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6 Yummy Treat Recipes Using Rice Bubbles

Rice Bubble recipes are fun to create, turning the favourite children’s breakfast cereal into delicious treats and snack ideas for every occasion. From Rice Bubble bars to decadent Check out some of my favourite recipes using Rice Bubbles.

Rice bubble recipes for every occasion

Things To Make With Rice Bubbles

Rice Bubbles are such an easy and versatile ingredient for creating yummy snack and treat recipes.

We usually have Rice Bubbles in the pantry, as it is a breakfast cereal of choice most of the time for my eldest daughter.

While chocolate crackles are by far the most popular Rice Bubble desserts but don’t let the inspiration stop there.

Especially not once you’ve tried my reader favourite – white chocolate crackles.

These Rice Bubbles recipes are easy to make, loaded with puffed rice crunch and are sure to be a favourite with the kids. Most of them also make great share plate options for parties and events.

Healthy chocolate rice bubble slice

Rice Bubbles Vs Rice Krispies

Depending on what part of the world you come from, you may be wondering what on earth are Rice Bubbles.

Here in Australia, that is the name of the popular Kellogs puffed rice cereal that many Aussie’s enjoy for breakfast.

But is it the same as Rice Krispies? Indeed it is! Same cereal, different name. Both work in any of the recipes, as do any generic puffed rice cereals you get in your local supermarket.

The Best Rice Bubble Recipes

These Rice Bubble snacks have something for every occasion – whether you want a snack or treat for home, or if you are looking for a fun idea to make to take with you.

Best of all, most of these recipes are also very affordable to make too. They are also simple recipes to make with kids, using their favourite breakfast cereal!

Tips for cooking with kids: Get kids involved with the simple steps for each recipe, such as measuring dry ingredients and mixing ingredients in the bowl. You can assist with any of the heating and cutting steps, but they will love being trusted with the easier stuff!

Freezing Rice Bubble Treats

If you want to freeze rice bubble slice or crackles, you absolutely can. Just line an airtight container with baking paper and pop them in the freezer. Then just remove and leave in your refrigerator overnight to defrost or on the bench for quicker defrosting.

Time to stock up your pantry with Rice Bubbles or Rice Krispies and head to the kitchen for some baking fun. Get the kids involved to whip up some of these delicious treats and yummy things to make with Rice Bubbles.

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