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Pregnancy Announcement

If you have read my recent posts or follow my Facebook page, you would have heard the exciting news already no doubt – our pregnancy announcement. Yep, cat is out of the bag as they say.

I am 13 weeks today so that horrid first trimester is hopefully just a bad memory of nausea, exhaustion and food aversions soon.

This pregnancy has certainly been tougher than my last, but thankfully the end reward is worth it. Indigestion is something I never want to experience again. I had no such thing last time. Plus I ended up on prescription anti-nausea medication just to function again. The joy!

Of course this means everyone is thinking it’s a boy but it’s early days. We will just have to wait and see. However whatever this baby happens to be, he will have a pretty amazing big sister.

Here are our pregnancy announcement photos I had a little fun creating with my not so great middle of the day sunshine and not so compliant almost 2 year old model and sister to be.

Coverphotoannouncement scaled

The best part about this photo (and the 100s that I maybe took before it) was how darn cute my little miss was playing with my childhood china tea set. She knew exactly what to do with it, giving all the teddies a cup of tea and serving them. Cutest thing ever!

Pregnancy announcement scaled

I have always loved all the creative announcement ideas, so it was a bit of fun creating our own cute images. I have also been documenting my pregnancy journey with Project Life.

Now tell me, pregnancy number 2 – was yours worse? Boys or girls – which pregnancy was tougher? 

13 thoughts on “Pregnancy Announcement”

  1. Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    Oh gosh! Those announcement pics are so darn cute! I really hope your nausea goes away soon. Mine lasted a little longer with the second, but both pregnancies were pretty similar. I don’t do pregnant well :/

    1. Thanks Renee & I’m right with you this time. Ain’t doing great this time. Barely complained last time & now I feel like a whinger haha

  2. My first pregnancy was a breeze; 2,3&4 were revolting, with 2 being worst (girl, vomited 24/7 until labour), 3 gave me a reprieve from vomiting from 18-26wks, then started again (boy); and 4 was a repeat of 3 (girl) – it’s all a fallacy; except indigestion and hair.

    1. Oh dear, I can’t believe you went back for more haha that sounds terrible Cate. The indigestion this time is strange. Too early to mean a hairy baby and Lily was near bald. It’s easing up but how unpleasant it has been. I’m expecting another not very hairy child lol but you never know ;)

  3. Congratulations! I hope the nausea backs off and let’s you do your thing!!
    I have a Pinterest board dedicated to birth and pregnancy announcements so I will definitely have to add this one.

    1. Thanks Sheridan. I will have to check out your Pinterest board. I love seeing how creative people are with their announcements :)

  4. Sharon @ Where's Sharon

    Congrats!! My first half of pregnancy was easier the second time. i was nowhere near as sick although still sick for the first 16 weeks. The last month was sooooo much harder though. My body felt it was falling apart, but then no doubt this was due to the fact that my first child was only 1 and massively big for her age (she hit 20kg at 2!). Anytime I had to lift her I felt like I was going to split in half. I had a girl then boy and I pretty much experienced the old wives tale differences.

    1. Thank you. Oh my… I am trying to imagine a 20kg 2 year old lol my daughter is 2 today and tall but skinny. She’s around 11-12kg. No wonder you were in pain. So far I am thinking food tastes and the heartbeat over 140 bpm could mean another girl but everyone else thinks boy since I’ve had all the extra sickness and symptoms. Next scan is about 5 weeks away… So long to wait hehe

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