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10 Genius Must Have Baby Products

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Life with a baby comes with challenges. In between those amazing moments of first smiles and snuggly cuddles are the frequent nappy changes and broken sleep. These moments may seem to go slow at the time, but looking back you will realise how fast that time flew by. To make the most of those baby moments, you want the opportunity to enjoy them in full, so anything that saves time or makes tasks easier is a plus, so I have compiled a list of my own must have baby products.

My 10 MUST HAVE Baby Products

1. Bonds Wondersuits

Starting with the basics, Bonds Wondersuits really are wonderful. Sure they are a little on the more expensive side, but the cheap baby suit versions are just not the same. The best features of Bonds Wondersuits are the fact that they have suits to suit different seasons, lighter fabrics for warmer months and warmer fabrics for when it cools down.

They have a dual zip, which means you can unzip from the leg up to make nappy changes much easier, plus built in socks and gloves on most of the suits. Just pop them on when you need them or fold them back – a winter baby essential.

2. Nasal Aspirator

An electronic nasal aspirator was something I never even knew existed until I was pregnant and a friend said it was her best investment. Sure you can make do without them, but the one we have, the Snotty, was just great for those occasional moments when bub is suffering a stuffy nose and needs some help clearing the airways.

Unlike some of the cheaper versions, it’s electronic so it actually sucks out the icky stuff quickly and easily. Then just wash it out and feel good knowing your baby can breath easy again.

3. Bumbo Chair

This is another of those things I didn’t think I would need but am so glad I invested in. For the bulk of the first year, high chairs seem a bit like overkill for most baby meals as they are big and take up lots of room.

The Bumbo was a great alternative for quick feeds and also made for a great portable feeding chair to throw in the car and use when visiting family. You can also purchase a tray to allow them to feed themselves or play with toys as well.

4. Electronic Baby Swing Or Rocker

My mother in law actually purchased our baby rocker. It was something I knew I wanted as I remember my sister’s children always loved the movement of being in their rockers, even back in the day when you had to do it manually.

These days you can get fabulous electronic versions that you can turn on to the setting you want and it keeps your baby moving with a gentle rocking motion. Ours has about 8 settings but the first was more than adequate generally. Some also play music to sooth your baby to sleep. Perfect when you need to get things done and your baby wants to be rocked… although they still require supervision of course.

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5. GroBags

For our first baby, she was a summer baby and we didn’t need a lot overnight to keep her adequately warm at night, so it wasn’t until our second baby did was discover the benefits of GroBags. Like the Bonds Wondersuits, you just can’t compete with the leaders in the area sometimes and GroBags are much the same. They are also seasonal, ranging from very light summer sleeping bags to very warm winter ones.

They come in so many patterns and fun designs, plus the travel version have a useful hole to allow them to be worn while buckled into their car seat or pram, without needing to remove the sleeping bag. Very cool. My biggest pro for the GroBags though is the fact that there is no potential risk of tangling like with blankets. They just put my mind at ease at baby sleep time. Plus babies look really cute as swaddled burritos.

6. Baby Bullet

Like so many parents, I am motivated to have healthy meals for my children right from the start and feel good about being able to prepare easy purees and baby foods myself from scratch.

The Baby Bullet was a great investment for this as it meant quick and easy baby food creation with its powerful blender function, plus it comes with adorable storage containers that are a great size and convenient for meals on the go. The recipe book it comes with is full of inspiration too.

This is perfect for when the time comes to transition your baby to solids.

7. Ergo Carrier

Baby wearing did not really appeal to me when I first became a mother. We got a cheap carrier as a baby shower present and found it horribly uncomfortable for us and our daughter so gave up on the idea quickly. However with a trip to Vietnam around the time our first daughter was 14 months, we knew prams were not a great option so we went and tried on the most recommended brands.

The Ergo Original was our carrier of choice, being a comfortable fit both for myself and my over 6 foot husband. We used it throughout Vietnam and our daughter was comfortable enough to fall asleep a lot of the time. It has also been a great hands free baby carrying option with our second bub, when our big girl wants to be in the pram still. Saves us having to invest in a double pram, and it’s lovely to have your baby so close. She falls asleep almost instantly in the Ergo.

8. Microwave Steriliser

While I breastfed our daughters, we still did the occasional bottle feed, either as a chance for hubby to bond with the girls through feeding or if we were out and about and it was sometimes easier to express (plus during the time I returned to work after our first child).

Having a microwave steamer meant quick and easy sterilisation, which is exactly what you want when feeding time rolls around in case you forgot to do it earlier. Plus you can pop in other small items of baby’s that you might need to be sterilised at times, like teething toys.

To help the household get a good night sleep, you also want to make sure you choose the best baby bottles for gas or colic, as we had some issues finding the right bottles since they weren’t used for every feed.

9. Medela Swing Breast Pump

So of course to get milk in the bottles, there needed to be an expressing option and the Medela Swing was amazing for this.

It’s an electronic pump and said to be comparable to hospital-grade pumps. It is easy to use, quick, powerful and relatively comfortable to use. There is also a double swing option to do both sides at once.

A lot of new mums will know how painful it can be when your milk first comes in, or when you have a bit of an oversupply so the pump was as much of a relief as a convenience. I even used it at work once but then decided that was way too strange and left it at home after that.

An electric pump saves so much time and is much easier than hand pumping.

10. Arms Reach Co Sleeper

Okay so this is a product I didn’t have but really wanted. It was just a bit out of the price range that I could justify at the time, but these things are amazing. Being able to have your baby so close and know they are safe is reassuring for the parent, but also reassuring for the baby to be able to see you and hear you nearby. If you have the space, they are a fantastic investment. I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews about the Arms Reach CoSleepers.

You can also read about other great co-sleeper bassinets here.

So there you have it, those are 10 of my must have baby products… well 9 must have baby products and a dream product at least. Having these items in our life through raising our babies has brought about such great benefits and saved so much time and potential worry. Instead we had more time to enjoy being parents and make the most of those speedy early days. They also make great gifts for new parents.

What were your must have baby products?

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