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35 Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas For Boys & Girls

The Easter bonnet parade is one of the cutest events during the school year, but it does tend to cause mass panic amongst school parents. These easy Easter bonnet ideas for boys and girls will ensure your child has a fun Easter hat for the parade, with loads of easy to make or buy Easter bonnets for boys and girls.

Easy easter bonnet ideas for boys and girls


Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas

The Easter bonnet parade at school is often something that elicits one of two extremes for parents – they either despise it and the thought of coming up with another hat. Or they love the chance to get creative!

I’m more on the latter side, but I also like the idea of easy Easter bonnet ideas that may even last long enough to recycle next year.

These easy Easter bonnet ideas for boys and girls (and adults too) will help you get inspired and create an Easter parade hat masterpiece ready to show off at school.

Easter Bonnet Ideas For Boys

These Easter hat ideas for boys aren’t in the slightest bit girly. Create homemade Easter bonnets they will proudly wear to the parade, with touches of their favourite ‘boy’ inspired themes and toys. Although these ideas may be just as exciting for little girls too, who want something outside the box!

Gravity defying easter hat with eggs

This gravity-defying Easter bonnet deserves to be top of the list because it is seriously cool and possibly one of my favourites overall. Get the tutorial.

Avengers easter hat for boys

This epic Avengers Easter hat for boys (or girls… we are Marvel mad in our house), is not too complicated, so long as you have a sturdy hat to use beneath it. The tower is drawn onto cardboard, and the eggs have been painted to look like mini Avengers superheroes. So much fun! This one was found on Pinterest so there is no tutorial.

Blue easy easter bonnet ideas for kids

A simple decorated top hat is often a safe choice (for boys and girls). Credit.

Batman easter hat

This seriously cool Batman Easter hat is via Pinterest, so there’s no tutorial but it looks relatively easy to recreate.

Solar system easter hat

Take a love of space up to the next level with this solar system inspired Easter bonnet idea. Get the tutorial.

Star wars easter bonnet

Star Wars fans will love this cool Easter hat idea with decorated Star Wars character eggs and simple decorations using glitter alphabet stickers and stars. You could use a cutting machine if you have one too. Found on Pinterest.

Minions easter bonnet

Who doesn’t love Minions? I know we sure do and this Minion Easter bonnet is so much fun. Get the tutorial.

Spiderman easter bonnet

Spiderman fans will adore this Spiderman Easter hat. This Pinterest idea appears to be using a standard straw hat with a cardboard top hat and cardboard decorations cut out, finished off with some spider web decorated eggs and chickens.

Dinosaur easter hat

This is another boy-themed Easter bonnet idea with dinosaurs and eggs, with a bit of foliage. Found on Pinterest.

Simple easter hat for boys

This easy sombrero style decorated hat would be so simple to do, with a few decorative carrots hanging from it. It is actually a very fun Mexican-inspired take on the Aussie swag hat!

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Easter Bonnet Ideas For Girls

There is no end to pretty, girly and feminine Easter hats for girls. These girls Easter bonnet ideas are sure to delight little girls who love to dress up. Ribbons, bows, sparkles and pastels galore.

Birds nest easter bonnet

This is my favourite of the Easter hats for little girls because it is simply stunning. Your DIY skills will be the talk of the Easter hat parade with this birdnest creation. Get the tutorial.

Diy floral easter headband

These floral Easter bunny headbands were our easy Easter bonnet alternative for our first school Easter parade and they were still perfect for the next year too. So simple to make and really inexpensive as well.

Posable bunny ears

Create poseable bunny ears with this headband tutorial.

Bee hive easter bonnet

This is another absolutely beautiful homemade Easter bonnet creation that any little girl (or boy) would be proud to wear. Get the tutorial.

Spring easy easter bonnet ideas for girls

Grab yourself a heap of foam stickers and an old hat and transform it in minutes with this really easy Easter bonnet idea. Credit

Tissue paper easter parade hat

Put your tissue paper to work with this simple spring-inspired wide-brimmed Easter bonnet for girls. Find the tutorial here.

Easter bunny hair style

Skip the hat entirely with this super cute Easter hairstyle for girls. This would work well for an Easter parade or for the last day of school before the Easter break.

Floral hats

More easy Easter bonnet ideas with paper mache – add paper flowers for a feminine look. Get the tutoral.

Simple easter bonnet idea

The ultimate in simple Easter hat using a straw sun hat and adding a few feminine spring and Easter inspired decorations.

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Easter Hat Ideas For Anyone

One of the best things about making your own Easter bonnets for kids is that you might even have the chance to re-use it again the following year. Maybe not for the same child, but for a younger sibling who can’t wait to wear a hat their older brother or sister proudly wore to the Easter bonnet parade. These ideas are great for boys and girls. They also make great Easter hats for adults too!

Easter bunny ear headbands

This pipe cleaner bunny ear headbands are too cute and I love that they work for boys and girls for Easter parades. Add flowers or keep it simple. You decide! Get the tutorial.

Party hat easter ears

How easy are these bunny party hats! This is possibly one of the easiest DIY Easter bonnets in the list and they look great!

Paper easter bonnet ideas

This cute paper Easer bonnet would be perfect for boys and girls. Simply decorate in the colours they like best.

Spring easter bonnet made from paper

Another creative paper Easter bonnet creation. Find the tutorial tutorial.

Paper mache easter bonnets for kids

More floppy hats. These ones are made from newspaper and are great for recycling stuff around the house. Find how to make them here.

Cardboard easter hat with ears

An easy to make cardboard Easter bonnet idea with paper and embellishments. Find the basket hat here.

Easter basket hat

This Easter basket bonnet is a great upcycling project with items you have at home. Tutorial.

Chicken easter bonnet from paper

How cute is this chicken hat? Made from paper, you can get the tutorial to make this one and others.

Spring grass easter hat ideas

Create the ultimate springtime creation with this grass inspired Easter bonnet. Find the tutorial.

Easy easter bonnet ideas

Left it until the last minute? This DIY Easter hat won’t take long to make. Get the Easter bonnet template tutorial.

Diy easter bonnet idea

These DIY ideas for Easter hats are great options if you don’t have a lot of supplies or time to create an Easter bonnet. Use coloured cardboard and decorate with stickers and craft supplies for a really quick and easy idea.

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Easter Bonnets To Buy

If you don’t fancy yourself to be a DIY Easter hat maker, or you’re short on time, there are plenty of ready-made Easter bonnets available too. Here are some we think are super cute!

With so many fun and easy Easter bonnet ideas for boys and girls, you are sure to find the perfect Easter hat for your child to wear to the parade.

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