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Bluey Birthday Party Ideas Kids Will Love

Planning a Bluey party? The Bluey television series and characters have become favourites in Australian households since their ABC launch and Bluey birthday parties have become a popular choice for Aussie kids to celebrate their milestones! These ideas will help you plan the ultimate Bluey birthday party for kids of all ages, with decorations, games and delicious snack ideas.

Bluey birthday party ideas

Bluey Birthday Party Ideas

Plan the perfect birthday party on a budget, spending just a few “dollar bucks” or splurge on a few really cool items to create a day your child will remember!

These ideas include food and decorations, personalised gift ideas and even some cool party favour ideas for the guests to take home.

But first, let’s take a moment to marvel at the creative genius that is Bluey! This animated series is far more than a cute show about a family of Blue Heeler dogs.

Any adult who has taken the time to sit down and watch an episode will know what I mean.

Chances are you’ve found yourself grinning at the subtle humour most kids miss or the completely real way they tackle some everyday parenting moments.

Yes, Bandit and Chilli are surprisingly relatable for cartoon dog parents!

Bluey Birthday Cakes & Party Food Ideas

A themed party isn’t a themed party without a super cool themed birthday cake and these Bluey birthday cakes are downright amazing!

TAll bluey birthday cake idea

This tall Bluey birthday cake is simple in design and loaded with sweet treats to delight kids (and adults), including fairy floss and macarons on top. Yum!

Bluey B cake

This B-shaped Bluey cake is quite possibly my favourite! This cake is stunning and would look cool as any decorated letter or number. Best of all, this one would be relatively simple to recreate at home!

Bluey and bingo cake

This stacked Bluey and Bingo cake is simply too cute! And a perfect design if serving a larger crowd by having a double-tiered cake.

bluey stacked birthday cake

Want to step it up a level? Why not make a stacked cake with the whole family! Mum and dad included. Get the tutorial for this celebration cake masterpiece from the Bluey website.

Bluey Party Food Ideas

Aside from the cake, don’t forget the rest of the party food! Here are some simple ideas for making your own Bluey themed pup snacks:

  • Cookie cutters – Use bone-shaped cookie cutters to theme food and snacks, such as shaped mini sandwiches, cookies and Rice Krispie treats.
  • Food labels – Add little cards next to food giving them cute new names. Strawberries are now pawberries, popcorn becomes popcorn and so on.
  • Blue & orange – Theme your food table with blue and orange treats. A little blue food colouring in the cupcake icing, blue & orange jelly cups, carrot sticks rockmelon.

And don’t forget the cheese and crackers!

Avoid the stress of making cupcakes for your child’s school celebration? Check out these 50 ideas for birthday snacks for school, including healthy treats, non-food treats and some sugary snacks too.

free printable birthday party checklist

Bluey Party Decorations

Decorate your birthday party zone with a few simple decorations. If you want to keep it budget-friendly, try the ideas:

  • Orange and blue balloons
  • Orange and blue streamers
  • Puppy footprint cut-outs
  • Dog-themed name cards next to food i.e. Bingo’s snack mix
  • Printed quotes from the show

For even more ideas and some cool Bluey party decorations, check out these ideas too:

Bluey Photo Backdrop

Bluey photo backdrop

Set up the perfect photo backdrop for Bluey party photos with a printed Bluey banner. All the kids will love lining up for photos together with their favourite cartoon family.

Birthday Cake Topper

Bluey cake topper

Keep the cake simple using any cake you like, even a basic supermarket cake, and jazz it up with this super cool Bluey cake topper bunting. It comes personalised with your child’s age and name, in either blue or pink.

Birthday Cake Quote Topper

Cake topper

This personalised quote cake topper will give everyone a giggle, for real life! Personalise with name and age for a fun keepsake even after the cake is gone.

Personalised Bluey Party Hats

Bluey birthday party hats

Everyone needs a party hat to celebrate the birthday milestone and what could be better than a personalised party hat! These would double as party favours too!

Personalised About Me Board

Bluey about me board

This ‘about me’ style poster is customised to your child as a beautiful keepsake and a perfect party day decoration as well. The poster is sent as a digital file so you can post it at your local photo printing store.

Add some simple pops of colour to the room or your outdoor party venue with this Bluey bunting.

Turn a simple birthday cake and cupcakes into themed party food with these printable Bluey cupcake toppers and cake topper, personalised for the birthday kid.

Birthday Party T-Shirts

Bluey party shirts

It maybe does not quite fit under the decorations category but these family Bluey party shirts are perfect for celebrating in style! Customised with your family member names or with Mum, Dad, etc. Super cute!

Bluey Themed Games & Activities

Add some themed party activities to your birthday party celebration with these cool creative ideas. There is no way the kids could possibly get bored with these awesome ideas. With projects to make and take or edible fun as well.

But first, how about a game of “Keepy Uppy”? The game of keeping the balloon in the air.

Although make sure you don’t pull a hammy!

Or put on some music and get the kids flossing. This silly dance move is super fun (and surprisingly good for coordination).

Bluey Cookie Decorating Kit

Bluey cookie decoration set

Keep the guests occupied for a little while with decorating their own Bluey cookies. These cookie kits are a fun way to unleash a little creativity, with a yummy treat to eat when they finish or to wrap up to take home with them.

Bluey Printable Mask Templates & Activities

Find printable Bluey colouring pages, games and simple craft activities, such as these cool masks over on the Stuck On You website. These are all free to print and use at home.

Plaster Painting Kit

Bluey plaster kit

Get crafty with paint and plaster! The kids can decorate their own Bluey plaster characters and shapes to take home. Each kit comes with 8 plaster shapes and 5 paints.

A party isn’t a party without a piñata and this Bluey inspired piñata is perfect for your themed birthday party fun!

Bluey Party Invitations

Let the party guests know your theme with one of these adorable Bluey birthday party invitations that can be customised to your event and printed at home:

bluey birthday invitation

This simple Bluey party invitation design can be customised as a digital download and printed at home or at your local printing store.

bluey party invitation

Or for a bold design, this customised digital invitation design is available in 4 different sizes for printing at home or in stores.

Bluey Party Favours

Send the party guests home with the cutest Bluey party favours and dog-themed gift ideas so they can remember the fun they had even after they have gone home.

Bluey Party Bags

Bluey party bags

Get the free template to make these adorable Bluey party bags from the Bluey website. Load them up with blue and orange candies, or a mix of party trinkets and treats.

Adopt A Puppy

Adopt a puppy

For an adorable dog-themed party favour, why not find little dog toys such as these stuffies, or some inexpensive puppy figurines for an adopt a puppy basket the guests can choose from before they leave the party.

Bluey Hair clips

Bluey hairclips

Send home the little girls who attend the party with an adorable Bluey hair accessory that they can wear with pride after the party is over. Or if you’re feeling crafty, make your own with this printed ribbon.

Themed Party Favour Bags

Bluey birthday party ideas favour bags

Save yourself time with these made for you Bluey party favour bags loaded with cute trinkets to keep the party going ever after the guests have gone home.

Dog Paw & Bone Shaped Crayons

shaped crayons

Shaped crayons are always a fun gift for kids and these dog paw and bone-shaped ones are fun for a pooch themed birthday party!

These Bluey straw toppers can turn simple straws into a fun take home gift idea for party guests.

Bluey Gift Ideas

If you are attending a Bluey birthday party and want some fun themed gift ideas for the birthday kid, they will love any of these gifts featuring their favourite characters.

From functional, personalised Bluey merchandise to playsets they can enjoy well after the party ends.

Stuck On You Personalised Bluey Range

Personalised Bluey gift ideas

We love the Stuck On You products and we use their Bento Boxes for school lunches. And now they have a complete range of personalised Bluey merchandise to make back to school easy and fun for kids!

Best of all, since they are all personalised, the kids won’t lose them so easily either!

Bluey Books

Encourage a love of reading with these Bluey stories and activity books. The perfect gift for kids who are wanting to enjoy tech-free activities related to Bluey and family.

Toys & Things

These gift ideas will bring plenty of fun and entertainment with loads more Bluey toy ideas to suit kids of different ages and interests.

Bingo card game

Bingo’s Bingo matching game is perfect for younger kids and also fun for bigger kids to join in with too.

Bluey playsets

Kids can reenact their favourite epsiodes with these Bluey playsets and figurines.

Bluey fold out couch

Give them the perfect place to enjoy their favourite episodes with this fold-out Bluey kid’s couch.

Or if you want more ideas for practical birthday gifts, check out these non toy gift ideas for kids.

These Bluey birthday party ideas will help you to plan a memorable birthday celebration for your child. With everything from decorations to activities, gifts and more!

Find over 200 party theme ideas for adults. Why should kids have all the fun? But of course, here are 200 theme parties for kids too! Along with complete guides to plan adult parties and kid parties!

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