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28 Of The Best Classic Board Games For Kids

Family game nights are one of the fondest memories many of us have from childhood. Some of the classic board games we played as kids are still just as popular now, and sure to become favourites with the younger generation. Plan your next family game night, or introduce a classic family board game into your game rotation and discover some favourite board games that every household should have in their collection.

The best board games for kids that everyone should own


Board games are a great way to enjoy tech-free fun with family and friends. The time spent together is wonderful for creating joyful memories. 

They are also perfect for keeping kids occupied on rainy days. Plus it means less screen time.

Many classic board games also have the added benefits of helping younger children develop skills too, such as spelling, counting money and fine motor skills. 

You may be surprised exactly how many things you can teach through something as simple as a game. 

And of course, these popular board games are family-friendly too, making them a great tech-free entertainment option to do together.

Kids playing board game at grandparents house

The Best Board Games of All Time

There have been some pretty awesome board games for kids created in recent years, but you really can’t beat the classics.

There is something extra special about teaching your own children how to play a game you grew up with. 

I asked my community what their favourite board games were growing up, and these are the games that they loved and played.

Some of these games have been given a modern twist in recent years, however many are just as they were back when they first launched. 


It is no real surprise that Monopoly sits on this classic games list. There have been hundreds of versions created over the decades, but you can’t go past the original Monopoly for a serious board game session with the family. 

Monopoly is a favourite of our eldest daughter and we love that it helps her practice her counting skills with the Monopoly money. We also have the Monopoly Electronic Banking edition which is very 2020, with each playing receiving a debit card instead of cash. 

The Game of Life

While I never had The Game of Life as a kid myself, it was one I always wanted to play and a popular choice in my online community. We have this game now and our girls play it just as often as Monopoly.

The best thing about The Game of Life is the fact that it is a bit quicker gameplay than Monopoly and possibly a little easier for younger players to learn too. 


Whether you are old or young, there is no greater way to show off your vocabulary skills than a game of Scrabble. The lucky dip of tiles can present the ultimate challenge but make for a fun educational session with a few laughs thrown in. 

For younger children, Scrabble Junior is a great choice too for helping them to develop their spelling and word skills through play.

Hungry Hippos

For an energetic board game that younger children love, you can’t beat Hungry Hippos. This was one of my personal favourites during primary school, for a quick and simple board game for younger kids. 

Have your hippo eat the most balls during the noisy, chaotic round and become the Hungry Hippo champion! 

Guess Who?

Another personal favourite and one that was popular in my online community is Guess Who? The classic game of elimination is one that is fun for all ages, suitable for 2 players. Take turns in asking questions to narrow down the options and see who can be the first to guess the other player’s character.

This compact game is a great travel game option too as it packs easily and can be played during road trips or even on the plane! This is definitely a game everyone should own.

Trivial Pursuit

If you are looking for a board game to test your trivia skills, Trivial Pursuit will deliver! There are many different versions of Trivial Pursuit these days, and if playing with kids, look for a recent version with trivia relevant to their knowledge. 

You may be amazed how much random trivia kids learn over the years, making them great competition for Trivial Pursuit! The 40th Anniversary edition is a great option for recent trivia. We also have the 2000s edition, which is also great fun!

Connect 4

Sometimes the simplest of games are the best and Connect 4 has been one of the most popular board games of all time, despite its simplicity. This 2 player board game involves some quick thinking and problem solving as you aim to be the first person to get 4 of your colour in a row. 

We have a travel version of this game that we take on holidays and the kids love it. They also like making pretty patterns with it while playing solo.


This fun board game using dice and chance is one all ages love. Yahtzee is certainly a game of luck and one that you do not need a lot of skill to play. 

The rules may be a little tricky for younger children, however, older children will enjoy the fun of probability with each throw of the dice.


One of the most popular board games when I was growing up was Cluedo. We were lucky enough to have it in a few of our classrooms as kids. During free play sessions, it was often the first thing to come out.

Solve the mystery by working out the weapon, the room and the culprit before anyone else can work it out. 


A personal favourite of mine is the game of Scattergories. We had this on our wedding registry because I never owned it as a child but always wanted it. This fun game of quick thinking tests your knowledge while finding answers starting with a certain letter.

This is a great game to play with kids as they get older and expand their vocabulary. Although it is just as fun with adults too! Try not to jump at the sound of the buzzer going off as time runs out…

More Fun Family Board Games

In case this list of classic board games for kids and families wasn’t already enough for you, here are a few more that are worth a mention and have stood the test of time:

Kids playing chess board game

Unlike many of the recent on-trend games that are a hit for a season then fade away, these classic board games just keep on giving! They are perfect for family fun nights or for siblings and friends to play together.

The best thing about all these classic games for kids is the fact they are just as fun for adults too.

They also make perfect gift ideas for Christmas or birthdays too, unlike many toys that kids quickly outgrow.