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Thoughtful Kitchen Gifts For Someone Who Likes To Cook

Looking for kitchen gifts for people who love to cook? This collection of cooking gadgets, personalised kitchen gift ideas and useful utensils will suit even the most well-stocked kitchen! These gifts for someone who likes to bake, cook and spend time whipping up a delicious meal are sure to inspire some delicious new recipes in their kitchen!

Kitchen gifts for people who love to cook


Kitchen Gift Ideas For People Who Love To Cook

We all have those friends or family members who excel in the kitchen.

They are always creating some new dish that has everyone coming back for seconds, or baking up a delicious treat just because.

It only seems natural to start seeking the best culinary gifts… but what if you need kitchen gifts for cooks who have everything?

This is where the latest kitchen gadgets may be perfect before they have the chance to upgrade, such as the new Instant Pot or immersion blender of their dreams.

Or perhaps it’s personalised cooking gifts that will sing to their foodie heart.

Either way, this gift guide has a little something for all the chefs and home cooks alike and something for every family member, no matter their age or experience with cooking!

Kitchen gifts - homemade pizza

Tips For Choosing Kitchen Gadget Gifts

Kitchen gadgets can be an expensive gift option. They are often extremely appreciated too since anyone with a passion for cooking knows their value.

It’s for this reason you want to make sure you’re getting the perfect gadgets for your gift recipient if you are thinking of spending up big.

Here are some tips to make sure you choose well:

  • Know what your recipient has already
  • Ask someone close to them for feedback if you can, especially if it is something that needs to sit on a kitchen counter or take up a lot of space
  • Be sure it is something they will use – not everyone needs a doughnut maker in their life
  • If the gift is out of your budget, consider sharing the cost with other friends or family members
  • AND remember there are plenty of budget-friendly cooking gift ideas too!

Small Budget Cooking Gift Ideas

If your budget is tight, you can still put together some wonderful gifts for friends who love to cook! Time to get creative and create a gift from the heart.

It is the thought that counts and not how much you spend so these ideas will help you come up with something special:

  • Bundle up some ingredients with a favourite recipe for them to create
  • Create your own DIY personalised kitchen gift
  • Bake them your specialty
  • Put together a gift basket with small handy gadgets, kitchen tools and ingredients

Here are some more ideas for the best cooking gifts on a small budget:

  • Kitchen decor items
  • Fresh herbs or fresh garlic
  • Oven mitt
  • Apron
  • Cheese board
  • Novelty measuring cups
  • Red or white wine
  • Ice cream scoop & a tub of their favourite flavour
  • Gourmet seasoning mix or meat rubs
  • Quality olive oil
  • A recipe book (simple pre-made book or one you make yourself)
  • Bread making supplies
  • Table decor for special occasions
  • Mixing bowls

Cooking & Baking Subscription Boxes

There are subscription boxes for every hobby and interest, so of course, food is no exception!

Gift them a gift box subscription loaded with recipes, ingredients, treats and more. This is a perfect gift that keeps on giving each month, for however long you set up the subscription for.

Here are some of the best foodie subscription boxes:

Meal Boxes

While your foodie friend is probably well equipped with plenty of favourite recipes of their own already, sometimes it’s fun to try a few new ones. Especially if it comes delivered to your doorstep with all the ingredients inside.

Meal boxes and meal subscription kits are a thoughtful gift, whether you are giving just one or gifting a whole month worth of meals for them and their family.

Some of our favourite family recipes were discovered through a meal box! Hello Fresh is a favourite for discovering recipes we make over and over again, even after we finish our subscription.

Here are some popular meal subscription boxes to gift:

Kitchen Gift Ideas

With so many fabulous cooking gift ideas, you might even find something you want for your own home kitchen on the list! Hopefully, you now have plenty of great ideas for your foodie friend with these great gifts for people who love to cook.