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100 LEGO Challenges For Kids: Brick-Building Ideas

These fun LEGO challenge ideas are an awesome way to bring new life to your child’s existing building blocks, to inspire new creations and use plenty of imagination!

LEGO and building blocks are easily some of the best toys for kids because they encourage problem-solving, basic engineering skills, fine motor skills spatial reasoning and creativity.

Children (and adults) can create almost anything with LEGO bricks and these LEGO building ideas will help your kids come up with new projects for their rainbow of building blocks!

100 LEGO Challenge Ideas For Kids

We love watching the LEGO Masters TV show here in Australia and it has inspired my kids to try a few of the challenges they’ve done on the show over the years. Creating these building challenge prompts were definitely inspired by my kids and their love of this fun show.

Use these LEGO challenges to inspire new creations, drawing from your child’s imagination!

These LEGO building challenge ideas for kids aren’t just limited to keeping children busy. Join in the fun with them and see what LEGO ideas you can each come up with!

Get the printable LEGO challenge cards

Simple LEGO Building Tasks:

lego boat with lego friends characters on a table.
  1. Build a house.
  2. Make a flower.
  3. Build a marble maze.
  4. Build a tree with branches and leaves.
  5. Make a smiley face using LEGO bricks.
  6. Build your name or initials using bricks.
  7. Create a rainbow using different coloured bricks.
  8. Design a basic boat and see if it floats on water.
  9. Construct a simple animal (cat, dog, etc.).
  10. Make a favourite food item using bricks (pizza, ice cream, etc.).


Vehicles and Transportation:

  1. Build a spaceship.
  2. Construct a race car with an aerodynamic design.
  3. Create a helicopter with spinning blades.
  4. Build a submarine that can submerge in water.
  5. Construct a futuristic hovercraft.
  6. Make a hot air balloon using balloons and bricks.
  7. Build a monster truck.
  8. Create a train with multiple carriages.
  9. Build a cruise ship.
  10. Build a rocket ready for launch.

Buildings and Structures:

little girl building a lego city.
  1. Build a lighthouse.
  2. Create a medieval castle with turrets and walls.
  3. Construct a skyscraper with multiple floors.
  4. Build a bridge that can hold weight.
  5. Create a treehouse with detailed interiors.
  6. Construct a windmill with rotating blades.
  7. Build a pyramid inspired by ancient architecture.
  8. Create a space station.
  9. Construct a mini city with buildings and streets.
  10. Build your dream home.

Nature and Animals:

  1. Create a dinosaur.
  2. Build a coral reef with colourful sea life.
  3. Construct a jungle scene with trees and animals.
  4. Build a realistic-looking butterfly.
  5. Create an imaginary creature.
  6. Construct a zoo with animal enclosures.
  7. Build a dog and dog house.
  8. Create a dragon with wings.
  9. Construct your favourite animal.
  10. Build a cat.
lego challenge cards shop square.



Be sure to grab these Lego building Cards to encourage kids to challenge themselves to use their favourite toy in a new way.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi:

  1. Create a robot with movable joints.
  2. Build a wizard with a pointy hat.
  3. Construct a time machine with intricate details.
  4. Build a fantasy castle with a draw bridge.
  5. Create a mythical creature (unicorn, griffin, etc.).
  6. Build an alien with unique features.
  7. Construct a haunted house.
  8. Create a superhero headquarters.
  9. Build a spooky monster.
  10. Construct a fantasy land with different regions.

Everyday Objects:

  1. Make a sign.
  2. Build a pencil holder for your desk.
  3. Construct a functional phone stand.
  4. Build a funky lamp with a lampshade
  5. Create a replica of something you can see.
  6. Build yourself out of LEGO bricks.
  7. Create a pile of books.
  8. Build a laptop computer.
  9. Create a tissue box cover using LEGO bricks.
  10. Build a mug or cup with a handle.

Challenges with Limited Bricks

  1. Build a spaceship using only 50 bricks.
  2. Create a dinosaur using only one colour of bricks.
  3. Make a house using a single colour.
  4. Build an animal only using one style of brick.
  5. Create a robot using only square bricks.
  6. Build a boat with a restricted number of bricks.
  7. Construct a flower using a specific set of colours.
  8. Build a tower using only small bricks.
  9. Create a fish using only translucent bricks.
  10. Build a house with a specific number of windows.

Collaborative Building Challenge Ideas

two young girls working together to build a rainbow coloured lego house.

LEGO building is not only a great way to exercise creativity and problem-solving skills, but it also promotes teamwork and collaboration. By working together on these challenges, children can learn how to communicate effectively, compromise, and appreciate the ideas of others.

  1. Build a cityscape with friends, each responsible for a different building.
  2. Create a large mosaic using individual LEGO plates.
  3. Construct a collaborative zoo with various animal enclosures.
  4. Build the tallest tower within a 10-minute time limit.
  5. Create a collaborative fun park with different rides.
  6. Construct a superhero team headquarters with separate sections.
  7. Build a collaborative underwater scene with sea creatures.
  8. Create a fantasy world with different kingdoms and castles.
  9. Build a collaborative amusement park with rides.
  10. Construct a large-scale collaborative map or globe.

LEGO Building Challenges with Themes

lego building with clear window bricks.

81. Build a LEGO representation of your favourite book.

82. Create a scene from a famous movie

83. Build a LEGO version of a famous landmark.

84. Construct a scene from outer space.

85. Create a LEGO representation of your dream vacation.

86. Build a futuristic cityscape with advanced technology.

87. Construct a scene from your favourite video game.

88. Create a LEGO version of a famous painting.

89. Build a scene from a historical event

90. Construct a LEGO diorama depicting a day in the life of your favourite fictional character.

LEGO Battle Challenges

These LEGO versus challenges add a little competitive fun to your challenges by battling against one another in a head-to-head project. These LEGO battle challenges can be two people competing against one another or a group of individuals or small teams working against one another to see who can build the best creation.

  1. Colour Challenge – Each person chooses different colour bricks and must create the best house using just that one colour. The person with the most creative use of their chosen colour wins.
  2. Creative Invention Challenge – Each player must come up with their own unique invention and build a brick replica of it.
  3. Speed Build Challenge – All players must build a specific creation within a limited time frame. The most elaborate build once time runs out is the winner. their creation wins.
  4. Vehicle Challenge – Which team or individual can create the fastest, strongest, or most unique vehicle using only LEGO bricks?
  5. Strongest Bridge Challenge – Each team must build a bridge using only LEGO bricks and see which bridge can hold the most weight before collapsing.
  6. Tower Building Challenge – Who can construct the tallest tower in a 10-minute time limit? The tower must be standing as the buzzer goes off to be counted as the tallest.
  7. Mystery Bag Challenge – Each team or player is given a bag of random LEGO bricks and must use all the pieces to create a unique and creative structure. The team with the most impressive and visually appealing design wins.
  8. Stop-Motion Animation Challenge – Teams are given a specific theme and tasked with creating a stop-motion animation using LEGO bricks. The most creative and well-executed animation wins.
  9. LEGO Fashion Show – Each team or individual must create a fashion piece entirely out of LEGO bricks. The most creative and visually striking design wins.
  10. Artistic Build Challenge – Each team must create a unique and visually stunning piece of art using only LEGO bricks. The most impressive and eye-catching artwork is the creative master.

The Benefits Of Building Blocks

LEGO building has great benefits for all ages, not just limited to children. It can also have positive effects on adults, so if you’re a grown-up who loves LEGO, don’t let age stop you. Some of the benefits of building blocks include:

  • Stress Relief: Building with LEGO blocks can be a calming and mindful activity, staying focused on their projects, rather than external distractions.
  • Improves Fine Motor Skills: The small and intricate movements required in building with LEGO can improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Encourages Creativity: With no specific instructions, building blocks allow for open-ended creativity and imagination to run wild.
  • Enhances Problem-Solving Skills: Building with blocks involves planning, trial and error, and problem-solving to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Promotes Teamwork: Collaborative building challenges encourage teamwork.

Printable LEGO Challenges For Kids

These LEGO challenge cards are a fun way to keep kids busy at home when you need a boredom buster or some rainy-day activities that kids will actually enjoy. My kids love choosing a different challenge to do when they are feeling uninspired by what to create.

Print the LEGO challenge cards off, cut them out and shuffle them up in a bowl or bag. Choose a challenge card at random for your child to work on and see what creative ideas they come up with!

With this list of 100 imaginative LEGO challenge ideas, you have plenty of inspiration to keep your kids entertained through new and exciting engineering challenges. These building challenges are great for entertaining kids at homes, but they are equally fun in the classroom or at a LEGO birthday party too! Encourage your kids to combine challenges, tell stories with their builds, and most importantly, have a blast!

Make sure to grab the printable LEGO challenge cards and start building!

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