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100 Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers (That Aren’t Junk) For Kids & Adults

Easter egg hunts are a fun family tradition that kids love! But as parents, we don’t always love the excess of chocolate and candy they bring or the disposable trinkets inside the eggs.

This is the ultimate list of Easter egg fillers that aren’t junk, with non-candy egg fillers for toddlers, kids, teens and adults, so everyone can enjoy the fun of an Easter hunt!

Time to start planning the most epic Easter adventure with plenty of ideas for egg fillers to suit different age groups. The Easter Bunny isn’t all about chocolate eggs!

Plastic easter eggs in a basket

Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers That Aren’t Junk

I love chocolate. It’s no secret that it is a favourite of mine and a love that my own kids certainly share.

However, I also cringe at the idea of the sheer excess of chocolate and candy that comes with Easter egg hunts.

There’s also the risk of food allergies for some kids too!

But rather than skip this fun Easter tradition, you can simply tweak it by adding fun surprises to your plastic Easter eggs instead of edible treats.

We also try our best to eliminate excess clutter in our household, which means I also do my best to avoid filling the eggs with the type of toys that are fun for that one day then end up in a pile at the bottom of the toy box.

This list of non-candy Easter egg fillers is aimed to give you ideas that the whole family will love and won’t leave you cringing once Easter is done for another year!

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Finding The Perfect Easter Egg Fillers

Most plastic Easter egg hunt eggs are relatively small, not much larger than an actual egg, so they don’t give you a lot of room to fill with surprises other than candy and chocolate eggs.

But there are plenty of small and useful things you can fit inside the plastic eggs that are suited to different ages.

You can also find larger Easter hunt eggs as well. These larger eggs are perfect for the non-candy plastic Easter egg fillers such as collectable cards.

Or jumbo eggs if you want to add larger gifts and prizes, such as bigger gifts that you might normally use as Easter basket stuffers.

The key is finding mini items that will easily fit, without the temptation of filling them with useless plastic toys that will be forgotten quickly. You can often find plenty of things at your local dollar store that will fit.

Having a variety of small and medium-sized eggs will give you more options with what egg stuffers you can use.

Before your purchase your Easter egg stuffers, make sure they will definitely fit into your hunting eggs. You don’t want to discover they don’t fit the night before and have no time to get different sizes at the last-minute!

Easter scavenger hunt clues printable

Easter Egg Fillers For Toddlers

The last thing you want is a toddler hyped up on sugar from too much chocolate and candy, so these non-candy Easter egg fillers for toddlers are a perfect alternative.

There are few items suited to toddlers that are small enough to fit in plastic Easter eggs, however, these ideas are good options with supervision recommended in case of them being a potential choking hazard.

Check out the toddler Easter egg stuffer ideas:

Easter Egg Fillers For Kids

Finding fun Easter egg fillers for kids is quite easy to do, even when leaving out the chocolate!

There are plenty of practical items such as stationery and small craft supplies that will fit inside the eggs and encourage creative activities.

Sensory items such as slime, chalk, play dough and finger paints are also great for children of all ages. Some of these can also work for toddlers if used under supervision.

Small toys from their favourite collections are also a good option, such as new LEGO Minifigures or Shopkins if your child is already collecting them.

Here are more ideas for Easter egg toy fillers and useful gifts:

Easter Egg Fillers For Tweens & Teens

Getting a tween or teen to join in an Easter hunt can be an effort on its own, so having surprises in the eggs that you know they will actually like might be motivation enough to get them going.

(You may need to give them a couple of hints).

There are plenty of useful, fun and exciting items small enough to use in an Easter egg hunt that the teens and tweens will love to find!

There’s a good chance their younger siblings will think these items are pretty cool too since many of these ideas are also perfect for older kids!

Check out these Easter egg fillers for teens and tweens:

Easter Egg Fillers For Adults

Don’t let the kids have all the fun! Load up some Easter eggs for the grown ups too with these fun adult Easter egg hunt ideas.

The best part about these egg stuffers is that most of them are actually useful gadgets and items to have.

Then, of course, a few just for fun that sure beats finding a plastic yoyo or figurine! You can pretend to be big kids for the sake of a fun Easter egg search!

Check out these Easter egg filler ideas for adults:

plastic easter eggs in the grass

Planning An Easter Egg Hunt With Different Age Groups

If you are planning an Easter egg hunt with the whole family or with extended family and friends, with participants of all ages, it can get tricky to make sure everyone finds the right eggs.

One easy way to do this is to colour code your eggs so that each age group knows what to look for. This can also add to the challenge of finding specific eggs instead of just a free for all.

Find more fun Easter egg hunt ideas and ways to add extra excitement to your Easter day.

I hope these non candy easter egg stuffers give you plenty of great ideas for what to put in Easter eggs.

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