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30 Easy DIY Class Gift Ideas For Students

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Christmas class gift ideas for students are a special memento in the place of a traditional Christmas card, plus kids love getting gifts! Who am I kidding! We all love getting gifts! With so much time spent together over the school year, it can be fun to make a little something special for those who shared their experience over the school year. Thankfully there are many easy handmade end of year class gifts for students.

Many of these class gifts can be made with help from your kids too! Or for teachers to make with their class as a fun end of year Christmas craft for kids.

Easy diy class gift ideas for students


The end of the school year comes with both joy and sadness, as the students are moving towards another year of learning and opportunity. It is also a time for goodbyes and the end of a journey.

These student gift ideas are also a great option as class presents from teachers or instructors too. For more baked treat ideas, check out these candy cane recipe ideas too.

Find more gift ideas for all occasions and ages HERE


There is something sentimental and sweet about handmade gifts for classmates and the excitement kids get to hand out something they helped you make. It does not need to be anything fancy or difficult. A simple gift for friends brings a whole lot of joy!

Here is a mammoth list of end of school class gifts and a few that would work during other times of the year too, so you can get your DIY into gear and have a bit of fun!

Snowman Hot Chocolate Gift

These are super cute and easy end of year class gifts to put together as a yummy treat for each of the kids in the class. This is great for Christmas time or during winter, but if even if you have a summer Christmas as we do in Australia, this Snowman hot chocolate is a fun festive gift idea for kids.

Snowman hot chocolate gift

Pom Pom Christmas Decoration

These festive pom pom Christmas bauble ornaments take less than 2 minutes each to make and look fantastic hanging on the tree. For an extra touch, you could add each child’s name too.

Diy pom pom christmas bauble ornament

Salt Dough Ornaments

One of the easiest DIY class gift ideas is to create a simple, yet beautiful salt dough ornament for kids to decorate their family Christmas tree with. These ones are decorated using rubber stamps and twine.

Snowflake salt dough ornament

Personalised Photo Christmas Cards

These photo Christmas cards with candy canes are a super easy and fun alternative to a novelty Christmas card. Make them with your kids to give out to their friends. They will love the fact they get to take silly photos to give to their friends. These are perfect small gift ideas for classmates, and very cheap, especially if you can print at home!

Diy christmas postcards with photos

Gingerbread Bath Bomb

Kids love bath time so why not make it extra fun by giving them each a festive scented bath bomb to take home. They will smell good enough to eat afterwards! These are so cute! Gift one or two gingerbread bath bombs wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon.

Simple homemade gifts kids can make

Homespun Fabric Tree Ornament

Something for the tree is a special touch for an end of year Christmas gift and these fabric tree ornaments are a great way to use up old fabric scraps too if you have a lot already on hand.

End of year class gifts for students

Pom Pom Snowball Kit

For those of us who don’t live in a place where it snows, these pom pom snowball kits are sure to be hilarious fun for school kids to play together or to take home and play with siblings. This is a cute gift idea that is certainly unique!

Pom pom snowball fight kit

DIY Christmas Cracker

Make each child in the class a handmade Christmas cracker as a fun gift they can take home to pop with family or together in class. This is a really easy craft project that the kids can make for their friends and you can fill them with anything that will fit inside.

Diy christmas bon bons

Handmade Christmas Cards

A handmade card is a special item to receive and also a very easy to make and budget-friendly option for class gifts if you are looking to keep it simple yet personal. Plus your kids will get extra writing practice by adding a Christmas message to each card for their friends.

Homemade christmas cards

Reindeer Hot Chocolate

This reindeer hot chocolate is another cute hot chocolate treat idea. We all love Rudolf so this is an adorable sweet treat class gift idea from teachers or classmates.

End of year class gifts for students

Candy Cane Lip Balm

This is the cutest! What a cool idea to quickly turn a basic lip balm into a festive gift! Everyone needs hydrated lips… boys and girls! And this will have all the kids eager to use their fun new candy cane lip balm to ward off dry lips!

End of year class gifts for students

Fluffy Santa Slime

Kids love slime! These slime jars an activity your kids can help with and a really cool gift for classmates too! You can use smaller jars or containers for your gifts to keep it budget-friendly or collect and recycle jars through the year. Let’s face it, you (or your child) will be the coolest person around when you’re handing out slime gifts!

You can use any of these easy slime recipes too.

End of year class gifts for students from teachers

Edible Cookie Stack Ornaments

These cookie stack ornaments are easy to make, fun to give and yummy to eat! All you need is a set of star cookie cutters and your favourite Christmas sugar cookie recipe.

Christmas cookie stack ornament gift

Paper Star Ornament

Have the kids help you create a beautiful paper star ornament for each of their school friends. This paper Christmas decoration looks lovely hanging on display.

Diy paper christmas decoration

Clay Miniatures

Kids love small toys to encourage their imagination and these clay miniatures were super fun to create with my kids during school holidays. You can make tiny foods like ours for pretend play. Or go with something Christmas themed for end of year gifts, like a little clay Christmas tree or flat Christmas shapes. Try adding a string to turn them into mini Christmas tree decorations!

Creating clay miniatures- fun kids craft ideas

Homemade Bird Feeder

Handmade bird feeders are a thoughtful gift idea for kids. Learning about nature is a great experience for kids and this gift is going to delight them when they see birds coming in to nibble on their functional gift.

End of year school gifts for students

DIY Friendship Bracelets

This is another project we did during school holidays recently and my kids have since made a few different yarn bracelet colours for themselves. My eldest has made some for school friends too, so it’s a great gift for classmates at the end of year or for a special occasion.

Check out the video tutorial here:

Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt dough is a popular option for Christmas time, making ornaments for your own tree. It can also be a perfect and inexpensive class gift idea for your kids to help with. How super cool do these sparkly glitter ornaments look!

End of school year class gifts for students

Rudolf Tealight Ornament With Blinking Nose

These Rudolph tealight ornament gifts are going to be a winner with school kids because of the flashing Rudolph nose! So creative and super easy to make together with your child. Big kids would be able to do this on their own.

Diy end of school year gifts for students

Snow Globe Tree Ornament

Sometimes handmade ornaments look a little bit out of place on the tree, however, this snow globe bauble is so pretty that it will definitely look like it belongs, and even the parents are going to love their school kids bringing one of these home for the tree at the end of the year. This would make a really beautiful class craft project too for teachers.

Diy end of school year gifts for students

No-Bake Spice Ornaments

A gift that brings the scent of the festive season to your home is sure to be a popular one! These are no-bake spice ornaments which makes them kid-friendly for children’s craft activities.

Diy end of school class gifts

Kindness Pencil Toppers

These pencil topper messages are an extremely budget-friendly gift idea for classmates. Perfect if you don’t want to spend, but want to give the kids a burst of joy with this simple act of kindness.

Handmade Snowglobe

For special DIY class christmas gifts, these handmade snowglobes are simple and relatively affordable to make. Add a cute Christmas figurine and kids will love watching their little globe snow.

Diy snowglobe class gift idea

DIY Shrinky Dink Keyrings

Make your own shrinky dink keyrings for class friends with this easy tutorial. They are a great idea for hanging on school bags for a cool little added personality and thoughtfulness.

Winter Lip Balm

Gift hydrated lips in cute snowflake lip balm pots with a simple DIY pamper gift for kids to gift.

Wooden Bead Decorations

If you already have some wooden beads on hand, this is a perfect project! If not, you can usually get them pretty cheap at the local discount store for the kids to create some cute beaded decorations.

Student gift ideas for christmas

Colourful Beaded Bracelets

Give personalised homemade gifts for classmates with these beaded bracelets. Add each class members name to a bracelet for a fun keepsake they can wear. This is a heap Christmas gift ideas for classmates since you can get bulk colourful and alphabet bead sets.

Beaded friendship bracelets for classmates

DIY Picture Frames

For an affordable and simple DIY class Christmas gift idea, make each child a paper photo frame. This is so easy that kids can do it themselves with minimal help from you. If you have permission from the teacher, perhaps you can add a photo of the class to each one as a special keepsake.

Diy paper photo frames

DIY Snowman Kit

This DIY Snowman kit has to be one of the cutest gifts for classmates who live in places where it typically snows at Christmas. These cute clay snowman features make quick work of giving their snowman some personality.

Diy snowman kit with clay

Recycled Crayon Shapes

While this is an Easter class gift idea to make, you can just as easily use this tutorial to create a Christmas shaped crayon gift instead. This is a great way of upcycling broken crayons too.

Diy easter crayon shapes & printable cards

With all these creative ideas, you are sure to find the perfect class Christmas gifts to make with your kids for their classmates. This is a special way to kick off the Christmas cheer as the school year comes to an end.

These are also great ideas for teachers, looking for easy classroom crafts to make with your students or to gift to them. There is sure to be something perfect in this collection too!

For a creative handmade teacher gift, make sure you check out my teacher canvas tutorial too. Or check out these fun ideas for teacher gifts as recommended by actual teachers!

Diy teacher gift quote canvas

For more Christmas ideas & freebies:

Do you have any favourite class gift ideas for students that you have helped your kids make their friends? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Easy diy class gift ideas for students
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