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The Best Subscription Boxes For Families 2024

Finding the perfect gift for a family can be hard. Subscription boxes are an excellent option because they offer a variety of themes for all budgets and interests, and make it easy to find something that a whole family can enjoy together!

These subscription boxes for families cover everything from monthly boxes with games to food and more.

Whether you are buying for your own family or looking for a family gift for others, this list of gift boxes for families are sure to be a hit!

Subscription boxes for families cooking box

Best Subscription Boxes For Families: The Perfect Family Gift

As children get older, it can be hard to find gifts that will appeal to them and also their parents.

Family subscription box gifts offer something new each month or two with a variety of themes from food to games and more!

They are gifts that keep on giving well after that first monthly subscription boxes of fun arrive!

But best of all, there is literally a subscription box for almost every hobby, interest and age group, so you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration for fun subscription boxes to try.

The best subscription boxes for families always keep the interests of both adults and kids in mind.

And while many subscription boxes target younger children, there are plenty that offer amazing ideas for older children and adults too!

Our Top 3 Picks: Best Family Subscription Boxes

Universal yums subscription box for belgium


Universal Yums

✅ Monthly

✅ Country themed

✅ Loaded with yummy snacks

Kiwico atlas crate


✅ Monthly

✅ Different types to choose from

✅ Swap between types

Finders keepers mystery subscription box

Finders Seekers

✅ Monthly

✅ Solve a mystery

✅ Great with teens

Find more activities to do at home with kids plus over 100 fun ideas for the backyard too!

What Is a Subscription Box?

A subscription box is a themed mystery gift delivered to your home on a regular basis.

Subscription boxes are perfect for adults and kids, as they can be bought as gifts or just because you want something fun in the mail each month!

There are hundreds of different types of subscriptions out there with everything from food to beauty products, art supplies and books.

A great place to start if you’re looking for specific subscription box themes is on CrateJoy – A subscription box marketplace that has thousands of options your family will love to enjoy together.

But to help you narrow down some great choices, we’ve put together our favourite picks for the best subscription boxes for families.

Best Subscription Boxes For Foodies

When it comes to finding the perfect subscription box gift for a whole family to share, you can’t often go wrong with a foodie gift box. There are so many different options to suit their tastes too.

Whether you’re looking for snack subscription boxes, health food or baking boxes, here are some fun food subscription boxes for families:

Kidstir (ships USA, Canada, UK, Australia) – Kidstir is a fun foodie subscription box for kids that delivers quality kitchen tools, 3 monthly recipes and tips to create delicious dishes with your family.

GoodnessMe Box (Australia only) –  Discover delicious pantry staples and snacks, delivered to your door with new nutritionist-approved items and natural foods to enjoy with the family.

Baketivity (ships USA & Canada) – Baketivity is a baking subscription box for kids and families that takes the hassle out of trying to find fun things to do with your children. Eat kit comes with pre-measured ingredients, shopping lists, instructions and bonus activities.

Kernel Crate (ships worldwide) – A monthly popcorn subscription that ships from the USA with new popcorn flavours to share each month.

Weekly Meal Box Subscriptions

While it might not seem as exciting as a monthly activity box, weekly meal subscription boxes deliver fresh and delicious meals to your door every week. And they encourage time together as a family, preparing meals and eating together.

Meal boxes make great clutter-free gifts as well if you’re looking for something consumable!

Every Plate AU – Every Plate makes cooking fun and easy for busy families with a range of fresh meal subscription boxes designed to make dinnertime stress-free. They come with recipe cards and measured ingredients, and are great value for when you want a break from meal planning.

Hello Fresh AU –  Hello Fresh is a weekly meal subscription box that allows you to eat delicious and nutritious meals at home with their easy-to-follow recipes. They deliver fresh ingredients, chef’s tips and step by step instructions straight to your door every week!

Wanderlust Subscription Boxes For Families

Travel is a passion many families share and when they can’t travel, it’s still fun to learn about the world from afar. This is where a monthly gift box related to travel can be the perfect themed gift idea.

There are many different kids travel subscription boxes that are a lot of fun. While they do target kids, they are still loaded with enough fun facts and interesting activities to engage the whole family.

Popular travel options include the following:

KiwiCo Atlas Crate (Ships worldwide) – The Altas Kiwi Crates bring new activities in monthly theme boxes that teach you about a new country each month. This is one of our favourites. Each month we all learn some cool new facts about the destination, and their world cultures and have a little fun helping the kids create their projects.

Little Passports (ships USA & Canada) – Receive monthly surprises at your front door designed to make learning about the world fun. Choose from Early Explorers, World Edition or USA Edition. The themed boxes take you to a different country each month.

Little Global Citizens (USA only) – Every second month brings a new book or activity books, craft projects, a new recipe to try and much more. Learn about different cultures from home.

Here are some other travel subscription box options:

Universal Yums (ships USA, Canada, UK, Australia)Get a taste of the world with Yum boxes. Discover tasty treats from around the globe and learn about different countries in each box you receive. There are 3 different sizes to suit your family size and budget so you can take a taste tour of the world from your own lounge room.

The Nomadik (Ships worldwide)- Each quarterly box comes with 3 to 7 items of the latest outdoor gear that will inspire plenty of new outdoor adventures as a family. They have 1, 6 & 12-month subscription options and you can cancel anytime or skip a box.

Japan Crate (Ships worldwide)- Subscription boxes themed with Japanese culture including Kawaii, stationery and treat boxes. Subscriptions are available monthly and are a great way to share a love of Japan even when you can’t visit.

Best Subscription Boxes For Games

Some of the most popular subscription boxes for families include those that focus on games. Whether it’s a board game or a card game box subscription, these monthly gift ideas make a fun and unexpected present!

The best part is that these game subscription boxes encourage quality time together as a family, with a regular game night to enjoy your new surprise activities.

Family game night

Finders Seekers Mystery Game Box (USA & Canada only) This monthly game subscription is perfect for the whole family. The games are all designed to be multi-player and essentially an escape room in a box. The monthly puzzles are aimed at ages 10 and up and take place in a different city each month.

Escape the Crate (Worldwide except for AU & NZ)This is also an escape room subscription box loaded with puzzles to solve together as a family. It is suited to older kids aged 10 and up.

The Deadbolt Mystery Society Monthly Box (USA only)Enjoy your own family murder mystery night each month. Solve the clues and uncover the mystery. This mystery box is perfect for families with teenagers.

Gaming Guru (USA only)Grab your family for game night with UnboxBoardom, the best way to discover new board games. Every game is a tried-and verified good time according to their team of gaming experts. These game boxes are suited to ages 8 and up. They also have quarterly and bi-monthly options.

Activity & Craft Subscription Box Ideas For Families

Art subscription boxes are another great gift idea for families. Not only do they encourage creativity and imagination, but these themed gift boxes also allow you to have a lot of fun together as a family too.

These family subscription boxes are the perfect way to find fun together at home and connect with your kids through activities.

Green Kid Crafts (ships worldwide) – With Green Kid Subscriptions, your kids receive a box with all the supplies needed to complete 4-6 art projects and science experiments each month. The Discovery boxes are aimed towards older kids and make for fun family projects to do together.

KiwiCo (ships worldwide) – STEM activity subscription boxes are available in loads of different options. Subscriptions can be tailored to suit different age groups from toddler right through to 100, with more challenging activities for family groups. We love KiwiCo. They are loads of fun.

Creation Crate (USA & Canada only) – This monthly craft box subscription is perfect for older children and adults with a focus on educational activities and science. They have STEM course subscriptions based around electronics, engineering, robotics and chemistry. There are online training to go along with the projects too.

Mickey Monthly (ships worldwide) – Are you a family of Disney fanatics? This Disney subscription box brings new branded and licensed gear to your door each month. There are loads of options to suit different budgets from Mickey Original Series in 3 sizes, Loungefly subscriptions and snack edition bringing you authentic Disney Park snacks.

Together Unplugged Family Fun BoxSubscription boxes for families that focus on fun family activities to do without the screens. These activity gifts are perfect for weekends at home together or even holiday entertainment ideas with games, puzzles snacks and more.

Reading Bug Box (USA only)While not entirely a family activity, reading picture books and board books is a wonderful activity to do with younger kids and getting a new variety of children’s books every month is a great way to encourage a love of reading. Or if you have older kids, choose a box in the 10-13 year range and start your own family book club taking in turns reading each book that month. It can be personalised to your kids ages with 3-4 new books monthly.

Make sure you check out these fun kid’s subscription boxes and travel subscription boxes for kids too!

Subscription boxes are a great idea for families, whether you’re looking to give a gift or just want something fun in the mail every month! The best part about Subscriptions is that they can be tailored to suit your family’s taste and interests. There is a family subscription box to suit every family, interest and budget!

Which of these subscription boxes for families would you most love to try?

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The best subscription boxes for families