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35 Ways To DECLUTTER Your Home That Actually Work

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Do you find yourself surrounded by unnecessary clutter that is taking up valuable space and time in your effort to keep it under control? Not to worry – I have been there too and here are my tips to declutter your home that will actually work.

These creative ways to declutter your home will give you easy to action tasks that you can do in one day, or when you have a spare 5 to 10 minutes.

35 ways to declutter your home


1. Write a list of areas that need decluttering. Cross them off once they are done.

2. At least every 3 to 6 months, throw out anything out of date from you pantry, medicine chest, cosmetics etc – get my top tips for decluttering your medicine cabinet.

Chair with vase minimalist home

3. Get the whole family involved. More hands make for a quicker finish & reward everyone with a plan of something fun once you are done. These cleaning games can help motivate reluctant helpers.

4. Set chores for each family member. Even toddlers can start to learn the benefits of simple tasks such as picking up toys each day.

5. Have a home command centre where you keep unpaid bills, keys, bags & regular use items. This minimises losing important things in your mess.

6. Meal planning saves on food waste.

7. Seek out creative storage options. Check out ways to use the Ikea Kallax cube shelving to store and hideaway items.

8. Clean out your closest at least every 12 months and throw out/give away anything you haven’t worn that past year. Here’s an easy hack to downsize your clothing throughout the year.

9. Throw away broken items. Chances are you won’t get around to fixing it so it’s easier to just get rid of it (unless you’re really handy or it’s worth fixing).

10. Sort through your Christmas decorations and any seasonal items and get rid of anything you don’t use. Invest in a Christmas decoration organiser to help with the clutter.

11. Dispose of anything you have replaced or upgraded. No more duplicate items. No one needs 3 toasters!

12. Downsize or eliminate your junk drawer – they are too much of a temptation that enables us not to find proper homes for items.

Vase on table with phone minimalist home

13. Cull kids toys and clothes. Charities will appreciate them – here are some great toy storage solutions.

14. Use the ONE IN, ONE OUT method – for every new towel, bedding item or kitchen appliance your purchase, get rid of an old one.

15. Make use of boxes before you throw them out and fill them with unwanted items. I love using the ONE BOX declutter method.

16. Set up some organisation solutions around your home. Figure out what you need and find a box, container, hanger etc to suit. Check out the ways to utilise a Raskog trolley for ideas in every room of the house.

17. Do you really need 5 pairs of red heels? Green hats? Grey scarves? Downsize.

18. Resist buying things on impulse that you don’t need. Sales are great but save your cash. Consider a no spend goal each month.


19. Each night before bed put 5 things away where they are meant to go. It minimises cleaning time later. Or better still, start a daily 5 minute declutter habit you do every single day.

20. Create routines and helpful habits, such as putting away laundry the same day it is done or throwing out the recycling once per day.

21. Instead of buying new DVDs, books, CDs and other types of media, consider digital subscriptions such as iTunes, Amazon or Spotify for music, Netflix or Amazon Prime for TV and movies, and Audible or Kindle Unlimited for books. This has helped me declutter drastically!

22. Birthday or Christmas coming up? Knowing there will be new items such as toys, clothes etc, encourage younger family members to fill a box of items they have outgrown to make space for potential gifts they may receive.

23. Under bed storage is under-utilised. Vacuum storage bags and under bed storage containers are useful for hidden storage. Use these spaces to store things such as winter clothes, photographs (providing it is dry and sealed), shoes, seasonal decorations.

25. Photo albums are great but take up a lot of space. Think before you print and consider digital photo books as a space saving alternative.

26. Don’t entertain often? You probably don’t need a 20 piece dinner set. Downsize and buy disposable as you need it.

27. Soft toys are massive space wasters and most kids outgrow them quickly. Keep a few favourites and give the rest to charity. Check out some great soft toy storage.

28. Keep things of the same type all in one place. Avoid not being able to find a pen because they don’t have a proper home within your house. This saves you time plus stops you buying the same items over and over again – great way to save money by decluttering!

Ways to declutter your home

29. Set small goals to achieve by a certain deadline. Small = less overwhelming. These tips will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed when you declutter.

30. Avoid keeping things just because. Items such as fabric and paper scraps that you will never use… that camera case that doesn’t fit your current camera but might fit one in the future. Nah… it’s taking up space. Time to go!

31. Create a file system of your important documents and go through them regularly to get rid of anything you’ve kept for the minimum required time.

32. Have bills and statements sent electronically wherever possible. It reduces paper waste and you can still access them when you want to. Set up email folders to keep them organised.

33. Store small suitcases inside larger ones. Or smaller bags inside suitcases.

34. Have a garage sale, join eBay, or some online selling groups. Your unwanted stuff could earn you a nice little nest egg. Learn how to sell your unwanted stuff like a boss.

35. Don’t forget to clean out your emails on a regular basis and other electronic files. Even these can get cluttered and waste your valuable time.

What area of your home is the worst clutter hotspot? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear it! Be sure to follow me on Facebook or YouTube for more decluttering tips like these!

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