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35 Best Gifts For New Mothers: Useful & Meaningful Ideas

Becoming a new mum is an amazing time that comes with lots of new challenges, as well as lots of exciting moments too. If you are looking for the best gifts for new mothers, there are so many wonderful ideas to show your support and let her know how much you appreciate her.

From practical gifts that will make those early days with a new baby easier to meaningful gifts that will touch her heart. There are gifts for new mums and plenty of gifts for mums who are having a second or subsequent baby as well.

Having a new baby is a massive life change, especially if it is your first time as a parent. There is always a period of adjustment (it often lasts 18 years, or so I’m told!).

What any new mum needs during this time, whether they are mum of one or mum of 6, are gifts and support that make their lives easier, to help them start their motherhood journey a little bit easier.

New baby


Sure, flowers and teddy bears are a lovely thought, however, they don’t really help new parents settle into a routine or get through those first sleep-deprived weeks any easier.

Especially when you’d love to just spend the whole day staring with love at first sight at your new precious baby!

To help you choose what to give a new mum, these present ideas have been sorted into categories: Gifts to make her life easier, gifts for new mums that aren’t for the baby and meaningful keepsake gifts.

New Mum Gifts To Make Life Easier

These gift ideas are as much for the brand new bub as they are for the mum-to-be, with baby products and services that are perfect to gift at a baby shower or gender reveal party, or once the infant arrives.

Essential Baby Items

A first-time mother is on a steep learning curve and there are many potential baby essentials that may have been overlooked in that overwhelming preparation stage.

There are also certain items that you go through at record pace once your baby arrives – nappies and wipes especially! 

Those costs add up quickly!

If there is an essential item you had during your own new parenting experiences, particularly if they aren’t the typical things that come up on the must-have baby essentials lists, these items are definitely wonderful gifts for new moms.

Of all the things, this lanolin nipple cream was one of the things I appreciated most even if at the time I thought I’d never need it. The sweet relief was a gift like no other!

And when our daughters’ experienced their first runny noses, I am so grateful for the battery-operated nasal aspirator we were given to cope with gag-inducing mucus!

This thing was useful right into the toddler years when nose-blowing skills were still lacking and it just helped give a sense of calm knowing your baby could breathe clearer again.

While we did not have one, as we live in a warm place, many friends in southern states have raved about having a baby wipe warmer to keep babies comfortable during winter nappy changes.

Another popular baby gift that many new parents don’t think of is a sound machine to help ease some of that sleep deprivation by helping your new baby fall asleep quicker. There are a lot of different sound machine options, but the Baby Shusher is a popular choice.

Not only are you giving the new parents something that will be useful in their exciting journey. You also get a chance to give them something carefully considered that they will really appreciate.

Items such as baby body wash suited to their sensitive skin, baby clothing in cute patterns and other must-have items.

Here are some ideas for products that will make things easier: 

Find more ideas on essential baby items in my first 3 months newborn checklist.

Pre-Prepared Food

Sure the new parents haven’t forgotten how to cook dinner now that they have a new baby, but cooking something nourishing and delicious is potentially the last thing on their mind right now!

Between nursing their hungry baby, rocking them to sleep, micro naps and figuring out what on earth they are doing, you’d be amazed how appreciated the gift of a home-cooked meal is during those early days.

If you’ve got the time, put together an easy meal they can reheat in the oven or microwave for dinner. Casseroles, bakes and pasta can be great options as they all reheat well if you make ahead a day or two.

And even baked treats won’t be unwelcome!

Or drop in (with a warning… we don’t want to wake the sleeping baby) with some grocery essentials a couple of days after they get home, just to save them a trip to the store for bread and milk.

Adding a few quick meal ideas, such as everything they need for tacos or spaghetti bolognese is a great way to make their next few dinners easier.

A meal subscription box can be one of the best gifts for brand new parents once they’ve had a bit of time to adjust. It helps by giving them more time to rest, bond and adapt to their new household situation.

These can be a combination of fresh or frozen meals that require little to no preparation. They tend to be delivered in weekly, fortnightly or monthly bundles.

Check out Hello Fresh as a great option for meal boxes although do them an extra favour and choose the quick meal options. Some take just 15 minutes to prepare.

Home Services

Gifting a form of home service can give the new parents a break in that first month or two. They are extremely thoughtful gifts and likely very appreciated.

Home services may include things such as a cleaner coming to the house once a week or if they choose to go with cloth nappies, there are services in some areas that will pick up and launder the dirty nappies, bringing fresh ones with them each time. 

Imagine not having to deal with so much dirty washing. Bliss!

Organising for their lawns to be mowed and gardens maintained will help new dads to reduce their workload as well, giving them more time to spend bonding with their new baby and supporting their partner through post-birth recovery.

Robot Vacuum

If you really want to spoil a new mum (hey dad… this one might be good for you too), then a robot vacuum cleaner may become her new bestie!

I got one for myself just after my first daughter was born just to reduce the time spent cleaning. And it did help me feel like the house was cleaner, which meant less stress!

Sometimes it’s the little things, like not having to drag out the big heavy vacuum cleaner very often. While a robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t completely replace a proper vacuum, it makes a huge difference in how often you need to clean the floors.

Anything you can automate is a sure winner in those first few weeks!

The best gifts for new mothers


If the new mother has other children already, offering to babysit them for a few hours can be a great opportunity for her to have some one-on-one time with her bub.

She may potentially squeeze in a nap too. As they say, sleep when the baby sleeps.

Easier said than done when there are other kids in the house.

Or even if they are first-time parents, offering to come over and sit with the baby while mum has a rest or gets some much-needed errands done can be appreciated.

However, this isn’t the case for all new mothers so don’t take it personally if they decline. They will still appreciate the gesture even if they aren’t yet comfortable being away from their infant.

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Gifts For New Mums That Aren’t For The Baby

A whole lot of changes happen to your body after birth and it can really be a struggle to feel good. Even when your body has physically recovered, it can be a period of adapting to your new normal.

It takes a long time for our bodies to change back after pregnancy and certain parts won’t even be the same. It’s just the reality of this experience of motherhood.

Sometimes this is a difficult adjustment.

Not only that, many women will be so focused on nourishing their precious new baby, they forget the importance of self-care for themselves!

A little reminder to take care of herself may be exactly what this new mama needs to feel good in her skin again.

Massage or Pamper Session

Once the initial adjustment period settles, having an opportunity for some mum pamper time can mean the world of difference after sleepless nights and carrying all these new emotions around.

A voucher for pamper time may be just the thing to revive and refresh a new mother again.

While it may take a few weeks or more before a new mother is able to be away from her baby for an hour or physically up for a spa session, this will be a really nice way to feel good about themselves again and enjoy a chance to relax completely.

A pedicure is a great option for mums of newborns since they can still hold their baby in while sitting in the chair.

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Take The Spa To Her

If the new momma is taking a bit longer to recover or having a difficult start to her new journey, getting to a day spa may be out of the question.

So why not take the self-care to her instead?

Pop over with a basket of pampering goodies to treat herself with. You can volunteer for baby cuddles while she puts on her face mask!

Or make it a joint pamper session and catch-up. Time together enjoying each others company may be exactly what she needs to feel fresh again.

Here are some great products to include in your pamper basket:

Digital Subscription

While new mums don’t have a lot of free time on their hands in those first several months, there will be moments she may be looking for quiet activities to do while she feeds her baby, or while the baby naps.

This may especially be the case if she previously worked full time, as she may struggle with not feeling like her time is as productive as she hoped and looking to add some new hobbies.

These days there are some fantastic tech options that make it easier to enjoy a book on the go, even while nursing a baby to sleep.

Audiobooks can be enjoyed with her earphones in so it does not disturb the baby. This also means she can be hands-free to get things done.

Or read a favourite new book on her device with a Kindle subscription. She can do this from her phone, tablet or laptop from anywhere in the house. Kindle Unlimited has books to suit every interest, including loads of popular authors and books!

The best gift for her might be a gift subscription to a streaming service such as Netflix, Disney+ or Prime.

Books For New Mums

If the new mum is a bit of a traditional book lover and you know a digital version just won’t cut it, why not get her a popular new release you think she will love?

Or get her a book that will help her on her new journey. This may be a newborn guide or something to help her adjust to her changed lifestyle.

The book I was most grateful for and referred to often was What to Expect The First Year, which was a follow-up to the popular What To Expect When You’re Expecting. Both of these books were a huge source of comfort through that period in life, always seeming to have the answers to the most common experiences and concerns.

But otherwise, she might really enjoy the chance to lose herself in some new fiction or dig into a biography of someone she admires.

Magazine Subscription

While not everyone loves a magazine, it can be a lot easier for new moms to find 5 or 10 minutes here and there to flick through a magazine than it is to read a book.

So if there is a magazine she loves or one you think she would enjoy, a subscription can be an ideal gift.  It gives her an excuse for a little me time here and there, which we all need.

Adult Colouring Books

Colouring is a great mindfulness activity for everyone, no matter their age. It is also an easy activity to do between feeds, or during!

There are some absolutely stunning adult colouring books available now and paired with some good quality pencils, it makes a really thoughtful new mum gift idea –  These pencils are beautiful quality and lovely to colour with.

Here are some great colouring book options:

Sentimental Gifts For New Mothers

Sentimental gifts are the kind that helps the new mama celebrate this special time in her life, either through recording memories or cherishing those early days.

The newborn stage goes so fast. Any thoughtful gift that helps her to honour that time will be appreciated.

Milestone Cards

The milestone cards were not such a tradition when I had my firstborn, but these days it’s quite the fun trend. They are inexpensive and fun photo props for taking photos at home.

I think these wooden ones are super cute. You can also find some beautiful options on Etsy.

A Photography Session

Most new parents are eager to capture the early days with their new family member, but sometimes time or money prevent it and it isn’t always achievable.

Gifting them a family portrait session or newborn session, including prints would be a great gift that every new parent would adore, especially if it can be booked sometime in the future so they don’t feel rushed to get it done now.

Or if you are a bit of a camera pro yourself, maybe this is something you could do for them as a special gift using your talents.

Birthstone Jewellery

A piece of jewellery with the new baby’s birthstone is a really sweet gift idea and a way to make the new mother feel special. It could be a necklace, a ring or a pair of earrings. Anything really.

Or you can get a necklace with the new baby’s name to wear close to their heart, such as these ones.

This is a wonderful keepsake item that she can wear for special occasions.

Ideas From My Community

“Pre cooked meals and coffee.” – Lisa

 “I’d have to agree with the meals! I would have also liked a cleaning lady and someone to come and give me a neck and shoulder massage.” – Linda

So often the new mother is forgotten when it comes to gifts following the birth of a baby, with most people so caught up in the fun of buying all those cute little baby clothes and accessories to shower them with.

Motherhood… and fatherhood, for that matter, are massive transitions from the life you had before. Making sure to remember the mother will have her feeling extra special and supported during this amazing time of her life.

If you do need newborn baby gift ideas, there are plenty of unique ideas that both mum and baby will love!

Need ideas for family fun? Check out these activities for your backyard, fun things to do on Father’s Day, family Valentine’s Day activities and tech-free family fun.

What would be your perfect gift as a new parent? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear it! And share this post to Pinterest via the image below! Be sure to follow me on Facebook or YouTube for more occasion gift ideas like these!

The best gifts for new mothers

Mumma Hack

Monday 19th of October 2015

Food! Yes, definitely food. Everything else you can live with but that hunger that comes with breastfeeding is relentless :)


Tuesday 20th of October 2015

So very true & getting time in the kitchen to prepare it can be almost impossible when the tiny person wants to be held.

Mumma McD

Wednesday 24th of June 2015

What a great list! I remember bursting into tears when my sister came over and offered to give me a facial and paint my toenails :) And FOOD! Bring FOOD PEOPLE!!

I always take a big lasagne with me when I go to see new babies - lasagne and a big box of baby wipes!


Friday 26th of June 2015

Lasagne was exactly what I wanted someone to bring lol my mum made us dinner the first night home, plus there was pizza delivery when the in laws visited. And you can never have enough baby wipes!

Eva @ The Multitasking Mummy

Wednesday 24th of June 2015

These are all spot on! I would have to say that food is definitely awesome. I remember a lady I worked with baked me a huge chicken dish and it meant the world to me. My mum and mother in law also helped a lot with cleaning. I think they were the best presents of all.


Friday 26th of June 2015

Some people just really get it! Other mums usually. Cleaning help would have been so good. Hubby has done most of ours the past few weeks at least.

Karin @ Calm to Conniption

Wednesday 24th of June 2015

Definitely a magazine subscription! I would have loved one of those. I like the idea of an iTunes voucher for those with an iPhone or iPad as they make it so easy to read while breastfeeding.


Friday 26th of June 2015

Yes! I know I did a lot of reading first time around... And foxtel watching. I subscribed during maternity leave & still have it haha got hooked on a few shows... Almost 3 years later! I guess that makes something like Netflix a good option too.


Tuesday 23rd of June 2015

Oh, the Home Services gift is brilliant! I was lucky enough to have mom and mom-in-law helping with housework when both of my babies were born but even with that, having someone to come and take care of the cleaning...that would have been awesome. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty with us this week! Hope to see you again this coming Friday!


Friday 26th of June 2015

Most people forget that you still need the help at home after the first week so that's where a cleaner would be perfect! Nice to have family help out though.