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50 Best DIY Ikea Hacks For Your Home

DIY Ikea hacks are some of my favourite ways to add new personality to your home. Find some of the best Ikea hacks around so you can add your own flair and functional style. These easy ways to transform IKEA furniture and accessories will have you thinking right outside the box with all the possibilities!

Easy ikea hacks for your home



The best thing about Ikea hacking is that you don’t need to have any fancy renovation or building skills. Many of them can be done in an hour or less, or an afternoon.

That is unless of course, you are going for a wall to wall built-in home storage system or something a little more extravagant. Then you may need to call in some extra reinforcements to assist!

For the most part, with a few simple materials and a bright idea, you can transform your already useful Ikea furniture and decor into something truly magical!

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Getting Started With Ikea Hacking

Some of us aren’t as creative when it comes to thinking up our own creative furniture hacks. That’s okay. That’s what this article is for. It is loaded with Ikea inspiration to hack your entire house.

You don’t have to be an overly creative person to come up with your own hacks. It can be as simple as adding a new splash of colour to a piece of furniture so it matches your room decor.

Or using your existing Ikea item for a function it may not have been intended for.

One person may see a Kallax shelf as a simple kids toy storage solution, using the cubes to hide away the mess. Meanwhile, someone else may see that same piece of furniture and add a few simple tweaks – legs, hooks, wheels, and create a whole new function and look.

And you can recreate that same Ikea hack yourself at home!

Check out these easy DIY Ikea hacks and get inspired:

Why Modify Your Ikea Products?

Ikea hacks have become almost as famous as the store itself, with their already practical and inexpensive items having the potential for so much more. One of the most appealing reasons why choosing Ikea products to hack is because they are affordable.

The last thing you want to do is grab some fancy piece of furniture and have the potential of a hack gone wrong.

Ikea products are made with simple and minimalist in mind which makes them a blank canvas for so much more.

Here in Australia, Kmart hacking is just as popular and an amazing way to update your home decor and storage without spending a fortune!

Where to Find Ikea Products?

The easiest way to stock up on Ikea products is by visiting your nearest Ikea store. Alternatively, they offer online shopping in many countries these days too.

Alternatively, you can get a lot of Ikea products online at Amazon too. This can be a great way to find products that may no longer be available in your local store.

Easy ikea hacks to try at home

Quick Tips For DIY Furniture Hacking

  • Start with something simple
  • Find someone to help with experience if needed
  • Have the correct tools
  • Always take care with safety and doing only what is within your ability
  • If in doubt, there is almost always a tutorial somewhere!

The Best Ikea Hacks Anyone Can Do

The ultimate list of easy Ikea hacks that you can do yourself at home. Fun ways to add new style to your home by giving your favourite Ikea furniture a makeover!

ETSY Products For Quick Ikea Hacking

Love the idea of furniture hacks but a little unsure if you want to completely DIY? These Etsy products make the whole process super quick and easy!

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