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How To Make Pom Pom Christmas Decorations

Create your own pom pom Christmas Decorations in under 2 minutes! This simple DIY Christmas bauble ornament is a great craft project for kids over the festive season. Pom Pom baubles also make fantastic gifts too!

These pom pom baubles are a fun class gift idea for the end of year or an easy craft project to do with the kids over the school break.

How to make pom pom christmas decorations


There are not a lot of Christmas decorations you can make in just a couple of quick minutes that look this great!

These DIY pom pom Christmas bauble ornaments are so simple to make that even the kids will love making them.

Best of all, you can get everything you need at your local discount store, or online, for just a few dollars. This makes it a budget Christmas craft idea too.

How To Make DIY Pom Pom Christmas Decorations

Follow the tutorial to make your own pom pom Christmas decorations:

Baubles and pom poms

What You Will Need:


Create your own Christmas pom pom decorations for the tree or give them as gifts.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Step 1

Create your own Christmas pom pom bauble decorations for the tree or give them as gifts. Handmade pom pom decoration tutorial

Step 2

Carefully remove the silver hanging attachment from the top of the ornament.

step 3

Fill the bauble ornament with Pom Poms in different sizes and colours, by pushing them through the hole at the top.Easy christmas decoration tutorial

Step 4

Replace top of bauble and your pom pom ornament is ready to hang.

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Pom Pom Baubles Variations

The best thing about making your own Christmas decorations is that you don’t have to follow the tutorial exactly. You can create an ornament that shows off your individual style, or add a few little extra touches to make them extra special.

Here are some fun ideas to try:

Use different coloured pom poms

Instead of red and green, add in other festive colours such as gold, silver or white. Or skip traditional colours completely and create rainbow pom pom decorations instead.

You could even make your own mini pom poms to go into your ornaments instead. This will keep the kids busy much longer if they are making their own.

This can be done using cardboard, or get a pom pom making kit to make it even easier.

Add names to your decorations

If you are planning to gift your pom pom decorations, adding the recipient’s name is a wonderful personal touch. They would make the perfect end of year class gifts for kids.

You could do this using a glitter pen if you have tidy handwriting. Or use adhesive letter stickers.

For a more professional look, a vinyl cutting machine with adhesive vinyl is perfect for this purpose, such as a Cricut cutting machine or a Silhouette Cameo.

Add a Bow

Dress up your handmade decoration by adding a bow at the top. This is a cute, yet simple extra touch you can add with craft glue using a ribbon of your choice.

Diy pom pom christmas bauble ornament

These cute DIY Christmas decorations make the perfect pom pom Christmas crafts to do with kids to give as gifts. Or simply to add a pop of colour to your Christmas tree!