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12 Tech-Free Family Activities For Home

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Modern technology has taken over such a large part of our lives these days, from a very young age, which means a lot of family fun has been replaced with solo screen time. This is hardly fun for the whole family, so we wanted to put together some ideas for fun tech-free family activities for home … that don’t involve technology!!

tech-free family fun


Switching off your devices and spending quality time together is so important for a family… whether you are a family of 2 or a family of 12! Switching off is necessary! When we are always connected, we struggle to truly relax and this is not a great combination for a happy household!

Instead focus on having quality family fun time each week to connect, relax and enjoy one another’s company!

Here are some ideas to get you started with our tech-free family activities you can do at home:


Picnics are great fun and you don’t even have to go out to enjoy one! Pull out your picnic rug and set up a family picnic in your own backyard.

At least if you forget something, someone can run inside and grab it… a luxury you often don’t get at a picnic!


Pulling out the dusty old photo albums or mum and dad’s wedding album, there is great joy in reminiscing moments from the past with loved ones.

This is especially fun seeing how much kids have grown up… plus kids love seeing themselves as babies, usually! I am a project life scrapbooker so we have lots of albums and photo books from different years in our family’s life. Very special to browse with our girls.


Does someone in the family have a green thumb? Even if you don’t, there’s no better time than now to start. Plant some veggie seeds or get some flower plants and make a bright corner in your backyard that you can watch grow together.

If you do decide to go for the fruit and veggies, it’s even more fun when the time comes to pick and eat your harvest! And if space is limited, do a planter box garden instead.

Check out these tips for preparing your garden for winter.

family fun activities for kids at home


No, I don’t mean plug in the Xbox for a night of electronic gaming! I mean an old fashioned board game night! There are so many fun board games available these days and with a bit of healthy competition, the laughs are sure to follow!


Okay, so this does use a form of technology… but kitchen appliances are fine, right?! Plan and cook a meal together. 3 courses or more and enjoy the feast together!

There’s plenty of fun to be had in the kitchen, plus you’re teaching the kids some useful skills for when they are old enough to take over ;)

family cooking together


Throw a picnic rug down on the grass, or if you’re lucky enough to have a trampoline that’s even better and everyone can get ready for some stargazing.

Take in turns trying to find shapes in the star formations or spotting constellations. It sure beats another night staring at the TV screen!


Got a quiet weekend coming up? There’s no reason you can’t host your own Mexican soiree or PJ party at home! Plan your menu to suit your theme, dress up, play some appropriate music and have your own mini party at home.

So much family fun… or extend it to some friends to come join in too!


Our 4.5-year-old is suddenly obsessed with puzzles and not small ones either. 500 & 1000 piece ones usually so she needs a little help sometimes from me.

If your kids enjoy puzzles, why not set one up as a family challenge and build it together. You can each work on different sections and enjoy seeing the finished product!


Depending on what time of year it is where you are, water activities can be good fun on a hot day! If you’re lucky enough to have a pool.. you’re sorted! If not you can set up a sprinkler to run through, or have a water pistol fight.

Trust me… you don’t need to be a kid to enjoy this! As teenagers, we would often have water bomb fights too. Great fun except for the clean up afterwards so the water pistols are a cleaner option! And reusable of course.

Find loads of water play activities for preschoolers and older children.


Set up a relay or adventure course in your backyard and have fun in the sun. You could do sack races, egg and spoon races and plenty of other fun outdoor activities that get kids active, laughing and having great family fun at home.

fun activities for kids at home craft


Feeling a bit creative? Pull out some paints or pencils or any other crafty materials and have a family art day! You could make a canvas together to hang on the wall of the house! So fun and a one of a kind, of course! Kids love getting messy of course!


Always wanted to learn how to cross-stitch or make model cars, or maybe you want to master golf. Why not learn as a family?

Get everything you need and have a home learning session together. Youtube is always a great help to learn anything and everything of course… although it does break the tech-free rule a little!! How much fun it will be to learn as a family!

Those are just a few ideas for tech-free family activities for home that you can have so that you don’t need to go anywhere or spend a lot to have great memories with your kids! Home is where the heart is and it can be the place of many adventures too!! And technology is not necessary… which is an important lesson for the kiddos!

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Friday 6th of July 2018

Great list - thanks for sharing #6 would probably be the next upcoming outing for the fam.


Wednesday 21st of March 2018

Thanks for the 12 great ideas.

Even better when they are simplistic, and anyone can be part of the fun.

Great work.

Cheers Sharon...


Wednesday 13th of September 2017


I love all your ideas. I have a teen who is never off her phone and I would like to spend some quality time withe her. Cooking with her seems a nice way to start and I will surely try solving puzzles with her and see how it goes.

Tanks a lot.


Sunday 30th of July 2017

Ask if it's ok to eat your lunch during the interview! I actually had someone do that, while I was interviewing them! They said they had an important meeting to get back to, so there was no time to squeeze in lunch!


Friday 28th of July 2017

Well I believe dining with cannibals must be very dangerous as they may be thinking how delicious you are lol