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100+ Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas For Kids & Adults

Putting together an Easter basket is a wonderful and simple Easter gift idea. With all the delicious food and Easter egg hunting, the last thing you might want to do is add to the sweets pile with a chocolate gift. Instead, these non-candy Easter basket ideas for kids, babies, toddlers and adults are the ideal alternative!

Create an Easter basket filled with items that can be enjoyed well after Easter. And no sore bellies after too many chocolate Easter eggs and candy either!

The Easter bunny can be more practical with non-chocolate gift ideas and these non-candy Easter baskets can be so much fun to put together!

Non-candy easter basket ideas for kids & adults

Non-Candy Easter Baskets

Just like Christmas, Easter can be a great time of year to gift practical gifts and toys to friends and family. There is no rule that states you must give chocolate eggs or candy at Easter.

After all, not everyone is able to eat sweet treats either!

In our household, we tend to do a little bit of both.

We know our girls will be gifted far more chocolate than they know what to do with from extended family, so the Easter bunny is a little more conservative in his choices when he visits our home.

He has even been known to bring undies and socks as part of the Easter basket fillers…

But there are plenty of ideas that are more fun than those!

I have put together the ultimate list of non-candy Easter basket ideas and fillers to suit all ages and interests so you can easily give a gift that keeps on giving!

Find more non-chocolate Easter gift ideas to make and buy and non-toy gifts for kids.

How To Make A DIY Easter Basket

Putting together an Easter basket gift can be really simple to do. In fact, you may already have some baskets at home that you can upcycle as part of your gift.

If not, here are some tips for creating the perfect Easter baskets for kids and adults:

  • Themed Easter basket – Decide if you want to have a theme for your basket or just general gifts
  • Start by planning your Easter basket fillers – once you know what is going into your basket, you can find a basket that is large enough to suit.
  • Purchase your basket – It can be a box, a basket, a tub or a tin. Get creative with what you use as your Easter basket.
  • Line the basket – Adding a lining or filling to your Easter basket is a simple way to make the gift look nicer and prop everything up. You can use shredded paper, cotton wool, tissue paper or faux grass as a few options.
  • Add your basket fillers – Place your Easter gifts inside the basket in a way that displays each item.

Make sure you also check out these non-chocolate Easter egg fillers that aren’t junk for your Easter egg scavenger hunt too!

Easter scavenger hunt clues printable

Toddler & Baby Easter Basket Stuffers

When giving a toddler or baby Easter gift, the last thing you want is to be giving them candy or chocolate.

At that age, practical and fun gifts are the perfect option for your little one and there is no end to beautiful baby Easter basket stuffers and toddler Easter gift ideas that aren’t edible!

Find Easter basket fillers for babies and toddlers:

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Easter Basket Fillers For Kids

Most kids love chocolate. But they also love toys and thoughtful gift ideas.

There are plenty of practical gifts for kids that don’t involve food making it easy to create a fun Easter basket gift for older kids or younger kids to enjoy.

Easter basket fillers for kids with toys

Here are some great ideas to create an Easter basket for girls or boys:

Easter Basket Ideas For Teens & Tweens

When you’ve got gifts to buy for the inbetween ages – teens and tweens, you want to make sure you’re putting items in their Easter baskets that they will actually love! This means nothing too childish, but still items you know they will love to receive.

Check out these Easter basket ideas for teens and tweens:

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas For Adults

Why should kids get all the fun? These Easter basket fillers for adults are great for gifting individuals or as a shared gift basket for couples.

Easter basket ideas for adults

Check out these Easter basket fillers for adults:

Healthy Easter Basket Filler Ideas

If it’s simply a case of not wanting to gift candy for Easter, but instead add healthy alternatives to a gift basket, your options are wide. You can easily put together a non-candy Easter basket with healthy food and drinks instead.

This is a great gift idea for a family, when putting together a larger basket, or by giving a mix of healthy snacks with non-edible Easter basket gifts.

Check out these healthy edible gifts for baskets:

  • Nuts
  • Dried fruits
  • Jerky – Maybe not so healthy but a great basket filler
  • Kombucha
  • Fresh fruit
Non-candy easter basket ideas for kids & adults

These non candy Easter basket ideas give you plenty of basket filler ideas to suit all ages – babies right through to adults! Now the fun part is putting it all together and gifting your special gift basket to your loved ones this Easter!

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Non-candy easter basket gift ideas