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23 Spooktacular Kid-Friendly Halloween Mocktails

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There is no end to the yummy Halloween foods you can create, but what about the drinks! Having spooky drinks to serve up to your guests is all part of the fun. I’ve found some of the best kid-friendly Halloween mocktails that are perfect for your next event.

These no-booze drink ideas are sure to impress all ages, from spooky witches brews to delicious Halloween punch recipes.

Halloween mocktails for kids - non-alcoholic halloween drinks


Whether you are hosting your own Halloween party at home or wanting to bring a thirst-quenching treat to an event, these Halloween mocktail recipes are super fun! But which will you make first?

In case you need inspiration for your food table as well, check out these spooky and fun Halloween finger foods and treat ideas.

Essential Halloween Mocktail Supplies

Stock up on the Halloween party essentials so you are ready to start creating yummy drink masterpiees the kids will love:


These Halloween mocktail recipes are great for mixing up at parties for kids or for your non-drinking guests. After all, someone needs to be the designated driver after all that dress-up fun!

Bloodshot Halloween Drink

This Bloodshot Halloween mocktail looks amazing with the food-safe syringes. The whole effect is really funky and the kids will be impressed with having their own personal syringes to squirt from.

Glow In The Dark Skeleton Juice

You can’t get much cooler than this Glow in the dark skeleton juice recipe. The kids will be amazed to see their drink glowing when the lights are out for some extra Halloween fun.

Glow in the Dark Skeleton Juice

Melting Witch Halloween Punch

This fun Melting Witch green punch with Oreo witches hats will look great on the party food table with kids lining up to get their brew!

Melting witch punch halloween drinks for kids

Magic Potion Punch

This Magic Potion Punch with soda, lemonade, grape juice and jello powder will fizz and bubble, just like a real potion.

Kids halloween mocktails

Slow Cooker Apple Cider Fizzie

Slow cooker recipes are great for set and forget cooking, so why not use them for Halloween drinks too. This Apple Cider Fizzie sounds delicious.

Crock Pot Apple Cider Fizzie

Salted Caramel Apple Cider Float

This Salted caramel apple cider float is a perfect Halloween drink choice to serve with dessert. Topped with whipped cream for an extra sweet treat.

Salted Caramel Apple Cider Float

Bloody Shirley Temple

This cool looking Bloody Shirley Temple is a non-alcohol substitute to that will make kids feel like they are doing what the grown-ups are doing at their next Halloween party.

Bloody Shirley Temple

Moonrise Mocktail

For a fun, mostly healthy Halloween mocktail, these Moonrise mocktails look fabulous and delicious.

Spooky Halloween Punch

This Spooky Halloween Punch is a combination of juice, soda and candy… and the finishing touches of a sprinkle rimmed glass to serve it.

Spooky halloween punch

Frog Egg Lemonade

How revolting does this sound! Thankfully no real frog eggs needed. Just the yummy goodness of some passionfruit pulp in this simple 2 ingredient kids mocktail for Halloween.

Frog Egg Lemonade


The best thing about punch is you can make up a big batch and let your guests serve themselves. Just make sure if you have a boozy Halloween punch that you keep the two clearly marked.

Witches Brew Punch

This witch’s brew punch is a refreshing sweet drink with the added fun of gummies. Plus there are only 2 ingredients. Simple!

Witches Brew Punch

Black Spider Party Punch

I love this black spider party punch. From the cool decorated spider cups to the creepy blueberries bobbing in the punch. Super fun Halloween punch for kids!

Black spider party punch

Voodoo Punch

With bright colours, yummy flavours and sugared glasses, this voodoo punch will be a kids Halloween party hit for sure.

Voodoo Punch

Halloween Punch

I love the colours of this Halloween Punch. This is a refreshingly simple no-booze Halloween drink recipe.

Halloween Punch

Pumpkin Punch

This Pumpkin Punch doesn’t really have pumpkin in it! It’s essentially orange soft drink and whipped cream. If you don’t have pumpkin candy to decorate, you could use any type of spooky Halloween candy in its place.

Pumpkin Punch

Poison Apple Punch

This poison apple punch is a fun use of dry ice to give the drink a smoking appearance. What eerie fun and the punch bowl will double as fun table decor too.

Poison Apple Punch

Polyjuice Potion

Whether for Halloween or if you are having a Harry Potter party, this Polyjuice potion punch is a great option for the kids.

Polyjuice Potion

Need a costume? Check out these DIY Halloween costumes for adults & families or get the kid’s dressed up with these homemade kid’s Halloween costumes.


Halloween smoothies are a great alternative to mocktails and punch. Smoothies are perfect if you are having a small Halloween get together for your kids and their friends and are usually a much healthier option too!

Ghoulicious Halloween Smoothie

I love how fun this Ghoulicious Halloween Smoothie looks with the decorated jar glass and stick-on eyes. Plus the coloured sprinkles are a great touch.

Ghoulicious Halloween Smoothie

Green Monster Milkshake

This green monster milkshake has to be one of my favourite non-alcohol Halloween drink ideas. The decoration is so fun, yet super simple!

Green Monster Milkshake

Monster Mash Green Smoothie

A fun twist on a healthy green smoothie, this Monster Mash drink is full of fruit and greens for young, growing bodies.

Monster Mash Green Smoothie

Ghostly Freakshake

Anyone will a sweet tooth would be excited to have one of these Ghostly Freakshakes, loaded with ice cream, syrupt and sweetness.

Halloween freakshake

Choc, Peanut Butter, Banana Halloween Candy Smoothie

This Halloween candy smoothie is loaded with all sorts of goodness, including banana for an extra serving of fruit! A yummy after Halloween treat too for using up excess candy!

Halloween Candy Smoothie

Melting Witch Hot Chocolate

While this may not be a Halloween milkshake or smoothie, it probably fits best in this section. This Melting Witch hot choolate is a great option to warm up on a cold October evening.

Melting Witch Hot Chocolate

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