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Create a Guest Ready House With Speed Cleaning

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Have you ever had one of those moments when your house is a mess, you haven’t had a chance to clean up but then suddenly you get a call to say you have visitors coming over soon. Uh oh! There isn’t time to do a complete cleanup, so unless you are one of those totally organised people who stick to a cleaning schedule week in and week out, chances are your house needs a bit of guest prep.

Lucky there are ways to create a guest-ready house on short notice with these speed cleaning tips.

Speed cleaning


Put dishes in the dishwasher or wash up. Wipe over benches. Put away appliances that don’t belong on the benches. A guest ready house starts with a clean kitchen.


The main places in many homes that accumulate surface clutter are the kitchen bench and the dining table. Clean the clutter from these spaces if you need to, and if you are really short on time, throw them in your washing basket and hide the basket in the bedroom until your guests have gone home.


One of the first things most of us notice when entering someone’s house is a messy floor. Unless you are in the routine of vacuuming often anyway, or you have a robot vacuum to save you time on cleaning, then a quick vacuum in the areas your guests will be is a must.

Kids, pets and general household traffic can make floors untidy very quickly so if you have the time, a quick run over with the vacuum cleaner should be high on your speed cleaning list.


If you are likely to entertain at your table, indoor or outdoor, a fresh table cloth can give the appearance of a clean home. This also takes all of 30 seconds to do so it’s a great quick tip to get the house looking well kept.


If there is time, put away any really obvious clutter such as kids toys or the messy shoe pile at the front door to give the place a neater look overall. Again, the washing basket may come in handy yet again for a quick clutter fix.

This is a good chance to get the rest of the family involved too. Make it a bit of fun and see who can clear their clutter spot the quickest.

Don’t forget, if you have too much clutter, you can always join the Simplify My Life declutter challenges – after you guests go home!


And the final quick tip is to do something that will leave your house smelling great. Even when things are a mess, having fabulous smells can really improve the vibe. Light a candle, spray some air freshener. Anything to give your house a pleasant smell is a good option. If you are really super at speed cleaning, a batch of cookies would be even more impressive, baking away while you clean.

Your guests will think they walked into somewhere pretty special, and with any luck any lingering mess will be forgotten anyway.

These Speed cleaning tips aren’t a solution to a clean house, but they give a quick fix to avoid giving your friends and family a heart attack when they walk into the mess it potentially was beforehand. Like most things, the best solution is prevention… but we’re human and humans can be messy creatures!

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Have you been forgetting to clean these things in your home? Take your deep cleaning to the next level and have a house that is spotless from top to bottom!

What is the first thing you do when unexpected guests are on their way?

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