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30+ Awesome Lego Birthday Party Ideas

A Lego-themed birthday party is so much fun! There are so many creative ideas that you can use to make the party extra special, with these best Lego birthday party ideas ever! Plus, there are plenty of DIY ideas if you’re party planning on a budget! Even as an adult, I reckon these ideas are super fun!

The best lego party ideas

Planning The Best Ever LEGO Birthday Party

If you’re looking for the best Lego birthday party ideas, look no further! These fantastic ideas are sure to make your little one’s special day extra special.

Many of them work just as well for adults too in case you’re planning a LEGO theme party for a grown-up instead. No judgement here!

Theme parties are always so much fun and they can make it easier to plan a birthday party when you have a specific idea in mind.

With a LEGO-themed party, you can really let your imagination run wild! There are so many possibilities when it comes to decorating, games, and kids’ party entertainment.

And the best part is that there are tons of ideas that you can easily DIY to save some money.

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LEGO Party Ideas For Kids

Now it’s time to get to the fun stuff – planning your awesome LEGO birthday party!

You can have a completely DIY LEGO party on a budget with handmade decorations and food, or add in some pre-made decorations and store-bought snacks to make things easier on yourself. This LEGO party planning guide includes a combination of both.

Here are some of my favourite LEGO ideas to get you started:

Lego Party Food

We can’t have a party without food! And with a LEGO theme, the options are endless. You can get really creative with your food table and drinks or keep things simple. Here are some cool LEGO party food ideas to get you inspired.

Have bright-coloured food to suit your party theme and use candies such as M&Ms to give basic treats the look of LEGOs, such as LEGO cookies or LEGO head cake pops.

These will look great on your party table, especially when paired with bright-coloured decorations.

LEGO Party Invitations

If you enjoy getting creative, you can easily make your own DIY LEGO party invites, using a program such as Canva for free using the LEGO colour scheme.

But if you’d rather have something custom-made, Etsy is my favourite place for party invitations. Most of them are digital files so you can print at home or at your local printing lab. Here are some cute invitations for a LEGO party:

LEGO Party Decorations

The decor sets the scene for an awesome LEGO party and these cool LEGO party decorations are an easy way to create atmosphere and excitement for the party guests. These LEGO party decorations are sure to make your party area look the part!

  • DIY LEGO Head Jars – Repurpose old jars in various shapes and sizes by spraypainting them yellow like LEGO heads and drawing on faces. You can use these to decorate the party table by putting cutlery, straws and other items inside them. They will also make the perfect napkin holder.
  • Giant LEGO Bricks – Turn empty cereal boxes into giant LEGO bricks by creating the connector buttons and spray painting them in bright colours to decorate the party area.
  • Colourful Balloons & Streamers – Use balloons and streamers in the primary colours that make you think of LEGO, such as red, yellow, green and blue.
  • LEGO Pieces & Sets – Decorate your food table with LEGO pieces or birthday girl or birthday boy’s favourite built LEGO sets.

Here are more party decoration ideas if you want a few that don’t require any DIY effort on your part:

LEGO Party Games & Party Activities

Kids’ birthday parties aren’t complete without some fun LEGO games and activities to keep everyone entertained. There are so many fun LEGO activities for kids that are both creative and educational. Here are some cool ideas for LEGO party games for kids:

  • Creative building contest – Give the party guests a tub of LEGO bricks and give them 10 minutes to build something cool. Have the birthday kid pick their favourite to win a prize or simply have this as a fun activity for a little creative building.
  • LEGO Minute To Win It Games – Find heaps of fun ideas for minute to win it challenges that kids will love.
  • LEGO play station – Simply set up a fun corner where kids can play with legos to create anything they please with a mix of LEGO blocks.
  • Build a LEGO tower – Divide the guests into pairs or small teams and see who can build the tallest LEGO tower in a set amount of time. The winning team gets a prize!
  • Pin the hat on the LEGO man – This is a take on the classic game of pin the tail on the donkey. Print out a large LEGO man (or draw a LEGO man on cardstock) and cut out small hats from paper. Blindfold each player in turn and see if they can stick the nose in the right place!
  • LEGO Tic Tac Toe – Print off this free printable game for the kids to play at the party.
Lego tic tac toe printable

For something a little different, create your own LEGO Plinko board before the party and have kids enjoy guessing which slot their marbles will go through.

Plinko board

You can easily adapt some of these exciting great party activities and party games too, by giving them a LEGO party twist or keeping them as they are, along with these fun balloon games too.

Set up your own LEGO photo booth by creating some cute LEGO-inspired photo props, such as glasses, hats and other brick-inspired fun on sticks so the party-goers can pose as their favourite LEGOs.

My kids love watching the Australian LEGO Masters television series so you could easily make your party themed around brick building challenges just like the show.

Lego challenge cards shop square.


LEGO Challenge Cards For Kids

With 106 different LEGO building challenge ideas including 10 battle challenges that are perfect for parties!

LEGO Party Favours

Sure, you can send the kids home with a bag of lollies and sweet treats, but there are some seriously cool alternatives to goodie bags when it comes to hosting a LEGO party!

You can easily make some of these DIY LEGO party favours instead, or have a craft make-and-take session with the kids as one of the party activities.

  • Barfing glitter slime – Kids love slime and this one is inspired by The LEGO Movie 2.
  • LEGO Candies – Repurpose this cute Valentine’s Day idea into a LEGO party favour using LEGO-shaped silicone mold.

Not feeling crafty? Here are some more cool ideas for LEGO party favours you can buy:

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Hosting a LEGO birthday party is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages (and adults too)! There are so many great ideas for decorations, food, and games that are a great addition to your celebration, so you’re sure to find something perfect for your child’s party. Plus, there are plenty of awesome LEGO party ideas you can DIY if you’re on a budget. So get planning and have some fun creating a unique LEGO-themed party for your next celebration!

For more fun party planning ideas: