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52 Fun Family Date Night Ideas For A Whole Year Of Memories

These family date night ideas will have you making special memories every single week with your nearest and dearest!

Planning intentional family time is so important. It gives everyone a chance to slow down and spend quality time with family members.

That’s why starting a family date night tradition is a wonderful way to be intentional with this time spent together. We’ve put together 52 fun family date nights for you to try so you have one for every week of the year, or plan your family night once a month instead if it fits better into your schedule.

Either way, you will be grateful for this time together.

Family of 4 sitting on their couch with fairy lights on, watching a movie at home

What Are The Benefits Of A Family Date Night?

Family date ideas aren’t just for having fun. They are also important for helping you maintain that special bond as a family. Here are some of the benefits of starting your own family date tradition:

  • Connection – Family date night ideas allow your family to bond over shared interests which supports openness and conversation between family members. The time is for building emotional connections.
  • Improved Well-Being – Your home should be your sanctuary and your family should be your source of comfort. Family time helps each of you let go of the stress from the week and enjoy some relaxed fun. It also gives each of you something to look forward to together and boosts those happy hormones.
  • Brings Out Your Inner Child – Time with your kids means family fun and doing the things you forgot how much you enjoyed. This one is for you, parents – relive your youth, try new things and feel invigorated by breaking out of your weekly routine.
  • Modelling Healthy Relationships – A child’s perception of relationships starts to develop at home. They observe how parents treat one another and unconsciously absorb the behaviour. Family bonding plays a huge role in learning about healthy relationships.
  • Strengthening Marriage Bonds – Bonding with the whole family brings couples closer as they share happiness from the life they created.

52 Fun Family Date Night Ideas

These exciting family date night ideas will give you plenty of inspiration for your family time together.

With 52 different date nights for families on this list, you can plan one each week of the year, or space them out as a new monthly tradition instead if that better suits your family schedule.

1. Family Game Night

Family of four playing a card game at a small white table

Plan an epic board game battle at home with your family favourites or play brand new board games together for the first time.

Aside from board games, the whole family can also enjoy some healthy competition with some fun family card games too.

Here are some recommendations if you need some new game ideas:

2. Backyard Picnic

For cheap date ideas for families, spend a Friday night by arranging a simple backyard picnic at home. It’s a relaxing way to cap off the week and it can turn your simple family dinner into an incredibly fun experience.

Sit it on a picnic rug and watch the sun setting or stargaze while you dine together.

3. Stargazing

Looking at the stars is a calming activity after a long tiring day. Bring everyone to the backyard so you can all take some time to appreciate the stars.

This is such a simple activity and that’s sometimes exactly what you need to fit into a busy week, while still making time together.

4. Indoor Dance Party

Get everyone moving with an upbeat dance party in your living room!

We sometimes use this as a chance to share music from our own youth with our kids, reminiscing past favourites and sometimes getting some cringes from the kids at the dorky dance moves.

Such a great mood booster though.

5. Build a Sheet Fort

This is an oldie but a goodie. Grab your sheets and create the biggest fort you can make in the living room. Get creative and add some fairy lights or a homemade sign on the ‘door’ of the fort.

Then, move all your cushions in and have some family chill-out time with snacks inside the fort!

You could even turn it into a snuggly movie night with a laptop or tablet playing a movie in your makeshift indoor cubbyhouse.

6. Ten Pin Bowling

Family with two kids at the bowling alley cheering on a little boy as he bowls a red ball

Go to a bowling alley and test your pin skills. This is a retro night out that is still so much fun and it’s the perfect activity for the whole family.

7. Movie Night

Speaking of movie night, this is a classic family date night that never fails! While it’s great to mix it up, there’s definitely a lot to love about a movie night at home.

We try and do this once a week if our weekend isn’t too busy, watching one of our childhood favourites with the kids for the first time or watching new films none of us have yet seen together.

You could add a little extra fun to your movie night tradition by having a random genre pick each time or theming it around your menu, such as Mexican food and the Disney film Coco.

8. Scavenger Hunt

A family scavenger hunt is a fun way to explore your house or neighbourhood and test your problem-solving skills.

It can be a clue-based scavenger hunt that mum or dad has set up ahead of time to lead to a surprise (maybe a new board game to play together or a special treat).

Or you could also set challenges for each list item, such as taking funny photos with a specific item or making it specifically a photo scavenger hunt.

Another option is having a neighbourhood scavenger hunt where you go for a walk through local streets and the local park, needing you to tick set items off your list such as a red letterbox, or a house with a blue roof.

Scavenger hunts can be just as fun for the grown-ups as they can be for kids!

9. Do An Escape Room

Improve your family’s teamwork by finishing an escape room challenge. This is a fun family date idea perfect for the weekends.

Many bigger cities have an escape room with one or more challenges to try.

If you don’t have one nearby, you can also get escape room subscription boxes to arrive at your door or try your hand at an online escape room challenge instead.

This is a great way to practice problem-solving and strategy together.

10. Family Photo Shoot

Make your family date night a memorable one with a fun photo shoot. From posing for posed shots to taking some goofy and candid ones, you’ll have great memories to look back on years from now.

11. Bake Together

Plan a date night to bake something delicious together. Whether it’s making your own pizzas from scratch or creating some amazing cupcake creations, it’ll be a sweet and delicious experience for the whole family.

Plus you get to eat what you baked afterwards so win-win!

12. Mini Golf

There’s no better way to mix up a family date night than with a game of mini golf.

Enjoy the extra challenge that comes with putting your way around an 18-hole course, plus you get some exercise and fresh air too if it’s an outdoor course.

For rainy days, there are a lot of places that have indoor putt putt courses too.

It’s also a great chance to practice fairness by teaching your kids about taking turns, sharing and sportsmanship.

13. Trip Down Memory Lane

Open baby albums and watch old videos of the family during date night. It’s heartwarming to see your children look through their earlier years.

They’ll probably have lots of questions about growth and their memories. It’s lovely to conclude the day with laughter, smiles, and a grateful heart.

14. Karaoke Night

Bring out everyone’s inner singing star with a karaoke night! All you need is a karaoke app or a karaoke machine for a bit of singing fun at home.

Or if you have a gaming console, most of these have their own singing games, such as Singstar. This is what we have at home and it’s hilarious to see who gets the highest scores.

For extra fun, pick costumes for each of your chosen songs and put on a show for the family.

15. Play Conversation Games At Home

Your family date night ideas don’t always have to be grand or outdoors. Simply starting conversations in a fun way can be considered bonding time.

Playing 20 questions while hanging in the living room or bedroom is a good place to start with your conversation starters.

Get to know more about each other better with Would You Rather Questions. The conversations that will arise from the answers will have the family laughing together.

It’s also the perfect opportunity for us parents to discover more of what makes our kids so uniquely special and gives them a chance to learn more about us too.

Conversation starters for families can be helpful to get kids talking. Try these conversation starters for kids, teens, and couples, conversation starters for family dinner & Would You Rather questions for kids to get everyone talking!

16. Prepare Dinner Together

Gather the whole family around the kitchen and let everyone contribute to preparing dinner.

Make this a little outside the normal family dinner by choosing a theme beforehand such as a certain type of cuisine or dishes that all start with the same letter.

Prepare for the event every week with the help of a list of dinner theme ideas.

A few examples include: Mexican fiesta, Italian night, or dishes that start with the letter ‘P’.

This is also a great way to get your kids interested in cooking. Show them how to prep ingredients, read recipes and practice basic kitchen skills.

17. Puzzles

Mother, father and daughter doing a puzzle on a white table in their living room

Finishing a puzzle is another family fun date idea that improves connection and teamwork. This may sound a little less exciting but you could challenge yourselves to see how close to completion you can get before the end of the night.

Teamed with some special treats, puzzles don’t have to be a bore!

18. Create a Time Capsule

It’s nice to have something to anticipate with the family. That’s why creating a time capsule is a great option for a family date idea.

Talk about what memories you’d like to keep and decide on a future date to open it. You can write letters to each other, add family photos and little trinkets that mean something special.

When the time comes, reminisce over all the precious items inside and create new memories – it’ll be bittersweet but worth it.

19. Play Charades

Charades is a classic family fun night activity that you can do at home. The house will be full of laughter and hilarious banter while playing.

It’s understandable why the game is a family favourite of many households.

Team up and see who the charade masters are!

20. Home Spa Night

Bring out massaging tools, facial sheets, mani/pedi tools, and other home spa essentials. A family that practices self-care together stays mentally and emotionally healthy together.

A rough day can be forgotten after a good home spa. Choose calming music and diffuse oils to fully capture a relaxing ambience.

Plus seeing Dad with a face mask on makes the whole experience even more worth it!

21. Ice Cream Bar

Nothing screams family fun more than a homemade ice cream bar. Choose various toppings such as cookies, fruits, and nuts and get creative with your ice cream flavours.

This is a great way to bond over the recipe-making process and have a delicious treat afterwards!

Turn it up a notch and make it a dessert for dinner kinda night…

22. Cinema Trip

Head out to the cinemas for a classic movie night. Most kids love the chance to visit the cinema to watch a movie on the big screen and this is a great option if you’re all eager to see one of the latest releases.

And then there’s the popcorn, frozen drinks and ice creams!

23. Living Room Sleepover

Father and daughter inside a tent in their living room

Arrange the cosiest living room sleepover ever! If there’s enough space for everyone, you can connect mattresses and gather lots of blankets and pillows.

This one is especially fun for younger kids who will feel like they are camping in the living room with mum and dad.

24. Go to an Arcade

Battle it out on the retro arcade games.

This is a great way to introduce your kids to the classic games you used to play growing up, and there’ll be plenty of chances for everyone to show off their skills – whether it’s an old-school driving game or air hockey.

Some arcades have a ticket system too so you can all combine your tickets for a silly prize at the end.

25. Dine Out At A Favourite Family Restaurant

Date nights at a restaurant are great, but for a family date night treat, why not take the kids to one of their favourite restaurants like a pizza parlour or diner?

The atmosphere in these places is usually lively and full of energy. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be at fancy restaurants, especially when with toddlers who prefer nuggets.

26. Start A Family Scrapbook

Starting a family scrapbook is a great way to document special memories for the whole household.

Gather all your photos, tickets, cards, and other mementos from past holidays and events over the years. Share stories about these items with each other while putting together the scrapbook.

This is something you can revisit once a month or after special holidays and events to update with new family memories.

27. Take A Night Cruise

If you live near a river or the coast, why not treat yourselves to a night out on a dinner cruise?

Admire the scenery by night, with lights shining on the water and relax with good food and even better company.

28. Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to spend time with the younger ones. Painting, drawing, colouring – you name it!

Get an art kit you can do together, or a creative subscription box such as one of the KiwCo crates that results in a fun project at the end that you can all contribute to.

29. Mini Road Trip

Take the family on a fun night road trip even just for an hour to explore somewhere new.

Visit the nearest city or town to see what kind of shops and attractions it has. Go on an adventure and make a game out of finding the most interesting place there.

This can be both educational and fun for everyone, plus you may end up discovering new family-friendly spots close to home!

30. Video Game Battle

Engage in a little friendly competition with the family by playing video games.

Choose a console and decide on which game to play. This is a great way for each family member to bond with one another while challenging their skills as well.

Kids might be impressed with just how skilled mum is at Mario Kart or enjoy giving dad a hard time when they beat him at his favourite video game.

31. Art Class

Mother and teen daughter doing a painting class

Attend a local family-friendly night art class or make-and-take session, such as a sips and dips event that is suited to all ages.

You will all get the chance to explore your creative side and see who has the best skills in the arts.

32. Create a Family Bucket List

Look forward to the future with your family by creating a bucket list. Allow everyone to contribute ideas.

It’s fun to teach kids how to dream and be excited about life by checking off items on your bucket list. You can even start planning for how you can tick one or more of those items off your list in the near future.

33. Plan A Vacation

Spend your night planning your next family vacation, locking in dates, booking flights or researching tourist attractions you want to see.

We love watching family travel YouTube channels to get inspired for future destinations.

34. Order Food Delivery

Order food delivery for a family night in. Everyone can order their favourite dish and you can all share it together. It’s also a great way to introduce your kids to different types of cuisine.

You can make this special by setting up the dining table with your fanciest plates and silverware, even if you’re just eating fast food. Make it feel like an elegant restaurant experience at home.

35. Backyard Camping

Why not spend the night camping in your own backyard? A great way to introduce kids to the outdoors and tent life without having to go too far away from your modern comforts.

Bring out some s’mores ingredients for a campfire treat – or whip up something on the barbeque instead!

36. Trivia Night

Head to your local trivia night and see if your family can become the reigning trivia champions.

Even if you aren’t the prize winners on the night, it’s a lot of fun testing your knowledge and seeing who in the family in an expert on different topics.

This is a great option if you’ve got older kids and teens.

37. Backyard BBQ

Barbeques in the backyard and spending time under the night sky is an ideal family date during the summer months.

The fresh outdoor air is calming and refreshing during the hot season. Tasty barbeque and good company is truly the best way to enjoy Summer.

You can play some fun backyard BBQ games together too.

38. Watch A TV Series

Start a new series together! It’s fun to watch a show when you have someone to exchange thoughts about each episode.

Just ensure that you pick something age-appropriate for all members of the family. This itself might become a weekly tradition of watching one or two episodes a week together or bingeing half a season in one sitting.

39. Pool Party

Here’s another family date night idea your young ones will anticipate in the summer! Have your own family pool party!

Inflate the pool floats, make fun mocktails to sip by the pool and swim into the evening.

Don’t have a pool? An inflatable option is going to have you all laughing while staying cool.

40. Watch A Musical Or Play

Get tickets to a musical or play your kids would enjoy and introduce them to the wonderful experience of the theatre.

41. Go to a Sporting Event

Bring everyone to a sporting event of a team all of you are rooting for!

Cheering for the same team can draw people closer but it can also be fun if members of the family are in competition with one another, cheering for opposing teams.

42. The floor is Lava

Have quick fun with your younger kids with a game of the Floor is Lava! Set up cushions and pillows on the floor and make a course to navigate.

Whoever can get from one side of the room to the other without touching the ground is the winner!

43. Minute to Win It Games

Play Minute to Win It games as a family for some healthy competition and plenty of laughter. These are short, fast-paced challenges for all ages that will put everyone’s skills and agility to the test.

Family date nights don’t necessarily have to be expensive or extravagant events – just spending quality time together can be just as fun!

And you can easily DIY plenty of hilarious Minute-to-Win-It games.

It can be as simple as making the best paper airplanes with a minute on the clock, and then seeing whose plane flies the furthest in the great outdoors.

44. Watch a Concert

Attending a concert is a classic date night idea that families can also do. Be their chaperone when their favourite artists are in town.

And if you and your teen are fans of the same singer, then a concert is the ideal family date night! Let music bring the family closer and more connected to one another.

45. Glow Party

Throw a glow party for the family! This is an exciting way to make family date night more fun and colourful.

Gather glow sticks, hang up fairy lights, play some upbeat music and create your own dance floor in the living room!

You can even create a few activities like Glow Ring Toss or Glow Charades to really get the party going.

46. Build A Lego Set

This is a great family activity for young kids and older kids alike. Get a Lego set that everyone can work on together in order to build something unique and special.

You’ll have lots of fun and you might even end up with an amazing creation at the end.

These days there are some really complex Lego sets targeted towards adults who love to build so even with your teens, this can be a fun family bonding session.

You can also try one of these fun LEGO building challenges and LEGO activities too.

47. Visit A Museum

Many museums have special events that run after hours. Look out for these events and explore the galleries together!

Visit a science museum so your kids can learn more about the world around them, or attend an art gallery to unleash your inner creatives.

You can also find museums that focus on history so you can take a walk down memory lane and learn more about your cultural heritage.

48. Make A Family Documentary

Use a family night to document memorable moments in the family or to create your family’s story in video.

Spend the evening putting together a homemade documentary or filming interviews with each member of your family.

You can share milestones and family history, making this a wonderful way for kids to learn more about their parent’s own childhoods.

This will be something you’ll all remember and cherish for years to come. Plus, it’s a great way to get to know more about each other!

This might even take you a few sessions with all the filming and editing stages.

49. Wander The Night Markets

Head to your local markets and wander the stalls to see what you can find. Many communities have night markets or weekend markets that are perfect for finding handmade wares, fresh produce and delicious ready-to-eat food.

50. Go To A Festival

Families who love to dance and listen to music should seek out local festivals that are suitable for all ages. These events normally feature a variety of activities, food stalls and performances from local musicians or dancers.

This is an ideal family date night during the warmer months – your kids will really appreciate being able to stay up late with you at a fun festival and you’ll have a blast together.

Although, it’s not just music festivals to look out for. Check for local food festivals, cultural festivals and pop culture festivals too.

These are all great opportunities to learn about each other’s interests and explore the community!

51. Roller Skating Rink

Mother father and son at rollerskating rink in rollerblades

Take the whole family to your local roller skating rink and practice your skating skills!

It’s a great way to get everyone laughing and active at the same time. Even if you don’t have any experience, it’ll be easy enough to learn the basics together.

Most skating rinks have music playing and there are usually fun games to join in on too – it’s an enjoyable evening out without breaking the bank!

52. Go Camping

Camping is a great way to bring families together.

Pick a campsite close to home and spend the weekend pitching tents, setting up campfires and exploring nature. You can even plan activities such as fishing or hiking for extra fun!

Camping is an inexpensive but meaningful way of spending quality time with your family – it’s bound to bring you all closer together.

Want some fun couple ideas? Check out these date night ideas for creating your own DIY date jar!

Conclusion: Fun Family Date Ideas

Making time for your loved ones improves family connection and child development. Quality time such as these family night out ideas help boost everyone’s mental wellness and help you be intentional with your time as a family – making those moments count before those childhood years vanish so quickly! I hope you find plenty of fun date night ideas for families on this list!