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47+ Cool LEGO Activities For Kids To Play & Learn

The coolest collection of play and learning LEGO activities for kids that are sure to keep them entertained for hours! From simple LEGO learning activities to fun building projects to suit different ages. Time to put your building hat on and get creative!

We are obsessed with LEGO in our household, just as many of our friends and family have little LEGO fans too. Both my husband and I grew up building with the rainbow-coloured bricks and now our kids are becoming LEGO masters in their own ways.

There’s a lot to love about LEGO. It’s one of those toys that has lasted the decades and will be here for a long time to come.

They are continually reinventing and providing a fun building experience that all ages can appreciate.

But there is a lot more to LEGO than just building the sets! And I’m going to share with you a load of fun ways to play with LEGO, plus several ways you can learn with LEGO too. 

Don’t underestimate the benefits of this simple toy.

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Fun lego activities for kids

Benefits of LEGO Play

LEGO provides a creative opportunity for kids (and grown-ups) to use their imagination to construct new masterpieces.

It promotes problem-solving, improves fine motor skills and helps them to develop planning and patience abilities through play. 

LEGO bricks are a perfect activity for kids at home. It also means getting them away from technology for a while too.

Here are some of the cool ways that playing with LEGO benefits children:

  • Helps improve fine motor skills
  • Encourages creativity
  • Teaches kids to plan, organise and solve-problems
  • Provides STEAM learning opportunities –  Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics
  • Makes learning fun for all ages
  • Can use to teach basic skills such as colours and shapes
  • Encourages cooperative play

LEGO even have their own learning resources available to encourage the benefits for families to find new ways to enjoy the diverse toy brand at home or when homeschooling

Fun Ways To Play & Learn With LEGO

The playing and learning LEGO activities for preschoolers and kids are practically endless. In case your children need new inspiration, we are sharing our favourite LEGO activities for kids and some cool things for you to try at home too:

Build A Set

We are kicking off with a really obvious one.

Building a LEGO set is a skill that kids develop over time. It encourages them to follow instructions and plan the steps as they follow the manual. 

Our kids call them the LEGO maps and our eldest is an expert builder these days, while her younger sister still requires help from one of us to build the sets. It used to be so devastating when they dismantled a set I had spent hours building for them.

Now they can break and rebuild as often as they like.

Colour sorting with lego

Colour Sorting

Colour sorting with bricks is a fantastic early learning activity to teach basic colour identification and sorting skills with younger children. It also benefits their fine motor skills as they sort the pieces. 

If doing this activity with a toddler, Duplo is a better option as it is safe for younger children. 

Even now our kids often colour sort their bricks, simply to make it easier for their building and finding pieces.  

Colour challenge

Colour Themed Builds

Another thing our kids do often once their bricks are all sorted by colour is to use their imagination to create something using just those colours. There are so many fun things to build with Legos that their imaginations can come up with.

Often this involves them making colour-themed houses since they like to create little cities for their mini figures.

However, this activity encourages creativity to build anything they can think of and it is a great way to get kids planning. 

Marble maze lego

Marble Maze

Turn your LEGO base plates into a game by creating simple or elaborate marble mazes. Get them to take turns creating tricky mazes for each other, or you can give them an extra challenge by creating a maze of your own. 

This is a fun problem-solving activity that goes beyond simple building.

Fun lego activities for kids

Building Challenges

There is a load of LEGO challenges available, with each day giving a different building challenge to complete. This is a fun challenge to give your kids, revealing a new challenge each day.

This is another great activity that encourages kids to problem-solve. It challenges them to think outside the pre-made sets. Instead building and designing creations of their own. 

This is a wonderful STEM activity and fun seeing the tiny details they think of along the way. 

Lego challenge cards shop square.



Grab these LEGO building challenge cards – 106 different challenges to get them using their imagination!

Fun lego activities for kids

Re-Creation Challenge

Another fun building challenge is having your child recreate something from LEGO. This could be an item in your house… or your house! It could be using bricks to recreate a photograph image. 

Our house elf Bo had a little fun with recreating himself during one of his December visits! 

Car Races

Have your children compete against their siblings or friends to create the fastest vehicle. They can each make a car or bike from LEGO pieces. Then test them out to see which goes the furthest or the fastest. 

As your LEGO collection grows, make sure you’ve got some great toy storage solutions organised!

More Lego Learning & Play Ideas

From LEGO challenges to building games, LEGO books and learning activities, these rainbow brick activities are sure to bring endless hours of fun to your kids at home!




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