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Pregnancy Announcement

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If you have read my recent posts or follow my Facebook page, you would have heard the exciting news already no doubt – our pregnancy announcement. Yep, cat is out of the bag as they say.

I am 13 weeks today so that horrid first trimester is hopefully just a bad memory of nausea, exhaustion and food aversions soon.

This pregnancy has certainly been tougher than my last, but thankfully the end reward is worth it. Indigestion is something I never want to experience again. I had no such thing last time. Plus I ended up on prescription anti-nausea medication just to function again. The joy!

Of course this means everyone is thinking it’s a boy but it’s early days. We will just have to wait and see. However whatever this baby happens to be, he will have a pretty amazing big sister.

Here are our pregnancy announcement photos I had a little fun creating with my not so great middle of the day sunshine and not so compliant almost 2 year old model and sister to be.

The best part about this photo (and the 100s that I maybe took before it) was how darn cute my little miss was playing with my childhood china tea set. She knew exactly what to do with it, giving all the teddies a cup of tea and serving them. Cutest thing ever!

I have always loved all the creative announcement ideas, so it was a bit of fun creating our own cute images. I have also been documenting my pregnancy journey with Project Life.

Now tell me, pregnancy number 2 – was yours worse? Boys or girls – which pregnancy was tougher? 

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