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Peppa Pig Party Ideas for the Ultimate Peppa Pig Birthday Party

If your child is a fan of the popular children’s show Peppa Pig, then they will love a birthday party themed around their favourite characters! These Peppa Pig party ideas include everything you need to plan the ultimate Peppa Pig birthday party for your child. From decorations and food ideas to games and activities, it’s time to celebrate!

Peppa pig 2nd birthday party

Planning The Ultimate Peppa Pig Birthday Party

There is nothing quite so fun as a themed birthday party. No matter if you are planning a party for kids or adults, having a theme can make the party planning process much easier and more exciting.

Peppa Pig is a popular theme for kids birthday parties. The British cartoon series is full of loveable characters, with Peppa, her little brother George pig, and their parents Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig.

The show follows the everyday adventures of the pig family as they explore the world around them and their community of animal friends to share in their adventures.

When our eldest daughter was 2, she was obsessed with Peppa Pig, so a Peppa Pig 2nd birthday party seemed like the perfect choice!

It was only a small party with extended family and close friends at my parent’s house, with a Peppa Pig shaped birthday cake, simple decorations and lots of backyard activities and messy play fun.

Peppa pig birthday party guest book

One of my favourite things we did on the day was having everyone sign a page inside a Peppa Pig storybook as a special keepsake for my daughter when she is older. This is a beautiful way for guests to share their good wishes and special words for a child to read when they are old enough.

But if you’re looking to add even more Peppa Pig party ideas to your celebration, I’ve put together plenty of inspiration for you below:

Peppa Pig Party Ideas For Kids

These theme party ideas will help you plan an epic Peppa Pig celebration. Choose to add just a couple of these ideas to your birthday party to keep it simple or go all out and have some fun with it, from themed Peppa Pig party supplies and DIY party fun.

Peppa Pig Party Food

There are plenty of ways you can get creative with your food choices for a Peppa Pig party.

If you want to keep things simple, then opt for food in the main colours of the show and create the most delicious snack and dessert table.

  • Pink cupcakes decorated like pig noses or with green icing.
  • Flavoured jelly cups served in plastic dinosaurs to represent George’s favourite dinosaur toy.
  • Chocolate pudding cups with crushed Oreos on top would be the perfect ‘muddy puddles’.
  • You could even make your own Peppa Pig-shaped biscuits or a simple birthday cake decorated with some of the popular characters from the show.
  • Peppa loves spaghetti and meatballs, so you could serve up spaghetti for lunch.

For something a little more creative, consider setting up a buffet featuring all of Peppa’s favourite foods, sweets and treats. This is always a big hit with kids (and adults!).

For more Peppa Pig party food ideas, why not try making these Peppa Pig cake pops these or Peppa Oreo Cookies:

Peppa Pig Decorations

Party decor is one of the most fun parts (aside from the fun party games) and there are loads of cool Peppa Pig party decorations you can use to style your event.

You can keep it simple with some Peppa Pig themed plates, cups and napkins. You can find these easily online or at your local party store.

For the tablecloth, consider a solid pink or green cloth with some contrasting tissue paper as a runner down the centre.

Add green and pink bundles of balloons or streamers for extra decor.

Make these colourful pinwheels to decorate your party. They also make perfect party favours paired with bottles of bubbles. You can get a free printable Peppa Pig bubble label to decorate them.

Peppa pig party pinwheels

Peppa Pig Party Games

No party is complete without some fun games and activities to keep everyone entertained. You can go with traditional kids’ birthday party games or party entertainment, or make them Peppa Pig party themed.

Here are some great Peppa Pig party games to try:

  • Pin the nose on Peppa – A funny variation on the traditional pin the tail on the donkey which you can create using a Peppa poster and some DIY noses. Or find this pig version here.
  • Musical Statues – Play the Peppa Pig theme song and get everyone moving. When the music stops, everyone has to freeze in their position like a statue.
  • Peppa’s Mud Pie Kitchen – Set up a mud pie kitchen using some plastic pots, spades and real mud for the kids to make their own muddy puddles and pies. Be sure to have some old clothes or smocks for them to wear first!

You can easily adapt some of these great party activities and party games too, by giving them a Peppa party twist or keeping them as they are, along with these funny balloon games too.

For a simple activity, set up a colouring corner with pencils and markers with these free printable Peppa Pig colouring pages:

Peppa pig colouring pages

Peppa Pig Party Favours

You will find plenty of fun ideas for Peppa Pig party favours that are great alternatives to lolly bags! Whether you do a take-home party project or craft that kids can take as their gift, or if you put something together for them, it doesn’t need to be expensive or fancy!

Just like the bubble wand pinwheels above, you can get creative with a DIY party favour it gift something ready made.

Here are some cute party favour ideas:

Planning a Peppa Pig birthday party for your child is sure to be a lot of fun. With so many great ideas out there, it can be easy to get inspired and create an epic celebration that your child will love. From simple decorations and food choices to themed games and activities, there are plenty of ways to make your Peppa Pig party special.

Here are more fun birthday party themes for kids for their next birthday party:

Do you have birthday parties every year for your child? Or just the bigger milestones?


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