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35 Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: Creative Ways To Share

Are you looking for creative ways to announce your pregnancy? These fun pregnancy announcement ideas are the perfect way to share with family and friends that you are expecting, with baby announcement ideas to suit every type of reveal!

Fun pregnancy announcement ideas

Creative Baby Expecting Announcements & Photo Ideas

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in any parent’s life. No matter if it is your first baby or a younger sibling for your growing tribe.

Telling your family and friends that you’re pregnant is an exciting moment and many couples choose to have a little fun with this exciting time, coming up with creative ways to share news they are expecting with family and friends, either in person or via social media.

For many couples, the news they’re expecting is something they want to shout from the rooftops – and what better way to do that than with a fun and creative pregnancy announcement?

Pregnancy announcements, just like these gender reveal ideas have definitely gotten creative over the years!

If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve rounded up some of the best, most creative pregnancy announcement ideas to suit almost every situation!

Pregnancy Reveal Ideas For Family & Parents

If you are looking for ways to announce pregnancy to your family in person and to your own parents (the future grandparents), there are some really special ways to share your news.

Beach Pregnancy Announcement

Beach pregnancy announcement

Head to the nearest beach and write your special news in the sand, complete with a tiny pair of baby shoes for an adorable way to share your upcoming new baby with family members.

Pregnancy Announcement With Dogs

Dog pregnancy announcement

If you have fur babies, incorporate them when you announce your pregnancy such as with this cute dog pregnancy announcement idea.

Scratch Card Announcement

Baby announcement scratch card for grandparents

Get a specially made scratch card to announce your news. You can get them made for grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins or custom-made descriptions for the person you want to share with.

Ultrasound Couple Photo

Ultrasound on phone in front of baby bump

For a simple pregnancy announcement photo idea, share your ultrasound photo on your phone in front of your baby bump, held by both you and your partner.

Can’t Wait To Meet You

Mock up pregnancy announcement basket

Create your own adorable pregnancy announcement with baby shoes, clothing, and accessories in a basket or have a custom made mock-up or due date sign created from Etsy.

Autumn Leaves And Baby Shoes

Autumn baby announcement photo

This beautiful photo idea with the expecting parents blurred into the background and the focus on the adorable blue baby shoes sitting amongst the autumn leaves.

Fall Pregnancy Announcement Idea

This cute idea works well if you don’t live near your family and want to share the news in an exciting way. Imagine getting this cute surprise box in the post when you weren’t expecting it – We’re adding a pumpkin to our patch.

We’re Announcing On Social Media

Family pregnancy annoucement photo

If you want a simple way of announcing your news to all of your friends and family at once, this letterboard idea with the whole family or just the expectant couple is an easy way to share the exciting news.

Personalised Wine Bottle Labels

Custom pregnancy announcement wine labels

For a pregnancy announcement gift for soon to be grandparents, these personalised wine bottle labels from Etsy are a unique way to surprise the future grandparents of the great news. There are also plenty of options for uncles, aunts, and other family members too.

Chalkboard Reveal

Simple pregnancy announcement on chalkboard

Keep it really simple with this new baby announcement, with your pregnancy test and a few other accessories on a chalkboard.

Pregnancy Announcement Card

Pregnancy announcement card

Make your own pregnancy announcement postcards in your favourite editing tool such as Canva (free to use) and you can share online or send them out in the mail to close friends and family. This cute dog pregnancy announcement idea would also be a great idea as a festive announcement with a Christmas photoshoot.

Fine Print T-Shirt Announcement

Fine print pregnancy announcement tshirt

Have a little fun with your announcement by turning up to your next family dinner with your parents or with your friend group wearing this t-shirt and see if anyone reads the fine print.

Baby Shoes

Baby shoes with parents feet

This popular way to announce pregnancy means getting a cute pair of baby shoes for your photo, showing mum, dad and the shoes your future member will one day wear.

Disney Pregnancy Announcement

Disney pregnancy announcement

Use Mickey Mouse ears or hats as a cute Disney-inspired baby announcement photo idea.

Pumpkin Pregnancy Photo Reveal

Fall pregnancy announcement with pumpkins

This cute pregnancy announcement idea using pumpkins works as both a way to share the news plus gender reveal.

We Are Expecting Beads

Beads that say we are expecting

Use alphabet beads to create your own adorable baby announcement for your photo.

Travel-Themed Pregnancy Reveal

Travel pregnancy announcement

This cute travel pregnancy announcement is perfect if you are a family (or soon-to-be family) of jet setters!

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas With Siblings

When you already have other children in your family, it can be really fun to involve the big sister or big brother (or several older siblings) in your pregnancy announcement.

This can be a wonderful way to ensure your older child feels that they are part of the important changes coming to your family and can help ease some of the jealousy they might feel when there is a lot of focus on the new baby.

Teddy Bears’ Picnic Pregnancy Announcement

Teddy bears picnic pregnancy announcement

For our second baby, we created this fun teddy bear’s picnic set up in the backyard with a lace tablecloth, the giant teddy and two other teddies our eldest daughter got when she was born and my childhood china tea set to set the scene. Although, this was the photo I shared after our initial announcement below.

Photo Reel Playmate Pregnancy Announcement

Playmate expected sibling pregnancy announcement

When we first announced our news, I actually shared this super long photo reel of our then toddler holding up a chalkboard, which I edited using photoshop to add in the text.

When shared on Facebook, only a small part of the photo really shows up, so our friends and family needed to click it to bring up the entire image and the playmate expected news.

Time To Spill The Beans Sibling Announcement

Sibling pregnancy announcement with older brother

This spill-the-beans cute pregnancy announcement idea with jelly bins and the soon-to-be big brother is a simply adorable way to share the big news.

Better Than Being A Princess

Sibling pregnancy announcement

Have the big sister to be holding up a sign or letter board that states ‘Sometimes being a big sister is better than being a princess’ for a sweet sibling baby reveal idea.

Big Brother T-Shirts

Big brother shirts announcement

If you have your own vinyl cutting machine you can easily make your own custom t-shirts for pregnancy announcements or get some cute t-shirts pre-made online, or on Etsy, like these cute big brother t-shirts.

Clever Pregnancy Announcement To Husband

If your husband doesn’t yet know that you are expecting a baby, there are plenty of cute ways to announce your pregnancy to your husband or partner. Especially if it’s news you have both been hoping for over a period of time.

Dad Gift Box

Custom pregnancy announcement gift for dad

Announce the wonderful news to your husband or partner with a special gift box with some cute little baby accessories and your positive pregnancy test. This custom-made set is from Etsy.

Present Dad With A Cute Baby Accessory

Woman telling partner she is expecting

A cute way to tell your partner you are expecting is to present him with some tiny baby shoes or a baby onesie and your pregnancy test for a simple way to share your wonderful news.

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

There are a lot of creative ways to share your personality and sense of humour when making your pregnancy announcement.

Whether you want to go for a punny caption or share a photo that is bound to get a chuckle from your friends, these funny pregnancy announcement ideas will surely give everyone a good giggle.

Funny Toilet Roll Announcement

Toilet paper baby announcement

This funny pregnancy announcement features the hot commodity of 2019-2021 – toilet paper rolls! This is equally funny and cute.

Cat Pregnancy Announcement

What to expect cat announcement

Create your own pregnancy announcement photo shoot with your cat with a custom-made book jacket – What To Expect When Your Humans Are Expecting.

Well Played

Funny baby announcement

Another funny pregnancy announcement featuring the pregnancy test, a custom-made onesie and some other cute props that represent the parents, shared on Twitter.

Mandalorian Baby Announcement

Star wars gender reveal photo

This cute Star Wars baby announcement and gender reveal idea is so cute and perfect for any Star Wars fans who want to add a little pop culture to their exciting news.

Eviction Notice

Funny pregnancy announcement with eviction notice

This hilarious eviction notice baby announcement has gone viral over the years and is sure to get a laugh from friends and family members.

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If you are expecting twins, this might have been a big surprise for you and your partner! So, it only seems fitting to let everyone know in a big way with these fun ideas for announcing twins. They also make great inspiration if you are expecting more than 2 babies too with larger multiple births.

Prayed For One, Blessed With Two

Pregnancy announcement with twins

This precious twins baby announcement is a cute way to share twice the good news. You can also get this created as a custom mock-up to share.

Twin Pregnancy Announcement

Twin baby pregnancy announcement

Another cute idea for announcing twin babies with your loved ones. Get a personalised photo or recreate your own version.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Is the festive season almost here? These Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas are the perfect way to let your friends and family know that you have a special present coming next year!

You might even want to do your announcement with Christmas cards made from your announcement photo!

Christmas Pyjamas Announcement

Matching pjs pregnancy announcement

Cute matching PJs and the future big sister make for one of the cutest pregnancy announcements for Christmas and this image could easily be sent out as a family Christmas card.

Christmas Letterboard Announcement

Christmas pregnancy announcement idea

This simple Christmas letterboard announcement is a beautiful way to share your news with closest friends and family.

Christmas Tree Silhoette

Pregnant woman christmas tree silhouette

If you plan to announce your pregnancy a little later and it happens to be the holiday season, this Christmas pregnancy announcement idea makes for a fun festive reveal.

When Should We Announce Our Pregnancy?

This is such a personal decision and will really depend on your own individual circumstances. Some couples like to wait until they have seen the first ultrasound or heard the heartbeat at their 12-week scan.

For others, they want to announce their pregnancy as soon as possible, even if this means that there is a small chance something could go wrong.

If you have had a previous loss, you might want to wait until after the 12-week mark or even further along in your pregnancy.

It really is up to you when you feel comfortable sharing your news and there is no right or wrong answer. Just go with what feels right for you and your partner, even if that means just sharing with your parents or closest friends initially.

And to prepare for the arrival of your new baby, if you have older kids, these big brother and big sister books and sibling gifts will help ease them into the transition of the new arrival and their new role as the big sibling.

No matter what way you choose to announce your pregnancy, make sure it is something that both you and your partner are happy with. These fun and creative ideas should help get the ball rolling for fun pregnancy announcement ideas to share your exciting news!

Sharon @ Where's Sharon

Wednesday 3rd of December 2014

Congrats!! My first half of pregnancy was easier the second time. i was nowhere near as sick although still sick for the first 16 weeks. The last month was sooooo much harder though. My body felt it was falling apart, but then no doubt this was due to the fact that my first child was only 1 and massively big for her age (she hit 20kg at 2!). Anytime I had to lift her I felt like I was going to split in half. I had a girl then boy and I pretty much experienced the old wives tale differences.


Wednesday 3rd of December 2014

Thank you. Oh my... I am trying to imagine a 20kg 2 year old lol my daughter is 2 today and tall but skinny. She's around 11-12kg. No wonder you were in pain. So far I am thinking food tastes and the heartbeat over 140 bpm could mean another girl but everyone else thinks boy since I've had all the extra sickness and symptoms. Next scan is about 5 weeks away... So long to wait hehe


Monday 1st of December 2014

Thank you so much :)

Sonia@ LIfe Love and Hiccups

Sunday 30th of November 2014

A HUGE congratulations Holly. That is such exciting news and your announcement pics are adorable xx


Monday 1st of December 2014

Thanks so much Sonia x

Sheridan Anne

Saturday 29th of November 2014

Congratulations! I hope the nausea backs off and let's you do your thing!! I have a Pinterest board dedicated to birth and pregnancy announcements so I will definitely have to add this one.


Saturday 29th of November 2014

Thanks Sheridan. I will have to check out your Pinterest board. I love seeing how creative people are with their announcements :)

Cate Brickell

Friday 28th of November 2014

My first pregnancy was a breeze; 2,3&4 were revolting, with 2 being worst (girl, vomited 24/7 until labour), 3 gave me a reprieve from vomiting from 18-26wks, then started again (boy); and 4 was a repeat of 3 (girl) - it's all a fallacy; except indigestion and hair.


Friday 28th of November 2014

Oh dear, I can't believe you went back for more haha that sounds terrible Cate. The indigestion this time is strange. Too early to mean a hairy baby and Lily was near bald. It's easing up but how unpleasant it has been. I'm expecting another not very hairy child lol but you never know ;)