building resilience in children - resilience activities (3)

How To Help Your Child Become More Resilient

Building resilience in children helps them to navigate through the everyday ups and downs. It also helps them to cope with significant challenges, loss and difficult experiences. Read on for tips on how to help with building resilience in your children.

raising confident daughters (2)

Raising Confident Daughters: 10 Tips For Parents

Raising confident daughters is a goal most girl mums have. We want our kids to grow up with goals and aspirations that lead them to a successful and thriving future. And we don’t want anything to hold them back! This can be a challenge for parents, if confidence is not something that comes naturally.

Age appropriate chores for kids

A Guide to Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

Growing up with chores helps children become more responsible. and teaches them how to function in a household where everyone is expected to contribute. The following is a guide to age appropriate chores for kids divided by age group with free printables.

DIY Hair detangling spray

DIY Hair Detangling Spray

As a mother of 2 daughters, I know all too well the agony of having hair brushed… at least my eldest sure does make it sound like it’s agonising, with a constant stream of whinging! She has long hair, so of course there are knots from time to time. However, it wasn’t until her younger …

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