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8 Reasons to Take a Minimalist Approach to Toys

I’m willing to bet that everyone has at least one junk drawer at home. You know what I’m talking about, the place where you stash extra pens, post-its, batteries, keys, stamps, paperclips and more. The beauty of a junk drawer (besides being a handy catch-all) is when it’s closed up tight, it’s out of sight and out of mind.

As for the rest of the house, it takes a bit more thought and energy to create an orderly environment. Since I thrive best in a clutter-free home, I’ve spent countless hours organising and tidying up my personal space.

Ever since my kids were born, it’s like our house was hit by a toy tornado. Gifts were strewn here and there because I never had time to put them all away. My everyday routine was interrupted not just by the presence of babies, but by all of their stuff.

It took a few years before I realised I could control the situation. Finally, I stopped the maelstrom of playthings and mindfully decluttered my home. Here’s why you should follow my lead.

How and why to take a minimalist approach to toys


Make your house look like a home again

When I finally sorted through my kids’ toys, I discarded the ones that had been stashed away “for a rainy day” so long ago that we had forgotten about them. Once I had emptied the closet, cleared under the bed, and combed through the toy box, I had room to properly put away the toys that we used on a regular basis. Just like that, the house looked presentable!

If you need help getting started with a minimalist toys approach, these tips on decluttering your home will help. Getting started is often the hardest part! 

This 5 minute daily decluttering habit will help you gradually work your way towards a minimalist home without feeling overwhelmed!

30 day declutter challenge

Stay in control

Raising two under 2 is more time consuming than I would have ever imagined. Sometimes, just getting through the day is so tricky and tiring that I can’t even attempt to do anything extra, including cleaning house. With fewer toys around, I manage to put things away at the end of each day and I no longer feel like the toys have the upper hand.

Save money

Although most of the kids’ toys were gifts, I admit to splurging a few times on presents. However, if I’m honest, most of the time my kids preferred their broken-in blocks and worn stuffed animals to something that was shiny and new.  The lesson here is if you’re little ones are content with what they have, there’s no reason to waste money on the “latest and greatest” merchandise.

For ideas on gifts that aren’t toys, check out these useful gift ideas for kids.

How and why to take a minimalist approach to toys

Promote creativity

When your kids have a limited number of toys, they’re bound to come up with innovative ways to play with them. For example, with a little inventiveness, a dollhouse can double as a school building or a barn and a toy air plane can stand in for a bus or a submarine. Limiting options does not limit imagination. Minimalist kids rooms can have a very positive impact.

Sleep better

My mind tends to unspool at bedtime, running through all the things left on my to-do list. In turn, it’s a huge plus to go to bed knowing that I won’t be waking up to rooms cluttered and crowded with a surplus of toys. What’s more, lots of folks claim that it’s easier (for adults and kids) to relax and fall asleep in a room that’s free of clutter rather than in a space that’s packed with superfluous things.

Move faster and easier

You won’t believe how much faster you can move when you’re not tripping over multiple Lego sets or kicking the extra toy dump truck out of the way. Minimal toys mean you’ll have fewer obstacles to slow you down during your daily routine. It may sound trivial, but after picking up the nineteenth matchbox car or putting the third box of crayons in order, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!


Establish priorities

Before your next splurge, ask yourself if your kids really need another toy. Are you buying it because it’s absolutely perfect and you cannot miss this opportunity to own it? Or are you simply satisfying an urge to shop? Before you lay down the cash, stop to think about the incentives and emotions behind each purchase; what you discover will probably surprise you.

Consider the planet

A tremendous amount of plastic goes into landfills every day. No doubt, a large portion of this is made up of used toys and children’s playthings. When you’re selective about the quantity and quality of what you buy and bring into your home, you’re supporting a healthier environment on a personal and a global level.

How and why to take a minimalist approach to toys - minimalist toys & benefits of minimalist kids rooms

A precedent to be proud of

The current trend to declutter and embrace minimalism is something I can get behind. To me, it makes sense to surround yourself with items that you truly appreciate and actually use, rather than stockpiling things that have little value or a limited purpose. But what I find most satisfying of all is knowing that when I carefully pick and choose toys for my kids, I’m setting a precedent that benefits more than just my family.

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8 reasons to take the minimalist approach to toys in your home - minimalist kids room