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Toy Story Family Costume

A Toy Story family costume is a fun group Halloween costume the whole family will enjoy dressing up for and a simple one to make at home too. We share our DIY Toy Story costumes and the extras we purchased to create our family Toy Story family Halloween costume so you can recreate your own version on a budget!

DIY Toy Story Family Costume


Toy Story Family Costume

When I suggested to my husband that we were doing a family costume for my niece’s Halloween engagement party, he wasn’t too keen. But when I said it would be Toy Story themed costumes, he came around.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, most people love the Toy Story franchise. We grew up watching them when we were young and our kids have enjoyed seeing them too.

While Halloween is not a huge event here in Australia still, it is becoming increasingly popular. So this was our first attempt at a family Halloween costume.

DIY Jessie Toy Story Costume

However, these costumes would also be a fun extra touch for a Toy Story birthday party.

The best part was that we made 3 of the costumes ourselves. My husband chose to purchase his Woody cowboy costume, rather than go for a DIY alternative. Maybe he doesn’t trust my costume-making skills.

And most of the items we used came our of our wardrobe, with a few little extra accessories to finish the look and some DIY additions to some existing clothing and accessories.

In the end, I think ours looked far better than his store costume anyway!

Family toy story costume with jessie, woody, barbie and bo peep

Here are our tips for planning a Disney Toy Story Halloween costume for your family (or any group costume):

  1. Choose your characters – Everyone needs to pick their characters within the theme but you also want to make sure there are no conflicts or double-ups in case two people had the same character in mind. Either way, make sure everyone is on board with the plan!
  2. Gather your materials – Whether you’re making your own costumes or buying them online, make sure you have everything you need well in advance.
  3. Have a backup plan – In case someone’s costume doesn’t arrive in time or you can’t find the perfect accessory, it’s always good to have a Plan B.

Our DIY Toy Story Costumes

Check out our Bo Peep, Jessie the Cowgirl and Toy Story Barbie costumes. Each of these 3 costumes was DIY Halloween costumes we made at home. Scroll down to see what costume Simon wore and other ideas for expanding your Toy Story family costume.

Toy Story Costumes To Buy

Our Toy Story family costume was definitely missing some key characters. Buzz Lightyear, for example! We couldn’t convince the extended family to join in.

However, if you do have a larger family or dressing up with a group of friends for Halloween, here are some cool pre-made Toy Story outfits to complete your group costume:

Children’s Costumes

These kids’ costumes are downright adorable and they will no doubt love dressing up as their favourite toy character!

Adult costumes

These fancy dress costumes for adults include the Woody costume Simon wore for our family costume.


Family Costume Tips

Family Halloween costumes are a load of fun and are often the stand-out of any dress-up party! However, if you are doing an elaborate family costume, like our Toy Story one, it can get expensive.

Here are my top tips for keeping your costs down and keeping the whole family happy:

  • Plan your theme together – This way hopefully everyone is excited about your costume theme
  • DIY as much as you can – Even if you plan to hire or purchase some of your costumes, there are usually a few accessories or outfits you can make at home to keep costs down
  • Make sure everyone is comfortable – Pick a theme that suits the weather and location. Avoid big heavy costumes in the middle of summer for example.

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