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100 Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas + Free Printable

Summer is the best time for family adventures and these fun Summer bucket list ideas are the perfect way to make sure those warmer months are filled with great memories and plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained! Make sure you grab my free printable Summer bucket list with the complete list of ideas and room to add your own, so you can check them off as you go.

Printable summer bucket list on wooden desk with coloured pencils.

100 Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas For Families

This huge Summer bucket list for kids has ideas to keep the kids busy on their own as well as plenty of family activities for Summer days, so you can jump straight into fun when the hot weather arrives!

Some of these ideas are really simple activities you can do anytime, while others need a little extra time and planning, but they’re sure to get you inspired for the ultimate Summer break!

  1. Make popsicles
  2. Have a beach day
  3. Make s’mores & sit around a campfire
  4. Have a picnic at the park
  5. Have a water balloon fight
  6. Make fruit smoothies
  7. Make sidewalk chalk art
  8. Make ice cream sundaes
  9. Visit the local pool
  10. Declutter & organise a space
  11. Fly kites on a windy day
  12. Visit a farmer’s market
  13. Go on a nature hike
  14. Visit an amusement park
  15. Do a scavenger hunt
  16. Make tie-dye shirts
  17. Go berry picking
  18. Visit a water park
  19. Go on a bike ride
  20. Have a DIY craft day
  21. Visit an aquarium
  22. Make a no-bake dessert
  23. Go fishing in a lake or at the beach
  24. Make friendship bracelets
  25. Have a puzzle day
  26. Fly kites on a windy day
  27. Go on a boat ride
  28. have a swim race
  29. Search for bugs
  30. Try geocaching
  31. Invite friends for a sleepover
  32. Plan an outdoor movie night
  33. Play balloon volleyball
  34. Make rock art
  35. Create a family time capsule
  36. Have a paper boat race
  37. Collect seashells
  38. Host a backyard BBQ with friends & family
  39. Write someone a letter
  40. Make melted crayon art
  41. Build a bird feeder
  42. Make mud pies
  43. Have a puppet show
  44. Plant a garden
  45. Play water hose limbo
  46. Build a sheet fort
  47. Play freeze dance
  48. Play water balloon dodgeball
  49. Play a game of hide-and-seek
  50. Make playdough
  51. Play wet sponge tag
  52. Make a summer scrapbook
  53. Read a summer-themed book
  54. Make slime
  55. Go bowling
  56. Make a playlist of your favourite songs
  57. Have a sack or spoon race
  58. Make pizza
  59. Play in the sprinkler
  60. Make homemade lemonade
  61. Have breakfast outdoors
  62. Go camping (even in your backyard)
  63. Make nature art
  64. Go to a festival
  65. Build sandcastles at the beach
  66. Have a screen-free family day
  67. Visit a local attraction
  68. See a movie at the cinema
  69. Take a photography walk
  70. Visit a planetarium
  71. Go swimming
  72. Cook a new recipe together
  73. Visit a historical site or museum
  74. Go stargazing & find constellations
  75. Go birdwatching
  76. Attend an art or craft class
  77. Do an escape room challenge
  78. Create a gratitude journal
  79. Visit an arcade
  80. Have a tea party in the garden
  81. Do colouring in
  82. See what shapes you can see in the clouds
  83. Take a mini road trip or day trip
  84. Try a new ice cream flavour
  85. Make fruit salad
  86. Attend an outdoor concert or event
  87. Visit the library
  88. Play frisbee in the park
  89. Visit a playground
  90. Try a new food
  91. Make a movie of your summer fun
  92. Do an act of kindness
  93. Write a story
  94. Play charades
  95. Go skating
  96. Visit a friend
  97. Do a word search
  98. Play catch
  99. Catch up with a friend over the phone or via a video chat with the whole family
  100. Play a board game

How To Make Your Own Summer Bucket List

Creating a bucket list for the Summer is a simple way to make it a memorable school break for the kids, even if you don’t have a lot of time to plan anything extravagant or won’t be travelling. There’s plenty of Summer fun to be had in your own backyard and local area.

You can easily put together your own list of Summer activities for your kids to do and have them add their own ideas too. All you need is a notebook and pen to make it happen.

Add activities you love to do together as a family, any special plans you have and a few simple activities the kids can do solo too, since sometimes us parents need a break too!

Free Printable Summer Bucket List For Kids

Free printable summer bucket list on clipboard.

But in case you want one that’s ready to go for you, already pre-filled with this entire list and extra spaces for more activity ideas, I’ve got one for you. It even has some cute pictures to colour in.

Each activity has a check box so you can tick them off as you do them and try and do as many as you can! At the end of Summer, this completed bucket list template makes a sweet keepsake to remind you of your Summer fun!

You can get this Summer bucket list printable in my free printable library (along with loads of other printables).

More Fun Summer Activity Ideas

If you need even more ideas for fun things to do this summer, check out these:

You can also plan your entire Summer with ease with my printable Summer Activity Planner:

100 fun summer bucket list ideas with free printable.