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Peppa Pig Party & the Big 2

It feels like only a few months have passed since we first looked upon our tiny baby Lily for the very first time. How time flies when you are having fun. And here we are celebrating the big 2 already, complete with plenty of her favourite character with a Peppa Pig birthday party.

Peppa Pig Birthday PArty

She has been a breeze really. She’s made parenting feel mostly easy and giving us hope the next one will be similar… however we probably won’t get that lucky twice! (fingers crossed we do).

On her 2nd birthday, Lily was up wayyyyy too early. Just after 6am. Normally she is an 8am and beyond sort of kid so both mummy and Lily will likely need a nap today. However she is loving her new presents and will hopefully have a super fun day out and about before Daddy goes to work.

Saturday was her Peppa Pig 2nd birthday party, which mostly consisted of family, but it helps she has so many cousins. My sister came with 6 of her 8 kids so Lily thought that was great and my parent’s place is starting to resemble a day care centre with all the toys and outdoor fun stuff. Swings, pool, ball pit, sandpit, playdoh, finger painting. You name it… it’s probably there.

I love keepsakes that last beyond a single event so having everyone sign a page inside this Peppa Pig story book will be a great memory for Lily as she gets older and is able to read them for herself. She may even decide to pass it on to her own children one day… in about 50 years… when she’s allowed to date ;)

We went with a Peppa Pig party since she is somewhat addicted to that little Piggy, like so many other kids her age. Nothing fancy, but a few Peppa Pig themed decorations and the invitations I created to match.

I had planned to make a cake myself, which would have been a bit experimental as I’ve never done a cake with fondant. So relieved I could simply purchase one from our local supermarket ready to go. Not the best tasting cake in the world but it looked the part.

At her first party, there was no luck with getting her to blow out the candle herself so it was impressive to see her master it this time around. Such a big girl now and so proud of her own efforts too.

And the invitation I created for the party. If you like it, head on over to my Etsy shop and you can purchase a custom version for you to print at home for your own little one’s Peppa Pig Party.

As much as I love party planning and doing all that decorating and fun stuff that comes with it, we will probably wait a couple of years before we have another big party for her. Family alone makes for a pretty big party so that will make her happy still.

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Saturday 14th of May 2016

Hey where did u get this peppa story book from?