Keep your home spotless without spending all your time running around after your family!

Try simple cleaning hacks to save time and a room by room guide to deep clean your home. If you have younger children right through to teenagers, this list of age-appropriate chores will ensure you are sharing the load!

how to deep clean oven

How To Deep Clean An Oven

Deep cleaning an oven is one of those dreaded household chores that we easily put off until later. Until later comes and we can’t avoid it any longer! These steps will show you how to deep clean an oven, including several simple oven cleaning hacks and tips to make this dreaded task much easier!

how to unclog shower head with vinegar and bicarb

How to Clean & Descale A Shower Head

If your shower head is clogged with calcium build-up and long overdue for a clean, this simple hack for descaling a shower head and tap faucets will help you improve water pressure again. Learn how to clean a showerhead using this simple trick with non-toxic ingredients you already have in your home.

Cardboard box surface declutter (3)

The 1 Box Decluttering Hack You Need To Try

Are you ready to get rid of surface clutter in under 10 minutes? All you need is a cardboard box for this quick decluttering hack that helps you control the amount of stuff coming into your home by creating a regular routine to reduce clutter! Keep the balance in your home with this one box declutter method!

Making cleaning fun together

How To Make Cleaning Fun

Make the most of the time you spend doing the things you don’t love, with these simple ways to make cleaning fun. Or at least, make it a little less tedious! If you are ready to learn how to make cleaning fun, read on and prepare to tidy!

Age appropriate chores for kids

A Guide to Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Growing up with chores helps children become more responsible. and teaches them how to function in a household where everyone is expected to contribute. The following is a guide to age appropriate chores for kids divided by age group with free printables.