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The Best LEGO Storage Ideas (Plus Storage Ideas For Built Sets

Ready to find the best LEGO storage ideas for your home? Every parent with LEGO loving kids knows just how quickly the rainbow blocks can take over a room… and the house! So these ideas for storing LEGO are here to help you find a system that works for your home.

Get creative ideas for how to store LEGO bricks as well as LEGO set storage ideas for those favourite sets we want to keep built.

Lego pieces sorted by colour in a tray

LEGO play encourages creativity and problem solving making them one of the best open-ended toys for kids. But even adults can enjoy the challenge of building a LEGO masterpiece!

Storing it is a whole other challenge though!

What Is The Best Way To Organise LEGO?

The perfect LEGO organisation system may work for someone else but may not be perfect for you.

There are so many different ways to organise LEGOs and it may take a little trial and error until you find the one that your kids (and the rest of the family) can maintain.

So, is it best to store LEGO by colour or by set? By size or by type?

There is no wrong option. It really depends on what system suits your type of LEGO play. The LEGO organisation ideas that suit a young child may be sorting by colour and keeping it really simple.

Or, if they prefer to have their sets stored together for easy re-building, this suits many people over colour sorting.

The best option for finding LEGO storage ideas for your situation is to get the family members involved who will be using the storage system most often.

Usually, that means getting feedback from your kids. But LEGO is definitely not just for kids!

Here are some different organisation ideas that you can try:

The Best LEGO Storage Ideas

You don’t need a lot of fancy storage systems to keep your LEGO organised.

You likely already have some Lego storage solutions at home you can improvise with, even if just for the short term if you want to get your bricks organised fast!

But if you are looking for a specific system to keep your LEGO bricks tidy, with a home of their own, there are so many great options for both DIY LEGO storage systems and pre-made options you can set up in a flash.

The most important part of organising LEGO is making sure you have a nominated play area as well, because if your bricks end up all over the house despite your best efforts, it remains a losing battle and the risk of stepping on those painful sharp pieces will keep happening.

We have a dedicated play room, however, that was not always the case so it meant having storage tubs that were easy to transfer to a table or floor space for play.

Then packed up again and stored away afterwards.

Storage Drawers

If by colour, have a drawer per colour and if by set, having enough drawers to store each set individually.

Storage drawers are a popular choice for storing LEGO. Depending on the size of your drawers and the size of the collection, you can use storage drawers to store LEGO bricks by colour or by set.

Here are some perfect storage drawers for storing LEGO:

If you have a big collection of bricks, larger drawers will be essential or having a combination of sizes to suit the different sizes of the collections.

We have double the amount of white and grey bricks compared to other colours so we used two different-sized storage drawers for our collection.

The larger drawers hold the larger colour sets, plus a drawer for baseplates and manuals. And our smaller drawers hold the small pieces.

With so many different colours, you may need to double up a few, such as yellow and orange or brown and cream bricks.

Label your storage drawers with stick on labels, such as these ones that you can download and print at home:

Printable lego labels

Storage Containers

For small collections or colour sorting, storage containers work much the same way as drawers do, having an individual container for each colour, brick type or set.

You can use storage boxes, plastic containers or any variety of suitable tubs.

The key to choosing storage containers for LEGO is ensuring it is sturdy enough to carry the weight of the bricks. This makes plastic storage containers a more study option than cardboard containers and LEGO storage boxes.

Find the perfect storage containers for your LEGO collection:

  • 20-pack Clear non-latching containers – This set of 20 stackable plastic tubs are clear so you can see what is inside them and budget-friendly.
  • Grey Fabric storage boxes – These fabric storage boxes with lids are a great way to keep toys hidden and still match your home aesthetic.
  • Kids Toy Storage Organiser Bins – This shelf unit with storage tubs make it easy for kids to see their complete collection and access the pieces they want to find or to remove the tubs for a closer look.

LEGO Table With Storage

If you want a LEGO storage system that includes a place for kids to play, a LEGO table with storage is a perfect choice.

You can easily make your own by adhering base plates to the top of a low set table that has storage built in, or get one already made and ready to play.

We have a small LEGO table from Kmart Australia that we use, however it does not have storage built-in. They have since released a larger version that does, and it’s a great option.

Find out more about these kid-friendly construction tables here:

There are also several great options for pre-made LEGO tables on ETSY including this cute round storage tub with a stand and play area on top. This is a great option for small spaces where there is not a lot of room to store toys.

You could easily throw a small tablecloth over the top and sit some decor on top when it isn’t being used, doubling as living room decor.

Round lego table with storage

LEGO Storage Head & Bricks

If your child has a small collection of LEGO and they are just starting out with building bricks, you can easily start with a small storage solution, such as a novelty LEGO head or brick-shaped tub.

Some free-build sets come with these and are a perfect starting point for kids who are at an age of getting into construction play.

Check out these cute brick storage tubs:

  • LEGO Classic Brick Tub – This brick-shaped storage tub also comes with loads of LEGO pieces and an ideas booklet to make many different mini sets, while encouraging free play.
  • LEGO Head storage – This LEGO head tub is a fun way to store a smaller collection. There are several faces to choose from.
  • Brick Shaped Toy Tubs – These giant brick shaped tubs are cute for functional playroom decor.

Storage & Play Mat Combo

If you’re looking for a clever block storage solution that is both compact and portable, a play and store combo is a perfect solution.

You can get play mats that pull up into a drawstring bag or play mats that convert into tubs or baskets.

These are great if you don’t have a dedicated play area for your child and need it to be easy to pack away and move around. Plus it means you can take your LEGO collection on short trips when you travel too.

Toolbox For Storage

If you want a simple solution to storing bricks that is also portable, a toolbox can be a great idea. You can get smaller plastic tool boxes for smaller collections that can be carried around and taken with you when you travel.

You can get a similar version from Amazon.

Lego organised in a tool box

Or use a larger, steel toolbox that has a permanent place in the playroom and many drawers to allow LEGO sorting by colour or collection.

Some have slide-out drawers for storing multiple colours or styles of pieces, while others have smaller compartments to allow the pieces to be organised into smaller collections.

IKEA LEGO Storage Ideas

When talking about toy storage ideas, IKEA has options for all types of toys in LEGO is no exception.

In fact, they recently launched their own LEGO IKEA collaboration with an exclusive range of bricks and boxes for play – the BYGGLEK collection.

The boxes have lids that you can build on which means they are also great for attaching full sets to the top of the BYGGLEK storage boxes.

Ikea Trofast Drawers

But on a larger scale, you can’t go beyond the IKEA Trofast range. These great storage units are shelves with built-in tubs that slide in and out and can be removed entirely for easy access to bricks during playtime.

The Trofast shelves come in a range of combinations and tub sizes. One of the most popular Trofast drawer combinations for LEGO storage is using 9 smaller tubs, which allows the bricks to be sorted into 9 collections, colours or types.

There are also options with small tubs at the top and larger tubs at the bottom. You can mix and match to suit your needs.

You can get labels for Trofast tubs or for other plastic tubs to help keep the colours sorted easily. This doubles as a way for younger children to learn colours.

Ikea Kallax Cube Shelves

Ikea kallax shelf with lego sets on top

We love Kallax shelves in our house and the Kallax tubs can be perfect for storing LEGO bricks.

Depending on the size of the unit, you can store the bricks right inside a cube tub, choosing from fabric, cardboard or plastic tub options.

You can also leave some of the cubes empty and use them for storing completed LEGO sets. Or as we do in our home, we store built LEGO sets on top of a 2 x 8 horizontal Kallax shelf.

This gives the kids a play bench that is suitable for standing height.

You can create the same looks with most cube shelves, which are available at furniture and department stores. Even Bunnings and Kmart here in Australia have their own version.

Get more Kallax storage ideas for toys (and the rest of the house).

Unbuilt LEGO Set Storage Ideas

Lego set storage ideas in boxes

If you like to keep your LEGO sets together, even when they aren’t built, there are plenty of options to make sure they stay organised and avoid losing pieces.

Sometimes a simple ziplock bag is all it takes, but there are many other ideas that work as well.

Storage Bins

For really large collections, storage containers, boxes and drawers may not be large enough to store all your pieces. This is where clear plastic bins can be great for storing LEGO sets together. But this means keeping them stored individually within the storage bins.

There are a few options for doing this. If you keep the original boxes, your sets can be stored upright in their original boxes. You may want to add them to a large ziplock bag before putting them in the box though, and this means you won’t have to seal the boxes between plays.

Alternatively, add each set and manual to a large ziplock bag within your storage tub. By keeping the manual with the set, you can easily find which set is which from your unbuilt brick bags.

Here are some great ideas for storing LEGO sets within storage bins:

LEGO Storage Ideas For Built Sets

Lego car on shelf

You don’t have to be a kid to love building LEGO and having your favourite brick sets on display.

From LEGO Star Wars to Harry Potter, there are some incredible masterpieces that are fun to keep on display. Or if you are really creative, sets you have built from your own imagination.

These LEGO storage ideas for build sets are a great way to keep your favourite sets complete, both on display and hidden away.

As a mum of LEGO loving kids, there are certain sets we try to keep assembled because the moment my kids pull them apart with plans to rebuild them straight away, it rarely happens.

Or somehow they have this crazy ability to lose several pieces in the process of disassembling it. So, in these cases, we definitely prefer to keep a few of our bigger sets built all the time.

These ideas will help you find great solutions for storing built LEGO sets:

Display Case

A large glass door display case is a decorative way to store built sets and create a fun talking point when visitors come and see your LEGO creations.

This keeps your sets mostly protected from dust, while still being able to enjoy seeing them built in all their creative glory.

If you are on a budget, check out the local second-hand stores and online garage sale sites or Facebook groups, as you can often pick up a suitable display case for quite cheap.

If it doesn’t quite fit your decor, sand it down and give it a new coat of paint for a piece of furniture you can love.

Or if you only want to display a couple of sets, there are plenty of small display case options suited to a single set of varying sizes. Here are some simple options:


Create a LEGO feature wall in a bedroom, playroom or another place within your home where you want to display your LEGO sets.

This is a really fun idea for kids rooms if they have the space to have a wall free for shelves.

For displaying just a few favourite sets, a few spaced out floating shelves look very modern. Make sure your shelf weight limit is suitable for the weight of your set as some of the larger sets can become quite heavy.

These creative DIY shelf ideas from Mother Daughter Projects are fun ways to create a LEGO display wall in your child’s bedroom or in another area of the home for displaying favourite built sets.

Storage Ideas For LEGO Instruction Manuals

Lego manuals in a pile

Knowing how to store LEGO instruction manuals is another question that is asked often. There are so many ways to keep the LEGO manuals in great condition and ready for rebuilding your favourite sets. After a while, those manuals sure do build-up and there is nothing worse than missing pages or bent ones.

  • Drawer or tub – If you are using a set of storage drawers or tubs, have one designated just for the manuals. This works great with drawers and this is what we do with our plastic stacked drawers.
  • Magazine holder – Have a magazine rack or several, depending on how many manuals you have, as a way of storing them upright and in a compact manner.
  • Binder – Use a binder with plastic sleeves for each manual so you can flip through the binder and find the one you need. This is a great way of keeping them protected and is also a compact way to store LEGO instructions.

LEGO Minifigure Storage Ideas

If you have a serious collection of LEGO Minifigures that aren’t for play, or want to keep your favourites on display, there are some cool ideas for Minifigure storage and display. Here are some fun options:

Large Display Case

If you have a massive collection of Minifigures to display, these large-sized display cases hold 110 LEGO figures. The display case is lockable and has 98% UV protection to avoid fading with sunlight streaming through windows.

Get it on Etsy

Lego storage case

Square Minifigure Display Frame

Showcase your best LEGO Minifigures in style with this display frame which holds up to 21 figures. You can choose any coloured bricks for them to stand on, and in any configuration, to make your frame as unique as your Minifigure collection.

Get it on Etsy

Lego minifigure storage frame

Here are a few more options to display minifigure collections:

  • Red brick display case – This is a perfect option for a smaller minifigure collection.
  • Levelled display case – This display case will keep the dust off your collection while showing them off.
  • Wooden display shelf – This wooden display shelf is a stylish way to show off a large collection of favourite figures.

Or if you want to make your own, you can get instructions to create a display case at home.

DIY LEGO Storage Ideas

If you’re feeling extra creative and you want a DIY project to get you organised, these DIY LEGO storage ideas are fun ways to get organised.

Most of these projects are relatively simple to put together and many also double as fun LEGO decor for kids bedrooms and playrooms.

You don’t need any fancy systems to keep your toys organised. Sometimes its simply repurposing items you already have at home into what you need them to be.

Check out these fab DIY LEGO organisation ideas:

DIY LEGO Table With Storage Drawers

Diy lego storage desk

Learn how to make a simple DIY LEGO storage table than can also be used as a small craft supply table. Kids will love all the storage they have for organising their coloured bricks.

This is a simple DIY storage and play table that is affordable to create and can be used for several purposes – not just storing blocks!

If you want to have base plates to build from on the tabletop, you can get peel and stick compatible baseplates to easily do this.

DIY Lego Bin with Baseplate Storage

Lego storage tub with base plate storage

This DIY Lego storage box features clear sides, carry handles and baseplate storage, so kids can easily take their collection with them for building on the go.

IKEA Lego Table Hack

Ikea lego table trofast hack

This IKEA Trofast shelf hack is one of the coolest ways to bring LEGO style into your kid’s play area, with a simple hack to turn the shelves into giant LEGO bricks. Who doesn’t love an IKEA hack?

IKEA Coffee Table Hack

Lego ikea hack table

For another cool IKEA hack, check out this simple LEGO table idea using a LACK coffee table. Add some baseplates on top and some storage tubs underneath and you’re ready to build.

DIY LEGO Playcentre

Diy lego playcentre

This DIY Lego Play Centre is the perfect play and storage solution for kids rooms! It’s super easy to create and makes lego clean up a breeze.

No doubt you will be feeling inspired after seeing the best LEGO storage ideas ever. You might even have the urge to go do some building right this moment. But first, let’s get that brick collection organised and tidy so you can reduce the frequency of stepping on a rogue LEGO piece in your home. Because… everyone knows there is no torture like stepping on LEGO!

I hope these ideas have helped you get inspired for how to store LEGO sets and the best LEGO storage containers for your home.

If you need some new creative ways to play and build with your LEGO, check out these LEGO play and learning activities for kids.

Find more activities to do at home with kids plus over 100 fun ideas for the backyard too!

Get my printable LEGO Challenge cards for extra fun:

Lego challenge cards mock up.

Find loads more toy storage ideas for playrooms and for outdoor toy storage solutions too!

Do you have any other cool LEGO storage ideas? Tell us about them in the comments!

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As for manuals, LEGO has an app! You can recycle the paper manuals and add the set to your digital collection!


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