In pockets of clothes hanging on the washing line
  • Hidden in the garden shed (younger kids might not like to come in here alone)
  • On top of a ladder
  • Under pot plants
  • Buried under garden rocks
  • On the garden shed roof
  • In the place that you hide your spare door key
  • On top of a sensor light

Where To Hide Easter Baskets

Easter basket with stationery and candy gifts

So we’ve covered the best Easter egg hiding places around the house and yard, but what about if you want to hide an Easter basket too? It can be a bit of fun to send the kids on an Easter hunt around the house for all of their gifts but Easter baskets need a much bigger hiding spot!

I still remember the year I tripped over my Easter basket as a teen on the way to the bathroom on Easter morning. Eggs rolled in every direction, including down the stairs near my bedroom door. That sure wasn’t a great hiding spot… HA!

Here are some easy places to hide Easter baskets:

  • Under the bed
  • In the closet
  • Behind the couch
  • Under the dining table
  • In a dollhouse
  • In a cubby house
  • Under a tree in the backyard
  • In mum and dad’s room (this means no sneaking chocolates before the parents are awake!)
  • On a bookshelf
  • On the front doorstep

Tips For Egg Hunting Fun For Parents

Child wearing bunny ears finding easter egg on top of a hedge

When planning an Easter egg hunt, there are so many different ways to do this. You can find lots of different Easter scavenger hunt ideas here. But when it comes to making your egg hunt a success, here are a few tips for parents (and the Easter bunny if he is needing some new inspiration):

  • Consider the ages of the children – If you are planning an egg hunt for younger kids, choose easier hiding spots, including plenty in plain sight to make it easier for them. For bigger kids, you can try some more challenging spots or have them use Easter hunt clues to discover where the eggs are hidden.
  • Know how many eggs you have hidden – This is especially important for chocolate eggs! Make sure you know how many eggs are hidden before you start so you can know if any are unaccounted for at the end. The last thing you want is melted eggs attracting ants in your house or yard.
  • Remember your hiding spots – If you do have some unaccounted for eggs, make sure you know everywhere you’ve hidden them so you can go on a quick egg-hunting search to help the kids find the last of the eggs.
  • You don’t have to use chocolate eggs – If you would rather not overload the kids with excessive sugar, hide tokens instead that kids can redeem at the end for chocolate eggs and other prizes. This can often be even more fun than finding chocolates. Especially for bigger kids who have a better understanding of the value of tokens!
  • Leave clues for harder spots – My father-in-law does a great job of leaving the kids clues, such as a bunny print or paper egg cutout pointing towards the harder hidden eggs. This is another option instead of setting up actual clues for your hiding spots.
Easter scavenger hunt clues printable

Hiding Easter eggs and baskets can be a great way to make the Easter holiday even more fun for kids of all ages. With these creative hiding spots, you’ll have no trouble coming up with some creative hiding places for your Easter eggs this year! Have a happy and safe Easter!

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