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70 Romantic & Fun Rainy Day Date Ideas For Couples

Looking for fun rainy day date ideas? Don’t let the rain ruin your romantic plans! There are so many fun ideas for a rainy day date, whether you’re looking for a perfect first date idea on a gloomy day or planning your regular date night after 30 years of marriage!

This list of great rainy day date ideas is sure to have plenty of fun date ideas to suit every couple, including a few ways to make the most of rainy days if you’re feeling adventurous.

Plus rain can make these moments much more romantic. We’ve all seen those romantic rain scene moments in movies of couples kissing and dancing in the rain.

Who says you can’t live that in real life?

Man giving woman piggyback in the rain

The Best Date Ideas For Rainy Days

Making time for your partner and having deep conversations with them is important to nurture the relationship. The rain shouldn’t be an excuse to cancel date plans with your partner.

What matters is that both of you can find a way to connect and spend time together. 

While these stay-at-home date ideas are perfectly great for dodging the wet weather, it’s also so much fun to get out and about on your rainy day dates!

Fun Rainy Day Date Ideas For Couples

Start with something fun for your rainy day dates! Here are the indoor activities for couples to do while the rain’s still falling outside.

1. Go Dancing

Dance the night away with your date on a rainy night while staying dry indoors. Swaying and slow dancing in the living room is undeniably a romantic rainy date idea, but even more fun is heading to a local dance club instead.

2. Sip & Dip Class

Do something creative and unique together. A Sip & Dip class fits the description as both of you paint a brand new masterpiece to gift the other.

Many of these paint night classes include dinner or snacks, while others include a few adult beverages while you paint.

3. Karaoke Bar

Have a fantastic time singing both of your all-time favourite songs! This can be a hilarious couples activity at the local karaoke club, especially if you both love to sing or if you want to push yourselves outside of your comfort zone.

4. Pub Trivia Event

Teamwork is essential in relationships and when doing a trivia night! Gear up together and combine forces as you attempt to take out the top prize at the local pub trivia night.

5. Play Laser Tag

You’ll definitely see more of your partner’s fun and competitive side in a game of laser tag. It’ll be a laughter-filled activity even if you end up defeated.

Couple giving each other a high five while doing indoor rock climbing

6. Indoor Rock Climbing

The best alternative for a hiking date when it’s raining is going indoor rock climbing. Although not as extreme as the outdoors, both of you can still practise your rock climbing skills or try something you’ve never done before.

7. Do A Dance Class

If you’re fans of dancing, a dance class can be a fun idea for a rainy day date. Learn a hip hop dance routine or go for a classic ballroom dancing class. What about sexy salsa to ignite the passion? There are plenty of fun options.

And if all else fails, a Zumba fitness class will have you both giggling.

8. Escape Room

Figuring out an escape room will surely test a couple’s communication skills and teamwork. Aside from the challenge, escape rooms can strengthen the bond between partners as you celebrate a win or share in a failure to escape in time.

It’s also a unique rainy date idea since there are so many different escape rooms to try.

9. Local Museum

Taking your partner for a museum date is always a lovely and cultured date if it’s a shared interest in learning something new and exploring together. This is a great day date idea for a wet weather forecast.

10. Art Gallery

Similar to museums, art galleries can cater to creative interests. And if both of you are art enthusiasts, then it doesn’t matter if it’s raining outside. Everything you need is inside the art gallery. 

11. Cinema Trip

Of course, going to the cinema belongs to this list of rainy date ideas. Catch a movie while indulging in popcorn, candy bars, and frozen drinks. You are both dry from the rain and cuddled in your seats for a relaxed day or night together.

Couple having fun while at the bowling alley

12. Ten Pin Bowling

Team up or play against each other! A little healthy competition can be a lot of fun on your next rainy day plus who doesn’t look adorable in those smelly, well-worn bowling shoes? Don’t think too hard about that part.

13. Go Shopping & Treat Each Other

Take the rainy day as the perfect opportunity to buy something for your partner. It’s an even greater idea after getting drenched in the rain. Shop new and dry outfits personally picked for each other at the mall.

Or just enjoy each other’s company as you window shop and try on outfits to show each other along the way.

14. Local Coffee Shop For A Day Date

A warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate is a go-to beverage whenever it’s raining. That’s why spending time at a local coffee shop is a lovely rainy date idea. There’s nothing warmer than a coffee in hand and the presence of your partner as the rain pelts against the windows.

15. Card Game Night

Enjoy an exciting card game night after having a romantic dinner! Or just fill up on snacks! Play against each other in poker or have flirty exchanges with talk, flirt, or dare. Card games like Let’s Chat can help in learning about your partner’s childhood, dreams, experiences, and more.

16. Indoor Sports

Sports matches can also be fun indoors! It’s a fun rainy date idea that won’t make couples feel too cooped up at home. Energise yourself as both of you compete in table tennis, indoor mini golf, darts, squash, basketball, or try your hand at axe throwing.

17. Go Roller Skating

Keeping with the active theme, it’s always a good time at the roller skating rink, especially if you haven’t been since you were kids. What a fun way to reminisce about those retro skating rink experiences together.

Despite the rain, sweet moments can still be shared by holding hands while skating around.

18. Board Game Night

Have an engaging board game night after dinner. It’s always a fun way to pass the time playing board games, especially when the couple already has their favourite board game.

Couple ice skating together

19. Ice Skating

Since you might already be dressed warmly due to the rain, why not just take the date to an ice skating rink? The rainy day date activity brings couples closer as they skate around while holding hands. Partners can share a conversation in between laps or race one another for fun.

20. Watch A Theatre Performance

Book tickets to a theatre performance showing in your area. It is also a great first date idea as the show will be your icebreaker. You’ll instantly know if both of you share a love for the art of comedy and tragedy with this rainy day date.

21. Play Pool 

A pool match is a must when you’re spending time in bars. Enjoy an exciting game as you compete as a team against another couple or against each other. Perhaps a little pool tutorial is needed? We’ve all seen those smooth moves in the movies…

22. Head To The Arcade

Go to the arcade and relive your childhood! See who’s going to win at Street Fighter or dethrone the highest scorer in Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and Space Invaders.

If it’s an arcade with tickets, win your love a cute prize memento from the date when you redeem all those tickets at the end.

23. Indoor Go Karting

Speed up your date as both of you drive indoor go-karts! The rush can certainly make you scream out of fun while racing each other. It’s also the best date idea for couples who love adrenaline experiences but can’t go outdoors as planned.

Printable date jar cards.

24. Day Spa For 2 

Take your date on a relaxing trip at your favourite spa salon. Enjoy mani-pedis, steam rooms, facials, or a full-body massage. A day at the spa sounds better than stressing about cancelled plans and this is the perfect excuse to pamper yourselves.

25. Indoor Mini Golf

If it’s for a first date and both of you don’t want to cancel, then a super fun game of indoor mini-golf is a fun activity to do! Who’s going to be the champion at the end of the 18 holes? You might need to schedule a rematch for your next date!

26. Go To A Cooking Class

Learn cooking techniques and new recipes together at a cooking lesson. The next time you’ll have a dinner date at home there’s a recipe both of you are excited to recreate. 

27. Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

Couples who both love animals will have a meaningful time volunteering at an animal shelter. This kind of rainy day date will help you see your partner in a different light as you watch their nurturing side shine through. Caring for animals is definitely a green flag!

28. Visit A Winery Or Brewery

For wine-aficionado or beer-loving couples, the perfect rainy day date ideas might involve taste testing the different varieties of beer or wine at a nearby winery or brewery.

29. Take A Factory Tour

Learn about manufacturing and how certain products are made in a local factory. A nice tour idea is visiting a chocolate factory or a distillery where you get to sample something delicious while you’re there too.

30. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Test each other’s wits by organising an indoor scavenger hunt. One person can organise the scavenger hunt for the other partner with some cute surprises at the end. You can also make it flirty with some sexy gifts for an exciting night in.

31. Play Truth Or Dare

Playing truth or dare can take the getting-to-know stage to the next level. The couple can throw each other questions and dares. Using truth-or-dare questions can also help, especially if you are running out of challenges for them to do.

Conversation starters for families can be helpful to get kids talking. Try these conversation starters for kids, teens, and couples, conversation starters for family dinner & Would You Rather questions for kids to get everyone talking!

Romantic Rainy Date Night Ideas

Rainy day date ideas at night are undoubtedly still romantic and here are some great ways to spend a few hours with your significant other at night:

32. Attend A Concert

Sing your hearts out at a concert as the rain continues to fall outside. Attending the concert of the artist you both love will be a great memory. And when the setlist includes a sentimental ballad, slow dancing is a must.

This can be a fun first date idea when you’re nervous about potentially awkward conversation as you are first getting to know each other.

33. Bar Hopping

If it’s still raining after your dinner date, but you don’t want to go home yet, then bar hopping is your next best indoor option. Explore bars and try out new beverages. It’ll be a fun night of conversation and quick runs between bars to avoid the falling rain.

34. Fancy Dinner At A Restaurant

A romantic date at a fancy restaurant is always a good date idea. It’s the perfect chance to indulge in an exquisite menu, classical music, and intimate ambience. Dinner dates allow the two of you to be in the moment and start conversations about your lives. 

35. Wine Tasting Evening

Exploring food and beverages is a good way to bond as a couple. For instance, doing a wine-tasting evening. You two learn more about each other’s preferences during this kind of activity. Gift giving would be easier because you know their favourite wine. 

36. Pretend To Pick Each Other Up From A Bar

Do an entertaining role-play at the bar! Sit next to each other at the bar counter and pretend to be strangers. Flirty exchanges will make the roleplay much more exciting. You two can even use different names just for the fun of it.

Learn a thing or two from Clive and Julianna from Modern Family.

37. Attend A Comedy Show

Sharing a sense of humour plays a huge role in a happy relationship. Attending a local comedy show is a great date night idea to have you both laughing and staying dry on a rainy day.

38. Cheese Tasting Night

Aside from a fancy romantic date, wine and cheese night sounds like a lovely idea. Cheese is also commendable for a better experience during wine tasting as it can cleanse your palate.

39. Play Drinking Games

Drinking games are a fun way to turn up the heat amidst very chilly weather. A little responsible drinking and having fun with games such as Spin the Bottle, Two Truths and One Lie, Straight Face. A drinking game may lead to some spicy things towards the end of the evening.  

Free printable 30 day relationship challenge.


Rainy Day Activities For Couples At Home

Special memories can happen anywhere, regardless of the weather, especially when you can still enjoy fun rainy-day dates at home. There’s no rule that says the best dates happen when you’re out and about. Sometimes the most simple moments are our most cherished.

40. Indoor Picnic

Get a picnic blanket and prepare your favourite foods to set the picnic in your living room. You can play scenic nature videos on your television with the sound off to add to the experience.

Sometimes an indoor picnic is even more romantic than an outdoor one since it’s so intimate and private.

41. Have A Bubble Bath

Getting stuck at home isn’t bad when there’s a bathtub big enough for two. Light scented candles, use relaxing bath oils and play romantic music in the background. The comfort of being in a relaxing bubble bath with your partner is exquisite.

Open up a bottle of wine and indulge in chocolates, and this rainy day date idea might be your new favourite way to enjoy each other’s company.

42. Movie Marathon

Cancelled date plans can be solved with movie marathons at home. Cuddled together in a blanket with popcorn in between while watching films truly does sound cosy!

Watch your favourite Harry Potter films or a film trilogy, or get started on a larger cinematic universe like the Marvel or DC cinematic universes as you binge your way through your favourite films.

43. Candlelit Dinner At Home

Going to a fancy restaurant might not be ideal during heavy rainfall so why not recreate your romantic dinner at home by setting up a candlelit dinner? Candles really do play a huge role in creating intimate settings.

It wonderfully turns a simple dinner into a special occasion full of romance.

A couple in bed talking

44. Spend A Whole Day In Bed Together

The bed is immensely tempting during cold rainy days. With your partner around to cuddle with, it will be even harder to get out of bed, so why not just stay in bed?

Spend the whole rainy day in bed, talking about random things, snuggling, watching movies and reconnecting. Just enjoy not having to be anywhere else for a day.

45. Build A Sheet Fort

Being able to act like a child with your partner has got to be one of the most comfortable feelings in the world. It’s such a good feeling when you can let out your inner child with your loved one.

So take that up a level by building a cosy sheet fort in your lounge room and snuggle up inside.

46. Sketch Each Other

For artsy couples, staying indoors is the chance to practise each other’s drawing skills. Doing art with someone special is fun, but you can make it more interesting by sketching each other.

Anticipating the results makes the date activity a lot more fun. You will either be really impressed or laughing so hard your face hurts!

47. Sexy Photoshoot

It surely is cold outside, but you can turn up the heat together! Do a sexy photoshoot at home with your phone or a digital camera. It’ll be exciting to collect spicy memories that are only exclusive for the both of you. 

At home date night ideas

48. Cook Dinner Together

Doing household routines together brings couples closer, especially if they have an impeccable sense of teamwork. Also, the kitchen is where a couple can improve cooperation and build connections.

The rainy day date idea can even lead to laughter-filled conversations and a little fun in the kitchen. 

49. Go On A Trip Down Memory Lane With Photos

Rainy weather can make a person sentimental. That’s why your conversations can take you on a trip down memory lane. Bring out the photos and talk about the earlier days of your relationship.

Reminisce dates, trips, milestones, and everything that served as the relationship’s foundation. 

50. Set Up An Indoor Herb Garden

For couples that love to cook, setting up an indoor herb garden sounds like a fun day date! Take the opportunity to finally plant your favourite herbs while being cooped indoors. Ingredients for your dinner dates at home will be within reach. 

We have an indoor hydroponic garden which is really cool to watch grow. They are great for kitchen gardens.

Idoo hydroponics indoor garden

51. Create A Bucket List Together

Turn your supposed date into a bucket list planning day. Plan the things you want to do together from short-term goals to long-term goals. Sharing bucket list ideas can also help couples learn more about their interests and plans for their relationship.

Plus it can give you some great future date ideas for things you both want to do together.

52. Have Your Own Home Day Spa Experience

Organise a self-care day for both of you including mani-pedis, facial sheet masks, massages, and hair treatments. Relax from head to toe as if the rain did not cancel your original date plans.

53. Start A Puzzle

Here’s another rainy day couple activity idea that enhances camaraderie. Start and finish a puzzle together! You’ll surely not notice the time when you’re so engrossed in finding all the pieces.

54. Build A LEGO Set

Similar to a puzzle set, building LEGO sets is a nice way for couples to bond (and get in touch with their childhood hobbies). It’s a fun rainy-day date idea that might lead to a shared Lego collection.

Plus these days LEGO caters to adults just as much as it does to kids with so many cool advanced sets. Thankfully there are some cool ways to store LEGO sets on display.

55. Create A Memory Scrapbook

Compile all the photos of your memorable dates into a keepsake album. Work on a scrapbook together and explore each other’s crafty side. Aside from photos, it’ll be more special if movie tickets, flower petals from the first bouquet, a napkin from your favourite fancy restaurant, and other memorable items are included.

56. Snuggle On The Couch And Read Together

Hanging out on the couch while snuggled up with a great book is a perfect rainy-day date idea!

57. Learn A New Skill On YouTube Together

YouTube has tutorials for pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted to learn! Choose a skill that both of you want to learn, and try it together. It can be about learning a new language, drawing, playing a musical instrument, or starting a blog, just for a few ideas. 

58. Tackle A DIY Project

Start a collaborative DIY project together! It’s a bonding activity that can help you both explore each other’s creative side. Your different skills will hopefully complement one another with an end result you can be proud of.

59. Plan A Trip

It’s always exciting to talk about travel plans, especially with someone you love spending time with. To forget about the cancelled date due to the rain, let yourselves get excited about future trips.

List everything from out-of-town trips to travelling abroad. Talk about your schedules as well to know what dates work for both of you and start locking in your next vacation.

Couple having a pillow fight on their bed

60. Pillow Fight

Start a pillow fight and use up the energy that was supposed to be for your outdoor date. The rainy day date idea will definitely end in fits of laughter. A little friendly competition that can be surprisingly flirty.

61. Give Each Other Massages

Aside from long bubble baths, couples can do a self-care date by having a day spa for two. A massage is the perfect rainy day activity for romance and relaxation.

62. Learn A New Language

Help each other learn a new language, especially from the countries on your bucket list. It’s also a lovely idea to communicate and express affection in a different language. 

Brave The Weather Outdoor Rainy Day Date Ideas

Who says you can’t spend time in the pouring rain? Sometimes bad weather is a good excuse to remind yourselves of what it’s like to be carefree and spontaneous. And some of the best date ideas might happen with rain boots on and puddles galore.

These date ideas for rainy days are all about spending quality time in the rain!

63. Brave The Rain For A Nature Walk

Take your date for a nature walk if a little bit of rain isn’t bothersome. Seeing nature greener than ever is certainly breathtaking. Walking together in a serene and intimate ambience is a date one for the books. 

64. Jetboating

Jetboating is so much fun and you’re going to get wet anyway, so why not keep your plans despite the weather? Plus you’re usually wearing their provided raincoats anyway so you might end up mostly dry at the end despite the jets of water spraying over the boat as you spin around the waterways.

Couple cuddling in the rain on a street

65. Slow Dance In The Rain

Seize the day and fall in love like in the movies! Slow dancing in the rain can truly melt one’s heart. Although it’s chilly, your partner’s warm presence makes the moment special and exceptionally memorable. The rain truly does not fail in creating romantic and picturesque dates. 

66. Go Swimming

Rain doesn’t always mean cold weather. If it’s still warm outdoors, why not go for a swim. Sure, you could head to an indoor pool but it would be just as fun to swim in an outdoor pool or at the beach as the rain falls on your heads. Just don’t do this when it’s storming!

67. Go Kayaking

If you’re looking for active rainy day date ideas that you can do during the rain, kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding are great ways to enjoy rainy days in summer.

68. Have A Water Fight

If you’re going to get wet anyway, why not take it up a level and have the ultimate outdoor water fight? You will be soaking wet but laughing hard and it’s a good excuse for a shared hot shower afterwards!

69. Slip and Slide

Remember those fun summer days of sliding down the slip-and-slide in the backyard? Well, let’s recreate those memories as an adult. Get the kids’ slip’N’slide out of the garage, detergent for extra slippery slide fun and see who can slide the fastest.

This is definitely a great rainy day date you will both remember.

70. Nature Photography

Everything in nature looks extra beautiful when glistening with drops of rain. For this rainy-day date idea, grab your waterproof camera such as a GoPro or head out with your phone or camera once the rain takes a break and snap some cool nature photos in your backyard or local forest.

Printable Conversation Cards For couples

These printable conversation cards for couples can be used during date night with your partner or when you’re spending quality time together. Or pick a card each day at random and share your thoughts together.

Conversation cards for couples banner

If you were thinking the wet weather had ruined your plans, that’s no longer possible with all these fun rainy day date ideas! Weather is never a good reason to pass up on a romantic date and these rainy day activities for adults are perfect for adding a little romance or childlike fun to your dates.