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Big Brother & Sister Gift Ideas To Avoid New Sibling Jealousy

Parents know that love for our children isn’t pulled, stretched and thinned like playdough, it just continues to grow and encompass each new person that joins our family. But kid’s don’t always know this! These sibling gifts from new baby brother or sister can help minimise the insecurities! Having a new younger sibling is a big change for everyone in the family, especially if it is the first time your child is becoming an older sibling from their only child status!

These sibling gift ideas can help bring a sense of positivity and extra excitement once the baby arrives.

Giving Older Sibling Gifts From New Baby

Faced with a child’s perspective of a growing and changing family, it can be challenging to help a child understand.  Kids are such a mixed bag of emotions in these formative years that big changes can sometimes be overwhelming.

And so, parents intrepidly stumble through yet ANOTHER test of our creativity, patience, and stress levels as we desperately try to avoid the emotional beast that threatens our family’s peace: New sibling jealousy.

Ultimately, the answer is always this:  Make them comfortable.  Make them happy.  Make them feel special. Give them quality time. And do what you can to build your connection!

Why Gifts Are A Great Way To Avoid New Baby Jealousy

Gift-giving and receiving always delights kids, so what better way to engage the older sibling in their newfound role than with a perfect gift from the baby! In a time of great change, the new sibling gift for the older child can have a very meaningful impact.

Big sibling gifts from the new baby can achieve so many goals in one hit including:

  • The joy of a new toy can help to soothe the older sibling’s mood and unease about the baby;
  • Fun, happy and engaging toys that depict a family unit can provide interactive education about families;
  • Art-based toys can provide the child with a creative emotional outlet;
  • They feel special – I mean, nobody else got a gift from the baby!

Wondering what your place now is within your family unit can cause a struggle of confidence for many children. While for others, the transition seems relatively easy and they are excited to welcome their new future best friend into their lives.

Helping your child to develop their resilience skills prior to the arrival of the new baby can also help ease them into their new role.

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Baby sibling

Ideas For Older Sibling Gifts From Baby – Toddler Gifts

Toddlers are at an age where they are still coming to grips with their emotions.  A gifted toy from the new baby is a good way to soothe the extremes of their emotions assist them to gently bond with their new sibling.

Check out these gift ideas from baby to older sibling grouped into age, to make your gifting easier!

Here are some great new baby gift ideas for Toddler siblings:

Their Own Baby & Doll Stroller

Giving a toddler a baby of their own to care for will help them imitate and understand caring for a baby within a family. You can encourage them to mirror you caring for their new sibling by doing the same with their baby doll.

This can also help with occupying some of the time they normally had alone with you before their new sibling arrived.

A doll stroller or doll baby carrier can be the perfect accessory with their new baby doll toy as well! Or a toy diaper bag for all their baby doll essentials!


Fun ideas and things to make with playdough

No matter what age, playdough is a terrific educational tool and emotional outlet.  Whether they build what they see or smoosh it out of frustration, Playdough is a fun gift!

You can even make your own homemade playdough with glitter or in their favourite colours!

Ideas For Older Sibling Gifts From Baby – Pre-Schooler

Pre-Schoolers are typically better than toddlers at managing their emotions but have had you to themselves for a good long stretch.  A gift from the new baby can assist them to understand and feel more comfortable with their changing family.

Here are some great ideas for gifts for Pre-Schooler siblings:

Doll Families & Doll Houses

Wooden Wonderland has some beautiful sets for littlies to explore the concept of growing families and the interactions of family members within the home.

Younger children express themselves most effectively through play, which makes family playsets a perfect opportunity to encourage this.

Sylvanian Families and Calico Critters are cute animal alternatives for family playsets and dollhouses.

Creative Frames

A simple gift that will delight the artistic pre-schooler (or even school-age) siblings are creative frames.  Set them loose creating a masterpiece that will house a photo of them with their new Little Sibling.

What Sisters & Brothers Do Best

What sisters do best
What brothers do best

These sweet flipbooks highlight the positives of a growing family as it celebrates the fun and wonderful things the child will be able to do with their new Little Sibling!

Find them on The Book Depository or shop on Amazon.

I’m A Big Brother & I’m A Big Sister

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The children’s books by Joanna Cole, I’m A Big Brother and I’m A Big Sister are the best books for preschool to early primary school-aged children

Find more picture books about becoming a big brother or sister to help your child understand about their growing family.

Brothers - big brother and sister gift ideas to avoid new sibling jealousy

Ideas For Older Sibling Gifts From New Baby – Primary School Age

Older kids may likely be well aware that the baby didn’t LITERALLY pick out that gift for them, but the ceremony surrounding the gift lets them know how special it is to be an older sibling.

It is also a reminder to them that you are thinking about their feelings through the transition, which is important for opening that channel of communication between parents and older siblings.

Here are some great ideas for gifts for Primary School Age siblings:

Gifts For The Big Sister

Little girls love a bit of bling, so a big sister necklace is a keepsake that a little girl will adore and wear with pride!  This is a great way to let the new big sister know just how important she is by giving her one of these great big sister gift ideas from the new baby.

For an extra special gift idea, there are some beautiful personalised big sister necklaces and jewellery sets on Etsy that are sure to be treasured for many years to come!

Get them here: Big Sister Bar Necklace | Layered Big Sister Name Necklace

Personalised big sister necklace
Big sister necklace stamped

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Journals To Document Thoughts

Draw and write journal 2 big brother & sister gift ideas to avoid new sibling jealousy

Draw & Write Journals are a great place for primary age kids to feel they can safely express their frustrations and excitement, whether it be written or drawn! It does not need to be anything fancy either.

Alternatively, a cute notebook with lined or blank pages works great for giving older kids somewhere to express themselves. Journals make great big sister or big brother gift ideas.

Statement Shirts

Big brother statement shirt

Let them know (in such a fun way) that they’re super important to their new baby sibling, with a statement shirt.

And you can even find matching shirt and romper sets for added sweetness too!

Although these great gift ideas may not completely deter new sibling jealousy, they are indeed an important step in the transition to becoming a big brother or sister. You can find lots of cool options for both an older sister and an older brother, with a matching little brother and little sister option for the new baby.

Big Brother Or Big Sister Tote Bag

Big sister tote bag

These adorable big brother and big sister tote bags are a fun idea for creating your own older sibling survival kit, filled with a few smaller gifts such as a book, a toy and some thoughtful items they will love. You could even create your own older sibling coupon booklet with your older child can redeem when they are in need of special time with you.

Baby Shower Gifts For Older Siblings

If you are attending a baby shower to celebrate the soon arrival of a new baby for a family member or friend and you want to get the older sibling a gift, here are some fun ideas perfect for big brothers and big sisters:

Activity Jars

Big sister activity jar
Big brother activity jar

These big brother and big sister activity jars are a fun gift to help new parents give their older child activities when adjusting to newborn life. They have jars to suit different age groups.

Matching Outfits

Family matching outfits

Get a matching set for mum, baby and sibling (they have dad options too) for a fun baby shower gift for the whole family.

Check out these newborn baby gift ideas if you are looking for a gift for your newest arrival and gift ideas for new mothers.

Contributed by Martina Vitulli, the founder and owner of The Essential Baby Box, curated and styled newborn baby boxes packed with all the essentials delivered Worldwide.

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