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50 Creative & Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Are you looking for creative and easy Easter decorating ideas? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you are looking for simple Easter egg designs or intricate patterns, or unique ways to colour eggs, these fun Easter egg ideas are sure to get the creativity flowing!

So get your Easter eggs ready and let’s get ready to create!

Person decorating easter eggs with decorated eggs and paints on desk

Easy DIY Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

The tradition of decorating Easter eggs dates back centuries, but you don’t need to spend hours creating perfectly painted eggs.

My mother-in-law has collected some stunning decorated eggs on her travels to her home country of Poland that form part of their annual Easter decor and I have always loved how they look. Thankfully, you don’t have to travel the world to have beautifully decorated eggs to display in your own home.

There are so many unique ways to decorate eggs and many of these clever ideas can be done using items you already have in your home or pantry!

The best part is that decorating Easter eggs can be one of the most fun Easter activities for kids in the lead-up to the Easter weekend. Aside from the Easter gifts and egg hunts of course!

Some of these creative ideas are specifically for dying boiled eggs, while decorative methods can be used for real eggs, styrofoam or plastic eggs too.

For some easy Easter egg decorating ideas that won’t take a lot of time, try these:

The Best Way To Decorate Eggs

Choosing the best methods to decorate Easter eggs will depend on a few factors. The most important one is whether or not you are using real eggs or not.

If you are using hard-boiled eggs that you want to eat as part of your Easter meal, it is essential that you only use natural egg-dying techniques.

However, if your eggs are only for decorative purposes or if you are using artificial Easter eggs made of plastic, wood or foam, you have a lot of other options for how you can decorate them since they don’t need to be food-safe!

Easter Egg Decorating Essentials

When it comes to decorating for Easter, there are plenty of craft essentials that are worth having in your toolkit! Decorating Easter eggs can start with the most simple items such as natural dyes using onions or turmeric, but it can also include a variety of items too.

A few other recommended items for decorating Easter eggs are:

Easter Egg Dying Ideas

There are many different ways to dye Easter eggs, including many options that make them suitable for eating afterwards. You might be amazed by how many things in your kitchen are perfect for Easter egg dying!

Here are some great hard-boiled egg decorating ideas to try:

How To Naturally Dye Eggs

This helpful guide shows you how to create natural Easter egg dyes in different colours.

We have tried a couple of these natural dyes before, including onion skins – with red and brown onions creating different coloured dyes.

There are methods on how to colour boiled eggs either during the boiling process or afterwards, with tips on how to make the colours more vibrant and the different foods and plants to use for different colours.

Armenian Easter Eggs

Armenian easter eggs dyed with onion skins

This Armenian Easter egg decorating technique is one that is traditionally used in many European countries, including Armenia, Ukraine, Russia and Poland.

The beautiful patterns are achieved by placing herbs or flowers on the eggs before boiling and wrapping them in nylon stockings.

We have also tried this method although it can sometimes be tricky to get the leaves to stay in place. You need to make sure the nylons are very tight, without breaking your egg.

Eggs Dyed With Onion Skins

Easter eggs dyed with onion skins and flowers

This easy tutorial for dying Easter eggs with onion skins is similar to the Armenian Easter eggs above, however, there are some beautiful design ideas featured to give you even more inspiration for how you can make this simple process with your own creative flair.

Blueberry Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter eggs dyed with blueberries in a basket

If you want to know how to dye Easter eggs blue, look no further than blueberries! This is just one of the many natural ways to dye eggs using food and the end result is a beautiful soft blue colour.

Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Tie dye easter eggs and cheesecloth

This method of tie dying eggs can be done using either cheesecloth or paper towel and food colouring with this great tutorial that results in beautiful multi-coloured eggs.

Kool-Aid Dyed Easter Eggs

Bright coloured easter eggs dyed with kool aid

Kool-Aid is something we don’t have readily available here in Australia, but for those of you who do, it is a great food-safe option for coloured eggs, such as with this simple tutorial.

Kool-Aid is a drink similar to cordial but it comes in a powdered format, but there’s a good chance this might work with cordial too! Worth a try…

Oil & Vinegar Method

Marble look easter eggs decorated with oil and vinegar

This two-step egg-dying process results in cool marble designs using a mix of vinegar, food colouring and oil.

Wax Resist Method

Wax resist dyed easter eggs with patterns

For the wax-resist dying method, using a white crayon, have your kids draw designs and patterns on the eggs first then dye them using food colouring, water and vinegar.

The areas with the crayon wax will remain uncoloured, creating cool patterns in the eggs. Being food colouring, they are safe to eat afterwards also!

Kool-Aid Dinosaur Eggs

Kool-aid dinosaur eggs

These Kool-Aid coloured ‘dinosaur eggs’ work at Easter time or as a fun lunchbox filler for kids. They look very cool and are perfect for kids who love dinosaurs. Plus they are edible, which is a great bonus!

Easter Egg Painting Ideas

Hand-painted Easter egg designs can be a beautiful addition to your Easter decor and in some countries, this forms an integral part of the Easter celebrations.

You can buy egg painting kits with supplies like special paints and brushes, but you also have the option to create your own designs with basic craft paint supplies or paint pens, or even using markers to make it easy for toddlers and younger kids to decorate their own Easter eggs too.

Here are some more decorating ideas using paint:

Simple Painted Eggs

Get your favourite craft paints and fine paintbrushes or dot painting sticks and create your own festive designs for easter. This is a great activity for kids of all ages who will love using different colours and patterns to paint real or faux eggs.

This can be a fun tradition to have your own crafty morning for the whole family in the lead-up to the Easter weekend. And as far as easy egg designs go, the options are endless – polka dots, stripes, stars, crosses, flowers, faces, etc.

DIY Gold Leaf Cricut Eggs

Cricut vinyl decorated easter eggs with gold foil

These beautiful gold leaf painted eggs have been created using black vinyl and a Cricut machine, however, you could just as easily use a different type of cutting machine or write the lettering by hand instead.

The gold leaf combined with the pastel paint colours makes this one of my favourite decorated egg ideas. These are great Easter egg decorating ideas for adults.

Check out my full review of the Cricut Joy machine – perfect for small projects like this!

Salad Spinner Marbled Eggs

Salad spinner marbled easter eggs

Create a cool marbled effect by painting your eggs inside a salad spinner. This is a fun kids’ craft activity that they will love.

Chalkboard Easter Egg Decorations

Child drawing with chalk on black chalkboard paint easter eggs

These cool chalkboard eggs are created using chalkboard spray paint and then can be decorated with chalk by kids. The coolest part is that they can wipe off their designs and decorate them again and again.

This is a great option for artificial eggs such as plastic or wooden eggs that you can reuse again in future years.

Gilded Easter Eggs

Blue and gold gilded easter eggs

These gilded Easter eggs can be created using wooden Easter eggs or real eggs and look absolutely stunning. They are painted first and then decorated with gold foil for the gilded effect.

I think wooden eggs would definitely be ideal for these since you will want to keep them forever!

Paint Pour Easter Eggs

Paint poured easter eggs in colander

One of the best things about doing any type of paint pour craft is that you will get a different result every single time and these paint pour eggs are no exception. This painting tutorial can be used for a variety of different decorating ideas too – vases, mugs, tables, and decor.

Sgraffito Decorated Eggs

Sgraffito decorated easter eggs

Sgraffito is an ancient technique that uses layers of paint to create beautiful designs. This method of painting Easter eggs creates a beautiful effect when the carved lines reveal the natural colour of the egg against the painted areas.

They look especially great using dark paint as a base colour before scratching out your unique designs.

Golden Eggs

Painted gold and black eggs

Sometimes the simplest is the best idea. If you are looking to create some lovely table decor, why not spray paint some real or faux eggs in gold paint or silver paint, or other solid colours such as black for a classy and modern decor idea.

Rustic Easter Eggs

Rustic easter eggs with ribbon and white paint

These rustic Easter eggs are elegant and perfect for DIY Easter decor, created using a combination of white paint and ribbon with glue.

Galaxy Easter Eggs

Galaxy painted easter eggs

These galaxy Easter eggs look so cool and are relatively simple to recreate using acrylic paint to give them a galaxy-inspired space vibe.

Marble Easter Eggs

3 marble look easter eggs sitting on brown shredded paper

This great tutorial has three different methods for creating marble-look eggs, with shaving cream and drops of food colouring, with oil and water, or by using nail polish to decorate Easter eggs.

Each of the methods gives a slightly different look so you can experiment and decide which is your favourite.

Shaving Cream Eggs

Marble easter eggs in bowl

For a messy play idea to decorate Easter eggs, this shaving cream painting idea will be one that younger kids will love! The marbled effect looks great too.

Bubble Wrap Painting

Easter eggs decorated with bubble wrap and blue paint

Bubble wrap painting is a fun activity for kids of all ages and also a fun way to create unique patterns on your Easter eggs.

Copper Painted Eggs

Copper glitter painted eggs

For a touch of glam, use copper paint and glitter to decorate your eggs. This looks best with white eggs, but you can use white paint first if needed.

More Ideas For Decorating Easter Eggs

If paint and dye techniques sound a little too messy for your Easter craft session, there are some fun, easy and creative ways to decorate eggs that are easy for kids to do. Some of these methods are perfect for decorating plastic, wooden or foam eggs too.

Glitter Easter Eggs

Blue glitter easter eggs in glass dish

If you want to add a touch of glam and sparkle to your Easter decor this year, these glitter Easter eggs look amazing! Choose your favourite colour glitter (or a rainbow of colours) and create some sparkle for your tabletop.

Cherry Blossom Wrapped Eggs

Cherry blossom yard easter eggs

These beautiful cherry blossom patterned eggs have been wrapped in cotton, with the decorative cherry blossom design drawn on by hand. These take a little longer to make than some of the other tutorials, but they are a great option for DIY Easter decorations that you can reuse each year.

Fabric Dyed Easter Eggs

Silk dye easter eggs in carton

These fabric-dyed Easter eggs look lovely in their soft pastel colours and are a great way to use up small pieces of fabric scraps of silk and rayon. They’re also a unique and creative approach to Easter egg decorating by adding to your eggs the subtle patterns from the fabrics that make a perfect centrepiece to any Easter display.

Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs

Temporary tattoo easter eggs

For a simple and creative egg decorating idea, try using temporary tattoos. You can get temporary tattoos with pretty much any design, including Easter tattoos or spring designs that make it easy to decorate eggs.

Colouring Eggs With Tissue Paper

Tissue paper dyed easter eggs in a red bowl

To create these beautifully decorated eggs, you use strips of tissue paper. I’m not sure I would want to eat them after using this method however they look lovely and kids will have a lot of fun with all the different colours you can create.

Napkin Bunny Ears

Bunny easter eggs with paper napkin ears

Use paper napkins or construction paper to form little bunny ear loops to put around your eggs, tie with twine and draw on bunny faces for completely adorable and minimal mess decorating ideas.

Angry Birds Easter Eggs

Eggs painted to look like angry birds

These Angry Birds easter eggs are fun to make and the tutorial includes face templates to create these cute designs easily.

Stained Glass Easter Eggs

Stained glass bleeding tissue paper eggs

These stained glass Easter eggs are decorated using bleeding tissue paper, similar to the other tissue paper tutorial. What I love about these is the extra decorations they have added, with a little extra bling.

Marimekko Easter Egg Decorating

Marimekko decorated easter eggs

These stunning decoupage Easter eggs have been created using Marimekko paper napkins and mod podge, and it creates a bold, unique look that is easy to do. This works best on white eggs so you might have to paint natural egg shell if they are darker in colour.

Napkin Decoupage Eggs

This same technique can be used with any type of floral paper napkins or with pretty patterns, such as these pretty Easter eggs using floral Easter napkins or these floral pattern eggs.

Decorate With Stickers

For one of the most simple egg decorating ideas, use stickers to make the eggs pretty and colourful. This is so easy that it would work for younger kids and it takes almost no time at all in case you’re short on time but still want the chance to do a fun activity with the kids!

Cascarones (Confetti Filled Easter Eggs)

Cascarones confetti eggs in basket

Cascarones are a traditional Mexican Easter egg craft where eggs are filled with confetti, making them like mini Pinatas. These colourful and festive eggs are used for Easter games, much like paintball but instead getting confetti bombed by an egg.

These are perfect for a kids’ Easter party.

Twine Wrapped Eggs

Twine wrapped easter eggs on a bench

This simple twine-wrapped egg tutorial is a great way to add some farmhouse rustic decor to your Easter table.

Silly Faces

Eggs decorated with funny faces

You can’t get much easier than these silly face egg designs. Turn your simple eggs into funny characters by using markers to draw on faces.

Dinosaur & Unicorn Easter Egg Wraps

Printable easter egg wraps

These printable Easter egg wraps are a cute way to decorate hollow eggs and would look adorable on the plastic Easter eggs used in an Easter egg hunt.

In fact, this might be an easy way to make your scavenger hunt fair, having a different type of egg wrap for each child – i.e. one child collects all the dinosaur eggs while another gets the unicorn eggs, to ensure they end up with the same amount at the end.

Encanto Easter Eggs

Disney encanto easter eggs

If your kids are big fans of Encanto, they will love these Disney Easter eggs inspired by the movie.

Silk Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter eggs dyed with silk

These silk-dyed eggs are coloured using silk neckties or silk fabric. I have always found this method so fascinating and the result is so very vivid and beautiful. A great way to use old silk ties that you no longer want or that you find on a thrift store trip.

Unicorn Eggs

Easter eggs decorated to look like unicorns

Create tiny gold horns to glue onto your eggs, draw on faces with black permanent marker and add other little decorations to create your own mini unicorn Easter eggs. These could not be cuter!

No-Sew Patchwork Easter Eggs

Patch work easter eggs in a box

These no-sew patchwork Easter eggs are made using adhesive fabric strips however they would also be a wonderful way of using up excess fabric scraps with glue if you want to add a little extra step to your creations and use what you already have.

Decorate With Sharpies

Eggs decorated with sharpie markers

These beautiful Easter egg designs have been created using Sharpies which is an easy, minimal-mess way of decorating eggs.

Upcycled Denim Eggs

Easter eggs decorated with strips of denim

For a similar look and a unique Easter egg decoration, you can use upcycled strips of denim to create these denim patchwork Easter eggs instead.

Yarn Wrapped Buffalo Check Eggs

Diy farmhouse buffalo plaid easter eggs in basket

These cute and fluffy yarn-wrapped eggs are the perfect farmhouse DIY Easter decorations with buffalo check ribbon.

Crayon Easter Egg Decorating

Easter eggs in carton decorated with crayons

For a wonderful egg decorating idea for toddlers and young children, have them colour in the eggs with crayons. The result once rinsed gives the beautiful eggs a watercolour look that is really pretty and it means no messy paint!

Bunny Eggs

Eggs decorated to look like little bunnies

Create your own bunny ears and feet using felt and fabric (or see if you can find an accessory kit) and turn your eggs into adorable little bunnies. Don’t forget to add a cute little pom pom for a tail.

Boho Chic Tattoo Eggs

Boho chic tattoo decorated easter eggs

For another take on the temporary tattoo decorating method, use boho chic style tattoos to compliment your existing home decor. These look so pretty!

Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Washi tape is such a versatile tool in your Easter crafts kit since you can use it to decorate so many things. Not just for planners and journals but Easter eggs too. Create your own fun designs by wrapping strips of washi tape around your eggs. It doesn’t always stick well so you might need to add a layer of craft glue beneath or over the top of your washi to keep it in place but they will look great!

Googly Eye Eggs

Eggs with googley eyes and faces

Use craft glue to stick googly eyes to your eggs and draw silly faces on them for a funny and super easy fun activity for kids.

Hand-Lettered Easter Eggs

Hand lettered easter eggs with faith and love written

These beautiful hand-lettered eggs are the perfect way to put your lettering skills to work and create simple yet lovely table decor, using fine-point pens to add the details.

Balloon Cap Faces

Decorated easter eggs with little caps and faces

There is no tutorial for these ones however these adorable little egg people have faces drawn on and what looks like the top of balloons cut into little caps, decorated with flowers. Simple, adorable and creative for frugal fun!

Kinder Surprise Topiary

Easter egg topiary with purple flowers

For something a little different and a great way to upcycle the large Kinder Surprise eggs (or other giant plastic eggs), you can create your own DIY egg topiary with flowers. This would make a lovely Easter table centrepiece.

Easter is a great time for crafting and creating beautiful decorations. Hopefully, these fresh ideas have inspired you to get creative with your own Easter egg decorating ideas to fill the Easter baskets. Happy Crafting!

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