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45 DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids & Babies For 2024

DIY Halloween costumes for kids can be a lot of fun to create, often influenced by what your kids are loving at the time! Sometimes those requests have us in a mild panic as we contemplate how we will make their dream happen!

These kids Halloween costumes to make are sure to give you plenty of inspiration. Find costume ideas for babies, toddlers, siblings and solo dress-ups.

Diy halloween costumes for kids


Whether you are looking for an elaborate show-stopping DIY kids costume for Halloween or if you want something that will take you half an hour to throw together at the last minute, there’s something here for you!

Costumes should be fun and DIY costumes are a perfect way to have some creative fun with your kids!

With a quick trip to the craft store or checking what craft supplies you already have, combined with clothing and accessories in your kid’s wardrobes and toy boxes, you can often put together a homemade Halloween costume without spending a thing.

From cute baby Halloween costumes to big kids and siblings, you are sure to find something your kids will love dressing up as this Halloween!

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I love the idea of boxtumes for Halloween and these kid-friendly options make cheap Halloween costumes that you can make using things you mostly have at home… like boxes!

Ballerina Jewellery Box Costume

Diy ballerina jewellery box costume

This DIY Ballerina jewellery box boxtume is super cute and an easy one to create by some upcycling from things you have at home already.

Alice In Wonderland House Costume

Alice in wonderland white rabbit house costume

This was my daughter’s Book Week costume with a twist on a classic with Alice stuck in the White Rabbit’s house. Find the full tutorial and video.

Doll Box Costume

Living doll in box costume

Turn your child into a living doll for the day with this easy homemade Halloween costume of a doll in a box.

Lemonade & Ice Cream Stand Costumes

Diy ice cream stand and lemonade stand costumes

These shop stand DIY costumes for kids are a great option for sibling costumes or solo. They look super cute and you could create an adult version too for a family Halloween costume idea.

DIY Dinosaur Costume

Diy dinosaur costume from a cardboard box

This Dinosaur boxtume could not be any cuter! Turn your little person into a dinosaur with this easy DIY cardboard box costume idea. They can be any colour dinosaur they want!

Poop Emoji Costume

Diy poop emoji costume from cardboard

This funny Halloween costume would work for boys or girls, turning up as their favourite emoji. This poop emoji tutorial is an easy one to recreate.

DIY Wrecking Hall Costume

Wrecking ball costume

Make your little person’s dreams come true with their own Wrecking Ball construction costume. This fun boxtume idea also looks great as part of a family costume with mum and dad in their safety vests!

Free Kittens Boxtume

Diy free kittens box costume

This free kittens costume is super cute and one you could put together as a last-minute Halloween costume for kids or adults.

LEGO Costume

Lego costume

This quick and easy DIY LEGO Halloween costume is made from a box and lids or pool noodles, a glue gun and some spray paint. So quick and easy!

Mario Kart Costumes

Homemade mario kart costume for mario and luigi made using cardboard boxes and helium balloons.

How cool are these Mario Kart costumes with everyone’s favourite Italian brothers, Mario & Luigi! This is a fantastic effort. They look adorable.

Night Pirates House Costume

Night pirates house costume

This simple Night Pirates costume would work great for Halloween or for Book week.

DIY Sleigh Stroller Costume

Diy sleigh stroller costume

If you are heading out trick or treating with smaller kids in strollers, pram costumes are a great way to get the whole family involved. This sleigh stroller costume is such a cute idea!


These homemade Halloween costumes are suitable for kids of all ages with some tweaks, or you could even recreate them in an adult size if you really wanted!

Bo Peep Costume

Diy toy story bo peep costume

With Toy Story 4 came a whole new look and feisty attitude for Bo Peep and that’s exactly what this costume brings. A super cute DIY Disney costume for my youngest as part of our family Toy Story costume.

Toy Story Barbie Costume

Toy story barbie costume

We had so much fun doing the whole family Toy Story costume, and our eldest daughter’s costume was the easiest of them all with our DIY Barbie costume. This would work for any theme Barbie!

Luna Lovegood Costume

Little girl dressed as luna lovegood for book week

Recreate the quirky look of Harry Potter’s Luna Lovegood with this easy DIY costume tutorial. Most of the items are things you already have at home with tutorials for making your own wand and glasses.

Kid’s Sugar Skull Costume

You can’t get much easier than this last-minute kid’s Halloween costume we pulled together for a kid’s Halloween party and again for a spooky school dress-up day. Some lipstick and eyeliner teamed with a very quickly made flower headband for a thrifty simple sugar skull costume. All you need is a hot glue gun, fabric flowers and a headband.

DIY Easy Sew Snow White Costume

Snow white costume

If your child loves all things Disney, this classic Snow White costume comes with an easy to sew tutorial to help you create this beautiful character costume at home.

DIY Harry Potter Costume

Diy harry potter costume

There aren’t many kids who don’t want a chance at being a wizard at some point, and this DIY Harry Potter costume looks just as good (if not better) than the store versions! Switch it up with different house colours or their favourite characters, like Hermoine and Ron.

Donut Costume

Diy donut costume

Get a free pattern to sew this adorable donut costume for your little one for your next fancy dress occasion.

Marshmellow Girl Costume

Marshmellow girl costume

This is a really cute kids costume that you could create for boys too, minus the tutu – a fun interpretation of the Marshmellow man from Ghostbusters.

Paper Mache Yoda Costume

Yoda costume paper mache diy

Star Wars costumes are always a hit and this paper mache Yoda costume is really effective!

Skein of Yarn Costume

Ball of yarn costume

This yarn costume DIY is hilarious and sure to get attention. Love how creative this is.

DIY Prisoner Costume

Diy prisoner costume for men

This Prisoner Costume tutorial is aimed at kids, yet it would be a great Halloween costume for teens too!

Cookie Monster T-Shirt Costume

Cookie monster tshirt costume for toddlers

This Cookie Monster costume is an easy one to pull off with a T-shirt, a tutu and some simple craft supplies to make the headband and decorations.

DIY Scuba Diver Costume

Diy scuba diver costume

This super cute scuba diver costume can be recreated for kids of all ages or even for adults, with a few fun and simple accessories.

No-Sew Bat Costume

Diy no sew bat wing costume

No sew costumes for kids are music to many ears, since not everyone is amazing with a sewing machine! This no-sew bat costume is perfect for Halloween.

Black Widow Spider costume

This is a fun costume as Black Widow with spider legs built into a backpack to make them easy to wear.

DIY Butterfly Costume

Butterfly costume

This beautiful butterfly costume would be a favourite with little girls who want to flutter the day away!

Skeleton Costume

Diy skeleton costume

A scary Halloween costume classic – this skeleton costume is an easy and cheap costume idea for kids using duct tape.


The only thing cuter than kids in fancy dress, is Halloween sibling costumes such as these fun DIY ideas. A great option if you have 2 or more kids and want to stick with a theme. You could even extend it to the whole family with some fun family costume ideas.

DIY Gnome Costumes

Diy gnome costumes for siblings

The perfect boy and girl sibling costume – these gnome costumes are so cute and simple to create too.

Family UNO Costumes

Uno sibling costume

A simple last-minute costume idea for the whole family or for a group of friends, these UNO costumes can be created using a T-shirt and cut out image if you want to keep it really cheap.

Mario & Princess Peach

Mario and princess peach costumes

These Super Mario and Princess Peach costumes are adorable. If you have some little Nintendo fans, they will love this idea.

Kids Starbucks Costumes

Starbucks costumes for kids

You could create a whole family of Starbucks themed costumes with these adorable sibling costumes. Check out my adult costumes post for a few DIY adult Starbucks costume ideas too.

Basketball Team Group Costume

Family basketball team costume with pram net

If you are a sporting family, this basketball team group costume is perfect. I love the hoop on the stroller!

Spooky Headless Costume For Kids

Headless costume diy

If you are looking for a scary kid’s costume for Halloween, this head in a jar costume is perfect! Or minus the jar as shown below for a headless look. Simple to do and very spooky for little boys or girls who want something more grown-up for Halloween.

Little Mermaid Costume

Little mermaid toddler costume

This DIY Little Mermaid costume is great for allowing kids to dress as their favourite mermaid, without having to worry about trying to walk in a tail. These DIY mermaid tail pants are super cute.

DIY Cookie Monster Costume

Diy cookie monster costume

This DIY Cookie Monster costume could not be cuter! This is a fantastic DIY costume for toddlers or babies, with the adorable fluffy outfit and big eyes for any little Seasame Street fans!

DIY Quidditch Robes

Diy quidditch robe halloween costume.

For the Harry Potter-loving kids, let their quidditch dreams come true with their own quidditch robes and broomstick.

Easy Kids Skeleton Costume

Simple skeleton costume for a child.

If you’re short on time and want a cheap and easy homemade kids costume, this skeleton costume is a great choice, paired with some spooky makeup.

Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas

Sally from a nightmare before christmas diy costume.

This Sally costume from The Nightmare Before Christmas looks fantastic and it’s one that you can recreate relatively easily… even using a few scraps you might already have in your fabric tub if you happen to have the right colours.

Ice Queen Costume

Ice queen costume diy for kids.

This ice queen costume would just as easily make any child who loves Frozen very happy for the chance to be Elsa for their dress up party or trick or treating.

Inflatable Tube Man

Diy air dancer costume in red.

This Inflatable Tube man costume is so creative and hilarious! It turned out so well although walking looks difficult!

Easy Mr Potato Head Costumes

Easy diy mr potatohead tshirt costume.

How cute and simple are these Mr Potato Head costume ideas. So fun and one you can do on a short time if you’ve left costumes to the last minute.


It can be tricky finding the perfect Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers, but these DIY options are simple and cheap to create. Cue the cuteness overload!

Sofie The Giraffe Baby Halloween Costume

Sofie the giraffe costume

Sofie the Giraffe is a popular baby gift with the giraffe shaped teether and this Sofie Giraffe costume is simply adorable! With an easy DIY tutorial using a lot of items you may already have at home.

Classic Game Boy Costume

Baby game boy costume

All the 80s and 90s kids who grew up and had a baby will love this Game Boy romper costume! Such simple retro fun!

Baby Princess Leia

Diy star wars princess leia costume

While our costumes weren’t DIY, I did make this Star Wars baby costume. The Princess Leia baby beanie was a brown crochet beanie, with the buns created out of plaited wool and stitched into place. Paired with a simple white romper and pants, it completed the look without spending much at all. Just grab a heap of brown wool from the dollar store.

Paw Patrol Baby Costume

Paw patrol baby costume

This super cute Paw Patrol costume for babies is an adorable option on a budget and you can easily create the rest of the Paw Patrol crew for sibling costumes.

Baby Strawberry Costume

Adorable baby dressed as a strawberry with a homemade costume for halloween.

This baby strawberry costume is so cute! And a really easy costume to make too with spots on a red romper and leaves on a green beanie.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Costume

Hungry caterpillar baby costume

This Very Hungry Caterpillar mother and baby costume for Halloween is so precious!

Unicorn Toddler Costume

Baby unicorn costume diy

This adorable unicorn toddler or baby costume is all rainbows and cuteness with a handmade headband and tutu.

You will have plenty of kid’s DIY Halloween costume inspiration with these ideas. Add your own homemade twist or get the kids involved in getting creative at home to make their dream fancy dress costume together.

These costumes are the perfect options for your next Halloween party. If you need more ideas for fun, try some of these Halloween party games or kid’s party entertainment ideas to make sure your event is loads of fun for everyone. And check out these non-candy party bag alternatives if you want to avoid giving the kids any extra sugar after trick or treating!

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