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100 Date Jar Ideas: The Ultimate List Of Romantic Activities

Create your own date jar with these fun date jar ideas and never run out of romantic date ideas for you and your partner!

Make date night more fun with your own DIY date night jar – Add variety and spontaneity to your special time with your partner by letting the jar decide what the plan is!

This article will give you ideas on how to make a date jar plus give you 100 date night jar ideas to add to your jar to get you started, so you can look forward to learning and trying out new things with your partner. You can also grab my printable date jar cards to make it easy to make your own!

Diy date night jar with slips of paper tied with ribbon inside a glass jar

What Is A Date Night Jar? 

A date night jar is filled with activity ideas that couples can use whenever they can’t think of something to do.

These ideas are either printed or written on pieces of paper or written on popsicle sticks.

When you are ready to plan your next romantic date night, you pull out a date night idea from your jar and it takes away the pressure of coming up with a new idea each time.

The date night jar ideas help in decision-making, like whether you are going to be staying indoors, for a date night in or heading out, or even if your next date is something outdoorsy. It lets couples meet halfway and try new things together. 

Aside from a mason jar, couples can also use a small box or container.

The DIY date night jar should be full of ideas you will both be willing to enjoy together. If there is something that is a downright no for either of you, that won’t make a date night you will enjoy.

You can take turns choosing a slip of paper or popsicle stick date ideas and let that guide your next adventure!

Want a family-friendly alternative? Check out these bored jar ideas too!

How To Make A DIY Date Night Jar

You can create your own date night jar in several ways, but the most common one is filling a jar with strips of paper written with activities.

Couples can easily create a DIY date night jar together with the materials below:

  • Mason jars, box, or container
  • Paper (plain or coloured)
  • Pen
  • Written or printed date night ideas
  • Alternative: wooden popsicle sticks with written activities

A DIY date night jar makes a wonderful gift idea for Valentine’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries.

It can also become a fun date idea on its own. Spend your first date night at home with your mason jar and wooden popsicle sticks or paper and create your own jar together.

This means you both get some input into what goes into the jar while brainstorming together on some fun things you’d love to try as a couple.

Think of it like your own couple’s bucket list of date ideas!

Write or print as many as you can to ensure that there’s variety. Think of indoor and outdoor activities that the two of you have been wanting to try out. Write your favourite date night ideas as well for familiarity.

Also, you can include ideas for certain conditions such as rainy days, dates on a tight budget, holidays, and more. You can even make a date night jar for specific conditions and occasions. 

Use coloured paper or coloured popsicle sticks to label the activities inside the jar. Distinct colours can help the two of you save time in picking an activity to do.

For instance, blue is for rainy day dates or dates at home and yellow is for outdoor activities. 

But if both of you prefer a touch of surprise, then plain paper or popsicle sticks are fine. 

The Ultimate Date Jar Ideas List

Grab these ideas to include in your own date night jar! The list of date jar ideas has a mixture of indoor, outdoor, creative, and self-care activities the two of you can enjoy together.

Date night will be on another level with the help of these fun date ideas.

And don’t forget, you can always keep adding new dates to your jar as you think up new ideas. It’s up to you if you decide to put your date night jar ideas back into the jar after you’ve completed them or throw them away, but either way, new ideas are always a good idea!

These fun and romantic activity jar ideas for couples will make it feel like you’re going on your first date all over again!

  1. Cook a new recipe together
  2. Go rollerskating
  3. Fondue night
  4. Home movie night
  5. Play a board game
  6. Cheese night indoors
  7. Play video games
  8. Make your own ice cream sundae
  9. Dollar store gift exchange
  10. Indoor rock climbing
  11. Go to a comedy club
  12. Late night breakfast
  13. Try a new restaurant
  14. Go ice skating
  15. Play a sexy dice game
  16. Do a trilogy movie marathon
  17. Create a Paris night-themed date
  18. Make homemade ice cream
  19. Play card games
  20. Go to a dinner cruise
  21. Have a bubble bath together
  22. Attend a wine-tasting
  23. Prepare a romantic candlelit dinner together
  24. Play mini golf
  25. Mini road trip
  26. Do a spicy photo shoot
  27. Try an escape room
  28. Attend a cooking class
  29. Take dance lessons
  30. Make your own relationship documentary
  31. Visit a night event at a local attraction
  32. Go to a painting class
  33. Create a bucket list
  34. Go on a bike ride
  35. Visit a beach
  36. Have a sunset beach picnic
  37. Have dinner at a nice restaurant
  38. Eat breakfast while watching the sunrise
  39. Have a friendly competition while playing a favourite sport
  40. Volunteer together
  41. Massage each other
  42. Be a tourist for a day
  43. Attend a festival or local event
  44. A weekend getaway by the lakes
  45. Visit an art gallery
  46. Backyard camping
  47. Write a song or poem together
  48. Create a time capsule
  49. Taste test various foods
  50. Do a puzzle
  51. Have a mini book club at home
  52. Do a mystery date
  53. Play “Would You Rather
  54. Home scavenger hunt
  55. Flip through photo albums and watch old videos
  56. Have a karaoke night
  57. Go dancing
  58. Pub trivia event
  59. Go shopping and treat each other
  60. Play pool
  61. Indoor Go Karting
  62. Play truth or dare
  63. Bar hopping
  64. Build a garden
  65. Build a LEGO set
  66. Learn a new skill together
  67. Go kayaking
  68. Give each other a pedicure and foot massage
  69. Create an outdoor cinema
  70. Backyard picnic under the moonlight
  71. Work on a DIY project together
  72. Build a sheet fort
  73. Draw each other’s portrait
  74. Plan a trip
  75. Teach each other your favourite hobby
  76. Try barefoot lawn bowls
  77. Visit a farmer’s market
  78. Check out local garage sales
  79. Watch favourite movies from childhood
  80. Do a ghost tour
  81. Go on a factory tour
  82. Create a relationship scrapbook
  83. Play strip poker
  84. Go for a hike
  85. Visit cafes and pastry shops for the ultimate dessert night
  86. Horseback riding
  87. Go axe throwing
  88. Attend a concert
  89. Take each other shopping for a new outfit
  90. Compete at an arcade
  91. Ten-pin bowling
  92. Test drive your dream car
  93. Visit local historic sites
  94. Assemble and paint a furniture together
  95. Cooking competition
  96. Host a brunch or dinner party together
  97. Attend a sports match
  98. Back deck dinner
  99. Beer tasting
  100. Visit a wine bar

Printable Date Cards

Printable date jar cards.

Make your date jar quickly and easily with my printable date jar cards. These printable date cards can be cut up and added to your jar, for the quickest gift idea for your partner!

Add the cards you would both enjoy and choose at random. The cards are colour-coded so you know what type of date – staying in, going out, spicy or active. There are also blank cards to make your own.

Naughty Date Night Jar

Spice things up by creating a naughty date night jar! This jar is full of sexy date ideas such as steamy massages, edible body oil or strip teases.

Elevate your intimacy as you both explore naughty and nice things during date nights. Or mix these spicy ideas into your more tame date night jar ideas.

Budget-Friendly Date Jar

It’s hard to think of a date night idea with a tight budget. But this won’t be a problem if you have a jar of date ideas that consists of cheap or free date activities.

You can easily create a cheap date night jar full of budget-friendly date ideas so there’s no excuse for making a romantic night of it, even if your funds are tight.

Especially if you are doing a no-spend challenge to save money for the future.

What Are The Benefits Of Regular Date Nights?

Couple having date night at home

Having a regular date night with your partner is beneficial for strengthening your relationship and maintaining the fun and romance. Even after kids!

In fact, especially after kids you should be prioritising time just for the two of you to spend together.

Here are some great reasons to create your own date night jar:

Getting to Know Your Partner

It’s important to fill the jar with the couple’s favourite date ideas and some unfamiliar activities.

This way, you get to see each other’s skills, interests and talents, learning more about one another, even if you’ve known each other for 20 years already!

Learn who’s more crafty, competitive, or the one who gets most emotional while watching sad movies. 

Adds Excitement To Your Relationship

Romantic dinner and movie night at home can be lovely, but there’s no harm in changing your date night routine. Doing something new naturally excites us and builds up your shared energy.

When you’re going somewhere new or trying a whole new experience for the first time, you reconnect in this shared experience.

But you are also giving yourselves something special to look forward to together.

Quality Time Together

Date nights are a way to ensure quality time together as a couple.

It’s especially important when you both have hectic schedules on weekdays and struggle to just get a few minutes together each day to debrief.

A date night jar will help a couple stay committed to their weekly date night routine (or monthly if that better suits your routine).

Better Communication

Talking via text or chat is entirely different from talking in person. Date nights allow couples to talk and discuss things more openly.

Communication is key to a healthy relationship and date nights open new conversation topics like new shared memories and inside jokes. 

It also makes you more united when faced with obstacles, so you are better prepared to tackle them together.

Models Healthy Relationships

If you are parents, making time for one another with regular date nights is an important way of showing your kids that your relationship matters.

This sets an important example for your children in demonstrating healthy relationships.

Conclusion: Jar Of Date Ideas

Keep your romance strong by creating your own date night jar with these fun date night jar ideas that are exciting, fun and full of romance! Schedule date nights weekly or monthly to ensure that the connection is well-nurtured so you can build a strong foundation in your relationship! A date jar also makes a great DIY Valentine gift idea too!

Date jar with rolled paper and text box that reads how to make a date jar and 100 date jar ideas for your jar