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75 Gratitude Prompts For Kids To Learn How To Be Grateful

Gratitude prompts for kids are an effective method for introducing a positive mindset at a young age. Teaching children how to express gratitude even for the smallest things can help boost their resilience and encourages a healthy mindset early on. 

This list of gratitude journal prompts for kids will help them become aware of everything good in their life.

The gratitude questions can be part of your daily conversations or used as part of developing a daily gratitude journal habit. 

This is a fun bonding activity that will help you raise them with a thankful heart. It’s also an opportunity to create a deep and meaningful bond with your child that allows them to grow in a positive environment.

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Why Is Practising Gratitude Important For Kids?

The things a person learns during their childhood can be carried out throughout their lives – including having an attitude of gratitude!

That’s why teaching kids the concept of gratitude helps them handle adolescence and adulthood more positively. 

Here are some of the reasons why a habit of gratitude for kids is important:

Developing Resilience

Having a positive mindset can help you turn things around when they don’t go quite to plan. 

With a thankful heart, your child can much more easily accept setbacks, delays, and rejections and focus on the positive things instead. They know that there are still a lot of reasons to be grateful. 

Your child might even learn to give thanks for the negativities that are blessings in disguise.

Keeping a positive attitude is undoubtedly challenging. Yet it’s a mindset that helps kids to be prepared for the real world.

Jealousy Is A Green-Eyed Monster

Kids often want for things, like the coolest new toy or accessory. Especially if their friends already have one! 

That interest can push them to jealousy.

Practising gratitude is the best way to manage the dreaded green-eyed monster.

Kids learn that their toys, clothes, and other belongings are enough and special and instead of getting jealous of their siblings or schoolfriends, they can accept the situation easier. 

Personal Contentment

By using gratitude activities for kids, they are more likely to be confident with themselves and be better at identifying their own good qualities and those of others. Contentment helps them to seek the good in each situation. 

Feeling more personal contentment can help with mental health and maintaining a positive outlook on life. 

Gratitude prompt cards for kids.


Gratitude Prompt Cards For Kids

Be sure to grab these Gratitude Prompts Cards to encourage kids to explore positive feelings and cultivate gratitude.

How Can You Teach Kids About Gratitude?

It’s given that children look up to their parents. That’s why you are expected to set an example and be their guide as they grow up. 

Here are some effective ways of teaching gratitude to children: 

Guided Gratitude Journals

Give your child a gratitude journal with daily prompts to get them started. 

There are different types of gratitude journals for kids to suit different age groups, with some focused on the same prompts each day, while others have a variety of activities, including drawing, writing and questions to answer out loud.  

You can sit with your child to do their daily gratitude journaling, especially if they are young kids.

Or allow them to do their daily journal prompts independently. Bonding with gratitude journals can be a learning experience for both of you. 

Check out some of our favourites in my video below:

Lead by Example

Children learn best by observation. Take advantage of the fact that they’ll mimic your actions and lead by example by expressing gratitude in your own daily life.

Ensure that you include expressions of gratitude during your conversations with your child. It can be as simple as sharing with them something that made you feel good that day and asking them to do the same.  

Books About Gratitude for Kids

Education begins at home and reading books to your kids is a great starting point! Have a reading session every day where you can include picture books about gratitude.  

Gratitude Writing Prompts

Aside from journal prompts for kids, you can write down your own set of gratitude questions. It could be like a stimulating cognitive activity, which your child can accomplish every day.

Start with simple questions related to their age and interests.

Make it more fun by turning it into an exchange of answers. Explain to one another why that particular answer is something to be grateful about. The gratitude questions for kids listed below can be your stepping stones in practising the positive mindset.

List Of Gratitude Prompts For Kids

Gratitude journal prompts can be a great way of getting started on practising gratitude with your child.

Best of all, they don’t even need to be written to be beneficial. You can incorporate these gratitude questions as conversation starters during your family dinners instead.

These gratitude questions for kids listed below can be your stepping stones in practising the positive mindset:

  1. What are your favourite things to do on the weekend?
  2. What is your favourite season of the year?
  3. What is the most beautiful place you have ever visited?
  4. Which is your favourite game?
  5. What is the best part of your day? 
  6. What are some acts of kindness you could do for a neighbour?
  7. Who is your best friend and what do you like about them?
  8. Which family tradition do you most love?
  9. Describe your best day ever.
  10. What is your favourite food?
  11. What are 3 great things that happened to you this week?
  12. What is something you are most looking forward to?
  13. What is something you have done that has had a positive impact on someone you know?
  14. Write down 3 nice things about yourself.
  15. What is the best gift you have ever received? 
  16. What is your favourite book?
  17. What is your favourite animal?
  18. What family trip did you have the most fun?
  19. Who is your favourite movie character?
  20. What do you love about our home?
  21. Describe the best things about your pet.
  22. What was the colour of your last birthday cake?
  23. Who is your favourite teacher?
  24. What school activity do you enjoy the most?
  25. What ice cream flavour do you love?
  26. Describe the most memorable summer vacation you had
  27. Write down 3 of your most cherished items
  28. Describe what you love about your grandparents
  29. Who inspires you?
  30. What is your dream job?
  31. What compliment did you receive that made you happy?
  32. What do you love about your siblings?
  33. What did you do that made someone smile?
  34. Write down your favourite breakfast meals
  35. Describe your favourite clothing accessory
  36. What school subject interests you the most?
  37. What was the bravest thing you did recently?
  38. What made you laugh today?
  39. Describe a good dream you recently had.
  40. What was the last thing you shared with a friend?
  41. What is your favourite amusement park ride?
  42. In three words, how would you describe Mum?
  43. Write a short thank you note to dad
  44. List down five qualities of your best friend.
  45. Write a short poem about appreciating nature
  46. What is your favourite fruit?
  47. Which is your favourite holiday?
  48. How did you overcome a recent challenge?
  49. List five things you love about yourself
  50. What is an item that helps you sleep at night?
  51. How do you express gratitude to others?
  52. Describe a random act of kindness someone did for you.
  53. What are your favourite things to do at school?
  54. What are your favourite songs?
  55. How would you make your worst day better?
  56. What is the most beautiful thing about you?
  57. What is your perfect way to spend a day?
  58. How can you be a good friend to someone?
  59. What is your favourite game?
  60. How can you cheer up someone who is having a hard time?
  61. What is a recent obstacle you have overcome?
  62. What is the hardest thing that you know how to do?
  63. Describe a special talent you have. 
  64. Tell me something great that happened last week.
  65. When was the last time you felt really happy?
  66. What makes you laugh the hardest?
  67. Have you ever been so happy you wanted to cry?
  68. What are some small things that others do that make you feel loved?
  69. What TV show makes you laugh the hardest?
  70. Where is your favourite place?
  71. When was the first time you felt really proud of yourself?
  72. What is something you do to improve your physical health?
  73. What is an important life skill you know how to do?
  74. What wonderful things do you want to do when you grow up?
  75. Describe something you love about a family member. 

How To Use Gratitude Journal Prompts For Kids

Using gratitude journal prompts for kids can be treated like a simple writing activity. What makes it more beneficial is that you are not only enhancing their writing skills but they are also practising gratitude. 

Using written gratitude prompts for children is one of the best activities to introduce your child to the practice of gratitude, suited to kids around ages 7 and up, who already have some writing skills.

Allow them to answer the questions at their own pace and avoid prompting them too much with their answers. But don’t push them. 

Make it fun for your child!

Apart from creative writing skills, you can also stimulate their creative side. Let them draw pictures connected to their answer on a blank page. 

Drawing and colouring can turn journaling into a more appealing activity for many kids. Especially younger kids who aren’t yet confident with writing or spelling. 

Another option is to use this gratitude list as conversation starter questions with family members, around the dinner table or during a long drive.

They would also be great for Thanksgiving dinner if this is a holiday you celebrate with your family.  

Printable Gratitude Cards

These printable gratitude cards can be used for gratitude journal prompts or as conversation starters with kids. Find them in my store.

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Conclusion – The Benefits Of Gratitude

Using these gratitude prompts for kids will help you raise grateful kids who are more inclined towards positive thinking when challenges arise in their daily life. Having a heart of gratitude can make the little things feel like big things, and we all want to feel happy in our lives! I hope these prompt ideas help you find new creative ways to practice gratitude with your child.