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The Ultimate Summer Planner: Plan Your Best Summer Ever

This mammoth printable Summer planner is the ultimate resource to help you plan the best Summer ever with your family!

Keeping the kids entertained during Summer break can feel overwhelming when you’re not prepared! That’s why I created this huge Summer planner to help you start planning all the fun activities you and your kids will enjoy over the break.

And it’s not just about the fun stuff. This planner will also help keep the household running smoothly, to ensure kids stay on track with their daily routines too. I don’t know about you, but I know I am more prepared for fun when my house doesn’t feel like a disaster!

I put together this Summer Planner with the help of my 11-year-old daughter. After all, who knows what kids like better than an actual kid, right?

What’s Inside the Ultimate Summer Planner?

Printable summer planner.

This Summer planner is packed with everything you need to organise a fun-filled and productive summer. There are 70 pages included in this printable Summer bundle, including some of which are editable Canva templates that you can personalise.

Here’s a quick look at some of what you’ll find inside:

✔️ Summer schedules, chores & daily routines
✔️ Monthly calendar pages
✔️ Screen time rules
✔️ Summer activity planner
✔️ Weekly themes (including Summer camp at home ideas)
✔️ Meal planner & daily meal themes
✔️ Summer reading challenge
✔️ 50 & 100 hours outside challenges
✔️ Summer bucket list
✔️ I’m bored jar kit
✔️ Scavenger hunts
✔️ Drawing prompts
✔️ Plus bonus Summer activity pages and colouring sheets

Daily Schedules & Chores

Summer schedules and daily routine for kids.

Having some form of routine is important for kids, even during the Summer break. Without it, things can get a little chaotic or they might end up spending far more time than you would like on their devices.

I’m not a big routine person myself. I love having some spontaneity in my days and firmly believe we should leave some space for kids to plan their own day, but a good morning routine helps everyone to start the day on a positive foot.

This is why I can created a variety of daily schedules and routine charts. Each of these comes with an editable option that you can personalise in a free Canva account, or just use them as they are.

  • Daily Routine Checklists: Start each day right with tasks like making the bed, brushing teeth, and getting dressed and then add in as little or as much extra structure to your kid’s day as you like.
  • Summer Rules: A list of essential morning tasks that need to be done each day, plus some engaging tasks such as reading for 20 minutes and time outdoors or helping to ensure screen time is earned.

Monthly Planning Pages

Summer activity binder.

Calendar pages are a great way to plan your time and give you a look ahead at what you’ve got planned for the month. Use these monthly calendar pages to add in important events, appointments and priorities so you can then schedule in the fun stuff around them.

It’s a simple thing, yet having month-at-a-glance visuals helps me feel more organised plus it can be a simple way of making sure the whole family is aware of your upcoming plans and schedule.

There is also a week at a glace page as well for your more specific weekly planning.

  • Activity Planners: Space to jot down daily activities, ensuring a mix of fun and educational experiences.
  • Meal Planners: Plan healthy and delicious meals for each day of the week.

Weekly Theme Ideas

Summer schedule and routines.

Looking at your Summer planning week by week is definitely a good way to make it feel less daunting than having to plan an entire Summer of fun with the kids at once. This planner will make it easy to do either.

I have included ideas for daily themes to incorporate into each week, with suggested activities for each of the theme days. Team this with the weekly Summer camp at home themes and you’ve got guaranteed fun planned for your kids!

Each theme comes with some ideas on things you can do during that week and the learning opportunities too.

Here are a few examples of the weekly Summer camp themes included:

  • Adventure Week: Embark on scavenger hunts, camping trips, and treasure hunts.
  • Science and Discovery Week: Dive into science experiments, star gazing, and nature walks.
  • Around The World Week: Learn about different cultures, try international recipes and games.

Fun Challengers & Trackers

I love doing challenges and so do my kids, with or without a reward attached to them, so I have also added in a few fun challenges to do as a family or for the kids to do on their own.

  • Reading Challenge & Book Log: The cute popsicle reading tracker will have kids excited to colour in the next popsicle and a reading log to keep track of all the books they want to read and their progress.
  • 50 & 100 Hours Outdoors Trackers: Spend more time outdoors together as a family this Summer with two hours outside trackers. You choose your challenge level.
  • Watch & Make Lists: Trackers for all the things they want to make, bake and watch over the Summer break.
  • Scavenger Hunts: Get outdoors and see if you can tick off everything on the scavenger hunt lists.
  • Summer Bucket List: This Summer bucket list comes pre-filled with 100 Summer activity ideas plus loads of room to add your own.
  • Reward Coupons: There is a set of reward coupons for kids (including an editable Canva file) that kids can redeem after good behaviour.

Summer Activities

Bored jar kit and summer activities.

There is a list of drawing prompts to encourage creativity (and fill in those moments when boredom strikes), plus a printable bored jar kit so you can create your own activity jar for the kids to draw ideas from.

I’ve also included some fun Summer activity pages such as colouring in pages, mazes, colour by numbers and I Spy. My kids love printable activity sheets and colouring pages. They love them more than they love their beautiful colouring and activity books because they are a bit of a novelty! So if your kids are the same,

Printable summer coloring pages and activities.

Meal Planner

Having a Summer binder isn’t just about making it easy for the kids, but making things easier for you too! That’s why you will find a weekly meal planner page and a weekly dinner theme ideas list, like Taco Tuesday or Meatless Monday to help you streamline your meal planning.

Best Way To Use This Planner

There are a few ways you can use this Summer activity planner. My favourite way is to print off all the pages I want to use (since you might not need every single page) and turn them into a Summer planning binder.

I’ve included 3 different cover pages and binder spines to help you make it pretty too!

Alternatively, just sample or clip the pages together instead.

For the daily routine and chore chart, these can be on display on the fridge instead for easy access for your kids.

TIP: I like to laminate these pages or slip them into a plastic sleeve so they can be reused over and over, rather than printing new versions each day or week. This works for all the weekly and monthly pages too.

Get The Summer Activity Planner Here

Don’t let another summer fly by without a plan. With my Printable Summer Planner, you will have everything you need to create unforgettable memories with your kids while maintaining order at home during the school holidays.