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13 Great Books About Becoming A Big Brother Or Sister

Becoming a big sister or brother for the first time can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for children. They have no idea what to expect and suddenly their position in your family is about to change!

A wonderful way to prepare your child for a new baby is through picture books. These wonderful books about becoming a big brother or sister will help your child through this transition.

11 great books about becoming a big brother or sister

Reading picture books with stories kids can relate to is a wonderful way to teach them about new experiences and situations.

They can make big milestones, such as starting school, feel much less scary too.

These books will help you open up the communication with your child (or children) and encourage them to ask questions to help ease their apprehension.

Below you will find helpful new baby books for toddlers and for older siblings too.

And if you are looking for fun ways to announce your pregnancy or share your baby’s gender reveal, there are plenty of ideas to get you inspired!

Books For Toddlers Becoming A Big Brother Or Sister

It is not uncommon for toddlers to act out or show fear with the arrival of a new baby. Especially if they feel unprepared. It’s pretty scary having a brand new tiny, noisy person in their house, suddenly stealing lots of their mum and dad snuggle time.

These books are aimed to be new baby books for toddlers around the age of 1-3 years, however, they can also support older children in understanding what is happening too.

It can be helpful to start by introducing the idea of a new baby and younger sibling in very simple concepts before moving into more detailed stories. 


By Rachel Fuller

There are lots of new baby books for toddlers. This one is great as it is a board book, made tough for younger kids. This book is especially focused around before the baby arrives, showing moments such as having an ultrasound, to help your child understand what is happening.

It is aimed towards kids around 18 months to 3 years old. This is the first of a 4 part series that goes from pregnancy through baby’s first year.

Find it online: Amazon| Amazon Australia


By Rachel Fuller

Following on from Waiting For Baby book, My New Baby helps young children understand more about what having a new baby in the family means. The story text is simple, with one or two sentences per page, with clear simple images. It covers topics such as breastfeeding, helping children to understand new baby needs and behaviours.

This is such a child-friendly way to introduce your toddler to the fact you may be breastfeeding their new sibling.

Find it online: Amazon| Amazon Australia


By Joanna Cole

I’m a Big Sister book begins once the new baby has arrived, from the perspective of the new big sister. It acknowledges differences between infants and older siblings and celebrates the abilities an older sister has in comparison to her new baby sibling.

This picture book is best for younger children, presenting the family changes in easy to understand terms and concepts.

Find it online: Amazon| Amazon Australia


By Mercer Mayer

This is a great book for big brothers to prepare for a new baby, but works just as well for future big sisters too. It features a baby girl in the story and addresses the frustrations many older siblings experience early on, in a funny and heartwarming way.

It is relatable for children and parents alike. The new big brother (Little Critter) helps with nappy changes, pushing strollers and everyday tasks related to caring for a new baby.

Find it online: Amazon | Amazon Australia


By Caroline Jayne Church

If you are looking for great books about becoming a big brother, I Am A Big Brother book is one definitely a must! It features cute illustrations that help older siblings to understand more about what having a new baby means.

It also beautifully focuses on the special place a big brother has in his parents lives while also identifying the important new role they play as a big brother. This is a perfect big brother book for toddler or younger children.

Find it online: Amazon | Amazon Australia


By Caroline Jayne Church

If you are looking specifically for books about being a big sister, I Am A Big Sister is perfect. Just like the I Am A Big Brother book, it focuses on the importance of big sisters.

The great thing about both these books is that they don’t refer to the new baby as either gender. This means it works for all little sisters, regardless of whether they have a baby brother or sister coming.

Find it online: Amazon | Amazon Australia


By Jan & Stan Berenstain 

Many mums and dads would have grown up with the Berenstain Bears as children themselves, which makes this a special story to share with their own child.

The book presents the addition of a new family through little bear outgrowing his bed and needing a bigger one. His old bed becomes the baby’s bed. It does not talk about the new baby as directly as some of the other recommended books. However this is a great secondary story for introducing change and growing up.

Find it online: Amazon| Amazon Australia


By Katie Saunders

Archie notices his mommy’s tummy growing bigger and that her office is suddenly pink! He isn’t so sure he wants a baby sister, since he likes trains, cowboys and cars and not fluffy, frilly things.

When his baby sister Olive arrives, Archie thinks she looks just like a marshmallow and wonders what will become of his life now that he has a baby sister.

Find it online: Amazon| Amazon Australia


By Angela C. Santomero 

The beloved Daniel Tiger is back with a story about becoming a big brother. This book is one of several in the Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood series that is perfect for introducing changing family dynamics with a new baby and as the baby grows older.

Your child will also love Big Brother Daniel and Daniel Plays In A Gentle Way which progresses through the stages of having a new infant in the home to having a toddler sibling.

Find it online: Amazon| Amazon Australia

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Books For Older Siblings | New Baby

While many of the books listed above can be very helpful for older siblings to become familiar with the prospect of becoming a big brother or sister, these following books are more age-appropriate for older children.

They go into more detail for older siblings who are going to be a big sister or brother and help introduce new words and realities. 

The best part is giving your child the chance to ask questions and voice their fears about their uncertain future. Hopefully, by reading these books together, you will be able to build excitement over anxiety for your older child. 


By Jo Witek

If you are looking for a new baby book for older siblings, this is a great big sister book that focuses on the lead up to the new baby arriving. The big sister book character follows around her mother so she can reassure her new baby sibling about all the great things in the world.

It is presented as an interactive flip book with simple diagrams representing the babies developmental stages during pregnancy. It is aimed towards 4+ year olds and suits older children.

Find it online: Amazon | Amazon Australia


By Amy Krouse Rosenthal

From New York Times bestselling author Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Little Miss, Big Sis is a wonderful big sister book teaching little miss about the excitement ahead with the arrival of a new baby.

Told with rhythmic rhyming, it’s a great story for preschool-aged children who have some grasp on the concepts of time and challenges of infants. It reinforces big sisters important role within the family. Plus it prepares them for some of the less fun stuff like getting hair pulled or lots of crying.

Find it online: Amazon | Amazon Australia


By Dianne Danzig

With kid-friendly humour and straight forward storytelling, Babies Don’t Eat Pizza book is a great way to reassure older siblings awaiting the arrival of a new baby into their family.

The illustrations feature different families caring for and learning about their new family member. With adoption, multicultural families, premature birth and special needs, bottle feeding and breastfeeding. It also explores feelings and concerns kids may have and gives tips to parents for adjusting to the transition too.

Find it online: Amazon | Amazon Australia


By Amy Krouse Rosenthal

This is another book by the author of Little Miss, Big Sis but this one is a little unique. Instead of being a story like the rest, this is actually a scrapbook for older siblings to document their own unique view of the babies milestoneS. From pregnancy through birth and beyond.

This is a really adorable keepsake and helps them to take a more active role in their big sister or brother role. It will also help your older child to feel more connected to the new baby. It has question prompts, photo areas and more. A really fun parent and child activity to do together during your special time together before and after the baby comes too.

Find it online: Amazon | Amazon Australia

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Tips For Helping Older Children Adjust To A New Baby Sibling

Helping your older children to understand how your family is changing and growing, and giving them some idea on what to expect will help to reduce sibling jealousy once the new baby arrives.

In saying that, some jealousy is perfectly normal and expected from your big kid. Getting a new baby brother or sister is a HUGE change! And having to share you is sure to cause some worry.

These books will help to prepare your child for the exciting change of being promoted to big brother or sister!

Check out these great older sibling gift ideas to help with new baby jealousy. A simple reminder of how important your older children are now your family has grown!

This can be a great opportunity to let your older child know that they are your special helpers and introduce new tasks and chores that they are now big enough to assist with. This is an important time and many kids will proudly take on extra responsibility as they get promoted to big brother or big sister.

Pregnant mother reading to child about becoming big sister

Is there a book you love for helping big kids adjust to growing families that isn’t on the list? Leave a comment below and let us know! Be sure to follow me on Facebook or YouTube for more family and parenting tips like these!