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84 Avengers Party Ideas: Plan The Ultimate Marvel Birthday Party

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! If you’re looking for Avengers party ideas, get ready to plan the ultimate Marvel birthday party with ideas to feature all your favourite Avengers characters in the form of Marvel party food, decorations, Avengers cakes and invitations plus many more ideas, so you can plan a superhero of a party.

Okay, super mum… let’s get this party planning started!

Marvel avengers party ideas 2

How to Plan The Ultimate Marvel Avengers Birthday Party

There is no surprise that having an Avengers birthday party is a dream for many kids (and grown-ups), since who doesn’t want to feel like a superhero as one of ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’.

Spending a day as your favourite hero is a great way to boost a child’s confidence.

You can easily plan the best Marvel birthday party without spending a lot, by incorporating a few of these clever ideas.

As a Marvel obsessed mum, I totally get it! I would be just as likely to have a Marvel themed birthday party as my kids!

So these ideas are just as relevant for those of us with a grown-up love of all things Avengers!

And if your child has a specific Marvel superhero they especially love, I have also put together Avengers party ideas and themes that focus just around that hero too, including Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Incredible Hulk and Spiderman party ideas.

Avengers party ideas 2

Avengers Party Ideas

There is no group of superheroes that quite measures up to the Avengers (Sorry DC).

From the original 6 Avengers, then with so many different and unique characters forming part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it gives you so many options for planning the ultimate Marvel Avengers birthday party.

Whether your love comes from comic books or the Marvel films, you can easily plan a Marvel party with so much attention to detail, making them really popular party themes.

Or keep it really simple, with a couple of themed party decorations, foods and activities, making it a completely DIY Avengers party!

These Marvel Avengers party ideas are perfect for planning a multi-superhero birthday celebration featuring your favourite superheroes, with plenty of unique party entertainment ideas.

Find over 200 party theme ideas for kids for inspiration for your next celebration!

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The ultimate birthday party planner

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Avengers Party Invitations

Even before the big day, you need to set the scene! Start with your Avengers party invitations to let your guests know you are planning a fun themed celebration.

These invitations from Etsy are an affordable way to have cool custom invites that you can print yourself at home on a budget:

Avengers party invitation


Marvel party invitation


Avengers party invitation dark


Or for a really unique and modern party invitation idea, you can order a customised Avengers video birthday invite that you can send to friends and family instead of posting or handing out paper invitations. What a fun idea! Check it out HERE.

Avengers Cake Ideas

Make an impact worthy of a superhero with inspiration from one of these seriously cool Avengers birthday cakes. Try your own DIY version or get a local cake maker to create a masterpiece for you.

5 tier avengers birthday cake

This stacked Avengers birthday cake is a great way to feature your child’s favourite characters with a themed tier for each character.

Avengers birthday cake with hammer

This Avengers 1st birthday cake would be a great option for any age birthday. How cute is Thor’s hammer and little cape hanging from the top!

Marvel avengers cupcakes for birthday party

If you want to go with Avengers cupcakes instead, these character cupcakes with cut out fondant shapes look amazing! There are also a few Transformers cupcakes in the mix.

You can purchase edible cupcake toppers similar to these from Etsy to allow you to DIY your own Marvel cupcakes.

5th birthday avengers cake

This superhero number cake is so much fun and another great way of adding details of favourite superheroes into one cake.

Another simple idea is making your own homemade birthday cake or grabbing a basic supermarket birthday cake and adding an Avengers cake topper.

Simple sponge cake with avengers cake topper

This is a fun cake topper option from Etsy pictured above.

Avengers Party Food & Drinks

Themed party food can be a lot of fun to make and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive either.

Sometimes it is as simple as arranging a fruit platter in the shape of a symbol or using bowls and plates in Avengers colours to give a cohesive themed look while using everyday party food!

These Avengers recipes will help complete your Marvel universe superhero party ideas.

For some fun Avengers party food ideas, check out these:

Captain america cookies

Create your own delicious edible Captain America shield cookies for your party food table.

Captain marvel cupcakes

These Captain Marvel cupcakes will disappear quickly from your Marvel party food table. How cool do they look!

Groot sandwiches

These Groot sandwiches are a cute way to add some personality to your sandwich platter and get the kids to eat something other than sugary sweets at your party!

Iron man cookies

If you are skilled with a piping bag, these Iron Man cookies are incredible and would impress guests of all ages!

Thor's hammer cupcakes

How cute are these Thor’s Hammer cupcakes? Best of all, they are really simple to make as well, making them a quick and easy party treat to make.

Black widow treats

These Black Widow treats are delicious and simple themed birthday treats.

Captain america fruit platter

Turn your fruit platter into a themed Captain America shield fruit platter with this simple arrangement of berries and cream. Yum!

Marvel lunch box ideas

For snack table ideas, these Avengers lunch box ideas make perfect party food nibbles as well, with cheese cube hammers, savoury shield rice cakes, fruit kabobs and Hulk pudding cups.

Avengers cookie cutters

Create your own Avengers logo cookies with this cookie cutter that embosses the Avengers logo right into your favourite cookie recipe.

Hulk cake pops

How cute are these Hulk cake pops! They are sure to impress the party guests as a fun treat to eat on the day.

Captain america cupcakes

Cupcakes are a must at birthday parties and these Captain America shield cupcakes are simple yet decorative for your superhero party celebration.

Avengers birthday party bottle wraps

Add a cool extra detail to your party drinks with printable logo labels. These will have the kids rushing to pick their favourite Avenger beverage at the party.

Or step it up a level with these customised Avengers drink bottle labels that you can print at home, detailed with the birthday kid’s name and age.

Avengers Party Supplies & Decorations

Create the perfect scene for your Avengers party with these cool Avengers party decorations and party supplies.

From photo backdrops to table centrepieces and all the Marvel themed party supplies you need to create your superhero atmosphere.

For more cool Marvel Avengers decorations and party accessories, check out these ideas:

Get a personalised backdrop with all their favourite comic book Marvel heroes, their name and age.

Or if you want to keep your budget down and avoid shipping costs, this customised digital banner can be printed at your local printing store instead. Such a cool background for the party food table or photographs on the day.

This Avengers wooden door sign would look great as a simple decoration to greet your guests at the door as they arrive. Best of all, it can go on your child’s bedroom door after the party is over too!

This digital Marvel symbol bunting can be printed at home to hang up at your party.

Avengers Party Favours

One of the things kids love about parties is taking a little memento home with them, whether it be a party favour bag loaded with sugary sweets or a keepsake from the party.

The best part of having a themed birthday party is how much fun you can have coming up with party favour ideas for your guests.

These non-candy party favour alternatives and party bag fillers can also be given an Avengers twist if you need more ideas.

These Avengers party favours are sure to cause plenty of excitement at the end of the party:

Gift a cute gel pen with a rubber Avengers pen topper. You can get all the one character or a mixed set from Etsy as a practical gift that kids will love to use after the party ends.

These Avengers bookmarks are perfect for adding excitement to reading and come as a digital download that you can print at home and laminate for a thrifty Avengers themed party favour.

You can easily turn any party favour into an Avengers party favour with these printable customised thank you labels. Tie them onto a small gift or attach them to a goodie bag to gift.

Who doesn’t love a lollipop and how easy it is to turn a plain lollipop into a themed one with these personalised lollipop stickers.

Avengers Party Games

You can easily turn any party game into an Avengers party game theme by adding a few simple props and details to your favourite fun activities.

Pin the tail on the donkey could become pin the shield on Captain America or pin the hammer on Thor with a poster and some small icons to stick or pin. The games are one of the best parts of any party!

For more Avengers party game ideas check these out:

  • Obstacle Course – Create a backyard obstacle course suited to the age group of your party guests as a way for them to test their superhero skills and burn off a little energy during the celebration.
  • Superhero bingo – You can get lots of different superhero-themed bingo games from Etsy, such as this Hulk bingo game as a game to play at your party.
  • Thor Hammer Toss – Get a plastic toy version of Thor’s hammer or create a few paper mache versions and challenge the party guests to a hammer toss to see who can throw the hammer the further distance.
  • Captain America’s Shield Throw – Just like the hammer toss, challenge the kids to see who can throw the shield the longest distance. You could use a frisbee painted to look like the shield and make it a frisbee spinning contest.
  • Pin The Hammer/Shield/Etc On The Superhero – As mentioned above, create an Avengers twist to the party favourite of pin the tail on the donkey.
  • Hulk Smash Balloon Game – Tie balloons with string to each guest’s legs and have them attempt to smash (pop) each other’s balloons. The last balloon standing is the winner.
  • Hawkeye Target Practice – Set up some targets using cardboard with a painted bullseye and have kid’s practice their Hawkeye bow and arrow skills with plastic arrow sets or Nerf guns – This Hawkeye Nerf Gun set is perfect!

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Spiderman Party Ideas

Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman is a favourite Avengers superhero for many kids, since his young age makes me relatable, and who doesn’t want to swing their way around the city with super webs! Plan an epic Spiderman birthday party with these fun and simple Spiderman party ideas:

Let the birthday kid stand out as the centre of their superhero universe with a personalised Spiderman birthday t-shirt. You can get this one and many other styles on Etsy.

How fun is this Spiderman birthday invitation with your child’s face on the body of their favourite superhero!

This colourful customised printable Spiderman invitation looks great too and tells your guests that you will be having a Spiderman party theme!

Hulk Party Ideas

Anger management issues anyone? The moody green Hulk is a fun character explore through a themed birthday party, since he switches between genius scientist Bruce Banner and his Hulk alter-ego. These Hulk party ideas will help you plan an event loaded with green fun!

Create a bold backdrop to your party with this printable personalised Hulk banner… featuring the green version of Dr Banner. Okay, enough of the cheesy jokes, this is a really cool Hulk party decoration.

These cool invitations are personalised for your party and easy to print at your local photo printing store or on your home printer.

These Hulk party invitations set the scene for your themed superhero party.

These personalised Hulk party t-shirts for the whole family are epic! What a fun way to match the theme together with a shirt for each member of your family to celebrate the birthday kid.

Diy hulk slime party favour

Make your own Hulk party favours with this homemade Hulk slime. This is a fun gift to give kids to take home plus being a DIY party favour means you can keep costs down too.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Party Ideas

The Guardians of the Galaxy are a unique group of heroes who may appeal more for Avengers party ideas for adults, although our kids adore Groot and the girl-power Gamora brings to their Guardians gang. These Guardians of the Galaxy party ideas will help you plan a fun birthday party:

Calling all Guardians. This cute animated-style Guardians of the Galaxy invitation features all your favourite Guardians.

Groot is a favourite character from the Guardians of the Galaxy team and this cute little guy is the perfect birthday invitation feature.

Turn a simple birthday cake such as a store-bought slab cake into a Guardians of the Galaxy cake with this cool cake topper, personalised and featuring Rocket and Groot.

Captain America Party Ideas

While the films may have seen Captain America hanging up his shield, that’s not to say his legacy is finished.

For fans of the patriotic super-soldier, this bunch of Captain America party ideas are sure to impress!

Get a custom Captain America birthday party t-shirt made with your child’s name and age that they can wear beyond their celebration day. There are loads of other cool designs available on Etsy too.

This simple Captain America cake topper will look seriously cool standing atop the birthday cake at the party. Marvel fans will love having this cake topper as a keepsake after their birthday too.

This Captain America printable invitation with free thank you cards almost looks 3D with Captain America’s shield flying forwards.

Or for a cute cartoon-style Captain America, these printable customised invitations are seriously cute for younger kids celebrating with a Captain America birthday party.

Set the scene at your Captain America party with a mammoth personalised backdrop. You can choose to either have it printed and shipped or to get the digital file and print it yourself at your local printing store.

Black Widow Party Ideas

When it comes to strong female characters, Black Widow is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

She may not have superpowers, but she sure does hold her own alongside the rest of the Avengers team! These Black Widow party ideas are the perfect way to celebrate:

Make your cake making efforts easy with these edible printed Black Widow cake decals that you can simply place on top and get ready to celebrate. It’s sure to be a big hit with the birthday kid!

These super cute digital invitations featuring Black Widow and Hawkeye can be printed at home or at your local store.

These Black Widow invitations are a great option for older kids who want to celebrate with a Black Widow birthday party, featuring the movie poster artwork.

Black Panther Party Ideas

If you are looking for Black Panther party ideas, there are plenty of cool options that will impress the birthday superhero!

Black panther shirt

Start with a personalised T-shirt for the birthday kid with one of the many funky options from Etsy.

Black panther party invitation

These custom Black Panther photo invitations are sure to get the guests excited for the celebration ahead!

Free printable birthday party checklist

These Marvel Avengers party ideas will help you plan the ultimate superhero birthday party with ideas for all their favourite Avenger characters, from invitations to decorations, food and game ideas. Many of these ideas also work great for Avengers party ideas for adults too, because why should kids have all the fun!

This theme is a great option for grown-ups too. If you need more party theme ideas, check out this mega list with over 200 party themes for adults.

Find more activities to do at home with kids plus over 100 fun ideas for the backyard too!

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