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100 Drawing Prompts For Kids To Inspire Creativity

This huge list of drawing prompts for kids will help inspire their imagination and spark creativity. Drawing is an essential skill for children to develop as it encourages self-expression, improves hand-eye coordination and helps them to develop fine motor skills. It’s also a fun boredom buster for kids of all ages!

My kids love to draw yet often have no idea what they want to start drawing. They would always ask me “Mum, what can I draw?” only for me to be equally stumped or be met with resistance at the suggestion.

Yet, if they draw a random drawing prompt card out of a jar, they are quite happy to take on the challenge! Typical…

Whether your child loves drawing or needs a bit of encouragement to get started, these drawing prompts will make sure they don’t run out of ideas anytime soon! You can also grab the free printable drawing prompts list!

List of 100 Drawing Prompts For Kids

Young girl sitting at a desk with a sketch pad and coloured markers drawing.

Here’s an extensive list of drawing ideas that can be used at home or shared in the classroom to encourage children to pick up a pencil and start creating. Each drawing prompt is designed to get them drawing a unique scene or character, so no two drawings will be the same.

You can challenge them to do a daily draw to encourage kids to practice their drawing each day, or use them as art prompts for rainy days, when they are bored or as classroom drawing prompt ideas.

  1. Draw your favourite animal.
  2. Draw your family at the beach.
  3. Draw a funny monster.
  4. Draw your dream house.
  5. Draw a cool superhero costume.
  6. Draw a family portrait.
  7. Draw a dog in space.
  8. Draw an ice cream cone filled with your favourite flavours and toppings.
  9. Draw a rainbow leading to a pot of gold.
  10. Draw your own personal robot.
  11. Draw a mythical dragon.
  12. Draw a magical treehouse.
  13. Draw a Ferris wheel at a fair.
  14. Draw a cowboy riding a horse.
  15. Draw a funny alien.
  16. Draw the best-ever playground.
  17. Draw a delicious pizza with all the best toppings.
  18. Draw a new cover for your favourite book.
  19. Draw a superhero sidekick.
  20. Draw your dream car.
  21. Draw a fish swimming in an underwater scene.
  22. Draw a tree in all four seasons.
  23. Draw a friendly pirate and his crew with a treasure chest.
  24. Draw a beautiful butterfly with patterned wings.
  25. Draw a monkey in the jungle.
  26. Draw your favourite holiday.
  27. Draw a character from a movie or TV series you love.
  28. Draw a day in the snow.
  29. Draw yourself during your favourite season of the year.
  30. Draw a creepy haunted house.
  31. Draw yourself playing your favourite sport.
  32. Draw a magical rainbow unicorn.
  33. Draw a picture of you and your best friend.
  34. Draw a spaceship.
  35. Draw your favourite fruit.
  36. Draw a happy family picnic.
  37. Draw a fantasy place you would like to visit.
  38. Draw a birthday party celebration.
  39. Draw animals at the zoo.
  40. Draw a dinosaur in the jungle.
  41. Draw a beautiful butterfly garden.
  42. Draw a rainy day scene.
  43. Draw a day at school.
  44. Draw a garden with insects.
  45. Draw your favourite holiday tradition.
  46. Draw a day at the farm.
  47. Draw a sunflower.
  48. Draw a playful puppy.
  49. Draw a space adventure.
  50. Draw a magical potion and all the ingredients it needs.
  51. Draw a yummy cupcake.
  52. Draw a big cityscape.
  53. Draw a funny giraffe.
  54. Draw a cat playing with yarn.
  55. Draw your favourite toy.
  56. Draw a day at the amusement park.
  57. Draw a rainbow-coloured bird.
  58. Draw your mum.
  59. Draw your dream bedroom.
  60. Draw your dad.
  61. Draw your favourite insect.
  62. Draw a ride at the carnival.
  63. Draw a mountain scene with a lake.
  64. Draw your favourite teacher.
  65. Draw you doing your dream job.
  66. Draw an owl in a tree.
  67. Draw a beautiful flower.
  68. Draw a tasty ice cream sundae.
  69. Draw a day on the moon.
  70. Draw a cute teddy bear.
  71. Draw your dream pet.
  72. Draw a pattern using only circles.
  73. Draw a huge tree with animals living in it.
  74. Draw your own superhero logo.
  75. Draw a motorbike.
  76. Draw a scene in the desert.
  77. Draw a moment from your favourite bedtime story.
  78. Draw a friendly lion.
  79. Draw a cool pirate ship.
  80. Draw a dream you recently had.
  81. Draw a day at the circus.
  82. Draw a fruit basket.
  83. Draw a friendly dragonfly.
  84. Draw you wearing a crazy hat.
  85. Draw all your favourite foods.
  86. Draw the items on your birthday wish list.
  87. Draw a an animal only using circles.
  88. Draw your dream cubbyhouse.
  89. Draw a dragonfly.
  90. Draw cows in a meadow.
  91. Draw a funky-looking kitchen.
  92. Draw a caterpillar climbing along a leaf.
  93. Draw yourself in anime style.
  94. Draw an octopus with a hat.
  95. Draw yourself at school.
  96. Draw a map of a fantasy world.
  97. Draw your favourite vacation memory.
  98. Draw something you can see in front of you.
  99. Draw a creative outfit design.
  100. Draw a building using only straight lines.

Free Printable Drawing Prompts For Kids

These free printable drawing prompts are an easy idea to encourage kids to draw something different to what they may typically choose to create.

You can get the free printable drawing prompt list from my free printable library here.

Free printable drawing prompt ideas list on pink background with art supplies.

Benefits Of Creative Drawing For Kids

Besides being lots of fun, creative drawing provides children with a whole range of developmental benefits.

It sharpens fine motor skills, encourages creativity and imagination, encourages problem-solving and even builds a little resilience since not all drawings will turn out quite the way we want them to.

Drawing is a tool for self-expression, story-telling, and emotional release – and it’s never too early to encourage creativity with your child. It can allow them to get their big feelings out in a way that feels easier when they don’t quite have the right words to express themselves.

My kids also love doing drawing tutorials online. There are some great channels on YouTube full of fun drawing tutorials they can follow along with and some of their creations turn out so good!

Make A Drawing Ideas Jar

Create your own drawing prompts jar by adding each prompt to a slip of paper or card and adding them to a jar or container. Get your child to choose a card from the jar each time they are bored or in the mood for some creative drawing and let their imagination take over.

You can get these drawing prompt cards in my online store:

Printable drawing prompt cards on a blue background with drawing supplies.

For other activity jar ideas, check these out:

Essential Drawing Tools For Kids

Having the right drawing materials makes the whole creative experience even more fun! You might like to surprise your child with their own creative drawing prompts jar plus a new sketch pad and pencils to go with it.

My kids often still choose to use printer paper even though they have fancy sketch pads, but that’s okay! Sometimes they pull out their sketch pads and ‘fancy’ pencils.

Here are some art supplies to get them started:

These awesome drawing prompts for kids will inspire plenty of fantastical illustrations and designs, with drawing ideas that inspire big imaginations and plenty of colour! For something different, try using these art prompts for painting or other types of artistic mediums too, such as crayons, watercolour pencils and markers.

Free printable drawing prompt ideas list on pink background with art supplies.


More fun activities for kids:

Free drawing prompt list for kids pinterest image.